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Building and Planning Your Corruptor

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Enjoy being an assault focused mage in games such as WoW or EQ2? If so, then the Corruptor class is the way to go in CoV. Instead of wands or staffs, you'll be wielding magically enabled rifles instead! Corruptors are primarily a ranged class, focused on inflicting damage through magically charged projectiles.

Corruptors have very low levels of HP, yet inflict a very heavy amounts of damage through their spells. With this set of powers, and the right enhancements the Corruptor can be used extremely effectively in either a solo or grouped environment.

For those who enjoy watching opponents being slowly pummelled from a distance, all the while doing their best to get in your grill.......this is your class.


Assault Rifle

Dark Blast

Energy Blast

Fire Blast

Ice Blast

Radiation Blast

Sonic Attacks

Upon creating your character you'll be prompted (with little fanfare) to choose a primary power set, and an individual skill belonging to that power set. Well, considering most of us here consider ourselves to be power gamers.......the meager explanations offered are simply not enough! What are the differences between each power set? What about the powers themselves? These were the first thoughts that came to my mind.......and the answer is quite simple.

All of the primary power sets offer essentially the EXACT same types of attacks and damage. The only difference between them is how they are represented on the screen. Really the one you choose just adds more character to your toon, so if you dig fire..........choose fire control, if you dig microwaves and x-rays, choose radiation. At the end of the day, they all offer the SAME powers, just with different names and graphical representations.

Let's take a look at each of the 9 levels of powers within each power sets. Again, as with the actual power sets themselves the individual powers all have the same effect on a mob, for each level. In other words the first level power in the Fire Control Set has the same impact as the first level power in the Mind Control Set. This holds true for all nine levels. Let's delve into each power level and how it will impact mobs.


For each Power Set, your individual primary powers may bear different names??.but they all do the same thing regardless of power set. In other words, the burst power for mercenaries has the same effect as the dark blast power under necromancy. With this in mind, I?ve grouped all individual powers together, and listed their impact on your henchman in the description.

Primary Powers Level One:

Burst (Assault Rifle)
Dark Blast (Dark Blast)
Power Bolt (Energy Blast)
Flares (Fire Blast)
Ice Bolt (Ice Blast)
Neutrino Bolt (Radiation Blast)
Shriek (Sonic Attacks)

This is the most basic ranged attack, with the least damage inflicted. These powers also have the added bonus of impacting an opponent's ability to engage in combat at varying levels.

Primary Powers Level Two:

Slug (Assault Rifle)
Gloom (Dark Blast)
Power Blast (Energy Blast)
Fire Blast (Fire Blast)
Ice Blast (Ice Blast)
X-Ray Beam (Radiation Blast)
Scream (Sonic Attacks)

This level of powers also are ranged, and are essentially slower....but more powerful versions of the level one powers. These powers also have the added benefit of hindering an opponent's skillset.

Primary Powers Level Three:

Unlike most classes in the game, powers in Corruptors Primary power sets actually vary by level beyond the second level. Note the descriptions for each power below.

Buckshot (Assault Rifle)
- Close range attack which also knocks back an opponent.
Moonbeam (Dark Blast)
- Long range sniper attack.
Energy Torrent (Energy Blast)
- Close range "knock back" attack.
Fire Ball (Fire Blast)
- AoE attack which causes damage over time.
Frost Breath (Ice Blast)
- Medium range AoE attack which causes damage over time.
Irradiate (Radiation Blast)
- Short range, heavy damage AoE attack.
Howl (Sonic Attacks)
- Short range, powerful attack.

Primary Powers Level Four:

M30 Grenade (Assault Rifle)
- Long range, heavey damage AoE attack.
Dark Pit (Dark Blast)
- Disorienting Attack, causes no damage, yet renders foe helpless.
Power Burst (Energy Blast)
- High power, knock-back attack.
Rain of Fire (Fire Blast)
- AoE attack causing damage over time.
Aim (Ice Blast)
- Increases your accuracy for a period of time.
Electron Haze (Radiation Blast)
- Attack which reduces opponents' accuracy, and knocks them back.
Shockwave (Sonic Attacks)
- High power AoE attack.


Primary Powers Level Five:

Beanbag (Assault Rifle)
- Renders an opponent unable to attack for a period of time.
Tenebrous Tentacles (Dark Blast)
- Immobilizing AoE attack.
Sniper Blast (Energy Blast)
- High powered sniper attack, knock-back possibility.
Fire Breath (Fire Blast)
- Medium range AOE attack.
Freeze Ray (Ice Blast)
- Little damage, but completely immobilizes an opponent for a period of time.
Proton Volley (Radiation Blast)
- Long distance sniper attack, reduces defense of target.
Shout (Sonic Attacks)
- Medium range high power attack.

