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[RELEASE] AmericanCO (5017 Source)

Closed Thread
Old 09/18/2009, 01:59   #31
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Originally Posted by BillsFan92 View Post
Actually, that was not CoMy edited you prick, it was a basic lotf source THAT I edited by copying and pasting codes, i aint learned c# yet, but im learning. So eat me and suck my di**!
Ignoring rebuilding errors makes you fail as a c+p'er.
CoDarkess a.k.a the basic source you claim to have had some of those. Let me tell you what "your edited source" has
1: all DisCity Work [and the npcs to them]

2: luckytime- -Bullshit

3: guard skill -Bullshit

4: day and night and rain -Bullshit

5: all npc on market work -Most crap I've heard all day.

6: all labs work [and the npcs to them] -You missed a few, [or the person who originally released it]

7: login freezz fixed -No way to test login freeze without atleast 20 people

8: divinhere skill & night devil skilll & rebot skill [Golem] -All I see is a white cloud while trying to do Golem

9: all 1 hand and 2 hand skill work -There is no thread with all skills released. I doubt someone "whose learning c#" can code skills

10: reflect work- A little more bullshit

11: all reborn work 1 . 2 . 3 Perfect- LMFAO, there isn't even a reborn script to begin with.

12: all mobs work titan and gandorma [with time]-Might want to check the maps they spawn in and how often they spawn.

13: water devil mobs work [and lord devil] -Okay

14: all GC work perfect -Wow, all "basic sources" have this

15: Wh Password- Some more bullshit

16: marrige- Someone explain how marriage works when the LoveStone doesn't talk

17: divorce- Bullshit

18: all reborn skill work- Reflect doesn't work like anything else does.

19: all revive points work- Wow, soo hard to get a source that is included with attribute points.

20: DMap [To dont got the mobs walk on the water]-Bullshit

21: Shop Flags Word [only needed to add them on the data base i dont have the time to do it sorry]- You never added them to the database to begin with.

22: Dodge Skill work-Bullshit

23: Douple Exp-Yup, "douple exp"

24: Dragon Ball Leveling,-Wrong exprates and wrong npc id also.

25: Exp ball work-More bullshit

26: Lottery work-6 lottery boxes?

27: Lucky Box Work- What's a lucky box?

28: jail system work- Bullshit

29: pk system work- Bullshit

30: guild work- Same as any other source.

31: guild best mob work- Makes no sence

32: all Promo npcs work- Bullshit

33: all guards work on all maps- No guards in Desert City lol

34: all portal works- Okay

35: all commands on the world this server have- Missing a lot of commands

36: ban ip work- wow it's soo hard to ban ip's

37: ban isp work- I'm not going bother

38: ban commands and unban commands work-Wow

39: Time To the Gw [if the GW start and u die there u cant go there agine only after 15 min]- Might want to fix the "gwend" command. It's missing the "/"

40: every day to 1 job pk day [ Exmp The Trojan PK Was is on Monday only,]-Crap

41: Atribute Points work- Already posted

42: Console Commands work-Crap

43: I Dont Have Words to write it [ This Source Great O.o]-This source sucks b***s.

44: All Npc Work With time like DisCity Only work on Monday and Wednesday

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Old 09/18/2009, 02:05   #32
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well that txt was copied from cov2 i believe

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Old 09/18/2009, 02:13   #33
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Originally Posted by raidenx123 View Post
well that txt was copied from cov2 i believe
Yes it was.
Do you believe epvp members deserve the bullshit we're getting from him?

If he doesn't know what Yoshi from Mario is, he probably grew up watching barbie and strawberry shortcake.
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Old 09/18/2009, 02:21   #34
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SkyTearzz, you make me laugh about you fukin nerdy you are, lol, get a girlfriend, and take her out and dont sit on the computer all the time, im sorry i cant code and be as a big of a fukin geek as you, you prolly ********** to gay **** all day long and weigh about 300 pounds, so **** you and eat your moms ******.

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Old 09/18/2009, 02:28   #35
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tanel, kinshi, mods.

maybe now you see the reason.
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Old 09/18/2009, 02:37   #36
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Originally Posted by BillsFan92 View Post
SkyTearzz, you make me laugh about you fukin nerdy you are, lol, get a girlfriend, and take her out and dont sit on the computer all the time, im sorry i cant code and be as a big of a fukin geek as you, you prolly masterbate to gay porn all day long and weigh about 300 pounds, so fuck you and eat your moms vagina.
Sounds like you have a lot of experience doing those things. Being smart doesn't make you nerdy. There's a huge difference but I'm sure you can't understand. I don't think of myself as a damn good coder. I consider myself average.
Calling everyone who knows basic coding a nerd is insulting everyone in elitepvpers who has released some work they've done.
Besides, the website "you've" done is copyrighted by StealArcher if you read the thankyou.php file.
Your telling me to take someone out and not be near my computer? Dude, every hour there's a new thread: "[HELP] Where do i get tq binaries, Help i need binary commands, help i need setting up a good 5017 source, help i need 5017 client,help i need a penis enlarger, help i need 5095 commands etc etc
Anyone here that has me on msn can see I'm on for 3-4 hours a day or less.
I have a job. I have an education and I have a life. Telling someone their gay or telling them they suck or fuck you on 80% of the posts you make defines [Define means to show or to say what it means, just thought I'd write this to save you time looking up simple words in a dictionary] what kind of a person you are. If you didn't understand any of that [which I'm sure you didn't]
If means I'm saying "nigga, quit starting shit wif my friends everytime you see them. you r the most fucked up asshole ive ever known in ma life. you think u all that, dude ur just a faggot, so stfu an suck my c**k"
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Old 09/18/2009, 02:53   #37
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Originally Posted by BillsFan92 View Post
Football is a man sport, a real american sport, yoshi is super gay, atleast i like real man stuff and not little kiddy stuff.
Umm your calling me gay for having a video game char as my pic yet your posting on a video game forum... So grow the eff up then and leave if your so grown up.
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Old 09/18/2009, 04:43   #38
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my Fehler is
MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Table 'codarkness.enchant' doesn't exist
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.PacketReader.CheckForError( )
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.PacketReader.ReadHeader()
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.PacketReader.OpenPacket()
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.NativeDriver.ReadResult(Int 64& affectedRows, Int64& lastInsertId)
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.CommandResult.ReadNextResul t(Boolean isFirst)
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.CommandResult..ctor(Driver d, Boolean isBinary)
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.NativeDriver.SendQuery(Byte[] bytes, Int32 length, Boolean consume)
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand.GetNextResultS et(MySqlDataReader reader)
bei MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlDataReader.NextResult( )
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Old 09/18/2009, 05:48   #39
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This looks like IceEarth private one that is buggy:P
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Old 09/18/2009, 08:58   #40
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Kids kids kids calm down -_- BillsFan92 tell us the truth because all most everything in the list is not in the server ! Yoshiko69 Be smarter don't talk to the ***** who calls you gay and so let him talk what he wants kids do that all the time ^_^ and there is nothing wrong with your avatars Mario was an epic game and Football a man sports and be a huge fan of a team does not mean your gay ! now BillsFan92 release the real thing or give normal DB with everything working or just do something cus as much as I see your just a ******* looser who copy everything and added it to this source that does not work correctly !
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Old 09/18/2009, 18:19   #41
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Closed Thread

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