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Rogue Hunting Areas: Levels 20 - 29

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Armor Quests: Try to get your level 20 armor quests from Ian in Qeynos Harbor. These will point you a direction of good hunting grounds for your level. Although with a good group, you can get them done earlier.

Poison: At level 20, you get access to more powerful poisons. These are found at Poisoner in SQ, on the second floor. Generally, I have 2 poisons up at one time. A low DD, high DoT and an instant DD type poison. This is done so that you aren't overwriting poisons. *** One thing I noticed. You're DPS will gradually decrease as the poison is resisted more and more as you hit 25. This is because the poisons are only available in 10 level increments. Our next poison does come until 30. So at 26, our poison is gray and frequently resisted. By level 28, you're lucky if you're getting one or two hits if fighting white or better mobs. At 28, soloing a 31 Turtle in EL, I didn't have ONE point of damage from poison thru entire fights. Just hang in there until 30, when we get new and improved poisons.

Equipment: Make sure you're equipment is upgraded to at least WHITE. Scouts don't have alot of hps, so we need the best AC we can get and the most damage we can do to end the fight quickly. ALWAYS have white or better weapons, as blue and lower caps your skill I hear. But regardless, investing in your weapons/armor/rings/etc. is going to allow you to solo more and be more valuable to a group.

Quests: They are plentiful. Find the quest givers in the zone you are in and get quests that match the creatures you are hunting. Sometimes, there will be more than one quest giver and their quests may overlap. This is a great way to earn a little extra coin and xps. Remember, even though the reward may not be that great... it's free if you're killing them anyway.

Level 20-22

Thundering Steppes - Lots to hunt here, although at 20, you'll need a group for most of it. An easy way to earn small coin while earning experience is to get the Quest from the trapper to kill various soloable low level mobs (birds, deer, bettles, crabs, etc.). Double your pleasure by getting a similiar quest from the barbarian at the docks - must speak Barbarian. You can delete their quest and talk to them and they will give you a different thing to kill. Do this until they both give you the same animal to kill. This can also be combined with some writs. There is also a book in the mages guild in SQ that gives you a quest to kill bettles, birds, etc. and gives a nice xp reward. Try to combine all of these and you get xp, coin and prestige. Group to take out undead near the entrance or gnolls in the crater near the entrance. You might be able to group with higher levels for griffons or giants - try not to kill any centaurs at this point since it will make you KoS and limit where you can go. There are two MASTERY quests in this zone. If you go in the back way to TS, thru the waterfall, you will come upon a gnoll camp. There will be two burlap looking tarps. One gives a centaur killing quest, the other GIANT MASTERY quest. The other is on a bunk bed in the village (not the docks). It gives the CENTAUR MASTERY quest. Get these early on so you can start collecting the pieces.

Stormhold - Nice place to group, though expect debt. I don't think I've been there once without incurring some debt. Generally, you'll be helping with someone's AQ - maybe your own - so there are generally no lack for groups. If you can make it to the library, don't forget to look around until you find the book on the table that gives the SKELETON MASTERY quest.

Blackburrow - There are still things deeper that you can group and take. Play it smart and everyone walks away without debt. Don't forget to get the GNOLL MASTERY quest by examing the chest in Gnollslayer Keep, near the Steppes Griffon Tower. If you've started the DWARVEN WORKBOOT QUEST, you can take out the miners and excavators in good numbers.

Vermin's Syne - While generally for slightly below your level, there are still several NPCs that will give experience and drop decent loot.

Crypt of Betrayal - Don't even zone in unless you're in a group. If you come with a group, stay near the entrance and expect some debt.

Level 23-24

Thundering Steppes - Start advertising for groups. You can still solo bettles, deer, birds and crabs, though these will give you less experience now and you probably want to grab a group to keep the experience rolling in. At this level, you will probably want to get into Giant, Griffon or Centaur groups. Make sure you have the MASTERY quests for centaurs and Giants so you can be working on them.

Blackburrow - Less and less in here to solo, and even less for a decent group. This will probably be your last level range in here for xps.

Stormhold - If you don't have your AQ, there's usually people in looking to complete their AQs and you can hitch a ride.

Crypt of Betrayal - Good xp down here with a decent group. Still be careful if you come in here by yourself. Most things are group MoBs and hit pretty hard. You'll probably find yourself here if you haven't already completed AQ4.

Level 25-26

Thundering Steppes - Start advertising for groups. Bettles, deer, birds and crabs are generally not worth the time unless you want to kill them while waiting for a group. Generally, you'll want the higher level gnolls, centaurs and giants - possibly mighty griffons, though they don't pop quick enough.

Stormhold - Much less to do at this level, especially once you are grouped. Still, you might want to head up to the higher level stuff with a group and camp it.

Crypt of Betrayal - No longer the terror it used to be, you still need to be careful when delving the depths.

Ruins of Varsoon - Start jumping into Varsoon groups to get your feet wet. In general, have a strong group and stay near the entrance.

Nektulos Forest - You can start the EL quest at 25, so start killing soloable crabs. Elsewhere in the zone you will find solo owlbears as well.

Level 27

Thundering Steppes - Gaint groups will only give moderate xps, though generally, little debt at this level. This area strange - lots of grays, and lots of blues that can kick your butt. Don't try to solo most of the green or blue group mobs as generally they will kick your butt. A good place to solo is near the outside of RoV (below). There are many solo skellies near the entrance which are plentiful.

Ruins of Varsoon - Start grouping and moving further into the dungeon. Still dangerous so have your mouse near the Escape button just in case.

Nektulos Forest - Definately time to start your EL quest if you haven't already. Group to kill group mobs... especially owlbears, which you'll need for the EL. The boat rides yeild great xps and access at an early level will give you better loot tables and more xp than TS.

Level 28-29

Thundering Steppes - Generally, xp will be poor to moderate at best. You will probably be here if you can't find a group in RoV and you haven't done your Access Quests.

Ruins of Varsoon - Good place to get xps. Golems are a common camp and yield goo xps.

Nek - Definately time to start your EL quest if you haven't already. Group to kill group mobs... especially owlbears, which you'll need for the EL. The boat rides yeild great xps and access at an early level will give you better loot tables and more xp than TS. Giants here yield slightly better xps than the ones in TS I've heard - though I can't verify this.

Enchanted Lands - You may be able to solo some stuff here, but generally you will want to group and go after bigger game. Kelbri Mossborn under the docs gives generic kill quests (bats, turtles, etc.). Sarma Singebellows gives goblin killing quest. If you're going to be killing them, you minds well get the quest. Also... be sure to due the band of essence quest (Level 29 ring) from Sir Tatters.

Zek - Grunts are good experience, have low hit points and are fairly easily soloable, though you may want to stay with the level 30 ones unless you have yellow equipment and good strategy. If you're hunting grunts, make sure you get a quest to kill them from Hoggle Bogstrutter, near the docks. With a group, you can go after captapult operators - again, make sure you get the quest. Additional kill quests are given by Cornail Stormwrath. The Briarpaw Bag quest, which is gotten from bags in the Mill, is a free 10 slot bag! If you're going to be killing bears, you minds as well get the quest. Note though... only Briarbears count... neither the cubs nor the great briarbears count. NOTE - If you can gather, or just buy them, the Maple Leaf Collection quest yeilds a 20 SLOT BAG and about 2-3% experience when you complete it. It's suppose to hold only collection items, but currently holds anything!

Runnyeye - If you get with the group of 29-32, you can take the MoBs near the entrance, though if you venture too far, you'd better have escape ready.

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