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The "We are looking for volunteers"/"I'm offering myself as volunteer"

Closed Thread
Old 02/20/2013, 19:38   #31
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Looking for:
Hosting service - 24/7 - Long period of time

Apache, mysql, php (Forum hosting if available)
Location in Europe

One of the other conditions for this is, the hoster will only get compiled version of the project, since project is not something I want leaked out anyways, has to do with pride.

If there is anyone willing to give in to this, please do contact me on my skype: thejoe67
Negotiations are possible.

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Old 02/25/2013, 02:29   #32
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I am an old Co player been playing since the beginning, I have been involved in a few private servers, each which was successful for awhile, then died out when the host lost interest. OK app time.

My name is Chris
Servers i have been involved in: ElectroCo,BackBlastCo,and FlashFastCo
Things I can do: I can do some C+ and c++ programming also minor flash,and java
Things i am looking for: I am interested in being a GM/PM for a private server, i can also do chat,forum mod and more or less anything else people need. I like to be involved and i spend ALOT of time online usually 5-6hrs a day easy. i just enjoy helping people and learning all i can as i go. if you are interested in my help, pm me here or email me at

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Old 02/25/2013, 22:58   #33
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Looking for financial partner / sponsors for nextco
you will never have an access to the vps , money will be sent to me and ill pay for the vps bills
current donations was 13 usd from 2 players out of 50 players and most online was 20 , current donation/target are 13/30
server is 1 month old
you will get donation inside the game of worth 2x of what you donate plus you will get money back once we collect the next month bill from donations !
but if we didn't get any donations that means you are fucked up so basically you are risking your money !

server features (special features)
includes and NOT LIMITED TO

(exactly like tq with better rewards)
(silver and cps machines with PERFECT engine)
( Perfect and bugless cloudsaint quest)
lottery system
( new lottery system with small lottery tickets , add tickets , 5 boxes , exactly like tq where items include study books , refind gems , refind , unique , elite and super item bags and more items)
Custom moonbox quest
kinda easier but more fun moonbox quest which is similar to the old one
houses system
(mining permit and upgrade in caves , you may also use the new system of upgration which you pay super gems , money and others to upgrade it , beside the lotto where you can win upgrade card also you may get them from other quests)
mining system
where you mine different kind of gems with all qualities in different mine caves, you may also mine meteors , dbs , +1 stones , dragon souls , and small/big permenenant stones if you are lucky :P
attack system
PERFECT attack system calculations revised more than 20 times with players to grantee the best satisfaction for players with the attack magic attack also defence and magic defence which include player vs player , player vs monster , monster vs player
Custom Second reborn quest
a easy yet long second reborn quest where players will have fun collecting items or selling them and making profit
7 Different fun quests
a collection of some of the best quests tq had ever released
Custom item and GREAT item collection
a collection of custom items where players found them fun (some was removed by players votes) also we got almost all items working till patch 5700 !
an item with more than 50 different options to allow players to enjoy and speed up the progress of composing meteors , dbs , selling them , setting auto looting options for vip , trading gold for cps (prices is automatically updated with a variable ref. for market economy and cps/gold ratio !) with more options of claiming voting points , packing stones packing gems packing expballs and packing super meteor scrolls
Bounded Gears and Bounded Cps
a perfect , bugless and exploitless bounded system is implemented at the very first when i start working on this server where we found tons of bugs and exploits which had been fixed since the server lunched !
Shit tones of events
including and not limited to drop parties , meteor and db showers , double and triple exp
Every monster is at it's original spawn
lately all private servers have used an npc to tele you to all npcs all around the game but at next co we don't do such thing , all monsters is where they should be
sword master could only be spawned at your home with the sword soul item from the arena or from quests
thrilling spook
thrilling sppok quest where you get token each time you kill it where you can trade 3 of them with a bag with random dragon soul or 9 of them for super bag with better dragon soul
Stacking Items
item stack system had been fully recoded from scratch where npcs does add items to your item stack if there is a room also while looting and buying from npcs or killing monsters or even doing it manually !
Best ping you could ever have
as im egy and in egypt we have the most expensive internet in the world i care mostly about ping , ping now will never increase more than 200 in egypt and 100 in uk with an avg internet connection
refinery system
the refinery system had been fully coded from scratch
Referring system and promotion codes
for ex. using "epvp" or "elitepvpers" as referral on reg. an account on our custom reg. page (coded by me from scratch too) TO get cps on level 70 ,100 , 110 , 130
you may also use another player name as referral so he get cps when you reach certain levels too !
custom creates
custom creates specially for our server where you can find them and open them for reward or exp !
Cp boxes
cps boxes where you find while hunting and paying fee to upgrade it and/or open it to get reward
labs and lab bosses also 17 diamonds prizes

steed armors , dragon souls , dbs , accessories and refineries drops from bosses !
written from scratch mentor system !
written from scratch donation/ranking system !
im so damn tired from listing server features and special features i've added
visit the server to have a real time look and testing stuff on your own

i can also code stuff for you or give you piece of codes for certain quests for a good price which will help me to keep my server alive and help you to add new features in your source
i can fix bugs / exploits / add features mentioned above
pm me to make a deal (payment first on payza or paypal where you send them as gift on paypal , yes i don't accept refunding and that's my TOS)
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Old 03/05/2013, 11:35   #34
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Creating new Conquer private server looking for

