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[AO] Guide: Lvling spots 1-220

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If you are a vet this probably isnt big news for you but I'll list some good XP/SK spots for those of you that dont know.

No Expansions:

lvl 2-18

Good xp here solo or in a team from lvl 2~ untill 18~. Stick with fleas until they are orangish to you, then I would move deeper and hit some of the Stim Fiends ect. Keep chasing the monster as you lvl, but be careful of "Striker Foreman" the first subway boss, and Emuendes the second subway boss. Once you are around 13-14 you can take the "Workman Striker" mobs, these mobs will group agg you if you attack one, but if you are teamed with a NT and a doc, you can area nuke them to hell and gain lvls very fast. If you are soloing you can gain decent XP on the yellow/light green mobs. If you get a fair team you can go deep into the subway taking on Virgil (the 3rd boss) and eventually the last boss.. but dont even attempt him unless you are all lvl 20+ and have at least 1 doc. Or you are a very experienced twinker with OSBs (Outside buffs).


From 18-25 if you dont care for the subway, I suggest team missions. This will give you a chance to aquire boss-drop loot for your proffession that you cant find in stores. While you get better experience the higher QL mission you roll, the bosses can be rough if you arent well equipped, so be careful not to roll to high. Try to get a healing class in your team to cut down on healing times.


The temple of the 3 winds is your best bet for XP. Plus there are many items that you can aquire that will last you many lvls to come.
From lvl 25-30+ I would focus on cultists, they will be anywere from red to green but still give more XP than the average red mob. You can kill these in great numbers and lvl just as fast as you did in the early lvls.
From 30-40 with a decent team you can take on Legos (Deathless Legionairres, from the 3-way split take a left and follow through, cant miss them), these guys give a good chunk of XP and you can always find people willing to team for them. Careful of Lein though, he is a very rough boss. If that doesnt intrest you, you can always lvl off the low-lvl exarchs and cultists (middle path 3 way split)
From 40+ I would focus on the room Hezak the Immortal is in (From the 3 way split take a left, follow through and be extremely careful as it is a very long walk to this room, and there are many bosses along the way) Here you can fight many boss-type mobs and you can have a very good chance of finally getting your exarch robe if you don;t have it already.

Loot (Out of memory so it will be incomplete):

Cultists: Martial Artist books, Bronze ring
Faithfuls: Robe of the faithful(the only robe that doesnt have a lvl req), Bronze ring
Acolytes: Acolyte robe (White), Bronze ring
Defender of the Three: Phase Blade, Notum Splice, Touch of the Gripper, Howling Skull
Faithfuls: Robe of the Faithful (brown), Bronze Ring, Platinum Ring
Deathless Leigionnaires: Frost Scythe of the Leigionnaire
Exarchs: Exarch Robe (Black), Notum ring, Phase Blade, Howling Skull
The Curator: Notum Splice, Touch of the Gripper
Natmet the Custodian: Temporal Chalice
Lein: Dark Memories, Lein's Crystalizer (MP nano)
Guardian of Time (GoT): Guardian Circuit Board (nice belt), Guardian Tank Armor (Ultra rare drop), Bracelet of Amplified Sound
Hezak the Immortal (Final boss): Stygian Desolator, Frozen Tear of Uklesh, Doctor book (Cast a low heal, 5 min recharge I think)


Take the grid to harrys, then take the fairy to Lush Fields, follow the path over the bridge (Omni guards) and go down the road untill you can take a left. Here you can fight virusbuilders, lvl 60ish mobs that are relatively easy to kill. You can usually find a team here. If open areas arent your style, like always you can do team missions.


8x8, called this because the coordinates are 800x800 Lush Fields, here you can fight lvl 80-90 mobs that pack a punch, but give nice XP. Usually easy to find a team for this spot. If you want less XP but a better chance of getting credits try the Claw camp.. I'll try to describe it but I dont have coordinates.. This is also lush fields, you need to go over the "river" and go to the coast line, follow the coast line away from the OT base and the ferries and soon you will run into a camp.. full of claws.. Here you can find Grid Armor MK II, and if you are lucky enough you can find Grid Armor MK III, These are both extremely rare drops that will sell for several million credits. 50-70m for II, and 100-150m for III.

Another alternative is the dungeon, Crypt of Home. you can enter here until 110 I belive, then you can get warped in by an engineer at any lvl. You will find Howlet's Chiropteras, Blackbirds, some top-notch weapons that will last you untill lvl 200 here. However the boss that drops them is no joke, so be prepared and if you are 110 dont even think of taking him on without a full team. Took me untill 205 to be able to solo him with no probs.


Well this is simple enough, aside from team missions the only decent mobs for lvling out there are cyborgs. The lower ones (150 about) can be found in Mort, there are 2 spots in mort you can camp these, the "Barracks" or the "Crater". They are usually camped but you will still lvl here extremely fast at 90-98.. about 10% xp (which is the max you can get). When you are 100+ you can try cyborgs in PPW (Prepetual Wastelands). These are all 180-200 and hit very hard, but are easy to kite. They give 60-90k xp. You can find them in the NE corner of PPW, easiest to get there with fixer grid.
After you are 140+ you will want to do either high lvl missions, or the Inner Sanctum (125 limit), which is a high lvl version of the temple, but you will typically need a raid group, or someone 210+ with you to kill the bosses. You can find Gelid Blades of Innobak, Might of the Revenant, and other goodies here.

After you are done with borgs, its missions missions and more missions for you *moan*. But at least this way you can get your 1k token board with relative ease. Good luck with lvl 200!

