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Running with Rifles - eine on/offline Shooter der etwas anderen Art

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Downloade es mal heute abend

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Ich mache gerade ein kleines Let's Play über dieses Spiel. Ist echt gut geworden. Macht auf jeden Fall viel Spaß. Werde demnächst auch mit Freunden im Multiplayer spielen. Dann wirds denke ich natürlich nochmal mehr Spannung geben.

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die nächste offizielle Session wird wahrscheinlich übernächstes Wochenende stattfinden. Diese wird mit 3 Armee stattfinden statt wie bislang immer nur 2. Chaos garantiert!
Bis dahin haben wir vielleicht auch die nächste Beta draussen mit unter anderem Armee-spezifische Waffen, eine neue kleine Karte die man im "King of the Hill Modus" spielt. Neue Waffen. Implementierung der Singleplayer Kampagne (ähnlich wie invasion Modus online aber halt im Singleplayer) mit einer Weltübersichtskarte und der Verlauf wird automatisch gespeichert. Einige Bugs werden behoben und noch andere Kleinigkeiten werden hinzukommen.
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Hey Leute ich bin's wieder mit ein paar Neuigkeiten in Sache RWR

Wir machen die offiziellen News und so nur auf Englisch, aber ich denke dass die meisten von euch das in der Schule gelernt haben, hier:

Beta 0.90 is out now!


crash: wounding/stunning in water could cause a crash, fixed
crash: fixed another division by zero crash on linux
vests: vest II modified to have three stages, first lethal hit is deflected, second stuns, third wounds and consumes the vest
worldmap: worldmap added
items: state modifiers now have input states for filtering
weapons: pepperdust no longer wounds vested soldiers
gameplay: diving from roof no longer lets soldier go into ground
vehicles: spawning height handling adjusted, vehicles spawn on platforms properly now; helps specifically with TOWs in Al-Tabul
resources: support for faction specific weapons, grenades, items and vehicles added
weapons: stance-specific accuracy factors
weapons: ballistics math tweaked
weapons: speed modifiers supported
invasion: invasion uses faction specific weapon sets now, rank requirements tweaked
spotting: repeated spotting reward triggering when own comms are disabled fixed
bases: bases can now be declared non-capturable
commands: start_game now accepts defense_win_time, triggers game over if faction holds all capturable bases in a map for the set time
shield: shield now gets detected as proper cover object for assisted shooting over
shield: kills made by others while protected by another soldier's shield earn rewards for shield carrier
gameplay: shooting in cover now ensures correct stance before shooting; previously all shotgun projectiles ended up in the cover obstacle unless manually stood up first
gameplay: character leaving ladder no longer immediately falls down if there's someone else on the ladder too
mapview: visual frame added
visuals: single story buildings now generate backlines too
ai: ai now sometimes gets and uses paratrooper calls
names: Russian names fixed, thanks to Uncle Dec for the corrections
gameplay: faction lost radio messages added, mainly for multi-faction battles
gameplay: in multi-faction battle, the faction that loses before the match ends, now sees the defeat image; similarly alive troops now surrender properly after losing their last base in multifaction battles
events: faction_lost event added
invasion: if greens lose in a multifaction battle, the map restarts as it should before it is completely over
commands: set_match_status added, possibility to declare a faction lost or won
cargo-truck: intel of whereabouts is now announced occasionally; reward logic now based on tracking character time near the truck
weapons: law shooting tweaked
calls: paratroopers appearing instantly on roofs fixed
comms: fixed issue with comms being disabled when game was saved, then, when it was loaded again, comms stayed disabled even if comms truck got spawned
gameplay: leaning to a crate when the crate breaks apart now allows moving where the crate used to be
weapons: free rare weapons stay in world for 60 seconds instead of 30 now
menu: resource config menu bug fixed which could result in incorrect terrain heightmap loaded for a map
ai: soldiers not fit in the leader's vehicle know to fight when appropriate rather than just follow the vehicle
aiming: penetrable & see through walls no longer stop aim helper visuals and color indicator
mapview: no longer shows through compositor outlines
gameplay: crates popping out stuff for any xp level fixed
map: new map Wake Island added
map: old-new map Insular Complex added

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Hi Leute, wir wurden endlich gegreenlighted!

