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Requiem: Bloodymare BOT from bot369

Closed Thread
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Requiem: Bloodymare BOT from bot369

Requiem: Bloodymare bot from china
ok its a little tricky and in chinese, have a play with its and hopefully youl get it working. i cant really do much more than i have here as im still messing without, im sure we can get it working nicely.
start exe and press here -

this opens bot log in setting

once logged in press

<<安魂曲>>RQ猎人中文脱机版功能介绍 <<Requiem>> RQ Hunter Chinese offline version Features

01. 基本保護 01. Basic protection
02. 攻击策略 02. Attack strategy
03. 怪物設定 03. Monster set
04. 怪物設定2 04. Monster set 2
05. 物品設定 05. Articles set
06. 輔助設定(未開放) 06. Auxiliary set (not open)
07. 回城設定 07. Settings back to the city

工具欄 Toolbar
1.新建帳號... :選擇一個帳號登陸 1. ... New Account: select a landing Account
2.結束當前帳號:將當前登錄的帳號關閉 2. The end of the current account: the current account log off
3.登陸:將當前帳號登入遊戲 3. Landing: the current account login game
4.登出:將當前帳號登出遊戲 4. Logged out: the current account will be logged out game
5.小退:當前未支持 5. Retreat small: currently does not support
6.集體登入:將當前所有帳號登入遊戲 6. Login collective: the current account log in all games
7.集體登出:將當前所有帳號登出遊戲 7. Collectives out: the current account out all games
8.開始/暫停挂機:開始/停止挂機程序的自動運行 8. Start / suspended hang up: start / stop the run automatically hang up procedures
9.設置...:對當前帳號進行設置 9. ... Settings: on the current account set
10.運行腳本:選擇一個腳本並執行 10. Run the script: Choose a script and the implementation of
11.暫停腳本/繼續腳本:暫停或繼續腳本的執行 11. Suspend the script / to the script: to continue or suspend the implementation of the script
12.終止腳本:結束當前腳本的執行 12. Termination of the script: the end of the implementation of the current script

01.基本保護 01. Basic protection

A. 下線/上線: A. offline / online:
HP< ***%時下線:當人物的HP低于設定值將退出游戲. HP <***%, off the assembly line: When the figure lower than the HP settings will withdraw from the game.
異常斷線XX秒上線:當出現異常斷線后,外掛將會在設定間隔時間內自動上線(建議用戶把間隔時 間設置長些) Abnormal disconnection XX seconds on the line: When the abnormal disconnection, the plug-in will automatically set interval of time on-line (recommended users to set up a longer time interval)

B. 休息/停止休息 B. break / rest stop
HP<***%或MP<***%時休息:當人物的HP或MP達到其中的一個設定值時將自動休息. HP <***% or MP <***% at rest: When the HP or MP who meet one of the settings will automatically break.
HP>***%并且MP>***%時停止休息:當人物休息恢復HP/MP達到設定值后將會停止休息,進行打怪. HP >***% MP >***% when to stop and rest: When people break the resumption HP / MP to set value will stop after the break, Daguai.

C. 物品/技能保護 C. items / skills to protect
HP/MP<***%時使用____延時**秒:當人物的HP/MP低于設定值時使用HP/MP藥水或使用HP恢復技能幫組人物恢復. HP / MP <***% the use of ____ delay ** seconds: When the people HP / MP below the set value of the use of HP / MP syrup or use HP restoration skills to help people restore group.

02.攻击策略 02. Attack strategy

A. 攻擊策略 A. attack strategy
攻擊中使用1,2,3,4 ______當自己HP>__%,MP__%,延時_秒:使用技能攻擊的設定,可做HP,MP,延時等設定 . 1,2,3,4 ______ used in the attack when their HP >__%, MP__%, _ second delay: the use of offensive skills of settings, do HP, MP, delay, and other settings.

03.怪物設置1 03. Set up a monster

A. 打怪半徑__步:設置打怪範圍的大小(在"以初始挂機點位中心"和"以指定點為中心"兩种情況 下有效) A. Daguai radius __ steps: setting the size of the Daguai (in the "hang up the initial point to the centres" and "designated as the center point" both cases effective)
Z坐標限制__步:對選怪的Z坐標(即高度)做限制 Z coordinates restrictions __ step: the strange election, the Z coordinates (height) do limit
以初始挂機點位中心:以登陸遊戲時的坐標點為打怪範圍的中心點 The initial point to hang up the centres: the game when landing point for the coordinates of the center Daguai
以指定點為中心:以指定的點為打怪範圍的中心點 To specify the points for the Center: to specify the points of the focal point for Daguai

04.怪物設置2 04. Monster set 2

A. 攻擊設定 A. attack set
顯示周圍:當人物在野外地圖時選中此功能將在列表內顯示人物周圍的怪信息 Show that around: When the figures in the field map, this feature will be selected in the list of figures show that around the strange information
顯示所有:顯示游戲內所有怪物的信息 Show all: the game show of all the information monster
顯示已設置:顯示用戶更改過的怪物信息. Show has been set up: a show that the user changes the monster information.
主動怪/群攻怪:當列表內出現怪物信息后,選中怪物信息即可設定怪物是否是主動怪/群攻怪 Active strange / group attacking strange: When a monster list of information, check the information to set monster monster whether the initiative is strange / group attacking strange
攻擊選項:設定怪物的處理方式 Attack options: setting monster treatment

B.其他 B. Other
不搶怪:不打其他家族攻擊的怪(和自己組隊的隊友除外) Not Qiangguai: do not fight the strange attacks on other family (and his teammates except for the team)
打怪超時時間:如果選擇要攻擊的怪物后在設定的時間内都沒有攻擊到怪物,會自動重新選擇怪物. Daguai overtime: If you choose to attack the monster after the set time did not attack the monster, the monster will be automatically re-select.
諾__秒內未殺怪:在打怪過程中可能出現異常,導致很長時間都殺不到怪,可用此選項處理這種情 況. Connaught __ seconds of Shaguai: Daguai may arise in the course of abnormal, leading to a very long time have killed less than strange, this option is available to address the situation.

