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Post [DDO]Abbreviations/Abkürzungen

If you don't understand an abbreviation and it's not on the list, feel free to ask =D

<number>k : number of thousands. Example : 1k = 1000, 2k = 2000, etc

AC : Armor Class
AC1 : Asheron's Call 1 (Developed by Turbine)
AC2 : Asheron's Call 2 (Developed by Turbine)
AD&D : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
AD&D1 : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition
AD&D2 : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition
AD&D2R : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Revised 2nd Edition
AD&D2.5 : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Revised 2nd Edition
Add : Mobs that come with the one you pulled...can sometimes be avoided
AO : Anarchy Online (owned by Funcom)
AoO : Attack of Opportunity
AoE : Area of Effect, spells that damage all monsters in a certain radius
AFAIK : As Far As I Know
afk : Away from keyboard
afk2p : Away from keyboard to pee
aggro : The amount of hatred a monster has against someone (Don't know if it applies in this game)
atm : At the moment

BAB : Base Attack Bonus
baf = bring a friend.. mobs that baf allways come with add.. no matter what
bbiab : Be back in a bit
bbialb : Be back in a little bit
Bbn : Barbarian
BD&D, BDnD : Basic Dungeons and Dragons
bbl : Be back later
bio : Biological = Bathroom
BoA : Book of Artifacts
BR : Birthright campaign Seting
brb : Be right back
Brd : Bard
brt : Be right there
btw : By the way
buff : A skill that enhances specific abilities for a certain amount of time. Usually a spell.

CAdv : Complete Adventurer
CArc : Complete Arcane
C*HB : Complete [class] Handbook series; Fighter's, Priest's, Thief's, Wizard's, Psionics', Ranger's, Bard's, Druid's, Paladin's, Barbarian's, Necromancer's, Ninja's
CB* : Complete Book of [race] series : Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes & Halflings, Humanoids
cc : Copy that/Understood
CC : crowd control (rooting sleeping stunning spells and abilities)
CDiv : Complete Divine
CE : Chaotic Evil (Alignment)
CG : Chaotic Good (Alignment)
Cha : Charisma
char : Character
Ciao : goodbye
CIHYS : Can I Have Your Stuff
CL : Caster Level (less often, Character Level)
Clr : Cleric
Clvl : Character level
CoC : Code of Conduct
CoH : City of Heroes (developed by PlayNC)
Con : Constitution
CoV : City of Vilains (developed by PlayNC)
CN : Chaotic neutral (Alignment)
CR : Challenge Rating (of a single creature; used on the 3.x experience table)
CT, C&T : Combat and Tactics
CU : See you
CWar : Complete Warrior
Cya : See you - used by people leaving a group/logging off

damage dealer : Someone who concentrates on dealing out as much damage as possible in a short time
DAoC : Dark Age of Camelot (Developed by Mythic Entertainment)
D&D : Dungeons And Dragons (The game)
D&DO : Dungeons and Dragons Online
DC : Difficulty Class
DD : Damage Dealer, Direct Damage
DDG : Deities and Demigods
DDO : Dungeons and Dragons Online
De&De : Deities and Demigods
Dex : Dexterity
Ding : Just leveled
DL : Dragonlance campaign setting
dmg : damage
DMG : Dungeon Master Guide
DMO : Dungeon Master Option book(s)
DnD : Dungeons and Dragons
DoT : Damage over Time. When you hit a foe with a DoT attack, it will periodically lose a certain amount of Health during a certain amount of time.
DotF : Defenders of the Faith : A Guidebook to Clerics and Paladins
DR : Damage Reduction
Drd : Druid
Dru : Druid
DS : Dark Sun campaign setting
DT : Downtime, the time spent when a group does nothing AKA resting

ECL : Equivalent Character Level (CL or HD + LA)
ECS : Eberron Campaign Setting
EL : Encounter Level (equivalent to a "CR" of an entire encounter; used on the 3.x experience table)
ELH : Epic Level Handbook
EQ : Everquest (owned by SOE)
EQ2 : Everquest 2 (owned by SOE)
ETTFINIO : Estimated time 'till fun is nerfed into oblivion
EVE : EVE Online. A space-based MMOG centered on starships (owned by CCP)
exp : Experience