Zur selben Zeit haben wir die beta 0.92 rausgebracht mit folgende Änderungen:

menu: setting no ai in quick match menu now clears potential initial soldier boosts set up for the map
menu: quick match now features XP, RP and soldier count settings as sliders
commands: command execution rate increased
 map-editing: it is now possible to join different types of walls together by marking them for merging
gameplay: it is now possible to takeover a vehicle from a friendly soldier by attempting to jump on the occupied seat -- if the soldier is of lower authority (rank, xp), he'll jump out first
 gameplay: it is no longer possible to use stab to takeover enemy vehicle seat, rather you hit jump to get the seat occupier out from the vehicle; remember to stab him after he's out
appearance: buiding roofs now support walls at contours
 map-editing: mesh offset now works properly with y coordinate
general: loading time optimizations, map5 went from 48s to 17s here
appearance: most of the trees are again unique, with no apparent extra expense on loading time
 gameplay: grenade throwing tweaking yet again, behaves better, more like it used to be
faction-resources: enemy resources can no longer be spawned with, by default, something needs to happen for the resource to become added as your faction's resource
 gameplay: shooting at a friendly occupied vehicle requests a ride: driver waits for requester to enter the vehicle and then squad commands can be used to request a target to drive to
gameplay: dying dropping only some of backpack items fixed
 rewards: single event can be set to reward for both xp and rp -- new settings: causing fellows to die reduces RP, killing enemy players gives RP
invasion: online Invasion again set to loop
menu: quick match and Invasion now ask for profile name -- mostly it's relevant only if you intend to serve the game -- server name can be given separately; fixes the profile persistency issues with served campaign
 ai: several critical commander ai bugs related to starting attacks fixed 
gameplay: vehicle spawning by weapon now checks the area if there's enough room to spawn one
gameplay: when encumbered by having too high-encumberance items in backpack, a backpack visual is now shown and shooting accuracy is greatly reduced
 calls: projectile drops now give rewards and penalties properly to caller
general: quick match + custom map config + saves didn't work right, now they do
appearance: terrain surface supports a new effects layer designed to visualize skidmarks, blood, foot prints and explosion decals 
 appearance: weapon voxel models are no longer outlined, but are shaded and bigger
menu: quick match and campaign menu stores settings now
menu: visual quality options now feature a toggle for surface effects
metagame: Windows game build now uses anonymous pipes by default rather than named pipes with communicating with the metagame component -- some people had issues with named pipes and so campaign didn't work
 gameplay: sandbag secondary item added - use it to create barriers; can be destroyed with blasts
vehicles: MG enabled Humvee added, set up as drop-only via calls
calls: artillery strikes, tank and rubber boat drops added
 calls: calls are no longer purchased at armories, rather you access call dialogue by holding Show calls -key and choose one, or use the shortcuts

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Hallo Leute!

0.93 hat fast 4 Monate gebraucht um fertiggestellt zu werden, deswegen könnt ihr ein ziemlich grosses Update erwarten!
Desura muss nur noch auf dem Knopf drücken, um die Version für alle verfügbar zu machen.
Nächstes Update ist dann für Steam Early Access, sollte gegen Ende Januar erfolgen.