05.物品設定 05. Articles set

A.物品處理設定 A. articles dealing with set
當前包裹:顯示人物包裹內的物品 The current package: figures show that the package of goods
所有物品:顯示游戲內所有物品 All items: the game show of all the items
已設置物品:顯示設置過的物品 Items have been set: set up a display of items
撿:設定此种物品是否撿取 The haul: Set whether the seizure of such items
不處理:不做任何處理 Does not deal with: not to deal with any
刪除掉:設置選定的物品撿拾好刪除 Removed: Set a good pick up selected items to delete
賣商店:設置選定的物品直接販賣給NPC Shops selling: Set the direct sale of selected items to the NPC
存倉庫:設置選定的物品存倉庫 Of storage: Setting up of selected items of storage

06.回城設置 06. Settings back to the city

A. 自動回城和返回掛機點 A. automatically returned to the city and return to hang up points
當武器耐久值<____自動回城:當武器的耐久低于設定值則自動回城 When the value of <____ automatic weapons and durable return to the city: When the weapons of durable than the value automatically set back the city
當包裹格子數>____自動回城:當包裹格子數大于設定值則自動回城 When several parcels lattice >____ automatically returned to the city: When checked several parcels larger than the value automatically set back the city
回城或死亡后自動運行腳本:本程序有自帶腳本,在外掛資料夾內的Script資料夾中提供腳本(注:如果沒 有設置腳本,人物回城后也會自動運行腳本) Back to the city or run automatically after the death of the script: This procedure has its own scripts, plug-in folder in the Script folder provide the script (Note: If there are no set script, characters will be automatically returned to the city after running script)

B.取物品/買物品 B. take items / buy goods
存物品/賣物品:回城后將設定物品的物品存倉庫或賣商店 Of the goods / selling items: the city will set back the goods or goods of warehouse stores selling
取物品/買物品:設定回城后需要取得的物品,可以選擇從倉庫那裏取出,也可以選擇從商店購買以及數量 For the goods / buy goods: Set back to the city after the required items, you can choose from a warehouse where removed, can also choose to buy from stores and the number of

Download Here

(ps - im still working on the actual getting the bot running, as i cant find a guide for starting bot,,youl see what i mean when you get it, so maybe if somone works it out, tell me )

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VERY NICE. hopefully get it to work soon i will ask my freind to translate the text for me if he can thanx

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yeah i have asked my friend to help me out some more, especially with the actually starting of the bot, i think once past that i can work outr the rest from the guide. but the more trying the faster we can get it working perfectly. so good luck
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yeah i will try to post if i get it to work.if we work together we will get it to work much faster. thanx again for bot have a nice day.

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wont the ip addresses need to be changed in order for it to work on the us servers?
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no because its for the us servers
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same interface than the GEcrazy bot
i can use it with my eyes closed, coz it's exactelly the same thing, same option and same place for all options
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Originally Posted by patricia1 View Post
same interface than the GEcrazy bot
i can use it with my eyes closed, coz it's exactelly the same thing, same option and same place for all options
well then help us out dont just tell us its the same and easy and blah blah blah.
HELP us get it working properly.
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AhnLab-V3 2008.7.4.1 2008.07.05 -
AntiVir 2008.07.05 -
Authentium 2008.07.06 -
Avast 4.8.1195.0 2008.07.05 -
AVG 2008.07.06 -
BitDefender 7.2 2008.07.06 -
CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.07.04 -
ClamAV 0.93.1 2008.07.06 -
DrWeb 2008.07.06 -
eSafe 2008.07.03 -
eTrust-Vet 31.6.5927 2008.07.04 -
Ewido 4.0 2008.07.06 -
F-Prot 2008.07.06 -
F-Secure 7.60.13501.0 2008.07.03 -
Fortinet 2008.07.06 -
GData 2.0.7306.1023 2008.07.06 -
Ikarus T3. 2008.07.06 -
Kaspersky 2008.07.06 -
McAfee 5332 2008.07.04 -
Microsoft 1.3704 2008.07.06 -
NOD32v2 3244 2008.07.05 -
Norman 5.80.02 2008.07.04 -
Panda 2008.07.06 -
Prevx1 V2 2008.07.06 -
Rising 2008.07.06 -
Sophos 4.31.0 2008.07.06 -
Sunbelt 3.1.1509.1 2008.07.04 -
Symantec 10 2008.07.06 -
TheHacker 2008.07.05 -
TrendMicro 8.700.0.1004 2008.07.05 -
VBA32 2008.07.05 -
VirusBuster 2008.07.05 -
Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.07.05 Virus.Win32.FileInfector.gen (suspicious)
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same with all bot369 bots. usually to do with wither auto login,acc switching, accessing some info such as co ords and stuff or just simply the bypassing of hackshiel (or other) and the connection to the servers for sunning the bot.
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im chinese and this bot is working pretty well, confirmed
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do you think you could help us get it working then as so far i cant get it working for some "role" problem
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which part r u stuck on,im botting rite now i have all day to help =D
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well actually starting it, as i have had to guess all of it so far.
msn or xfire?
pm me
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