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Newbie Quest Guide [ENG]

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This tutorial will take you through the initial quests needed to be performed by a scout to head out into the larger world of EQ2. We?ll start off from the point you jump off the boat and hit the dock.

The first thing you?ll need to do is speak to Garven Tralk, he is immediately to your right when you first appear on the Island of Refuge. Hit tab on your keyboard a few times until you see Garven targeted, then double click on him to initiate a conversation.

Garven will request your name and profession. This is a crucial point in the game, as you are selecting your in game profession. Ensure you read carefully about each type of profession, and choose the one best suited to your style of gameplay. For this tutorial, we?ll be choosing the scouting profession.

Scouts are skilled in, well scouting, sneaking upon people, gathering information etc. They are also quite adept at harvesting materials out in the wild??now back to our current course of action.
After selecting your profession, Garven will ask you to assist in ridding the island of the Goblins swarming around the island. Right click the weapons rack and select ?grab a weapon?. You?ll be rewarded with some food rations, flasks of water and a crude dirk.

I suggest you hang around the beach area and take out some coastal crabs to gain some experience up to level 3. Also be sure to loot all these crabs for crab meat after dispatching them to seafood heaven. This will allow you to collect enough goods to sell to the trader in town to upgrade your as of now pathetic equipment.

Keep looting crab meat until you get the message ?YOUR INVENTORY IS OVERFLOWING!? then head up the stairs into the town proper. Immediately after entering town you?ll run into (and hear) Quartermaster Brennar. Double click Brennar and a Merchant Dialog will pop up. Click the sell tab and sell all the items you looted on the beach, as well as the Splintered Club you received back on the Tutorial Ship. You no longer need the club as you?ve grabbed a crude dirk back on the beach from Garven. After selling all of these goods, head back out to the beach and keep killing/looting crabs and fish until you once again. Repeat this until you have about 300 coppers (3 silver).

You?ll also eventually begin collecting ?Sandy Bone Shards? from the crabs. If you collect 5 of these shards you?ll be able to begin fashioning yourself a necklace! After collecting 5 pieces of sandy shards from the crabs, you?ll need to dive down underneath the water and take out 5-10 ?triggerfish? and collect 5 fish skins. These fish skins can then be used as ?glue? to glue the sandy shard pieces together into a token. Here are more tips.

QUICK TIP: It can be a bit confusing to piece together the sandy bone shards into a necklace, as you may miss the message that you?ve collected enough materials to move onto the next task. Just open up your inventory by pressing ?I? every once and a while and examine the sandy bone shards in your inventory. This will allow you to move onto the next phase of the mini quest.

After you?ve collected all the shards and glued those babies together, it?s time to head a bit more in towards the mainland. You?ll need to kill just a few goblins west of town to collect a leather cord to add to your newly made token. Before be sure to stop by Quartermaster Brennar again and get rid of all your crab meat and other items you?ve looted on the beach.

Now head out and get that leather cord! After killing 5 or 6 goblins, examine your scrimshaw again and select ?add leather cord?. At this point, you?ll be rewarded with a full necklace! Double click to equip. Your first magic defense!

At this point you?ll need to see every Scout?s main point of contact on the island, a shady Ratonga named Vladaminn. He is located in the western part of town, surrounded by some archer bullseyes. Speak to Vladaminn and he?ll give you your first scouting quest. The quest is very straightforward, just head NW a bit kill some deer, collecting some ?healthy? deer meat. Press the ?M? key to bring up your map, and you?ll see an icon of some deer just to the NW of your current location. Head up to that area, and begin causing hell in the deer community and collecting that venison (that?s the proper term for ?deer meat? but they simply call it ?deer meat?.....don?t ask me why I know or care about this). After you?ve killed enough ?healthy? deer, a prompt box will alert you it?s time to return and talk to Vladiminn again.

Present the tasty fresh deer meat to Vladiminn back in town, and he?ll alert you he has deposited a pair of boots for you at the Bank. The Bank is just E of Vladiminn, so head over and talk to Banker Vertbridge and retrieve your new goods! You?ll begin to notice a trend here, all the missions you complete for Vladiminn will result in a reward of some armor and other fighting goods. Be sure not to waste any money on gear at this point in the game. You can get a solid array of equipment just by doing the quests Vladiminn has laid out for the scouts of the land, and leave the island with a healthy amount of coin in your pocket.

After retrieving your boots at the bank head back to Vladiminn. He has yet another quest for you (again, seeing as though he?s the main point of contact for Scouts on the Island).
He needs to gather some information on the goblin camp located outside town. He requests you sneak past the guards, and not attack any goblins......this is purely a ?Stealth? mission. However, that is not entirely this mission will present you with the first aggressive mobs in the game. They?ll attack you without provocation and are typically standing in the middle of the road. These are the ?Goblin Brutes?.

You?ll need to pass all the goblin camps which stretch west and north of town. The first goblin camp is no problem, no aggro mobs located there, same with the second camp just north of that location. However there is a cluster of 4 camps at the northwestern portion of the island where you can run into some trouble. Be sure to look out for groups of Aggro mobs (whose names are outlined in red). Ensure you only attack or approach isolated mobs in this area, as the other goblins do assist mobs in close proximity who are attacked.

After you pass all these camps, the quest dialogue will prompt you to return to Vladiminn with the appropriate information. Do so, and remember to avoid the brutes on the way back to camp. If you?ve done everything correctly you should hit level 5 around now. At this point you?ll earn a new skill ?Sneak Attack!?.

Try it out on an unsuspecting mob on your way back to Vladiminn. Here are more tips.

Once back at Vladiminn, give him the information he needs. He presents you with a pair of hunter leggings which will help you.....well considering you aren?t wearing any pants!
Don?t waste any time, immediately speak to Vladiminn again and get the next quest. The little rat warns you this will be your most dangerous task yet, and he?s not joking! It?s time to go goblin wolf hunting! When you passed the camps earlier you passed a good number of wolves within the camps far to the north, and these are the targets you?re going after. Please note the wolves Vladiminn is speaking of are not the wild ?timber wolf pups? which are roaming just NW of town. You?ll need to head further north for the goblin owned wolves, the ?Battle Wolves?.

This can prove to be quite a challenge, as the goblins who own the wolves are quite protective of them and will come at you in force when you hit their not so lovable canines. So be sure to seek out a solitary battle wolf and engage it in battle. Lead it away from the goblin forces and engage it a good distance from any other enemies. Also, near the mountain walls surrounding the encampment there are quite a few battle wolves roaming free of their handlers. Battle wolves themselves do not assist other wolves, so you can solo them rather easily. Once you gain 4 wolf harnesses head back to Vladiminn for your reward. Vladiminn presents you with a hunter?s tunic. You now have a full array of solid gear, and are presented with the chance to leave the island.

Congratulations! You are now ready to head off and face other s around the world of EQ2.

However, if you insist on speaking to Vladiminn yet again he will present you with an optional, more difficult quest. This quest requires you to team up with some other players in the game to take down an Orcish Tyrant leading the Goblin rebellion. The lair of the Orc is in the northeastern part of the island, which requires you traverse your way back north through the goblin encampments.

The scope of the Orc mission is a bit out of the reach of this initial low level tutorial. However, you?ll need to get a group together if you are still around level 6-8. Just reaching the encampment is extremely tough solo?so get a few more levels under your belt and team up with some other adventurers to take on this quest in the future.

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