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Dragon Saga [AdeptGamer]

Discussion on Dragon Saga [AdeptGamer] within the Dragonica Private Server forum part of the Dragonica category.

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It works as it is intended now :P.

For example sorcerer's chili pepper's damage is at 350% of total MATK at lv5, and it really does deal that much. I have 28k MATK and it deals from 120k-140k damage.
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Originally Posted by drakejoe67 View Post
You guys are using True Scaling that scales of Total ATK right?
It's kind pointless to boost up the "255" "256" scalings, they mathematically work terribly unless you guys rewrote the code for the calculations.

Well, if you guys fixed the calculations or use true scaling, then this is looking like some good ****. Don't really see other servers rebalancing with proper scaling numbers
Yes we are scaling off the total values now with other abils

Well this is only the first major balance update to come I am already working on the next one

The "before" scalings that are shown in the patch notes is what resulted from the changes by substituting all abils by true scaling.
That meant during testing we would have basic attacks that would only deal 10% of your actual ATK which speaks for itself. I did mention them in the patch notes overall so I didn't include the details for them.
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Well goodluck making the classes interesting to play, while keeping a balance now that you use true scaling.

Took me a good year to get all the classes rounded up to have an interesting gameplay while all of their Damage Per Minute to be around the very same, or have a very small difference.

Meaning players are allowed to pick whatever class interest them instead of what is strongest.

Nice goodjob, was wondering when other servers or even official would start adapting to true scaling
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what's the exp rates and drops?
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Old 08/12/2020, 15:29   #35
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Hello AdeptGamers, it is time (again)

Remember the true scaling patch? Well, this one is 5 times bigger, or even more.
Just to have a quick update: I were busy irl with civil service until the end of June and had a little break. Overall I have been working 3 months on this update including all the planning and execution. This patch is a whole new take in the balancement of DragonSaga/Dragonica, it is entirely new territory and focuses on giving classes back their identities opening up new builds as well as making more viable. It is not perfect and will require more balancing, nor is it the end of the balance patches because PVP will receive other very impactful updates. The next big balance patch will be mainly adjusting Monster and Equipment tiers Lv. 60+ as the current patch will leave a lot of classes with high damage potential so you will feel pretty OP until monsters get a bit more beefy.

Three things before we dig into the big stuff:
  1. Fixed Gold gain from BSQ boxes (waow)
  2. For the next 2 weeks, SoulCraft Randomizers will be on sale by 50%
  3. Added SoulCraft Randomizers to Daisy for 200g/e.
I am going to look into making a randomizer that randomizes a single stat in the next few weeks, though, no promises.

Finally let's get into the big changes.

Effect and Stat Calculations:

Crit Rate calculation:
  • Final Crit Rate: Critical Rate Value * 0.3 + Final Crit Values + 3% Base Crit Rate

Dodge and Aim have been left unchanged and will be looked at in another patch. Evade has mainly been removed from sets (especially since I don't want only 1-2 classes to be able to build evade).
You can still soulcraft evade, however.

Stat Conversions:

All Stat conversions are now linear and some stats can have multiple conversions to the same Stat (e.g: con to def, str to def).
Stat Conversion Rates are now different from Class to Class. There are base conversion rates, meaning any class that does not list specific conversions rates will have the base ones.

Default Rates:
STR to ATK: 1.5
INT to MATK: 1.5
CON to DEF: 3
STR to DEF: 2
INT to MDEF: 2
DEX to CRate: 2 (CRate is what is put into the Final Crit Rate calculation function)
NEW: STR to CRate: 1.5
CON to HP: 25
INT to MP: 25

Classes with different conversions than default:

Base Stats:
Additionally to the conversions, all base stats have been raised, and additional stats have been added on primary as well as secondary stats per class.
These stats now also scale post Lv. 60 (where it usually stays static and the player gets to choose 5 stats post Lv. 60).
  • Bonus stats have been increased from 5 to 15 per level (61+).
  • All your bonus stats have been reset.
  • Base stats have been raised

Base Critical Damage:

Base critical damage has been updated on some classes (affecting from 1st jc on forward).

