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[Open Beta] King of Kintaro | Real v21 P-Server

Discussion on [Open Beta] King of Kintaro | Real v21 P-Server within the Flyff PServer Advertising forum part of the Flyff Private Server category.

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Patchnotes 18th December 2022:
- Stack size of Event Items increased to 9999
- Dryad Weapon lvl fixed
- Save Ulti Upgrade fixed
- Mount Speed Increased
- Lawolf Sled speed fix
- World Boss Box items changed
- Steel Bucket exchange price reduced (5 Steel > 2 Steel)
- Element Cards Stack size increased to 9999
- Offline Vendor fix
- Some Recipes needed Material reduced
- Added new Recipe for Paper
- Drops added to Profession Monsters and Material! You have a Chance of 50% to drop a Material after killing it!
- Profession Monsters and Material lvl changed to 170 for best drop chance
- Cook Yummy Food Duration increased from 30 seconds > 60 seconds (Still stackable)
- Cook Yummy Food HP Recovery increased by x2 (Passive Heal over Time)
- Dungeon Entry Times added to Teleporter

Patchnotes 21th December 2022

- Core Items Soul Linked removed
- World Boss HP Reduced by 20%
- World Boss Stats reduced by 20%
- World Boss high dmg crit removed
- Right click on saved logins removes them now
- Item Disable via J is possible now
- Zem Baruna, Shieldbaruna and Magic Baruna added to Weapon Leveling
- Worldboss time changed to 8pm Servertime
- Worldboss one IP rule removed
- Colosseum Monsters Block reduced
- Monster Clash different and more monsters added
- Trader Profession Paper Exchange exp increased a bit
- Pet Name Change added to Kintaro Cash Shop
- Some quests removed from the daily and weekly quest
- Wake Roach Water Added to Giant Blue and Pink Roach Queen in Darkon Mine (to open the big eggs)
- Max Penya in Kintaro increased by x2
- Teleporter added to Kintaro Beach for Season lvl 1+

Patchnotes 23th December 2022

- Christmas Event from 23.12
- 26.12 with EXP, Penya and Drop x2 added
- Added 1% Drop chance & 1% Penya rate for every Season Level (Season level 100 = +100% Drop & +100% Penya)
- Daily Dungeon Penya increased by 50%
- Kintaro rework you have now seperate Lvl places Season lvl 1
- 10, 10
- 20, 20
- 50, 50
- 100
- Kintaro Monsters HP 20-100%, DMG 20-100% and EXP 100
- 500% increased!
- All Monsters in the same Season Lvl area got the same exp, dmg and hp only range monsters have higher block, dmg and lower hp
- Kintaro Fire World and Kintaro Underground Teleporter added

Patchnotes 26th December 2022

- Offline Vendor System fixes
- Kintaro map spawns increased between 20% and 100%
- Sad Tree area increased
- Kintaro Respawn Teleporter fixed
- Security fixes added
- Dark Ratesia invisible wall fix

Patchnotes 30th December 2022

- Christmas Event ends 01.01.2023 Midnight!
- New Year Event starts 01.01.2023-08.01.2023
- New Year Event: Drop, Penya and EXP x2!
- You can drop Firework and a New Year Lunar Box with nice Items inside!
- Kintaro Map reworked no more restricted areas!
- New Kintaro Monsters added
- Kintaro Monsters are now Level Season 1
- Season 100!
- Kintaro Monster dmg, hp and exp changed
- You can lvl on higher Season Monsters but there is the normal Level Cap!
- Christmas Cake & Gingerbread is stackable now
- Seasonpass fixed
- Range skills at big monsters (ankou) fixed
- Yggdrasil Aggro system changed
- /gmlist added
- Welcome box stackable to 9999 now

Patchnotes 1rst January 2023
- Postbox fixed
- Stability fixes
- Soul linking on Exchangers fixed
- Problems with pain dealer fixed
- Kintaro Monster DMG adjusted
- Event exp increased
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Patchnotes 3rd January 2023

- Soul linking on Exchangers removed completly
- Yggdrasil knuckle crit dmg effect changed to 89%
- Z Knuckle crit dmg effect changed to 95%
- Daily Dungeon droprate increased by ~20%
- Upgraded items > 3 excluded from quick sell
- New Recipe added to Smith Lvl 0 (Recipe Scroll of Smelting)
- Secret Room Box added to B6 Giants (Guild Furniture)
- Secret Room Winner can now join B6 Secret Room (Flaris and Darkon)
- There are Giants Season Level 10 -Season Level 100 with a high chance to drop a secret room box
- Mas Dungeon Boss Room spawns increased
- Yggdrasil Bosses respawn time increased
- Mas Dungeon normal monsters aggro system added
- Yggdrasil HP and dmg increased by 20%
- Yggdrasil can now spawn monsters
- firework stack size increased

Patchnotes 4rd January 2023

- Cards moved to Quest tab
- Quest tab size increased
- Stonehand added to /buff
- Offline Vendor NPC times adjusted:
-- 3h default
-- As Trader 6h + 20min per level
-- Premium: Offline time x2
- Offline Vendor new appearance added
-- Premium: Player appearance
- Level 170 Monster Level Cap removed (Monster on level 170 deals lower dmg (80%) to players Season Level 10+ atm)
- Yggdrasil Normal Monsters aggro removed

