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I'm not sure how many of you have played My Brute, but the game got around. It was a rather poor game, you watch your guys fight other guys. In a sense, the game just rolled dice for your character, picked skills like your character, and all you could do was watch and make no decisions other than choosing who they'd fight. Sort of like a visual Progress Quest.

Still, there was quite a bit of fun in watching your guy exchange blows with someone else's char. Though in the end, it kinda sucked as the only way to improve your character was to either spam the game or cheat, and all the top players were the most prolific cheaters. And after a while, it becomes a matter of who got lucky with good skills.

Mini Troopers is like a well polished version of My Brute, added with a few guns. You get to choose your characters and choose your skills. There's a rather good anti-cheat system in place. The animations are quite fun to watch, and instead of a one on one fight, you get a bunch of people fighting each other. It's much more of a game in that there's actually some decisions to make, and an a well designed army has much higher odds than just a random selection of good skills.

It's good fun right off the start. It's slow to start, takes a couple days. I'd suggest getting about two level 2 guys, then unlocking missions. The real fun starts when you unlock 3 guys or more and the battles start becoming more tactical.

How it works
First off, you pick a referral link from someone you like, like from the Bay12 army list. You'll get a few choices.

But don't just pick any guy because there's nothing better. If you don't like your choices, try joining under a different army. Every army gives random units. And if you still don't like it, you can wait a few hours, or try under a different IP. Your first recruit will be available to the guy you signed up with in raids, so choosing carefully pays off for them too.

Once you have your army, get a password. Not fun getting a few hundred from hard earned referrals, then having someone you don't know spend it on stuff. Plus, passwords can only be set on the computer you registered from, if you've registered from a cybercafe or work or school, you won't be able to change it later without going back to that same computer.

The key to having a good army is to have skills that complement each other. You should pick your guys carefully.

Also note that by default, you can only have 4 people in a wave at a time. If you have 6 guys, your first 4 will enter, then when all of them die, the other 2 will come in (usually at a numerical disadvantage).

At lvl 6, you can get hats.
After lvl 7, you can unlock some of the more elite skills.

Fights: You get 3 fights a day. Winning earns you 2 [T] a day, losing still earns you 1 [T]. This will be quite a lot early on, but later on becomes a pittance, so you could just mess around with it.

Missions: It costs about 5 [T] to unlock, but it's well worth it, because every day, you can earn up to 4 [T] when you succeed in a mission.

Raids: This will be a major source of income later. The first person from every army you recruit will be available in a raid. For every raid you win, you get 4 [T]. The raids get exponentially harder, though, so recruiting only helps so much.

Muz's Weapon Guide

Choose your first weapon carefully, as you can often find a lot of choices to pick from for your members. It's often worth waiting a day for a better weapon rather than pick a guy with a poor starter weapon. Much easier to choose starter weapons than trying to wait for an upgrade on a level up.

With the exception of bazooka and comanche auto (the basic minigun), avoid all generic weapons, like 'pistol' and 'sniper'. Go for the branded weapons.

Knife: Avoid, nearly worthless, unless you're playing with a low ammo weapon and don't have a better choice for a backup weapon. They do more damage than fists, but most of the other close combat skills are better. Faceboot and Wrestler are both knockdowns, Fists of Fury can disarm.

They have the worst damage and are relatively inaccurate. They're average speed, but have a slightly longer range than most weapons. If you can skip them, do skip them entirely. The only purpose to having them would be as a backup weapon, and a weapon for finishing off softened targets.

Toxic and Explosive shells are great with pistols.
Aiming skills help with the pistol's poor aim, and makes up for their longer range.
Trigger happy is nice too, actually gives you firepower.

The generic 'Pistol' is the worst weapon in the game, aside from knife.

Revolver is suited for disabling targets. Good damage, but unfortunately too slow and inaccurate.

Desert Eagle has the best range in the game, aside from snipers/rockets, good finishing weapon, nice damage. Combine with explosive/toxic shells for great use.

Beretta has nearly the speed of a knife, especially suited to pistol tasks, whatever it is you want a pistol to do.

Worst range, but best damage and very accurate. But suffers from very slow firing rate and limited ammo.

Speed and dodging is a shotgunner's best skill.
Barrel extension helps with the limited range too.
Cold blooded is nice, to deal with the shotgun's horrible recovery time. As is Loader.
Rush is also incredible when combined with shotguns, imagine running in and then firing it off.
Aiming bonuses are worthless.
Heartbreaker, anatomy, hydroshock shells combo incredibly well, makes them capable of killing several in a rush.

Please don't get the generic "Shotgun", every other shotgun is better than the standard one. Unless you like running out of ammo and getting only one shot.

Assault rifles:
First unintuitive thing about them is that they have a minimum range, if enemies get inside that range, they have to back off. Range is moderate. Damage and accuracy is poor, individually as much as the pistols, but with the advantage of bursts. Recovery time is very fast, and most assault rifles hold enough for 3 bursts.

Rush is extremely useful offensively AND defensively here. Assault rifle guys often have to run away from an enemy that's too close, rush lets them fire it off as they run.
Cold blooded is not as useful, as assault rifles are already fast to aim.
Barrel extension certainly helps with the limited range and accuracy.
Any other accuracy bonuses would also be well spent.
Tail gunner works good with assault rifles too, but it'd limit you to 2 bursts per reload.
Nimble fingers and loader definitely help too.

FAMAS deserves a special mention for being one of the top weapons in the game. No minimum range unlike other assault rifles. But the range is shorter, similar to a shotgun's.

Thompson is probably the deadliest, with about twice the damage as other assault rifles, no disadvantage compared to the standard.

They're often good for softening up the opposition and creating chaos before finishing off the enemy. Bazookas have very high range, but can't fire point blank. Many are instant kill. Slow to fire and inaccurate.

You really want accuracy improvements for a bazooka user.
Almost all bazookas, except the M25 are single shot.
Cold blooded is probably the most useful skill with a bazooka.
You'll also want any initiative bonuses you can find, they'll really help you get a second shot in before your army closes in.

Most bazookas are quite good. Infernal tube does double damage, but carries almost no ammo.

Machine guns:
Medium range, slow to lug around. And slow to aim, but almost guarantee a kill when you get them fired. Individual bullets do low damage (as much as a pistol), but there's so many, who cares

Definitely want to get Cold Blooded.
Rush is also a great alternative, since you get to fire without the aiming time.
Barrel extension is also good here, you want as much time as you can to aim, as well as high accuracy.
Nimble fingers and loader are best with machine guns too.
Aiming boosts, initiative, and speed are all welcome.

Don't bother getting Battle Ready with a Heavy Machine Gun

Low damage, but very high accuracy and crits. The bonus to hitting body parts means that you'll almost always want to aim at the head.

Aiming skils are worthless with snipers, aim is already very high.
Cold blooded is nice.
Heartbreaker is also very nice, since you'll have a very high chance of hitting favored parts.
Toxic shells will ensure that your target dies, even if the shot doesn't crush their skull.

Try not to get the generic sniper, they're hopeless and hold only 1 ammo. All the others except sparrowhawk hold more than 1.

MOS-TECK has very high damage, more than the others.
CK-Magellan is about as strong as a pistol, but shoots very fast (and lets you aim for the head well)
Sparrowhawk has the highest accuracy of any weapon, highest crits. Definitely aim for a soft spot with it, you'll almost always hit.
Lizaro Jungle is overall balanced, and doesn't suck as much as "Sniper"

If you want to join me in this game here is the link :


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