Dragoon: 180% Critical Damage
Overlord: 180% Critical Damage
Invoker: 180% Critical Damage
Sorcerer: 210% Critical Damage
Sentinel: 180% Critical Damage
Destroyer: 190% Critical Damage
Savage: 200% Critical Damage
Ninja: 200% Critical Damage
Summoner: 170% Critical Damage
Twin: 200% Critical Damage


Before this update, regeneration was never really relevant unless it came through pots.
Regeneration has received a rework and now is available to be built intentionally! (See SoulCraft changes).
  • HP and MP regeneration are now based off a percentage of your maximum HP and MP:
    • Base HP regeneration: 0.5% of your max Health.
    • HP regeneration interval: Every second.
    • Base MP regeneration: 5% of your maximum Mana.
    • MP regeneration interval: Every 10 seconds.

Currently, all classes have the same % base regen, this may be subject to change in the future.

Soul Crafting:

Big big changes right here. Almost all effects have been revisited and changed, they're not final final so they might vary in the future a bit to balance things out depending how things turn out.
  • It is now possible to have the same effect multiple times
  • New effects have been added
  • Some old effects remain but may be removed in the future
  • Here is a list of the effects:

  • Boss Set Items (Bone+) have their bonus single stat removed in order to balance out between normal sets and Boss Sets
  • Fixed Elga Set durabilities
    • Shield/Kickball have 300 durability
  • Following Item (groups) have been made untradable:
    • Elga Recipes and Armor
    • Zauharant Weapons (If you have weapons on the wrong class you can still Account Vault or msg me to transfer it to another user)
  • Added 20% Critical Damage to all bone backs

  • Sets below Lv. 40 have been adjusted in their regeneration amounts
  • ALL sets Lv. 40 and above have been reworked. Details may be posted later but here are the concepts:


Since most of calculations and stats have been changed in some form, it was necessary to adjust some skills and passives that provided Regeneration.
I have implemented multiple new features and way of scaling skills, however, not all of them are present in this patch. They will be implemented and shown in the patches where I rework classes a bit. Invokers have already received a part of their rework with some of their healing skills in order to reduce their 1v9 potential and make builds that aren't straight up damage only viable. The point of changing the scaling is to force the player to compensate on a bit of damage for heal, or to just focus on healing (and probably other buffs soon) altogether. I will keep an eye out on how things develop and take further steps to balance things out or make the identities more clear. Do not forget that True Scaling have made their offensive spells fairly strong, and that effect is just increased by the stat conversions that you can see above.

Dragoon Tree:
  • Adjusted Recovery Blessing's Flat HP Regen to match Regen interval

Overlord Tree:
  1. Adjusted HP Recovery's Flat HP Regen to match Regen interval
  2. Reduced Physical Training's Regen from 20-100 to 10-50
  3. Doubled Bloody Roar's percent HP self damage
  4. God of Fury Final Crit now 1-7.5% Lv. 1-10

  1. Reduced Magician's Wisdom MP % Regen
  2. Fixed Self Heal
  3. New Self Heal Scaling:
    1. Healing: 5% MATK + 50/100/150/200/250 HP Lv. 1-5
    2. Healing Lv. 6-10: 5% MATK + 300/350/400/450/500

Invoker Tree:
  1. Wide Heal
    1. CD: 6 --> 10s
    2. Cast Time 1.5s - 0.7s --> 1.5s flat
    3. Mana Cost: 5/10/15/20/25% Mana
    4. Healing Lv. 1-5: 5/6/7/8/10% Casters HP + 5/10/15/20/25% Caster's Mana
    5. Healing Lv. 6-10: 12/14/16/18/20% Casters HP + 26/27/28/29/30% Caster's Mana
  2. Instant Heal:
    1. Mana Cost: 15% Mana
    2. Healing Lv. 1-5: 200/400/600/800/1000 HP + 5/6/7/8/10% Caster's Mana
    3. Healing Lv. 6-10: 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 HP + 11/12/13/14/16% Caster's Mana
  3. HP Restore:
    1. CD: 10s --> 20s (Now almost the same as duration so you don't soak mana without max value)
    2. Mana Cost: 5/10/15/20/25% Mana
    3. Healing: 100/200/300/400/500 HP + 5% Casters MATK + 5/6/7/8/10% Casters Mana per tick
  4. Blood Fever regeneration increased to match interval and strength

Thieves and Savages:
  • All Stat buffs (STR etc) changed:
    • Stat grant reduced to 4-17% Lv. 1-10
    • Added flat rate 8-85 of the stat Lv. 1-10

Shadow Tree:
  • Lethal Attack Final Crit Rate reduced to 3-7% from 3-15%
  • Dagger has been adjusted a bit:
    • Mana Cost: 5% Max Mana
    • Now deals additional physical damage equal to 20% of your Max Mana
    • Critical Strikes of this ability will only deal 90% damage