Patchnotes 6th January 2023

- English Translation improved (all images)
- Kalgas Boss dmg reduced by 5%
- Yggdrasil Boss dmg reduced by 5%
- Event Token added (For future Events like Hide and Seek)
- Event Token Exchange added to Dior (Station in Flaris)
- Scrolls added to change the Offline Vendor look added to Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang
- Christmas Event Sale removed
- Santa is only 1 more week ingame!
- be fast and trade your Tokens
- Offline Vendor Scroll fix
- Last Seen added to Guild Window (You can check the last online time)
- Profession: Upgrade Scroll Recipe Paper reduced (Paper 25 > 10)
- Profession: Furniture Recipe Material needed reduced (Wood 1000 > 200 Nails 1000 > 100)
- Guild House Crystal added to Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang
- Furniture Set added to Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang
- Recipe Textes improved
- Catcher spawn rate increased by 50%
- Pet Food is now in the Pet Tab
- World Events fixed
- Stun chance reduced by Bosses like Kalgas!

Patchnotes 9th January 2023

- Fixed some Client crashed
- Fixed some rendering problems
- Partyfinder skill icons added
- Debuff rate from bosses decreased 15% > 5%
- Pills reworked to make them more usefull!
- Offline Vendor Time added to H
- Petfilter All and Nothing button added
- Dungeon Book finished and added to Gergantes
- Fast Mail Open & delete added (right click on mails)
- Kintaro Beach Teleporter place changed
- Kintaro Beach and Fire World monster spawns changed
- Yggdrasil is now a Dungeon with 2 Entrances a day! (You still need the key to open the door)
- Recipe for the Yggdrasil Door key added to Smith
- Catcher spawn rate reduced by 25%
- Behe, Yggdrasil and z 2h Sword, YoYo and Bow Crit Dmg stat changed. There was no big difference between. +5 - 15% more crit dmg!
- Santa removed from Flaris!
- Kintaro Monsters skills added
- Dungeon Boss Monsters Skills changed

Patchnotes 13th January

- Profession EXP Rate added to H
- New PVP Games added (beta)
-- Capture the flag
-- Hold the line
-- Tower defense
-- Last man standing
-- Death match
- Party EXP Added to Partyfinder
- Crossbow walk animation fixed
- Yggdrasil Dungeon time increased 45min > 60min
- Profession EXP Scroll added to Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang
- DST Profession Collector Speed fixed
- Recipe Information added to description
- Guild Duel button in English Clients fixed
- Scroll of Sprint added to World Boss box and Collector Field Exchange
- Yggdrasil Monster Blockrate reduced (only normal monsters and midbosses)
- Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang updated
-- Vendor category added
-- Housing category added

Patchnotes 18th January 2023

- Petfilter added to Instant Pet Pick up Scroll
- You can close and reopen player shops now
- Poison on Profession Monsters removed
- Daily Dungeon System changed, you can rejoin now if party members still are inside the dungeon
- Recycling System added to Smith (Lvl 0)
- You can recycle now Green Items Lvl 120 - 170 (Core, Bloody, Dryad, Behe / kalgas, Yggdrasil, Z)
- Recycle a Set part: Iron Ore, Mineral, Wood, Gold Ore and a Gem. 50% Chance to get a Diamond.
- Recycle a Weapon: Iron Ore, Krasec, Wood, Gold Ore and a Gem. 100% Chance to get 1+ Diamonds.
- Recycle a Jewellery part: Erons, Guru, Wood, Gold Ore and a Gem. 50% Chance to get a Diamond.
- Varity Reroll Scrolls added! (Lvl 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170)
- Varity Reroll Scrolls Recipe can be bought from the Trader
- New Gems added (Core, Bloody, Dryad, Behemoth, Yggdrasil, Z)
- You get the Gems from the new Recycle system or drop them in Dungeons and you need them to craft a Varity Scroll!
- Sprint scroll time increased to 15min
- Price for Sprint scroll increased in the collector shop
- World Boss Box Sprint scroll quantity changed to 3
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Patchnotes 20th January 2023

Mid Season Class balance update

- Ringmaster / Seraph:
-- Ringmaster Merkaba DMG increased per INT
- Psykeeper / Mentalist:
-- Spiritbomb DMG increased per INT
- Elementor / Arcanist
-- Eva Storm DMG increased per INT
- Jester / Harlequin:
-- Critical Bonus DMG increased
- Ranger / Crackshooter:
-- Critical Bonus DMG increased
- Billposter / Forcemaster:
-- Ire of Iblis skill Hitrate added 3% - 15%

Other Changes

- Yggdrasil Key to Boss room dropchance increased by x2
- Yggdrasil Mid Bosses Hp & Block reduced a bit
- Yggdrasil normal Monsters hp lowered
- Yggdrasil Bosses wont spawn so many trees now
- Gem droprate in dungeons increased by 10%
- Anarchy Events Time changed from 60min to 120min
- Lvl 105 Sets droprate reduced from lvl170 to 169
- Varity Scroll (for all Weapons) added to Kintaro Cash and Vote NPC


