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Mages: Mastering The Isle Of Refuge

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After you exit the tutorial and hit the beaches of the island of a refuge, you?ll need to decided your profession. Head up to Garven who is standing up beside the dock. He?ll welcome you to your new home as a ?refugee?, and ask you?re your profession.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you?ll be choosing the Mage profession. For those of you who enjoy kiting, and an array of exciting combos right off the bat?..this is the class for you. So let?s get right to it!

The first ?general? quest you?ll need to complete is taking out just one of the Goblins invading the Island of Refuge. General quests are quests which can be completed by any race on the Island of Refuge. Garven needs you to prove your worth as a refugee before he?ll allow you to proceed with your assimilation into the refugee population on the appropriately named ?Island of Refuge?.

Pull up your map by pressing the M key, and head to the west. When you first exit the town, you?ll notice some wooden barricades being fortified by town guards. Just past the guards there are a steady stream of goblins raiding the town. Head out past the barricades and engage a goblin in combat.

These goblins are quite weak and can be dispatched with just a few Lightning Bursts (check out your skills on the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen, the lightning burst icon resembles?.well?.a Lightning Burst). Blast a Goblin, then immediately head back to Garven on the docks for a small reward.

After completing this quest it?s time to head onto Mage specific quests. There is a single point of contact for all of these quests in town. The fellow you?ll need to seek out goes by the Wizardry name of Mizan, and he hangs out in the large central tower in town. Click the ?M? key to bring up your map and hover over the large structure just north of your current position (your current location is designated with a red dot).

Run into the tower and head straight up the stairs, ignoring the cries of one of Mizan?s apprentices on the ground floor. Strike up a conversation with Mizan, and navigate the conversation until he offers you an initial quest.

Mage Quest 1: Destroy Supply Crates West of Town

The first quest Mizan will offer you (yes there will be more) involves raiding and destroying some Goblin suppliers just west of town. These are not the same goblins running to their inevitable deaths against the western barricades of town. Instead, these goblins are located even further west.

If you bring up your map, you?ll notice a tent like complex beyond town directly to the west, and about 5 more north of that area. The southernmost encampment houses your targets for this particular mission.

Run west, and proceed to locate and take out the supply crates. Simply target the crates and blast them a single time with Lightning burst. If a goblin attacks you, simply dispatch him with another blast a few dagger thrusts. If you are unlucky enough to attract more than a single goblin, retreat back towards town until they give up the chase. Then rinse and repeat until you?ve taken out 5 supply crates.

Once you've blasted all 5 crates, head back to Mizan in the Tower. You are rewarded with a finely crafted pair of of boots which Mizan has deposited at the bank in your name. The bank is just due north of the tower. Speak to Banker Vertbridge and withdraw your new pair of apprentice boots, your first new piece of armor! After withdrawing and equipping your new footwear, head back to Mizan in the tower for your second quest.

Quest 2: Collect Sealant Components

Mizan is an extremely needy fellow, apparently the vast quantities of refugees on the island are simply not enough to fill all of his needs, so he has yet another quest to grant you. This one involves killing some sticky, green ?Mire Bogs? which can only be damaged by those who wield powerful magic.

Mire bogs drop a particular type of ?sealant? which Mizan requires for his Magical work. Not every Mire Bog drops a sealant so you may need to kill upwards of 10 Mire Bogs to acquire the necessary 5 sealants.

The Mire Bogs are located just NW of town. Check out your map and look for the deer icon, in this general area is where you?ll find an abundant amount of Mire Bogs. Head to the area, take out 5 Mire Bogs with your magical abilities until you?ve obtained the necessary amount of sealants. Head back to Mizan in the tower, fork over the sealants and you?re rewarded with a small amount of coin and a brand spanking new pair of Leggings.

Equip the leggings and engage the affable Mizan in yet another conversation??for you guessed it??another quest!

Quick Tip (Level 4 and above):
You can blast your mobs with the following combination of magical abilities, which results in inflicting a MASSIVE amount of damage on your unworthy opponents.

Combo: Static Pulse, Lightning Burst, Lightning Burst

Ensure you tap these commands in rapid succession, or the combo will not function!

Quest 3: Collect Goblin Blood Samples

For this next quest, Mizan sends you after yet another group of Goblins. However, these Goblins are stronger than the average variety green slime roaming the lands.

At the very northwest portion of the map, you?ll notice a cluster of 4 goblin encampments. A specific type of mob aptly named ?Gruttooth Brutes? roam this area. Mizan needs you to collect 4 blood samples from these fellows for further investigation. Unfortunately the Devs weren?t kind enough to equip your Toon with an actual syringe, so simply dispatching these bad boys will result in you acquiring a vial of blood.

Caution! These Brutes assist one another if close in proximity and are aggressive by nature. In other words, they will attack even if not provoked. So be sure to lure out one brute at a time.

Once you have collected the 4 goblin blood samples head back to town and speak to Mizan for yet another reward! At this point you're obviously seeing a pattern. The general and profession specific quests on the Island of Refuge help to equip your character with basic armor pieces and weaponry for the journey off the island. Don't bother purchasing any armor or weapons from the local salesman, as you can earn equivalent armor and weaponry just by completing the necessary quests on the island.

After returning the goblin's blood to Maze, he awards you with an apprentice robe.

Quest 4: Attack the Orc Pirate

This quest involves attacking an extrem

This an an optional general quest Mizan will offer you, and essentially allows you to participate in your first group of players. This quest involves you rounding up a team of players and heading to the far northern portion of the map to kill the head Orc wreaking havoc on the island.

The scope of the Orc mission is a bit out of the reach of this initial low level tutorial. However it is very straightforward. Get a ton of people, head north to the large treehouse and kill the Orc. It just can?t be soloed. Once completed Mizan will reward you with a new weapon.

General Quest: Assistant Dreak

The annoying fellow who bellows at you about how Malvonicus is going to ?kill him? is named Dreak. He is Malvonicus, and I assume, Mizan?s assistant. Start up a conversation with this pathetic fellow. He will eventually ask you to clean up the basement in the Tower. Head downstairs and complete the relatively simple task. Just pick up and drag the items wherever you want, and clean up the mess on the floor by double clickind debris.

After cleaning head back upstairs and speak to assistant Dreak. He will then alert you he has apparently broken a lock in the Tower (the guy is a worthless assistant by my estimation) and needs you to craft a new lock for him.
At this point, head back down to the basement and double click the forge. Dreak gave you a bag before your descent titled ?Dreak?s Tailored Bag?. Ensure you drop all the necessary crafting components into this bag. Double click the forge to see a list of components which are needed. You can rest assured Dreak forked them over to you. Just drag them into the bag.

Follow the instructions provided by the game to craft the tin bar and tin pick then head back upstairs. Dreak will reward you with a crafted bracelet, and a note detailing where to further your training.

At this point you?re ready to move onto the larger world of EQ2. Head over to the tavern and strike up a conversation with the fellows inside. They?ll allow you to choose your citizenship and destination off the island.

Good job! You?re off to the second phase of EQ2 as a relatively powerful mage.

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