Party Passives:

Party passives have been updated as classes have been pushed into their roles again

One person only buff, does not stack
Warrior: 100 hp
Magician: 100 mp
Archer: 10 ms
Thief: +50 atk
Twin: +50 atk
Summoner +50matk

Scales up to 4 party members
Knight: 2/3/4/6 + 10/15/20/25% HP Regen,
Gladiator: 200/300/400/500 Flat ATK + STR +20/30/40/50
Monk: 20/30/40/60 + 8/13/18/23% MP Regen,
BM: 200/300/400/500 Flat MATK
Hunter: 5/6/7/8% MS + DEX +20/30/40/50
Marksman: : 8/11/13/15% AS
Clown: F.Crate +3/4/5/6%
Infiltrator: F.Crate +3/4/5/6%
Twin v2: Cdmg +10/12/14/16%
Summoner v2: INT +20/30/40/50

Scales up to 4 party members
Paladin+: 4/6/8/12 + 10/15/20/25% HP Regen, +10/12/14/17% Def
Gladiator+: 400/600/800/1000 Flat ATK + STR +12/14/16/19%
Priest+: 40/60/80/120 + 8/13/18/23% MP Regen, +10% AS
Archmage: 300/500/700/900 Flat MATK, +2% Final Crate
Pathfinder+: 7/8/9/11% MS, DEX +12/14/16/19%
Specialist+: 12/14/16/18% AS +20% CDMG
Harlequin+: F.Crate +3/4/5/6%, +10% Crate
Ninja+: F.Crate +3/4/5/6%. +10% Crate
Twin v3: Cdmg +13/16/19/23%, +5% MS
Summoner v3: Int +12/14/16/19%, +15% MP Regen

Medals (technically items)
  • Some medals in the Special section have been adjusted in their HP regeneration to not be overpowering.
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Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes.

So far I am really happy to receive the feedback from the players for the last patch. Crit does look like it has received a shorter edge than expected and will probably receive careful buffs. STR on the other hand seems to be just a bit overflowing the mug. Those will be adjusted in the future along other QoL changes, fixes and other balancing and minor skill reworks.

Here is what in this patch though:
  • Fixed Elga Dragoon Set's HP
  • Fixed Twin Sets' Movement Speed on Boss Sets
  • Removed Regen Speed Decrease on Paladin's Recovery Blessing which was causing Regen to stop
  • Fixed Twin Cdmg party passive
  • Made Market Tier 1 Scroll Free.
    • All the Tier 1 Scrolls you already own/bought will be substituted by Tier 2 Scrolls.
    • Tier 2 Scrolls are now the old price of Tier 1 Scrolls
  • Instant Heal Mana Cost: 15% -> 10%
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Old 11/30/2020, 17:32   #37
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Hello AdeptGamers,

Here are the current patch notes:

Character Creation Update 1.0.9 has been released.
This is just a small update to quality of life for character creation and many more changes are planned for future updates.

Please report any bugs or issues on the forums so they can be dealt with as soon as possible.[/COLOR]
Here are the notes for this patch:

Character Creation:
  • All cash shop faces and hairstyles are now available when creating a new character.
  • Humans and Drakans now have full access to all hairdye options at character creation (69 total)
  • Character Creation UI has been revamped
  • The layout has been redone, there are new animated class icons and race selection has been removed so all classes are available from the same menu.
  • Character Creation UI has been revamped
  • New sound effects have been added to different UI elements.
  • New visual effects have been added to different UI elements.
  • Character Creation Appearance is randomised when selecting classes/gender instead of simply resetting to a static appearance.
  • The hairdye selection has been increased from 5 slots to 10.
  • A new info button is available at character creation to display menu for information on the available classes (WIP).
  • The character selection/creation music has had some minor improvements.
  • Character class colorshadow icon effects now display during character creation.

  • The clients application icon has been updated
  • Added new login music to the title screen
  • Fixed npc icons not displaying on the minimap correctly. (Again)
  • The class colorshadows (class icon floor effects) have been updated to match their classes corresponding colour and now upgrade along with your job change progression. (Subject to change)
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Nice customization of the game, good work. We need player / dev like you for the future of Dragonica. Thanks
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Hello AdeptGamers,
Last years Cookie Factory event for valentines is being reactivated and will end on the 10th March.
Now is a good time to grab an alt char for leveling, or farming the event to get rewards you may have missed last year.