2 coders to create the server and 1 web developer

Will be paying skype me for details

Skype : KAFFHD

Will be paying to get the site up as soon as possible and to get the best staff possible

Need staff by the 13th March !

Positions needed:

2 Coders to create and maintain server (pm for pay prices)
Web site admin - so maintain and updating site ( pm for pay prices)
Moderators for chat box - free work but may get donations
PMS - also free but will receive donations

So everything will be paid for by me on the site including advertising , vps and everything else which would be needed

SKYPE ME - bhumphrey7 or KAFFHD

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Old 03/07/2013, 23:05   #35
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Need Someone who can creat a P-Server(Pro's only no noobs)

Hey everyone

i am looking for someone who can creat a Privat Server with single features etc, so i am not looking for someone who cant programm this thinks and just can copy/paste or so...

i am Playing Conquer since 2006 so i know what the player realy want so you can make tons of money with the donations
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Old 03/09/2013, 14:27   #36

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Old 03/13/2013, 07:15   #37
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Paying for advanced help in albetros source.

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Old 04/19/2013, 21:29   #38
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I'm looking to join a team that is in process of making a server or has already established one.
I can provide the financial part of setting a server up IE the VPS, web hosting (yes they will be separate for better server stability.)

I can code C# but only minor things, i can code PHP pretty well though but that would only help for the web portion.

You WILL get full access to the VPS (if it's just a single person) if it's a whole team then obviously that wouldn't be very smart.
you can contact me either on here OR by email which would be the fastest way at
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Old 05/08/2013, 21:15   #39
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I need a partner in a nutshell Conquer Pvp

i need conqueronline source coder. i have Windows Dedicated Server (VDS) i give source coder Game in PM and Montly Share Payment. I need a partner in a nutshell

yahoo mail messenger:
Web Site
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Old 05/23/2013, 02:15   #40
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Reason why i am making this post is basically I don't know anyone who knows how to code

I am looking for some coders for my server And also some moderators and some OWNERS(don't take it as "I am going to apply just to have power" YOU have to be dedicated and trustworthy)

These are the recommendations for the people I would like on our team
People who know C#,PHP, Java, HTML/CSS
People who have good skills on the above coding languages
People who are trustworthy(I'll find out over time )
People who have common sense
People who know how to help on a server when needed
People who are dedicated to their own job (don't take it as in a JOB for life JUST a job that you can make last as long as possible)
People who have hope for many different possibilities
People who have ANY ideas just pm me or add me on skype(given at the end of the thread)
People who have humour and a jockative(not sure if that's a word BUT now it is side :P
People who are fun to be around
People who are not so majorly serious and take everything as a insult (no need for these people)
I will be paying people to code if really needed
I will be paying for the vps
I will be paying for all the expenses
Add me on skype if you are really interested on starting up this server and making it a successful server
(people may think it wont be but it will be fairly successful)

just add me on skype : kromball
I am on everyday so add me and you will be accepted with in 12 hours if you have a different time zone
MY TIME ZONE IS Canada Mountain Time!!
Yes I am Canadian and proud to be one !!

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Old 05/28/2013, 14:50   #41
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I am looking for volunteers (testers) for a private server which is still in beta stage (development). If you would like to hear more details about it please do not hesitate to send me a private message saying that you are interested. I will contact you right away. Thank you for reading!

P.S: Please, contact me only if your English is decent so we can understand each other without difficulties.
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Old 06/01/2013, 01:43   #42
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help please iwant buy loader.exe

please i want Buy loader.exe and Loader Hook.dll does not have a virus any one have tell me :
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Old 06/02/2013, 14:16   #43
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/// fb ID [ yaso hakim]
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Old 06/05/2013, 17:22   #44
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Looking for people who likes to help me out by testing the futures i add in my project,

All you need is Hamachi, 5517 client , Must have skype! to talk

this is just for fun testing
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Old 06/13/2013, 02:29   #45
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If anyone is interested, I need another coder with more experience than myself to help me work out a few bugs. I am not totally new to the C# language, but my lack of experience is preventing my server from moving to the next level. I do offer payment for services rendered, but please know that I am on a limited budget, as I do have a family to provide for.

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Closed Thread

coder, conquer, conquer online private, experience., pm, searching, setup conquer

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