- Mid Season Event: 20 January 2023 - 5 February 2023
- Bring a Friend Event: 20 January 2023 - 31 March 2023

Patchnotes 27th January 2023

All Classes:
- 50 Dex increase the Hit Rate by 1% now

Jester / Harlequin:
- Critical Bonus DMG increased by ~20%

Ranger / Crackshooter:
- Critical Bonus DMG increased by ~20%

Ringmaster / Seraph:
- Merkaba AoE Skill cooldown reduced 5s > 3,5s

Other Changes:
- Scroll of Holy added to Season Exchange
- Scroll of Holy added to Trader Lvl 0
- Lvl 3 Bead Recipes changed to lvl 10 Pet trainer
- Lvl 3 Bead Recipes changed (less material needed now)
- Lvl 2 Bead Box added to the Collector Field Exchange
- Lvl 2 Bead Box added to the Collector Field
- Collector Field all Pills (w/o the Gold Pill) removed
- Collector Field The chance to get wheels and mini wheels is increased
- Recycler added to Peach (everyone can use it)
- Recipes for the Varity scroll changed all to Trader Lvl 0
- Level up Gifts improved (Restat, Fly, For, Fun, more exp scrolls)
- Bring a Friend Event Premium added to lvl up gifts
- You can now Trade your Christmas Token again for Christmas Tickets on the Model Change NPC
- Colosseum NPC´s position changed to Flaris
- Guardian Weapon Token added to Level Up Gifts lvl 60
- Kintaro Teleporter lvl removed
- Kintaro Beach Teleporter lvl removed
- Kintaro Fire & Ice World Teleporter lvl removed
- Kintaro Underground Teleport lvl removed
- 2H Weapon Merge added to Ron in Flaris near Boboku
- Rune of 2H Weapon Merge Protection added to Ingrid kChip Exchange (500 kChips + 75m Penya)
- Core & Daily Dungeons droprate increased by 25 - 50%
- Season Dungeon droprate increased and Potions added by 50 - 100%
- Daily Dungeon Monster renamed in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! (Dont forget all dungeons are open on Weekends)
- Pet Tamer (Create Pet Feed with Quest Items fixed)
- All Vendor Scrolls time increased to 28days!
- Dungeon Cooldown reduced from 24h > 20h
- World & Anarchy Events increased to 2h
- Another World boss time added to 1pm Server Time for our international Users
- Guild EXP added to Monsters
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Season Spring Patch 1st March 2023

- Spring Island added (Farm Map)
- Flaris reworked
- Kintaro NPC´s spawned

- Power Up Box drop event added till 1. April 2023 (3x daily for 2h!)

- Order Stones drop now everywhere lvl 170+
- Increased the Droprate for Cosmo Stones in Dungeons Yggdrasil, Daily and Four Lanes
- Increased Droprate for Cosmo Stones for Season Monster (bosses)

- Baruna Upgrade Items can now be made with Udi
- You can extract now Chaos Gems with Udi
- Potions of Binding added to General lui (You need them to create Order Stones)
- New Fast Exchanger added to Udi
- Ticket added for Spring Island to Season Spring NPC

- New Profession Tools added (Increase the amount of Items you GET while using the exchanger)
- New Profession Tool recipes added
- Many Profession Exchanger reworked!
- Many Recipes removed and added to the Exchanger
- New Profession Sets added (Miner, Woodcutter, Alchemist and Farmer Sets)
- Level Up Gifts for Professions added (Lvl 5 = 14 Day Profession Set) (lvl 10 = Scroll of Tool Awakening) ..
- New Exchanger for Baruna Protection scrolls added
- Profession Piercing Cards added to Material Drops! (Stone = Miner Cards, Wood = Woodcutter Cards...)
- You can Combine the Profession Cards like the normal Cards!
- Profession Cards Exchanger changed (Armorer)

- Level Cap for Season Monsters added
- DPS added to Worldboss
- Rooting added to normal Four Lanes Monsters
- Four Lanes Mid Bosses using now skills (same like the Mid Bosses in Yggdrasil Dungeon)
- Four Lanes normal Monsters and Mid Bosses blockrate increased a bit
- Kintaro Monsters skills removed

- Broker system reworked
-- res scrolls, power ups, 2h weapon merge scroll added to Broker system
-- unlinked the price change of different protection scrolls
- Heal Percent Awake added to Gaunts and Pets (Tiger, Lion..)
- Pet Griffin is now a Profession EXP Pet
- Pet Dragon Atk increased
- Pet Unicorn Hp Increased
- Dungeon times changed
- Weapon Level effects updated
- Text translations updated
- World Dialog is complete in English now

- Clientside Chat History added
- Visited shops get marked now
- Fast diamond inserter added to Peach
- Search bar added to all exchangers
- Pet and Crafting Inventory size increased
- Endless Upgrade until reaching aim upgrade level
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