- items: shield tweaks, can now stop one blast, others protected by the shield will remain unharmed and shield user himself gets stunned, shield becomes consumed
- items: remote detonable sticky C4 added
- items: impact grenade added, impact grenade is better against vehicles, hand grenade is better against soldiers
- items: complete faction specific weapon sets.. meaning plenty of new weapons
- items: M16 made into full auto and as Green assault rifle
- items: all weapons gone through some rebalancing
- items: M79 grenade launcher added
- items: certain items are no longer auto-obtained at respawn to avoid RP drainage, also the ones that are, are purchased with 50% fill
- vehicles: turret rotation sounds
- vehicles: can have any amount of protectors allocated for them
- vehicles: some visuals improved
- vehicles: static cover cars in maps have now changed into destroyable movable cars 
- vehicles: some physics bugs fixed, some known issues still exist
- vehicles: steering and sliding handling improved
- vehicles: park brake state in vehicles removed, instead, armored truck made player-only vehicle i.e. AI doesn't spawn there nor does AI use it
- vehicles: transport truck added
- vehicles: patrol ship added
- vehicles: rubber boats and tanks made faster
- vehicles: can be driven over cliff edges now
- vehicles: get declared broken if tilted on side now
- calls: new artillery sounds, artillery specific ground effect settings
- gameplay: medic presence in player's squad is indicated at right bottom corner
- gameplay: spotting vehicles gives target specific rewards
- gameplay: quick pickup priorities tweaked: valuables and rares first, then any item types fit for empty slots, generally grenades, secondaries, primaries, in that order
- gameplay: item drop amount when dying tweaked
- gameplay: ability to make call requests when wounded
- gameplay: ability to commit suicide when wounded - hold stab for 3 seconds
- gameplay: radio tower static target added, present in certain maps; basically functions similar to comms truck, just static, can take more damage and has more protectors
- AI: back and forth jumping comms truck driver issue fixed
- AI: AI is now able to take over a vehicle properly again
- AI: AI doesn't attack with grenades against an occupied enemy vehicle if it's flagged as not meant to be destroyed, i.e. cargo trucks
- AI: AI attacks with bazookas too against an own vehicle if it's stolen by an enemy even if it's not meant to be destroyed, i.e. cargo trucks
- AI: mortar usage tweaked, is more frequent now
- AI: final base attack tweaked
- campaign: "peaceful last base" feature removed from KOTH maps
- campaign: "overtime" feature added to KOTH maps; losing faction(s) get their capacity set to 0 when the match gets close to an end
- campaign: adventure mode enabled for single player or locally hosted campaigns, extraction points are now used to travel between maps
- campaign: "peaceful last base" feature extended with boosted attack on the faction with 1 base
- campaign: radio chatter tweaked a bit, still heavily work in progress
- campaign: armories no longer request enemy weapon deliveries, instead briefcases can be delivered to gain unlocks to weapons otherwise unavailable
- campaign: cargo truck deliveries are rewarded with weapon unlocks in addition to RP
- campaign: unlocks expire in 1 hour of game time
- campaign: KOTH maps now use constant amount of soldiers, regardless of how many bases have been captured
- campaign: the specific armory for item deliveries is now marked on the map
- visuals: fallen tree have roots pointing out now
- visuals: map appearances have gone through a hefty amount of tweaking
- visuals: dynamic effect layer now renders properly over decals and platforms
- visuals: utility posts with more hanging lines
- visuals: gore level option added in menu
- UI: inventory UI revamp, LMB to equip an item, RMB to drop (move to world) or store (move to backpack)
- UI: map view revamp
- UI: new squad icon, specific images for each squad fill status
- optimization: batch count reduced
- optimization: water rendering is shutdown more accurately now
- optimization: leaky HUD panels in views fixed
- optimization: CPU side optimizations for vehicles
- optimization: characters no longer included in post processing
- modding: character configs are out with first batch of parameters; includes most of character state adjust values, default animations, AI/automatic dialogue
- modding: amount of RP distributed to bots exposed
- modding: hotkey support added, there are 5 hotkey slots in key config, hotkey content (custom script messages with aim positioning data, taunts, smilies..) can be 
defined in %appdata%\Running with rifles or per mod, ask more on the forum
- modding: script can now spawn any dynamic instance, character, weapon/grenade/carry_item, vehicle, anywhere with any initial velocity
- modding: randomize_respawn_items keyword added to start_game
- modding: script can now plant any item in character's backpack or stash
- general: radio chatter about possible neutral faction removed
- online: others can no longer join as enemies in hosted campaign
- sounds: new ambient sounds for most maps, with added specific sounds for alerted states, i.e. less bird chatter
- a bunch of other minor things.

Frohe Weihnachtstage an allen und en guten Rutsch!
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RWR ist auf Steam (Early Access)!

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Hey zusammen!

Es ist schon lange her seitdem ich was gepostet habe. Es hat sich extrem viel getan seitdem. Wir werden bald die version 0.99 rausbringen und dann geht es langsam aber sicher auf die Endversion zu!

Kürzlich hat es RWR geschafft in die indieDB game of the year 2014 Top 100 geschafft!
Da wir im Finale sind brauchen wir ne ganze Menge Votes um was zu erreichen, deswegen wäre ich euch echt sehr dankbar wenn ich für RWR stimmen könnten! Ihr braucht nichts anderes zu machen als auf "VOTE" zu klicken neben Running with Rifles, nicht einmal anmelden!

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!

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Oh mein Gott , das so cool aussieht. Ich bin definitiv zu spielen !
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Hey Leute!

RWR ist als Flash Sales in Steam bis morgen Samstag 8:00!

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Jop habe das spiel auch und macht richtig spaß.Mal was anderes.

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battlefield, coop, mehrspieler, running, rwr

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