You will need to start the quest line by visiting Innkeeper Floran at Port Of The Winds. (F1 - F5)
Afterwards you will unlock the quest line starting at Archer Class Master Rony at Port Of The Winds (F6 + F7)

F6 and F7 Tickets drop during the mission mode and also you will receive some during the F6 to F7 quest lines.
F1 ~ F7 all are auto level scaling.
F1 ~ F7 all drop recipes for treats that all give the same benefits as a x2 potion each costs 10gold to craft
you will also drop the ingredients for those treats in all modes these ingredients can also be used for exchanges at Yamaki
70% chance for F6 Ticket
30% chance for F7 Ticket
3 slots + recipe at SSS

F6 and related quests will reward Cookie Factory Silver Coins [Perfect Hunch is Chocolate Misc]
  • F6 scales with party (Bonus for full party)

F7 and related quests will reward Cookie Factory Golden Coins
  • F7 has a bonus with full party

Completing the full quest line will reward the Valentines Medal which offers the same stats as Legend Of Combo medal.
This valentines event is the ideal time to level all of your characters. With your Couple, Friends or even alone.

Yamaki Exchanges:
Candy Themed Weapons/Shield (Pink/Blue)
Cupid Set (White/Pink/Blue)
Passionate Rose (Red/Pink/Blue)
Patch Of Love (Red/Pink/Blue)
Heart Glasses (Red/Pink/Blue)
Pororing Balloon (Pink/Blue)
Pororing Backpack (Pink/Blue)
Valentines Backpack
Lolipop Gloves
Chocolate Gloves
Heart Balloon
Cloud Heart Balloon
Bouquet Balloon
Chocolate Heart Balloon
Sweet themed hats
Valentine Pet Egg
Valentine Feilon Pet Egg
Couple Hot Air Balloon Chair
Couple Warp
Love Card
Jack's Bean
Valentine Emotes
Pet Randomizer
The Waltz Emote has been removed from the rewards due to unresolved bug.

There will be a small update on Wednesday 17th with some additional rewards and minor improvements.

  • Experimental fix to resolve "white fade" issue with some cutscenes.
Thank you for your patience


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Hello AdeptGamers,

Some changes have been made to the cookie factory quests to make them easier to get through, F6 + F7 no longer require multiple runs if you turn your quests in once completed and accept the new ones.

Cookie Factory Quests:
  • (Entering the Factory) Required kills reduced to 50 (Was 100)
  • Children in Danger(1)) Required kills reduced to 10 (Was 50)
  • (Bitter chocolate cake) You can no longer remote accept this quest due to not receiving the quest item
  • (Sweet Attack) Required kills reduced to 3 (Was 10)
  • (Team Chocolate Robbers?) Required kills reduced to 10 (Was 50)
  • (Sweet Retrieval) Lowered the amount of chocolate box needed to 10 (Was 20)
  • (Coofie's feeling) Now completes on stage 37 instead of 40
  • Disabled quest (L. O. V. E!!) as it was activated by accident
  • Added (Event) tag to all cookie factory quest names to avoid confusion.

Yamaki Exchanges::
  • Added a new Gamer Girl Bath Water Balloon with chat border to Valentine Rewards (10 Butter, 10 Milk, 20 Silver Coins, 5 Gold Coins)
  • Added exchange for F7 tickets (3 Silver coins)
  • Added exchange for F6 tickets (1 gold coin)

Cookie Factory Misc:
  • Replaced the F6 "Perfect Hunch" (Chocolate Piece) with Marshmallow instead.
  • Changed Chocolate Pie Recipe to use 10 Butter instead of 10 Chocolate Piece.
  • Replaced the fixed recipe box in F6 with Tactical Defense mode point copier available to use in F7 starting round 11
  • Completing the first stage on F7 will now reward 9750 tactic points (Instead of 10) letting you max the upgrades and focus on tower building early (helps make F7 more accessible for lower levels with no skills)
  • Made F6 / F7 tickets drop rate 50% instead of 70/30 (F1)

  • Fixed trade restrictions on elga bracelets
  • Made the new soul boxes 150,200,250 from chaos mission maps stackable
  • The other boxes with weapon/armor dust were also made stackable

Note: you will receive a flash error when doing the final quest because it has a flash based cutscene and flash was discontinued just press ESC key.

Hello AdeptGamers,

I have added some EXP to the cookie event missions since other missions also had them in comparison. Take the opportunity and level!

