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will achieve a higher success than competitors

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will achieve a higher success than competitors

Let me tell you a story, the two "peer\bandit, no two people injured. the first robber took a person's wallet and all cash, a total of 85 U.S. dollars. The second robber has a different approach, he took another man's wallet and cash 70 dollars , together with his watch and the Princeton University class ring, these two things is not expensive, not worth any money to sell on the street. In general, the story would stop here. However, two days , the second man was robbed out of an apartment in New York City, ready to go to work, she heard someone call him. He turned around, a smiling man standing there, the original is on the 2nd robber, he was a free look. on the 2nd robber is to do business, he asked the man want to watch and Princeton class ring back, because these two things on his special commemorative significance, he agreed deal. robber demanded 500 U.S. dollars to sell these two things back to him, but man is only 90 dollars. robbers accepted the 90 dollars, but did not immediately put back his watch and ring, just to he a piece of paper pawn shop receipt. Later, he went to this pawn shop and paid 80 U.S. dollars, redeemed his watch and rings. the first robber, "earned" 85 dollars in cash. while the second robber to use simple strategy to increase revenue, find hidden assets, opportunities and possibilities, the day before the robbery earned 70 dollars, will be sold to pawn rings and watches, earned 60 dollars, then sold back to the pawn shop receipt for my friend, then get 90 dollars. his total income is 220 U.S. dollars. Yes,, this strategy is to increase the income you need to learn, because it can be used in any industry, any person who. to avoid the costly learning curve ; book of philosophy is to let you avoid doing the expensive learning curve, saving time and money. It can be your competitors know before you play any tricks, let you win the first several rounds. the fact that , it lets you build all commercial basis, you can ensure the success of larger and more profitable. I will lend other industry success stories over the application in your body. Maybe you also have such experience. Many of my knowledge, the life time is spent on a basic business or industry, when you are this situation, the knowledge of all the successful experiences will be limited to the trades, you just know that this pedestrian is how to marketing, business, advertising and promotions. industrial manufacturing companies mainly use the main salesman for the sale; retailers are basically in the newspaper and telephone directory advertising; stockbroker basically use the phone transactions; doctors, dentists and lawyers almost always rely on word of mouth introduction to the business. When you limit yourself like to do business as fellow competitors, the most they can get the results and modest middle-profit, and even worst when you can easily to lose your battle. in helping you find the success of these guidelines apply to all walks of life, you will be able to select the most effective, most powerful, most advanced and best able to break through the bottleneck of existing methods. Sometimes abandoned in a particular industry, if the method of garbage, but may not associated with another industry priceless value. I will teach you how to apply these concepts in your particular case. If you are a large number of competitors in the in one, or may be the only know how to apply these breakthrough techniques, then you will immediately receive several times the effect. you can only fillip to business, career and life of the Great Leap Forward, and let your competitors away far behind eating dust. The strategy is where in the past? The following are some strategies to take people from the industry examples. in the financial industry the way the overnight settlement of bills, bank checks sent to all the central processing center and then distributed to local branches. and Federal Express overnight delivery is the use of such radiation from the center out of the way delivery of parcels,, all parcels are sent to the Central Processing Center (Memphis,, Tennessee), and then sent around the end. A gentleman named Thomas, was looking for the way people use deodorant. He heaven into the earth to find a solution, but 100 have not been looking in the abnormal depressed, he found the answer in sight. Later, George Atomic pen ball the way, created automatically for deodorant "roll" out of the container. Linni Ge is the United States Ray Brooks (RE / MAX) real estate company's founder, said he used a it as "100 percent solution" for the company billions of dollars in business volume growth presents. He made real estate agents keep all the commission, but the agent must pay for their own office and the facilities. When his agent making Jin Tai After the silver and rarely left the company's different from the heart. One day, Dave the barber barber shop he frequented. It is only three barber chairs, a shop, hairdresser began to complain to the boss to keep a good haircut very difficult to master, they wanted one for sending out on my own shop. So, Dave took his own real estate company to operate "100 percent solution," told him that the owners just nodded politely. but next time again to patronize Dave The hairdresser, was pulled out when the wallet ready to pay, this boss said: "treat the store, I heard you, now we are a 100 percent solution of a barbershop." And this story is not answer the question: "Dave's 100% solution of inspiration come from? was his own invention it? or mimic self-other sectors? you will learn? You will learn two special strategy to increase revenue. The first is: to fully utilize existing things. First of all, those people do not want to focus on the major obstacles to doing business with you,, and how you unconsciously limit their own achievements, success and income. I will tell you how to remove these obstacles. you will learn how to apply these strategies in your