Also a quick tip: The best armor for those of you without the expansions is Azure armor. This armor is dropped by lvl 300 bosses that deal 2-4k per hit. Sounds impossible eh? Well these bosses were implemented long before the expansions, and typically 50+ people would join Mercbot and blow em to hell. This works by having several doctors healing a person with huge HP (8k+) and the other 40 people hitting him. It used to take about 20 mins to kill one of the easier ones, that is if every last person didnt die.. and people died often. But with the release of the expansions, just get 5-10 people from your org lvl 205+ with a couple doctors and you will have no prob getting a piece.. then you will have 1:5 odds or better of getting the armor you want. Lvl req 175, /tell itemsnet Azure Reveries

Shadowlands (Mainly omni/neut):

So you just bought shadowlands and you are lost in the HUGE expansion? I'll help you out with a few spots that will help you lvl.

Predators and Malahs

Simply take the portal to jobe harbour (from platform), then spend 1k creds to get warped into nasence frontier. Walk out a bit and you will see the cat-like monsters and the malahs. These will give 10% xp untill lvl 20 if you can solo them, if not get a team and they will give 10% untill 17~ (Extremely fast XP)

Once you grow out of these you can get a team for mortigs. Simply find an insignia (Aban for clan, Thrak for omni) and take the statue to mil/Steppes of despair. Here you will find mortigs and spiders.. but watch out for hecklers! If the hecklers get in your way too much you can head east to the "Crippler Cave" here is usually a lot more camped, but it is much safer.

The best XP is higher lvl Malahs in "The Core", take "The Core" Exit (obviously) and head north, you will find plenty of Malahs to kill here, all giving fair exp... huge spawns so even if they are green to you the 3k xp adds up.

Grats on making it to 45, now the levels actually speed up lol. You will be getting 10% per kill for a long time off Hecklers. You find these all over the nascence frontier brink. Take the omni statue Mil, or the clan statue Steppes of Despair. If that spot is camped, take the brawl statue (omni) and head south-east, thats another very nice spot. Bring at least a team of 4 when you are lower lvl, you will be able to solo these later though.

Well it's time to move up a bit, litterally. If you are into question you can head all the way north and talk to ergo to gain access to Elysium. I prefer the easy way which is to go to jobe market and pay 10k for a quick teleport to elysium. Here you will find lvl 60+ monsters all over, everything is fair game, but the best XP for a team is either Mortigs or Spiders. For Spiders take the "Cold Rock" statue (Shere/Omni) and kill the lvl 105 spider that spawn just SE of the statue. They attack on sight and can group up pretty harshly so be sure you have significant healing in your team or you will die. But.. the 30k XP they give is more than enough reason to give it a shot.

This can be a pain sometimes, you can stick with spiders/mortigs if you want to stay in shadowlands, or beg and beg for a heck team in ely (lvl 160+ hecks) or you can go back to RK and kill cyborgs in mort. Either way just just it up and get 100, cause youll be happy when you do, trust me.

This can be either very fun, or extremely painfull.. This depends entirely on your team. The only way to go is Elysium Hecklers, they give 80-120k/kill which will be an easy 10% for a while (yes with the right team you will be lvling like you were lvl 10 again). You can find the hecklers if you take the ely portal from jobe harbour. Follow the ramp down and take a left, follow the edge of the cliff untill you reach the beach. You will see many people here looking for teams, jump off and start asking. Dont even bother with a team if it doesnt have a doc/adv/hardcore twink in it. These hecklers hit from 600-2000 depending on your ACs. When you hit 130 it will start to slow down a bit, but just remember people in RK without expansions are lvling a LOT slower. It's reccomended to stay here untill 160 but you can get away with 150.

Guess what? You get to fight more hecklers! But cheer up, these ones will give you 400-500k xp a pop, and no thats not a typo. Head up to Adonis through Scheol. The easiest way is to go from the warp in Harbour to Ergo far north, then from south Scheol head to north Scheol. This can be a pain so BE SURE YOU SAVE IN ADONIS. If you dont you will have to make the trip all over again. Until you get your key that is. Camp out here and try to get a team. This is much different than Elysium which is a good thing, trust me.. Unless you like chaos that is. This spot is split into 4 sections (Omni.. dont have any clan chars sorry :/) Add Hill. North Fish, South Fish, Deep South. If a team has a spot, you don't kill there. KSing is not an option at this lvl. But there is usually at least 1 spot open so don't stress. All 4 spots relove around a fish. The giant fish is in the middle of the brink and that is usually were people meet up to look for teams. This is NW over the water from "City North" Statue.

You can stick with Adonis with a high lvl team if you wish, you will beat the spawn and get fair XP, or if you are sick of hecklers like 99% of us you can head to the next section up north, snow-covered Penumbra. Be sure to talk to ergo and be sure you get your sunglasses or you will get torn up pretty fast by a 750 pt DoT. Clan or Omni get an insignia and save in the garden. Here is were you will find your team to fight sided mobs and earn faction. The xp isnt bad either. Try to get a team with a doc, if thats not possible do a lower lvl mission with 2 advs or an adv/mp combo.. whatever keeps you alive. Youll be here as long as you want, but usually you wont be here 215+ unless you cant find an inferno team.

The inferno. You will need a pair of "Inferno Boots" (or Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer), or you get hit with a massive 2500 pt DoT. You can kill mortigs, camp rare loot, or do inferno missions. Whatever you want. Hell if you are 210+ I doubt you need someone to tell you were to lvl so thats all I say.

Thats it, have fun, and remember the higher you are the more fun PVP gets. If you think I need to make a change to the guide, or if I made a mistake just post and I'll take care of it. Can't belive I wrote so much.. especially out of memory but I do love this game.

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sounds good.
what game is it?

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Originally Posted by hesli3 View Post
sounds good.
what game is it?
boy... listen:
1. seen the topicdate?
2. If you dont know the game, why are you interested then?!

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