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Ehter Saga Online - Conjurer Guide 1 - 90 (at 75 stopped)

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Ehter Saga Online - Conjurer Guide 1 - 90 (at 75 stopped)

Hello folks,

here is a guide for Conjurer from 1 - 90. The Author deleted that guide in the perfect world forum, because he stopped playin ESO. I give you a copy of the guide, so it isnt lost.

Here the Guide:

"Introduction to a Conjurer

Welcome to the game Ether Saga online, now that you've picked your class conjurer, let it be a class you've already played before or you are totally new to the class, this is a simple guide I threw together out of boredom and curiosity of other players opinions of this class. Conjurers like most Mmorpgs are the basic mage class, with couple AoEs and having high base damage, make them the nukers, and ultimately the face planter in many instances (paper cannon).

Conjurer Stat Points

Okay break down of the 5 affinities:

Oora - Str + 3, Critical Casting Rate + %
Unda - 20 hp, Out of Combat Hp Regen +
Widu - Int + 1, Resilience + 1/5?, Resistance + 1, CritStrike Bonus + %
Pyra - Int + 3, Critical Strike + %
Erda - Def + 1, CritCast Bonus + %, Acc + 1/5?

Now as a conjurer, your main set of skills consist of Unda and Pyra based spells, this means that skills are aligned to that element receive a bonus damage modifier, for every point you put in your stat window. Now the damage increase isn't known exactly, but from sources from the CN version it is said to be 1% / Point.

Little bit of maths:

Low levels you do like 100 damage, high level you do around 5700~ damage (lvl 90), so at 90 you will have base of 45 and 45 for two of your elements - thats assuming you concentrated only on two. Lets say you take Pyra, 45% ontop of (damage) x 145% = 5700 damage, to get the original non modified base damage you divide by 1.45, which gives you 3931~. So, if you didn't add Pyra affinity, you will be doing 1768~ less with a additional loss of 135 (45x3 int) - 45 (45x1) = 90 due to 3int/pyra and 1int/widu, thou thats insignificant at high levels, thus widu mages compared to Pyra counterpart mages will do alot less damage, this is exactly the same with the Unda spells, if you pick another affinity expect for unda. Now pretend you took widu instead, you do extra 45 damage at level 90, with no affinity bonus your base spells will suffer.

Point I'm trying to get across is that, the game isn't very versatile, when trying to pick a build, true you can go "hybrid" builds, with common ethyrs that use that affinity, but as noted above your gonna deal 1768 less damage and lose out on your few base spells.

So, my advice for putting stat points is Unda/Pyra and don't try and be too creative.

Break Down of Spells


[Kindle Kite]
Level: 1
Upgrades #: 30
Type: Ranged Offensive
Cast Time:1 sec
Cooldown: 0 sec
Notes: This is the first spell conjurers obtain, and its solely based off your Str. This move has very little use in later levels.

[Snore Stork]
Level: 7
Upgrades #: 5
Type: Ranged Debuff
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cooldown: 30 sec
Debuff: Sleep
Chance of Debuff: 70%
Duration: 8sec[1], 10sec[2], 12sec[3], 14sec[4], 16sec[5]
Notes: This skill is able to help you in dungeons, by casting this skill on a mob before attacking it, causes no chain agro. This allows you to 1vs1 mobs in dungeons, instead of fighting all mobs around it. Apart from PvE (Player vs Environment) the skill isn't too useful for 1vs1 PvP, due to the fact that it has 2second cast time, which can be interrupted and you could've casted two damaging spells in that time.

Level: 12
Upgrades #: 5
Type: Ranged offensive, Pyra
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 3 sec
Notes: This skill is your first Affinity based spell, at low levels when you first obtain it, it deals alot more compared to Kindle Kite, but it has only 5 upgrades, at max level it gives extra 41 extra damage, unlike many other classes - their first affinity based spells go up to 30 upgrades. This spell remains effective due to its 1second cast, but only for kitting mobs - its damage is too low for consideration in use of PvP.

Level: 15
Upgrades #: 5
Type: Self Buff
Cast Time: 0 second
Cooldown: 108 sec[1], 96 sec[2], 84 sec[3], 72 sec[4]
Notes: A Generic spell every class gets, for high consumption of mana your character is propelled forward and gains a buff, which currently is bugged - but apparently its suppose to give extra movement speed for its duration.

