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Leathercraft LV1-100

Discussion on Leathercraft LV1-100 within the FFXI Guides & Templates forum part of the Final Fantasy XI category.

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I'm from Alexander, so ALL of these prices will be from Alexander's economy. Your server may be different for you. That being said, the way I'm laying out here may not be the best way for you to go. Don't be afraid to check AH prices of everything you could make and what the materials cost. Also, don't be scared to experiment, if I had done so before reaching a certain point, I could have saved myself over 100k.

Rank up items

8-10 = Rabbit Mantle
18-20 = Lizard Cesti
28-30 = Dhalmel Mantle
38-40 = Magic Belt
48-50 = Cuir Bouilli
58-60 = Raptor Jerkin
68-70 = Battle Boots
78-80 = Tiger Gloves
88-90 = Coeurl Mask

Prices to note:

Windurst Tea Leaves = 18 gil per. Buy them from the Taru near the gate to West Sauraburata in Windurst Waters.

Distilled water = 10 gil per. Most any shop that sells these you can get a good deal on. Every once in a while you may be able to get them for 9 gil per at the Tanner's Guild.

Crystals = I'm not pricing out crystals; they are too different on every server.

Now, on to the guide!

Edit: Just note, this guide is here to help you get your Leathercrafting as high as you can with minimal use of selling items on the AH. AH sells way to slow for my tastes when it comes to leveling crafting (I'm a power crafter). Please keep in mind, that there might be other options of synths you can do where you can PROFIT on the AH, but the time it takes for those items to sell are just too much to even mention. Fishing gear and Field Gear are the two examples of this type of item. You can profit, but the amount that you could sell per day are very low, so these are only good for people who want to be patient with their craft.


0 - 2 = Sheep Leather (Dark + Sheepskin + Distilled Water + Windurstian Tea Leaves)

Post Patch, Sheep Leather has gotten crazy. It will be 12k in Windy, and anywhere from 8k - 11k in Sandy. Sheepskins have surely taken a jump in price as well, try to get these from the guild, they will cost only 144, and 12 new skins are stocked every day.

2 - 7 = Rabbit Mantle (Earth + Rabbit Hide x5 + Grass Thread)

Rabbit Hide x12 = 1,000
Grass Thread x12 = 1,200

These are about the same price to make as Leather Bandana. I have this one here as your Sheep Leather is better used somewhere else. AH for about 400, or NPC them for 44 per. I NPC'd them.

7 - 11 = Solea (Wind + Sheep Leather x2)

These NPC back for ~90 gil. Not positive as it was so long ago. Someone I know suggested selling these in Windy as they sell fairly quick, I can't vouch for how well they will on your Server. I NPC'd these.

You can attempt to desynth (Lightning Crystal) these at around level 10ish. You can get 1 or 2 Sheep Leather back. Do this as you will always need sheep leather.

11 - 17 = Lizard Cesti (Earth + Cesti + Lizard Skin)

Cesti = 136 gil each (NPC in South Sandy)
Lizard Skin x12 = 6,000 - 7,000

Very Easy, AH these suckers in Sandy. If you?re lucky, someone will be on the Himantes stage of raising Leathercraft. In fact, before you venture into this, try to find someone making Ram Mantles, and make a deal with them for their next stage.

If there is no one to buy these on the AH quickly, Desynthing (Lightning Crystal) them works as well. You can get 1 or 2 Sheep Leather, 1 Lizard Skin, or an Ash Lumber.

17 - 21 = Dhalmel Leather (Dark + Dhalmel Hide + Dis. Water + Win. Tea)

Another Post Patch Wonder item. Dhalmel Hides/Leather sky rocketed in price suddenly. Be patient and get the hides as cheap as you can, sell the Leather on AH for a small profit. /joy! /lick

21 - 24 = Dhalmel Mantle (Ice + Dhalmel Hide + Wool Thread)

Wool Thread x12 = 20,000

These actually max at level 27; however, it's best to just use this as a stepping stone into Parchment. If your patient, AH these, or Mule them, they WILL come up as Guild Point items later. NOTE: I skipped over this item. I simply add it here if you HATE failures. I went straight to Parchment from Dhalmel Leather, and I would do it again.

24 - 29 = Parchment (Dark + Sheep Leather + Rolanberry)

Rolanberry = 120 per in Port Jeuno, opposite Choco Stables

Again, stepping stone to another item. This caps at 31. Sell Parchments in stacks in Sandoria, and the leftover stragglers individually in Jeuno (for soon-to-be Bards). Break even on my server.

29 - 36 = Ram Leather (Dark + Ram Skin + Dis. Water + Win. Tea)

Fun synth, any Ram hunters should get their Leathercraft to this point just so they can stack the skins they get into leather. Ram Skin is a small profit on AH, but save for future recipes.

36 - 39 = Wolf Gorget (Earth + Wolf Hide + Cotton Thread)

Cotton Thread x12 = ??? guess: 5,000

These WILL be a loss. No one wants these. Just NPC them and eat the loses. Get used to it if your taking this to 100. With the recent prices of cotton, might be best to just go straight to Waistbelts.