FF : Fiend Folio (also refers to 3.x FF)
ffs : for f**k sake
FFXI : Final Fantasy XI(Eleven) (owned by Square Enyx)
FR : Forgotten Realms campaign setting
FTL : For The Lose
Ftr : Fighter
FTW : For The Win

g2g : Got to go
gg : Good game
ggp : Gotta go pee
GH : Greyhawk campaign setting
gimp : someone who has designed his character template poorly, or someone who doesn't play efficiently (Sometimes due to the class being poorly designed by the devs)
gj : Good job
gl : Good luck
GM : Game/Guild Master
gmotd : guild message of the day
grats : congratulations
gtg : Good to go (May also mean "got to go")

HD : Hit Die
Heal : What you dont say if you want a healer to heal you
Healer : Said for classes that can restore HP and Mana/SpellPoints magically
HF : Have Fun!
HIK : Head in Keyboard. This is used to describe a common gamer condition.. where said gamer would start falling asleep at the screen.
HLC : Dungeon Master option : High Level Campaign
HP : Hit/Health Points
HW : Hollow World campaign setting

IC : In Character
IDHTBIFOM : I Don't Have The Book In Front Of Me
IDWYS : I Don't Want Your Stuff
IIRC : if I Remember/recall Correctly
IME : In My Experience
IMHO : In My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMO : In My Opinion
Int : Intelligence
ISO : In search Of
IYKWIM, AITYD : If You Know What I Mean, And I Think You Do

KOS : Kill on Sight

L1 : Lineage 1 particularly popular in eastern Asia (owned by NCsoft Corporation)
L2 : Lineage 2 particularly popular in eastern Asia (owned by NCsoft Corporation)
L8R : later
LA : Level Adjustment
LE : Lawful Evil (Alignment)
Leeroy - Somebody who consistantly aggro's everything towards a group. Whether they are puller or not. Leeroy is a certain Internet celebrity notorious for this
Leet : Elite
LFG : Looking for group
LFM : looking for members (when you have a group but just need to fill the last 1-3 slots)
LFP : Looking For Party
LG : Lawful Good (Alignment)
LL, L&L : Legends and Lore
LM : Libris Mortis : The Book of Undead
lmao : Laughing my ass off
LN : Lawful Neutral (Alignment)
lol : laugh
LoM : Lords of Madness : The Book of Aberrations
LOS : Line of Sight
lvl : Level

MC : Monstrous Compendium tome
Mez/Mezz : Mesmerize. This spell stuns a foe for a certain amount of time, making it harmless for the duration of the effect.
Mlvl : Monster level
MM : Monster's Manual
MM2 : Monster's Manual 2
MM3 : Monster's Manual 3
MMO : Massively Multiplayer Online _
MMOG : Massively Multi-Player Online Game (not necessarily an RPG)
MMORPG : Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Mnk : Monk
mob : monster
MOB : MObile Object
MoP, MotP : Manual of the Planes
motd : message of the day
MotW : Masters of the Wild : A Guidebook to Druids, Rangers and Barbarians
mt : Miss Tell
MUD : Multiple-User Dungeon
MxO : Matrix Online (owned by SOE)

N : Neutral or True Neutral (Alignment)
n1 : Nice one
NE : Neutral Evil (Alignment)
nerf : becoming less powerful
Newb : Someone new to the game, or a low level character (Sometimes meant to be harmful)
NG : Neutral Good (Alignment)
nm : Never mind
noob : someone new to the game but who thinks he/she knows everything when he/she doesn't
np : No problem
NPC : Non-Player Character. A Character that you can interact with, but who's controlled by the Computer/Server.
nuke : A spell or ability that deals a very large amount of damage instantaneously

OA : Oriental Adventure rulebook
OD&D, ODnD : Original Dungeons and Dragons
ofc : Of course
oic : Oh I see
omfg : Oh my F***ing god!
omg : Oh my god
omw : On my way
OOC : Out Of Character
OOM : Out Of Mana
OOP : Out Of Power
OP : Original Poster, the one who starts a thread on a message board