[Natures Essence]
Level: 20
Upgrades #: 30
Type: Passive Bonus
Notes: This spell for each point, will increase both your summoned and pet stats by 1% per point. Even thou it has high spirit consumption, I advise trying to keep up with upgrades, as you get higher your pet starts falling behind in hp.

[Pheno Barrier]
Level: 16
Upgrades #: 5
Type: Self-Buff
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 60 sec
Duration: 10 sec
Buff: absorbs 6% Physical damage[1], absorbs 12% Physical damage[2], absorbs 18% Physical damage[3], absorbs 24% Physical damage[4], absorbs 30% Physical damage[5]
Notes: Useless spell, only decreases physical damage - not spell damage (all player spells expect first, is a non-physical - yes this includes rogues/dragoons). Only time you would use this, would be in emergency situations during a PvE dungeon, when you accidentally steal agro against a boss.

[Static Spark]
Level: 20
Upgrades #: 30
Type: Ranged Offensive, Unda
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cooldown: 3 sec
Notes: Conjurers first Unda based offensive spell, and first 2 second cast - This skill I think is currently bugged, as it takes alot longer then 2 seconds before it allows you to recast another spell, up to 3-4 seconds after first initiation of the spell. But apart from that, a really nice high damaging and good overall spell.

[Phoenix Flare]
Level: 30
Upgrades #: 30
Type: Ranged Offensive, Pyra, Debuff
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Debuff: Ensnares
Chance of Debuff: Unknown.
Duration: 3 sec
Notes: Very high damaging Pyra spell, thou its % chance of ensnare isn't known, it seems to be very low - i would say around 20-30% chance or lower. But due to its debuff, stopping players and mobs from casting spells and moving, it would be overpowered if it had too high of a % chance.

[Kylai's Kiss]
Level: 40
Upgrades #: 25
Type: Ranged Offensive, Unda, Debuff
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Debuff: Freeze
Chance of Debuff: 40%
Duration: 3 sec
Notes: This spell is the first 1sec unda cast conjurers obtain, the freeze debuff is handy for setting up for a 2 second cast time spell while they are frozen ie/Phoenix Flare, and hoping for a second restrain. This spell and Embernado are one of the three kiting spells mages will receive. [Note: while target is frozen damage is reduced by 50%, thus setting up for a 2sec cast is worth it more then a 1sec]

[Icy Meditation]
Level: 60
Upgrades #: 10
Type: Self-buff, Self-movement/cast disable, Invulnerability
Cast Time: 0.4 sec
Cooldown: 300 sec
Duration: 5.5 sec freeze[1], 6 sec freeze[2], 6.5 sec freeze[3], 7 sec freeze[4], 7.5 sec freeze[5], 8 sec freeze[6], 8.5 sec freeze[7], 9 sec freeze[8], 9.5 sec freeze[9], 10 sec freeze[10]
Notes: This spell freezes you and causes all damage, and debuffs currently on you to be negated. This spell can be casted while asleep or stunned or silenced. Handy spell for bosses and at times PvP.

[Glacial Wrath]
Level: 70
Upgrades #: 10
Type: Offensive Ranged, Targeted AoE, Debuff
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cooldown: 60
Vigor Cost: 30
Debuff: Freeze
Chance of Debuff: 60%
Duration: 6 sec freeze
Range: 6 yards[1], 7 yards[2], 8 yard[3], 9 yard[4], 10 yard[5], 11 yard[6], 12 yard[7], 13 yard[8], 14 yard[9], 15 yard[10],
Notes: This spell has a tied cooldown with, Scalen Gush class ethyr - but due to its 15 yard range at max level, its a nice pulling skill - also very nice disable during alliance wars, when opposite alliance is crowded in one area.

[Reef Fizz]
Level: 80
Upgrade #: 10
Type: Self-Buff
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 60 sec
% Absorbed|Duration: 32% Unda Damage Absorbed|6 sec[1], 34% Unda Damage Absorbed|7 sec[2], 36% Unda Damage Absorbed|8 sec[3], 38% Unda Damage Absorbed|9 sec[4], 40% Unda Damage Absorbed|10 sec[5], 42% Unda Damage Absorbed|11 sec[6]
Notes: I haven't personally ever used this in PvE, seems very useful in PvP thou, but haven't actually tried.