current situation, on and began to increase the success and income, this strategy is almost immediate results, and whether targets set very high and all will work. Once you understand these strategies, you can immediately increase the income of these strategies and the second and the success of "How to double your limit" strategy combination. You can apply these strategies in your career or business, and to establish sources of income. whether the new customers or old customers, if only to use a strategy, equivalent to wait for a large scale disaster. Let me make a simple analogy: If you go fishing, only used a fishing rod, a fishing line, a hook, you can catch fish is bound to small; but if you also use 10 rods, 10 fishing line, 10 bait, you catch more fish rich natural potential. many of the best The vision can be cut into different points so that people from curiosity to interest, leading to action. If you are from a different perspective into the market, while your competitors are not, you will reap advantages, and performance in your performance and results figures. These generate a multiplier effect to income strategy, will let you know how to set up a system to attract new customers and existing customers from different angles to increase business volume. you can have as many strategies and Gainian is independent, individual strategies, the strategy itself will produce surprising results,, but this was a serious mistake, because even if you do not apply all the strategies and only a few of them, it will have a greater effect than the original. the overall effect of comprehensive use of the effect of a coordinated attack will score much better. Many of these strategies will be scattered in some of the chapters, many strategies entangled with each other connected, and when they are joint use, the results will not the effect of adding it, but was doubled. Therefore, I will briefly explain these strategies, so you will not allow them as independent or individual strategies, but can use a whole. you how to think? all people are not a hundred times smarter than others; now very few companies in the technology, the main distribution pipe manufacturing and labor advantages than the number of competitors,, really smart. So, why some super-successful entrepreneurs, will achieve a higher success than competitors? in the fourth chapter, we will learn that these people have more sophisticated philosophical strategy. They should have everyone's strategy, and others completely different, but also more effective than anyone else. and others often difficult to compound the strategy they use. However, you will soon learn. In this book, we use "client" (client) to replace the word "customer" (customer), in addition to avoid every times should use the "customers and clients" such redundant sentence, but also because it can help define "great strategy" meaning. Weber dictionary of these two looks almost the same as the word defined as follows: Customer: A purchase of goods or service person. Customer: A person protection. these two very different sense, because a person doing business with you, he may or should be treated the way will be very different. If you work in the industry, these people and your business as a "customer\What does this mean? this case, it means you do not intend to "open to eat a three-year"; when your customers and your business, you must understand the needs of our customers really are, even if customers can not clearly explain to you, you still have to be thankful for. Once you know the final outcome to be, it will lead them to guide the results they want, so you can protect them become a trustworthy advisor, they will become your lifelong customers. 例如, there is a man to the hardware store to buy a drill, but in fact he does not need to drill, he just need to drill some holes. he wants to drill some holes in the ground may be based on financial, rational, impulsive, and even intellectual, and he felt that he need a drill. and you must take responsibility for the facts and tell him he really needs. your responsibility and the opportunity not only sell an electric drill to him, he must take to meet the financial, reason, impulse and intellectual needs responsibility, and make sure he bought an electric drill can really solve his problem and he wants to drill his hole. or, maybe you think he wants to drill some holes, in fact, he just drilled a hole in the middle a truncated into the cork, and you know a fixed peg with the drill hole may be better than using, so you sell the customer a number of emboli, also a real solution to this problem. then you become a people trusted advisers and friends, but you should put the customer as a dear and valuable friend. This concept of the customer as a good friend,, will continue to appear in the book, because it is "excellent strategy" The main one is between you and your customers long-term, valuable relationships to maintain profit source of life. and you can learn is this: you can provide to each customer and the contact person, far more than You can understand the deeper,, more meaningful, more reward value. Royal Bank of Scotland to provide customers with the phenomenon of sex perversion of two high-security check cash card, a do men dress up, a make women's dress The bank's spokesman said: "If any of the male clients of sex perversion dress as a woman goes shopping, he was to pay in check, the check can produce women's cash card, to avoid possible embarrassment. a man Texas, Oklahoma in a football match on in jail because of fighting. The next day, the Austrian state judge sentenced him to 250 U.S. dollars bail, but from the Dallas fans, who do not have enough cash, in the city did not know a person. So the man took out his official credit card can Niman Ma (Neiman Marcus credit card), and contact the company a vice president of Friends of the arrangements for the card directly from the credit card company to pay for bail Kim, the man was freed. once you learn how to care for and who you work together, then your income and success will start to increase.

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