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champions online character creation guide

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champions online character creation guide

The character creation system is fairly straightforward. First you pick your power set, then your first two powers will automatically be given to you.. You get the endurance building power, and your first attack power.

Following this comes costume customization. It’s also fairly straightforward. Pick your costume pieces, color, face and body shape, hairstyle or lack thereof, and your costume pieces. It’s a very versatile system based on drop down menus and tabs on the side to indicate head, torso, legs, and boots. There’s also a random option for people who are adventurous or just want to get into the game quicker.


There are eight stats in the Champions Online MMO Game. They are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellect, Ego, Presence, Recovery, and Endurance. First off, no stat increases damage in and of itself. That is the function of Super Stats. Each stat has a different element of your powers it controls. Super Stats give damage boosts independently of your power set. So Telepathy for example could get a damage boost from Strength and Dexterity, and it would be no different if you choose Ego and Presence. The Might power set would get the same damage boost from Strength as it would Intellect.


Strength determines your ability to cause and resist knockback and if you can pick up or throw objects that can be picked up and thrown. Strength does not inherently affect damage. If you’re looking for the big buff guy that can lift houses and throw them at people, or for just a character who can throw a punch and send enemies flying, or take a punch, stand on their feet and grin back at the clown who just hit you. Then Strength is the stat to invest in.


Dexterity affects two things. Chance to Crit and how much damage is reduced when you dodge. If you’re looking for the agile type of tank or melee character that doesn’t want to get punched in the face, then Dexterity is the stat for you. Ranged types also like Dexterity. For soloing, it keeps you from getting punched in the face as much. Increasing your crit chance increases your DPS since damage increase is a fairly set stat.


Constitution affects hit points and hit point recovery. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Exact amounts per point or how it scales are not yet known.


Intellect controls several things that will make it appealing. The first being it reduces the costs of powers. How useful this is depends on how expensive your powers are to begin with and if your recovery is handling things. It increases Stealth detection making Intellect a very important stat in PvP. Intellect also controls Pet DPS. That means this should be a super stat for all players who want to focus on their pets.


Ego goes hand in hand with Dexterity as the other half of the crit family. Crit severity is controlled by Ego. Strength of hold effects, and ability to free yourself from some holds is also covered by Ego, making this another valuable PvP stat.


Presence is both the ‘look at me’ and ‘don’t look at me’ stat. For Defensive (Tank) roles it’s the threat gaining state. For Offensive roles it reduces threat. Buff powers and Pet HP is also controlled by Presence. This will be a more PvE oriented stat but one that shouldn’t be overlooked in PvP/PvE. See Roles section for offensive and defensive roles information.


Recovery helps increase your equilibrium and the energy you get back from fighting attacks. This will be an important stat for the people who want to fight for the long haul.


Endurance increases your max energy and again the energy you get back from fighting attacks. Another stat that will be a vital one. It is highly recommend that you make this or Recovery a Super Stat. Endurance is recommended as it gives you more charge room for your powers, which severely increases DPS, and keeps tanks rolling so they can keep threat up. It is a very important stat. Higher endurance also unlocks the use of certain powers that require you to have a large amount of equilibrium to even use them.

At level 5 and 13 you’ll be able to choose your first and second Super Stat. A Super stat does two things. First it increases the stat each level, automatically. Second it’s the stat that will increase your damage. No stat increases damage any more than any other. Int gives the same damage boost as Str, regardless of the power set, though some power sets are tied to certain stats.


All powersets have tiers. They are unlocked as you rise higher in levels. See the Leveling section for details

End –
This tells you how much endurance the power uses.

Activation –
How long the power takes to fire. Some powers have no activation meaning they activate immediately.

Aggro –
Aggro is an invisible stat that applies to AI only. It determines how likely a critter is to focus it’s attacks on your hero.

AoE –
Area of Effect. AoEs come in Cones and Spheres. Cones are a certain degree (60 degrees seems to be common) in front of the user. Spheres affect the entire area up to the sphere’s range.

Apply Effect –
Just means that whatever follows will be applied to the appropriate target. Some may cost addition endurace.

Arc –
This means the power bounces to another nearby valid target

Block Enhance –
A power that replaces the block power, though it often shares it’s function.

Charge –
Charge Powers will create a meter at the bottom of your screen. The more you charge it the greater an effect it will have, but will often cost more endurance. When you stop the meter the attack activates. You can stop the meter at any time during the charge.

Click –
This means when you activate the power it continues for it’s duration and then shuts down.

Combo –
This means the attack will hit multiple times without the need for Charging or Maintaining it. Sometimes it works with other powers, which will be named in the power description. They will have names such as Butterfly Float Combo. When the other powers are activated in the correct sequence like Cross followed by Defensive Combo an additional effect will occur.

Confuse –
This causes the confused target to attack formerly friendly units. In PvP it will force the player to only use attacks on allies, but does not force them to attack.

Debuff –
This type of modifier will have some sort of negative effect on stats. Usually applied to the enemy.

Enable –
Same as Apply Affect.

Fear –
Feared creatures cannot attack, move, dodge or block for the duration unless attacked. They will cower for the duration of the fear. If attacked, the foe can attack once before cowering again.

Gains –
This means an additional effect is added to the power.

Hold –
Held foes cannot attack, block, dodge, or move for the duration of the hold. Holds must be charged and have a 0 –2 Hold rating. This affects both duration and strength of the hold. Some foes will have a higher hold rating meaning they are immune to a hold of a lower rating. Ex. A Level Range: 1 Hold Rating foe would be immune to a 0 Hold Rating hold. Stuns are identical to holds.

Interrupt –
This stops current Charge and Maintained Powers.

Lunge –
Lunge means you will move towards your foe in a quick jump

Maintained –
Maintained is the opposite of Charge. You start with a full bar that drains as you hold the attack button. Like with a charge you can stop the meter at any time, though in this case it ends the attack.

Offensive –
A power that’s primary function is to deal damage

Passive –
Passive powers don’t need to be activated once slotted. They work on their own.

Personal Based Area of Effect. An Area of Affect that is based on the target.

PvE –
Player vs Enemy – Meaning critters.

PvP – Player vs Player –
Fighting other Heroes.
Recharge –
This is how long it takes before a power is available again. Some powers have no recharge.

Root –
This immobilizes a foe preventing them from moving, but not attacking.

Toggle –
A Toggle Power remains on until deactivated.

Utility –
A power that does not do damage, but instead offers a buff or debuff. It may offer some level of defense. When take damage – This means when your hero is hit by a damaging attack this effect activates

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Red face Self-help (joke)

I went into a bookstore the other day and asked the woman behind the counter where the self-help section was. She said, "If I told you, that would defeat the whole purpose." (note: "self-help" has two meanings 1) you take without paying 2) you can choose as you like)No no way in real life,no no way in game!

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