[Conjurer EtherShard]
Level: 90
Ugprades #: 10
Type: Item Conjuration
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Vigor Cost: 20
Items Required: 2 Pyra dust
Notes: The level 1 version of this spell adds 12 points of INT, which the buff lasts for 10minutes.... worse spell ever for level 90 =.=....

(thnxs for for hosting the images | will be uploading my own later on)

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Class Ethyr

[Note: All Ethyrs can be upgraded 5 times]

[Shiver Gust]
Level: 25
Type: Ranged Offensive, Targeted AoE, Unda
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 2 sec?
Notes: the best AoE a conjurer will get, and you will probably use it till u hit 90. Due to its 1 second cast, its possible to kite AoE with it. This skill is acquired by Obtaining the Crafting skill "Arcane Craft" from Balo tradesman in Pokari and leveling it up to level 3, then obtaining a Dragon Crystal, Tortoise Crystal and a Gatherer Thimblekit.

[Ethereal Embrace]
Level: 35
Type: Self-Buff
Cast Time: 2
Cooldown: 30 sec
Duration: 15 sec
Chance of effect: 50%
Notes: This skill has 50% chance of converting all damage received during the duration of the buff. The duration and amount of mana you have, makes this skill really useless - due to the fact that 50% of the damage you receive is given to the pet your fused with, and 100% damage taken to your mp is just too much and causes your pet to unfuse, since you have 0 MP.

[Day of Reckoning]
Level: 50
Type: Ranged Offensive, Targeted AoE, Pyra
Cast Time: 2.5 sec
Cooldown: 60 sec
Notes: worse spell ever, totally useless - no comments.

[Primordial Shell]
Level: 65
Type: Self-Buff
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 60 sec
Notes: Another totally useless spell, at max level it increases your resistance by 50%, and yeah....your thinking thats awesome, BUT its of your base resistance, which is like 20 extra resistance, and thats 20 less damage, who cares >.>...

[Scalen Gush]
Level: 75
Type: Self-Targeted AoE
Cast Time: 2 sec
Vigor Cost: 30
Cooldown: 60 sec
Notes: Another Useless spell, it only hits 10 targets, and has to be targeted on yourself, making it a useless kiting spell - and ontop of that it shares a cooldown with Glacial Wrath, the cooldown is ridiculous enough - but shared cooldown with 60seconds.... totally useless spell.

[Invoke Spirit]
Level: 85
Type: Targeted Buff
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Notes: lol......................who wants 14 extra damage?

Additional Notes

As you can see alot of the skills Conjurers receive are totally useless and pointless, but of course thats just my opinion - Alot of the time when your leveling you will just be using shiva gust, and nothing else.

Recommended Common Ethyrs

[Demon Edge]
Level: 45
Type: Offensive Melee, Unda
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cooldown: 2 sec
Notes: Very nice spell during early levels for mages who have unda in their affinity build, due this this spells 1sec cast time and short cool down. Even thou its melee only, most mobs and players are gonna be attacking you in melee range, so shouldn't affect you too much.

[Jaden Glacier]
Level: 45
Type: Self-Buff, Unda
Duration: 5 minutes
Notes: what more can i say, you have unda spells and the additional affinity at that level is nice. Thou this spell doesn't stack with the Mystics unda buff.

Level: 55
Type: Self-Buff, Pyra
Duration: 5minutes
Notes: exactly the same as Jaden Glacier, but adds Pyra affinity, this spell is stackable with a Jaden Glacier.

[Vulcan Torrent]
Level: 75
Type: Offensive Melee, Pyra, Debuff
Cast Time: 1.4 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Debuff: Reduce Oora Affinity
Chance of Debuff: 30%
Notes: Similar to Demon Edge, but alot more powerful but with slightly higher cast time.

[Frost Covered Veldt]
Level: 75
Type: Offensive Melee, Unda, Debuff
Cast Time: 1.4 sec
Cooldown: 5 sec
Debuff: Reduce Pyra Affinity
Chance of Debuff: 30%
Notes: Similar to Demon Edge, but alot more powerful but with slightly higher cast time.

Unfinished - To Be Continued. !" (Valos Comment: Unfortunalety not, because the Author stopped playin ESO. )

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mmh thanx for the guide, hope to see more details guide on conjurer.

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