Pal : Paladin
PBAOE : point blank area effect (spells that originate at the caster and affect a radius around her/him)
PBeM : Play By e-mail
PBWWW : Play By World Wide Web
pebcak : Problem exists between chair and keyboard
Peeler : Somebody who takes aggro of casters if the Tank is busy
PHB : Player's HandBook
Phear : Fear (strange abbreviation)
PlH : Planar Handbook
PnP : Pen and Paper
PO : Player's Option Book
PoS : Piece of S**t
PR : Public Relations
PR : Power Resistance (Psionics)
PrC : Prestige Class
PS : PlaneScape campaign setting
PsiHB : Psionics HandBook
pst : please send tell
PST : Pacific Standard Time
Puller : Somebody who attracts monsters towards the group
PvE : Player versus Environment
PvM : Player versus Monster
PvP : Player versus Player
pwn : pfffft owned!

Q : quest
QFE : Quoted For Emphasis (similar to QFT)
QFT : Quoted For Truth (more of a message board thing, but you'll see it here when someone says something that others agree 100% on)
QL : quest level

rdy : Ready
rezz : spell that resurects a character
Rgr : Ranger
RGR : Right! Great! Roger!
rl : Real life
RL : RavenLoft campaign setting
RoD : Races of Destiny : A Guidebook to Humans, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves and Illumians
RoE : Races of Eberron : A Guidebook to warforged, Kalashtar, Shifters and Changelings
Rofl : Rolling on floor laugh
Roflmao : Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
Rog : Rogue
root : A "root" or "snare" is a spell or ability to prevent a foe from moving. It may or may not allow it the ability to continue attacking if you're in range.
RoS : Races of Stone : A Guidebook to Dwarves, Gnomes and Goliaths
RoW : Races of the Wild : A Guidebook to Elves, Halflings and Raptorans
RP : Role-Playing
RPG : Role-Playing Game
RPGA : Role-Playing Game Association network
rr : Rest room
rtfm : read the f***ing manual

S&F : Sword and Fist : A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks
S&P : Player's Option : Skills & Powers
S&S : Song and Silence : A Guidebook to Rogues and Bards
SK : Swift killer
slow : A spell that slows the foe's movements and attacks.
Slvl : Skill level
SOE : Sony Online Entertainment
Sor : Sorcerer
SP&M, SPaM : Player's Option : Spells and Magic
SP : Skill Point
Specs : Char specializations or Specifications. Stats and/or skill point setup
SR : Spell Resistance
Stats : Statistics. HP, Mana, Constitution, Strength, Intelligence, etc.
Stfu : Shut the f**k up
Str : Strength
SvS : Savage Species
SWG : Star Wars Galaxies (owned by SOE)

T&B : Tome and Blood : A Guidebook to Wizards and Sorcerers
tbh : To be honest
tank : A person who concentrates on taking the most damage from monsters
THAC0 : To Hit AC 0, introduced in AD&D 2nd ed when 10 was the worst AC and -10 was the best, if you knew what you needed to hit AC 0 you could easily calculate what you needed to hit any AC.
thx : Thanks
toe-to-toe : Melee combat (not really an abbreviation )
ToM : Tome of Magic
TP: Town Portal (Diablo2 term, may or may not be useful in DDO)
ttyl : Talk to you later
TTYAL : Talk to you all later
Twink : wears good gear
Twinking : raising stats to wear good gear
TY : thank you

UA : Unearthed Arcana
uber : Awesome, best
UO : Ultima Online (owned by Origin)

WC : Wrong Channel
Wis : Wisdom
Wiz : Wizard
WoG : World of Greyhawk
WoTC : Wizard's of The Coast
wt : Wrong tell
WTA : Want to Auction
WTB : Wanting To Buy
WTF : What The F**k
WTH : What The Hell
WTS : Wanting To Sell
WTT : Want To Trade
Woot! - Often used to celebrate a great event (like reaching the next level)
WoW : World of Warcraft (owned by Blizzard)

XP : Experience
XPH : Expended Psionics HandBook

yw : You're welcome

Thats Finish, have fun.

best regards,


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