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Trico Game Guide

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Trico Guide: by mauvecow

HP : 925
Hit box size : approx 45x25

- Very high power
- Very heavy shots
- Versatile array of weapons
- Good delay for its damage
- Smashes Boomers well
- Infinite supply of cabbage

- Very low HP, tied with Boomer.
- Extremely angle-dependent
- SS is a gamble
- Right shooting melee sucks
- Wind can be a huge pain in the ass
- Newbie bigfoots give you headaches

One important thing to note is that all of Trico's weapons have the exact same weight. This means that you can interchange them with no trouble whatsoever.

Something which causes some confusion is that larger weight is more wind resistance. This is, and is not true. All weapons in the game are affected equally by wind. However, the different weight means that you spend a different amount of time in the air, because the power required is different shots of other mobiles. Thus, the longer something stays in the air, the more wind affects it. Trico's shots, being the heaviest in the game (next to Nak #1), tend to spend the least time in the air of all weapons in the game, and this means wind has the least effect.

Basically, Softnyx oversimplified: Weight is supposed to affect what power will do, and more importantly momentum through the wind. A higher momentum would be more difficult for wind to affect. However, all they did was change the gravity for different weapons, and nothing else. This is an important distinction to know.

Weaponary InFo

Shot 1:

Damage : 160 avg
Weapon type : Explosive
Blast radius : 100x70 pixels
Delay : 740
True Angle : 20 degrees
Full Angle : 40 degrees
Lowest angle : 10 degrees
Starts at coordinate : 20, 40

from center of mobile

The rather low damage and low vertical blast radius of this weapon makes it best for an angle destroyer, or for sinking multiple targets down if dualed. Fortunately, the delay is low.

I generally only use this weapon when I need angle, need to make sure the opponent doesn't, or if there is no other way to make a shot. I also find it useful for when meleeing when facing right; Drop one on their feet at the first turn to dig them in slightly, and to give yourself shotgun angle. If they move closer to use the angle, so much the better for you.

Shot 2:

Damage : 270 avg total
Weapon type : Explosive
Blast radius : 64x48 per cabbage
Delay : 890
True Angle : 20 degrees
Full Angle : 40 degrees
Lowest angle : 10 degrees
Cabbage distance : approx 43 pixels apart
Starts at coordinate : 20, 40

from center of mobile

Trico #2 is a very versatile weapon, if difficult to control. It has a significant amount of power for its delay and can be used to destroy the land in a variety of different fashions.

The first thing to understand is how Trico shoots - Read this part carefully, as it contains the fundamentals of all Trico use.

When fired all three cabbage are contained at the same location. In a small fraction of a second they will split apart. This means that if you do not give enough power, they will expand into your mobile. This is similar to other mobiles that have more than one projectile on a shot, and should be well familiar to Mage and Turtle users.

The center cabbage is your normal shot and has the same trajectory as shot #1 or SS. The other two rotate around an imaginary central shot. If they are separated, they will continue to spin around where the original would have been. In tornadoes, the outer cabbages move independently, and do not spin around their tether. Yes, this is a royal pain in the neck: I vote against even trying to use it in them.

Firing left has all three cabbage coming out in a straight line with respect to your firing angle, and will spin counter-clockwise. ie: If you fire at 60 degrees, they will come out at a 60 degree angle. At less than 0.5 power or thereabouts, the rear cabbage will expand into your mobile. Functionally, this means that you have a &#39;minimum&#39; range, because at close range you will be unable to put enough spin on it at lower angles. On the other hand, it is very easy to do melee lobs in this direction; A little bit of practice is all it needs. It will do this for all directions <90 degrees left regardless of facing.

Firing right has them at a right angle to your firing angle, or perpendicular. In other words, sideways. It also spins in a clockwise fashion. This causes a rather significant problem: A significant amount of airtime is required to cause them to spin into the target, which in turn significantly degrades your ability to melee when facing right. If you just shoot normally, they will land flat on the ground, which unless your opponent has about 60 hp is not going to do much good. It will do this for all directions <90 degrees right regardless of facing.

One way to compensate for the weak power in right-shooting melee is to walk up VERY close to your opponent and shoot with the lowest true angle you can get and extremely low power. As in, 1/10 to 1/4 power. Odds are fairly good you will hit yourself a little (70 seems like a good average here), but it&#39;s better than hardly doing any damage at all.

The spin and initial spawn of 90 degrees is based on your current direction.

SS Shot :

Damage : 300 avg
Weapon type : Explosive
Blast radius : Varies
Delay : 1290
True Angle : 20 degrees
Full Angle : 20 degrees
Lowest angle : 20 degrees
Starts at coordinate : 20, 40

from center of mobile

Trico&#39;s SS is the most random in the game, making it somewhat less than reliable for deathblows and such.

Basically, wherever you hit, it spawns several mini-explosions around it, and they are randomly placed. The amount of damage done is based on the proximity of the mobile to the mini-explosions. The more of them you catch, obviously the more damage you will do. This is why hitting directly on top of someone tends to not do very much: They only catch the bottom half of the explosions.

Blasting it so that it goes into the mobile in some fashion is ideal, and generally landing it at their feet will do well enough; The explosions seem to have more horizontal tolerance than vertical tolerance.

This does not mean that you will get proper damage if you hit someone perfectly: I once SS&#39;d a mammoth perfectly and watched it do an awe-inspiring 173 damage.

A much better use of the SS is for bunging. While, again, the randomly placed mini explosions make it unreliable at times, you are generally guaranteed at least 100 pixels of vertical destruction wherever you hit.

Also, similar to shot #1, you can drop it at the feet of your enemy on the first turn to give yourself some angle for right-shooting.

3 in 1 Method

First thing u need to know is the power levels for shooting from different directions and different 0 wind of course...with all 3 cabbages hitting the target.. look below...

1/4 sd- angle 40, power 1.0
1/2 sd- angle 66, power 2.05
1/2 sd- angle 81, power 3.2
3/4 sd- angle 55, power 2.25
3/4 sd- angle 76, power 3.2
full sd- angle 44, power 2.5
full sd- angle 71, power 3.2

1/4 sd- angle 68, power 1.45
1/2 sd- angle 50, power 1.7
1/2 sd- angle 76, power 2.55
1/2 sd- angle 84, power 3.9
3/4 sd- angle 68, power 2.6
3/4 sd- angle 77, power 3.2
full sd- angle 60, power 2.7
full sd- angle 77, power 3.85

By santamanuel

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ty for the info~

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u can google this time get ur own guide plz
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First line : Trico Guide: by mauvecow so This guide isnt my own!
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