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Melee And Ranged Techniques And Strategies

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There are many different combinations of melee and ranged weapons some of which are useless and some of which are very effective. Here is a list of all of the better weapons you will find in DDO and which stats drive the "to hit" and which drive the amount of "damage" they do.

Strength determines "To Hit" and the "Damage" modifier for all melee weapons

Good weapons for 1handed fighting with a shield

Longsword (slashing)
1D8 Damage 19-20 Critical x3
I would stick with the longsword unless you are going up against skeletons

Heavy Mace (Bludgeoning)
1D8 Damage 20 Critical x2
I would only switch to the mace if you have to face skeletons

1. When wielding a weapon and a shield here are some things to remember
A. When using a shield you can block most incoming attacks with it. Just hold down your shift key to raise your shield. If you have a larger shield than you can absorb a large amount of damage with it. Be careful though as you might still take some minor damage. Just because you have your shield raised does not make you invincible. Oh if you get attacked from behind not only will you take full damage you will get no benefit from your shield and your AC will be lowered.
B. If you are going to attack make sure you take your fingure off the shift key. If you hold down the shift key then you will bash with your shield instead of using your weapon. So now you say, "why not bash with my shield". Well i am glad you asked. Bashing with your shield takes one full round of combat to do. You can swing your weapon at least twice in that amount of time. So your shield does 1d6 points of damage and your weapon does 1d8 points of damage. Your shield can only bash once while your weapon can swing twice. Just looking at the math its obvious that lowering your shield and swinging your weapon is a much better choose.
C. If you stand in a doorway with your shield raised you will absorb most of the damage and the rest of your group can lob arrows and spells over your head. This is a great tactic unless you have a bunch of spell casters in the room. In which case run the casters and dont forget to use your trip ability.
D. Make sure you have a blunt and a slashing weapon in your inventory. When attacking different monsters you need different kinds of weapons to do the best possible damage.

Good weapons for two weapon fighting

Sickle (slashing)
1D6 damage 18-20 Critical x2
I would rather use a sickle than any other weapon while duel wielding. Most creatures are not resistant to slashing.

Rapier (piercing)
1D6 Damage 18-20 Critical x2

Shortsword (piercing)
1D6 Damage 19-20 Critical x2

Light Mace (Bludgeoning)
1D6 Damage 20 Critical x2
The light mace is a great weapon to use even if you have rapiers.

2. When using 2 weapon fighting
A. First you should figure out your timing with tumble as you have to have dexterity to use 2 weapons and tumble uses dexterity as a modifier. Tumble is a great way to dodge attacks and increase your AC.
B. If you are using 2 weapons make sure they are smaller ones such as a dagger and a mace, or a shortsword and a rapier. If you use 2 longswords than your to hit modifier will be dramatically reduced and could even go negative.
C. Do not use 2 weapons unless you have the 2 weapon fighting feat. I would also suggest getting the weapon finesse feat as well. Weapon Finesse will have your melee weapons use your dexterity as the modifer instead of your strength. If your dexterity is high enough to use 2 weapon fighting then it its probably higher than your strength.
D. Make sure you have a blunt and a slashing weapon in your inventory. When attacking different monsters you need different kinds of weapons to do the best possible damage.

Good two handed weapons

Greatsword (slashing)
2D6 Damage 19-20 Critical x2

Greataxe (slashing)
1D12 Damage 20 Critical x3
This is a great weapon for barbarians and dwarfs. Dwarfs get ability points later on in life that will drastically improve your axe using skills.

Greatclub (Bludgeoning)
1D10 Damage 20 Critical x2
Great weapon to use if you have to fight skeletons. If not fighting undead I would stick with the top two choices.

3. When using a two handed weapon
A. Swing swing away. You don't really have any way of defending yourself so your best defense is offence
B. Work on your tumbling. I know you probably have lots of strength and not tons of dexterity but learning how to effectively tumble will make you alot harder to hit
C. Make sure you have a blunt and a slashing weapon in your inventory. When attacking different monsters you need different kinds of weapons to do the best possible damage.

all of these weapons use dexterity as the "to hit" modifier. The all these weapons use Strength as the "damage" modifier except the heavy repeating crossbow which uses Dexterity.

Dwarven Throwing Axe
1D6 Damage 20 Critical x3
You can only use this weapon if you are a dwarf. That being said this is the only weapon that will come back to you after you throw it.

Composite longbow (peircing)
1D8 Damage 20 Critical x3

Composite shortbow (peircing)
1D6 Damage 20 Critical x3

Heavy repeating crossbow (peircing)
1D10 Damage 19-20 Critical x2
The reason this crossbow is so great is that you can load 3 bolts into it at once and then shoot them off like a machine gun. It reloads a little slower but in the long run it will out damage a bow dramatically.

4. When using a ranged weapon
A. Hands down the best ranged weapon is the heavy repeating crossbow. If you are planning on being a ranged weapon user get the heavy repeating crossbow feat. As it was pointed out by Shaggster in one of his posts a lvl 10 ranger with a longbow will do anywhere from 50-500 damage in a minute where as a lvl 5 bard with a heavy repeating crossbow will do 60-600 damage in a minute.
B. Since you are a ranged user try and stay out of close combat. Pull monsters to your group and let your melee masters hack away while the monster tries to attack you. And if you get into trouble i always keep a shield in my hotbar just incase. If you can't get away switch to a shield and keep your back to the wall. More than likely if you use a bow or crossbow than you can't take the damage that most monsters put out after lvl 3 or 4.
C. Some monsters are almost immune to peircing damage (this is the kind of damage that bows and Xbows use) if this is the case then switch to something more usefull such as a wand or spells. If you don't have either try and go melee but just be carefull.
D. Ranged weapons take ammo. This being the case make sure you always have enough to finish a quest. With the heavy repeating crossbow i try and take at least 600 bolts with me when entering a quest. I know this might seem excessive but you don't want to be the guy who runs out of ammo and can't do anything for the rest of the quest.

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