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Current Working Exploits & Farmspots for Diablo 3

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Thumbs up Current Working Exploits & Farmspots for Diablo 3

List of current working Exploits & Farmspots in Diablo 3


Lieutenant Vachem XP Farming - Act II - Normal, Nightmare, Hell

Credit: evlow

Start Quest The Road to Alcarnus (Act II, Quest 2b)
Take Khasim Outpost WP
Head north towards a town
Talk to guard for quest and then enter the Command Post
Kill everyone inside, free the captives
Head outside and kill everyone outside
Complete the quest and you'll earn XP

Ghom - Act III - Inferno

Credit: rdw

Requires 2 Players

Start Quest The Breached Keep (Act III Quest 3)
Get to the entrance to Ghom but do not enter
First player should remove all equipped items and run into the room triggering Ghom
Second player should cancel the animation and keep spamming space to get through the conversation
First player should commit suicide at the doorway while the second player stands outside
(screenshots for easier understanding: and
If done correctly Ghom won't be able to attack you and you can easily kill him.

Treasure Goblin / Rare Mob - Act I - Inferno

Credit: Drbob

Start The Fallen Star (Act 1 Quest 2)
Take the Old Ruins WP
Head South towards Griswold's
From there slightly west you should see a cellar
Inside a treasure goblin or a rare mob can spawn

Dank Cellar - Act I - Inferno

Credit: kkern

Start The Legacy of Cain - Explore Cellar (Act I Quest 2b)
Speak to Leah to recruit her
Use the Old Ruins WP
Run west out of Tristram
Once you've run as far west as you can you should be at a run-down house with a cellar.
(If there is no cellar, leave game and resume)
Go inside and kill Sarkoth.
(If you are ranged you can stand just outside the doorway and kill him without any aggro)

Caverns of Frost / Ice Caves - Act III - Inferno

Credit: ch1ky3n

Recommended 2 - 4 players

Start quest Siegebreaker (Act III Quest 5)
Take the Bridge of Korsik WP
Head slightly north to the Fields of Slaughter
Search for Cavern of Frost / Ice Caves dungeon
Quickly run through to get to Level 2
(If you die you may have a friend teleport to you and continue to run through the first level)
Find the Resplendent Chest
(If you find the mobs are too difficult you may recruit Tyrael if you go to Rakkis Crossing north of the Fields of Slaughter)
Equip MF gear and loot

Magda Farming - Act IV - Inferno

Credit: Chosn

Start Prime Evil (Act IV, Quest 4)
Enter the Crystal Colonnade WP
Run Past Leah and take the teleporter up to Silver Spire Lvl 1
If it's Magda take her down

Aspect Farming - Act IV - Inferno

Credit: Lives

Start the quest Prime Evil (Act IV, Quest 4)
Travel to the Silver Spire Level 2 via the Great Span WP
(If you do not have this WP, you will need to start on Level 1 and kill Izual)
Talk to Captain Rumford or Deckard Cain's ghosts, if you see Marius leave the game as this doesn't work with him.
If you get Rumford, run behind the teleporter after he appears and he won't be able to get past Tyrael allowing you to easily kill him.
If you get Cain, kite him around the teleporter and he should get stuck between and Tyrael if you do it right.
Rinse and repeat.

Magda XP Farming - Act II - Normal, Nightmare, and Hell

Credit: fred3

Start City of Blood (Act II Quest 3)
Take Road to Alcarnus WP
Cross the bridge and follow the quest marker to get to Magda.
Kill her, complete the quest and collect the XP.

Zoltun Kulle 4x XP - Act II - Normal, Nightmare, and Hell

Credit: Meighers

Requires 2 or more Players

Start the Black Soul Stone Quest (Act II Quest 8.)
Player 1 kills Zoltun Kulle
Player 2 leaves the game after this and then resumes the game.
Player 2 collects the soul stone and speaks to Adria to complete the quest.
Player 2 rejoins Player 1
Player 1 collects the soul stone and then Player 2 leaves again
Player 2 resumes his game and then speaks to Adria again and completes the quest, again.
Player 2 rejoins Player 1, Player 1 leaves the game
Player 2 speaks to Adria (third time) and gets credit (third time)
Player 1 resumes the game and Player 2 joins it and either player talks to Adria for credit (four time for Player 2)

Siege of Bastions Keep XP Farming Act III - Normal, Nightmare, and Hell

Credit: Olaf2

Start Light the Beacons (Act III Quest 1)
Go through the armory and follow your objective.
A group of guards will take off, follow them and you will hit a checkpoint.
A guard will yell about lighting the beacons and run forward towards some stairs.
A group of monsters will run down the stairs and there will be an explosion killing the poor guard and the monsters netting you easy XP.

Tower Depths Resplendent Chest - Act III - Inferno

Credit: Drogant

Start Siegebreaker (Act III Quest 6)
Take Keep Depths Level 1 WP


Easier Elite Kills - Rakkis Crossing

Tyrael Prevents Izual from Attacking you
There is few placement that permit to use Tyrael for block Izual.

You can block him here :

Skip to any act or chapter

Credit: Iaccidentallytwink

This is VERY useful for hardcore progression!

1. Find a quest you want to jump to on your difficulty.
2. Find the "public quest level" that you will be allowed to join that quest once unlocked.
3. Grind to that level. I recommend the Kulle or Azmodan grind.
4. Change to that quest on NORMAL difficulty. Enter the quest, and reach any checkpoint.
5. Leave the game. Click on Public Games. The quest you were on should be highlighted, and only that one, for the difficulty you can do at your level.
6. Leave the public game, and as long as you don't logout or start a new Chapter you can progress through that difficulty starting with your chosen chapter.

For this example, I'll be using the Nightmare version of Act II. I am currently on Act I of Nightmare legitimately on my Hardcore character. At level 40 you can start Act II publicly. For our example, if you are level 40 and on Act II, you will be placed in the Nightmare version of that Chapter, so here is what I do to skip.

1. Grind to level 40 and beat Diablo on normal.
2. Start a new game locally on Act II, normal difficulty.
3. Progress to the nearest checkpoint.
3. Leave the game.
4. Join a public game. Leave it.
5. When changing quests, I now have the option to select Act II on Nightmare despite not unlocking it yet.

Solo Powerleveling - Zoltun Kull

I´ll keep it up to date !

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Vote for sticky

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jetzt noch alles auf deutsch dann perfekt!
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is missing

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Originally Posted by Secom86 View Post
is missing
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can anyone confirm that "Ghom - Act III - Inferno" is fixed?
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put spoiler on all fixxed things = perfect :*
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Ghom is fixed? or can you describe the bugging method not get ported inside ?
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tested ghom, working at the moment.
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New Exploit as Wizard:

Killing Blues/Rares with a closed door.

U need a Wizard with teleport and Hydras(Venom is best imo).
Kite the blues/elites to the door(must be closed) teleport over the door spam hydras through the door(character in line to the door to cast through).

dont know if some1 already knows this. just figured it out by myself.

greetz Shikoba
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Hat das jemand mit Ghom mal getestet ? Also bei mir klappt es nicht , oder ich mache was falsch mh ^^
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Bei mir funzt das mit der Bastion nicht, wo der Meteor einschlägt
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Bei mir funktionier ghom ebenfalls nicht. Könnte das jemand bitte genauer erklären ^^
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Also bei uns funktioniert der Ghom Hack auch nicht, wir werden direkt beide innerhalb Ghoms Kammer teleportiert sobald "second Player" die Videosequenz abbricht.
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wo bleibt das update?

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