39 - 43 = Waistbelt (Wind + Ram Leather x2 + Grass Thread)

You can AH these if your patient enough, and you even get a small profit. I don't see any use for these rather than making Corsettes. Post patch, they are involved in a synth for Haste Belts as well. You can also NPC these for a good loss (which I did /cry)

43 - 49 = Ram Mantle (Ice + Ram Skin + Wool Thread)

Huge Loss: NPC them. Go home and cry to your Moogle so no one else will see you.

I desynthed (Lightning crystal) some of these in hopes of getting Wool Thread back, it worked fairly wel.

49 - 52 = Himantes (Earth + Raptor Skin + Lizard Cesti)

Raptor Skin x1 = 1,000
Raptor Skin x12 = 15,000 - 20,000

Remember when you made Lizard Cesti? Here's to hoping someone is on that stage when you start this, if not, prepare to make your own. Sell back = crap!

52 - 61 = Tiger Leather (Dark + Tiger Hide + Dis. Water + Win. Tea)

Skill ups start to get slow here, you'll be doing this for a while. I started this at 50. My basic reasoning was I was already losing 1k+ on Himantes (per synth), the total synth for this Leather is 1k, so nothing is changing, I'm just getting more Leather in the long run (You'll need it&#33. Save the leather, even if you have 20+ stacks, mule it, or Storage it. If you don't plan to go any further in Tanning, just AH them.

61 - 63 = Beak Mantle (Earth + Cockatrice Skin x2 + Grass Thread)

Thingyatrice Skins = 800 - 1,000 each

Stepping stone to Beak Jerkin. I don't remember what the NPC is, so I can't speak for how bad the losses are.

63 - 69 = Beak Jerkin (Earth + Sheep Leather + Cockatrice Skin x2)

Pretty decent here. You will take a loss (with failures and all). Break even if your not counting the sheep Leather, whatever that costs is what you will end up losing.

69 - 71 = Coeurl Leather (Dark + Coeurl Hide + Dis. Water + Win. Tea)

Coeurl Hides = 1,800 - 2,500 each

The Hides are a pretty rare drop. Be patient and get your levels with this leather, because you will need a lot of the leather later if you plan to keep going in Leathercraft.

71 - 75 = Tiger Mantle (Ice + Tiger Hide + Wool Thread)

Stepping stone. I would probably do these till about 73 or 74. Mix and match these with Tiger Jerkin. I went straight Tiger Jerkin from 71 - 79, but I also ran out of leather 1/2 way through and had to buy the rest.

75 - 79 = Tiger Jerkin (Earth + Sheep Leather + Tiger Leather x2)

Loss will again be in the Sheep Leather. I got 2 HQs while leveling this and that seems to offset the cost of making these.

79 - 80 = Manticore Leather (Dark + Manticore Hide + Dis. Water + Win. Tea)

Manticore Hide = 1,500 each

Save the leather for GP item days when you will need to use it.

80 - 85 = Coeurl Mantle (Ice + Coeurl Hide + Wool Thread)

Sell to NPC, decent loss here.

85 - 87 = Coeurl Mask (Earth + Coeurl Leather x2 + Faceguard)

This is something I wish I had done when I leveled Leathercraft. You get 3500 guild points for these, so the sell back would probably be around ~3600. Faceguards are only about 400 gil each from the AH.

87 - 89 = Coeurl Jerkin (Earth + Sheep Leather + Coeurl Leather x2)

From 85-89, between this item and Guild Points, I blew through 600k total through all of my characters. Not all of them were from this synth, but a lot of it was. 2k+ loss per synth, and very slow leveling. You will throw a party when you hit 89, only to wish you could go back once you see what you have to make tomorrow.

This is where I am currently. Everything from here on is speculation. I'm probably going to be 89 for a long time until I can accept the fact that I'm going to lose MILLIONS just for 1 level up.

*Pending*89 - 90 = Ogre Mask (Earth + Manticore Leather + Coeurl Mask)

Fairly cost effective. NPC of Coeurl Mask sells for about ~3600, so I would expect this to be about ~4500. If this is the case, you will end up only losing about 2-3k per synth. I'm crossing my fingers for this one.

90 - 95 = Tiger Mask (Ice + Wool Thread + Wyvern Skin + Ram Leather + Tiger Hide x2)

Wyvern Skin = 15,000 each

OUCH! The most cost effective way to level up here though. Each synth you will lose at the least 5k on just the wyvern skin. That's if you AH the item as well. Very slow leveling process here.

95 - 100 = Panzer Mask (Ice + Wool Thread + Ram Leather + HQ Coeurl Hide x2 + Wyvern Skin)

HQ Coeurl Hides = 500 gil each

This is the final stretch. This is a great item, but since it's the most practical to max out Leathercraft, it's fairly cheap on the AH. Expect another huge loss (possibly even more than Tiger Mask). Also note, you will never see someone synth this until you are about level 60 in Leather, at that time you will see 5 different people making these. Don't let it crush your hopes, there will always be high level crafters in all crafts, don't let 5 of them discourage you.
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