Primary Powers Level Six:

Sniper Rifle (Assault Rifle)
- Slow attack which knocks down an opponent.
Night Fall (Dark Blast)
Aim (Energy Blast)
- Increases your accuracy for a period of time.
Aim (Fire Blast)
- Increases your accuracy for a period of time.
Ice Storm (Ice Blast)
Aim (Radiation Blast)
Amplify (Sonic Attacks)


Primary Powers Level Seven:

Flamethrower (Assault Rifle)
- Medium range AOE attack, which also cause DoT.
Torrent (Dark Blast)
- Little damage but knocks back opponents and reduces accuracy.
Power Push (Energy Blast)
- Knock back attack, little damage.
Blaze (Fire Blast)
- Short range, high damage attack.
Bitter Ice Blast (Ice Blast)
- High damage blast of ice, which also slows opponent.
Cosmic Burst (Radiation Blast)
- Short range, high damage, disorienting attack.
Sirens Song (Sonic Attacks)
- Attack which renders an opponent completely unaware of your presence.

Primary Powers Level Eight:

Ignite (Assault Rifle)
- Sets a fiery trap causing damage to all who pass through it.
Life Drain (Dark Blast)
- Steal life from an opponent, and reduce accuracy.
Explosive Blast (Energy Blast)
- High powered AoE attack.
Blazing Bolt (Fire Blast)
- Extreme power sniper attack.
Bitter Freeze Ray (Ice Blast)
- Freeze an opponent, and attack him unopposed for a period of time.
Neutron Bomb (Radiation Blast)
- AoE radiation attack, also reduces defense.
Screech (Sonic Attacks)
- Disorienting attack.

Primary Powers Level Nine:

Full Auto (Assault Rifle)
Blackstar (Dark Blast)
Nova (Energy Blast)
Inferno (Fire Blast)
Blizzard (Ice Blast)
Atomic Blast (Radiation Blast)
Dreadful Wail (Sonic Attacks)

This level of powers are the "granddaddy" of all primary powers. Unleashing any of the above powers cause a massive amount of damage to the opponents in range, immediately killing most opponents of your level.


Choosing your secondary power set will determine how you engage in battle. There are seven main secondary power sets for Corruptors. All of the powersets are focused on inflicting damage, however in different forms.

Cold Domination
Cold Domination powers allow you to harness the power of ice, to slow and damage your purely inflict damage or to save your allies.

These powers are essentially the same as those found in Kinetics, Radiation and Thermal Radiation power sets.

Dark Miasma
These skills grant you powers which are focused on reducing your opponent?s HP. These are useful to help you create the most amount of damage, and aid your henchman in battle.

By choosing kinetic energy, you utilize your mastery of kinetic forces to damage opponents, or save allies.......depending on the individual power. These powers are essentially the same as those found in Cold Domination, Radiation Emission, and Thermal Radiation power sets.

Radiation Emission
Radiation Emission grants you the ability to use radiation to attack opponents, or assist your allies in battle.

These powers are essentially the same as those found in Cold Domination, Kinetics, and Thermal Radiation power sets.

Sonic Resonance
Using a power in this set will cause thorns to sprout all over your body, allowing you to inflict damage at a melee range, or hurl thorns at a ranged distance. These thorns all have the possibility of poisoning an opponent, dealing damage over time.

Thermal Radiation
Thermal Radiation quite frankly is the same as radiation, just semantics and graphical representation of the powers differ. These powers allow you to attack opponents, and also buff/aid your allies.

This set of powers jives directly with the definition of the set??.traps! By using traps you can shoot a crippling trap from your ranged weapon rendering your opponent completely immobile, covering a large area of the map with a damaging effect, or set traps which are only sprung when an opponent steps on or near it??

Going into the individual powers of these secondary powersets really isn?t necessary. The overall description of the powerset really defines how you will play the game. All the powers in the secondary tree all play back to that original purpose. If you want to focus on dealing damage in a group, going with energy, fiery, icy or thorny is the route you should take. If you want to help control mobs to REDUCE damage received during group battles, go psionic. However understand if you are psionic, you are really reduced to playing ONLY in a group in the game. This is a major drawback to Dominators in my opinion.

Corruptors are a unique class in the game. Essentially they are just the standard Mage class found in more traditional fantasy-based MMORPGs. You are offense oriented, but are able to cast some weak spells (compared to Dominators) which buff your allies. When properly controlled, Corruptors can take down the majority of oppponents one on one without the opponent ever reaching melee distance.

In summation, if you're big on battling, and inflicting major damage through magic.....the Corruptor is the class for you.

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