Cookie Factory:
  • Increased F1 EXP Bonus to 2.2 from 1
  • Increased F6 EXP Bonus to 2.0 from 1
  • Increased F7 EXP Bonus to 1.6 from 1

Thank you for your patience and have fun!

Cookie Factory Event ends March 10th
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Old 03/20/2021, 01:15   #41
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Hello AdeptGamers,

We have put together a small global drop event for you to farm over the next month as a thank you for sticking with us and being patient through the worst times.
and we have brought you some QoL updates, bugfixing and more.

The Global Drop Event: Bloody Hunter's
Will last for 2 patching periods (about 4 weeks)

  • Added a Global drop [Bloody Hunter Scrap] (fairly low rate)
  • Added Bloody Hunter event cosmetics that can be exchanged for Bloody Hunter Scrap's at the Dragon Lord Shrine in Odellia.
  • Updated Dragon Lord Shrine rewards.
    - B23 Pitch Dark Prison Scroll = 10 Scraps
    - Drakos Fl.47 Scroll = 20 Scraps
    - Angel's Feather = 10 Scraps
    - Bloody Hunter's Costume Piece = 20 Scraps (Each)
    - Bloody Hunter's Wings = 30 Scraps
    - Bloody Zauharant = 50 Scraps
    - Bloody Shield/Talisman/Kickball = 15 Scraps
    - Bloody Hunter's Face Style Item [Human] = 3 Scraps
    - Event Megaphone = 2 Scraps

Added many missing weapon costumes into the cosmetics section of the cash shop for 5CC
  • Bright Saber
  • One-Handed Cleaner
  • Cheap Bat
  • Chocolate Cookie
  • Boss's Golf Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Two-Handed Cleaner
  • Royal Racket
  • Ice Cream
  • Pink Umbrella
  • Magic Wand
  • Ribboned Fork
  • Witch's Broomstick
  • Owl Staff
  • Golden Magic Staff
  • Poop Stick
  • Skewered Barbeque
  • Restricted Area Sign
  • Candlestick Spear
  • Red Moon Spear
  • Octopus Bow
  • Cupid Bow
  • Plumber Bow
  • Black Bow Gun
  • Frog Crossbow
  • Fishbone Crossbow
  • Dryer Crossbow
  • Black Circle Gun
  • Love Bag
  • Gourd
  • Three-Potato Skewer
  • Hook
  • Iron Saw
  • Super Pincers
  • Potato Skewer
  • Steel Food Tray

Cash Shop:
  • Changed prices of CC
    - 1 cc = 15 cash
    - 5 cc = 75 cash
    - 10 cc = 150 cash
    - 50 cc = 675 cash ( 10%)
    - 100 cc = 1200 cash ( 20%)
  • Exp Lock Card added for 0 cash under Adept > Page 2
  • Added all missing hairstyles
  • Fixed Boomerang Shot attack scaling on Summoner
  • Reduced Ninja Dagger Mana cost: 5% max mana -> 1.5% max mana

  • Changed stacksize of account vault exntension from 1 to 99
  • Changed stacksize of Guild Vault Inventory Expansion from 999 to 99
  • Changed inventory type of Guild Vault Inventory Expansion from cons to IM
  • Upgraded "Macro" checkbox to perform true "Fast X Attack", with and without Chain Combo
  • Exp Lock Card is now 1 copper instead of 50gold when buying from daisy.
  • Increased Stack size of some consumables including Cake/Yogurt/Match Sticks to 9999
  • Added Elga Medal @ Khairy's Shop in Black Claw Nest Outpost

  • Changed the level of bone dragon weapon quests to 60
  • Disabled Valentines / Cookie Factory quests

  • Swf Cutscene's have been Removed (Flash Error)
  • Fixed held position of Zauharant staff so it is no longer floating out of the hand (Applies to Bloody Zauharant too)
  • Fixed Bone Wings of Priest not showing
  • Changed the Login music to the correct one
  • Fixed Vanshi Gorge spawn point when using the Warp Tower.
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How do I get the game and join? The Starter Guide link leads to nowhere.
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Old 06/16/2021, 10:12   #43
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Originally Posted by Shadows_on_the_Wall View Post
How do I get the game and join? The Starter Guide link leads to nowhere.

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Old 07/03/2021, 23:34   #44
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Hello AdeptGamers

Added 200 and 1000 cash pouches at daisy for 700/3500g respectively

Thank you for your patience.
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