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Discussion on Role PLAYIN! within the CO2 Main - Discussions / Questions forum part of the Conquer Online 2 category.

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<hr>The following is pretty useless, but I thought I&#39;d post it cuz I can<hr>

Okays... .we all love co(not really) we all like to work hard to lvl(it takes alot to crack sv right?) so why not do sum rping while we&#39;re at it? I&#39;m board so I think I will... you guys should do the same&#33;

My char will be KnitZ, a low lvl, only a 70 water(not farmed or plvled)

He has his boxing lvled to 5, his backsword lvled to 8 and phoenix elementary.
It was morning... KniZ just got up out of bed, he was a level 70 water tao, abit tired from his hard work, he just built a house, a 2nd class house. He decided he was going to take a nice little trip in the alien apes, on his way, when he was in the adventure area, he checked his guild bulitin "ATTENTION ALL GUILD MEMBERS THERE WILL BE A GUILD WAR TONIGHT AGAINST THE EMPIRE"
KnitZ knew the empire was trouble, they protted to take over the server, and have powerful allies and a powerful guild, everyone on has to be atleast 100 before signing up(70 for water taos).

GL: KnitZ&#33; Just in time man&#33; We need you go come to the guild war, stig our tros and revive, can you do it?

KnitZ loved to fight more then anything, but he was a water tao, and his spells would deem a good benefit for the guild, so he agreed.

KnitZ guild was one of two guilds left that have not been allied with the empire, his guild would never give up though.

GL: One more thing
KnitZ: Yea?
GL: The guild war is at the moon platform, so let&#39;s hope these guys get alot of pk points&#33;
KnitZ: Gotcha boss

It was 1 hour before the guild war, everyone knew that every member from The Empire, and all their allied guilds(all the guilds but two) were going to be there, if they lost this one, there would be no hope for the server, the Empire would take it over. KnitZ was on my way out, just then two members of The Empire stopped him

Trom: War do ya tink yous goin?
KnitZ: I&#39;m heading to that guild war on the moon platform&#33;
Ondraous: You not be going anywhere man&#33;
Ondraous: No water taos aloud&#33; Your gunna stig and accuracy?
KnitZ: I also plan to fight&#33;
Ondraous: Sorry, so waters&#33;
KnitZ: Then I guess Trom is going to leave too?

KnitZ knew he could take on trom, he was a lvl 80ish water tao with afew ref and normal gear, not too much of a threat.
Ondraous wasn&#39;t too big and bad, he has all unique and one elite club, him being a lvl 100 tro didn&#39;t help much though.

Ondraous: Trom is diff&#33; I&#39;ll tell you what, you join the Empire, we let you live
KnitZ: I got a better idea.... get the hell out of my face, and I let you live

Ondraous wasn&#39;t going to let me go, sure, I could DH out of there, but he would just send the rest of The Empire after me, I wouldn&#39;t make it to the guild war when it comes...

Trom: f**k you man&#33;
Ondraous: You had your warning, I think it&#39;s time you take a nice stay in Stone City

KnitZ knew what he had to do... first he would need to take out Trom, that water would just keep healing Ondraous, it would be hopeless if that happened.... his elite +4 backsword with a super phoenix gem and ref pheonix gem has never let him down before, along with his +3 elite gown, fixed bag, and +2 elite cap... this shouldn&#39;t be too hard...

Ondraous: Trom, you take care of this dick
Trom: Goutca

*switching to first person*
(ezer for me to talk in the first person then 3rd person)

At that second I ran over to Trom, I was left clicking hitting him with my backsword and right clicking with my fire, hitting him both ways... it took about 40 seconds, I finally killed him.... My flashing name encouraged Ondraous to get into the fight. I kept avoiding his FB and hitting attacks as much as I could, I figured if he wouldn&#39;t heal himself I could kill him in no more then 10 hits... .like it would really be that EZ

I was running out of HP pots and ran out of mana pots, I was doing about 300ish dmg on Ondraous, it was difficult needless to say...
I was out of stamina and running out of mana fast, I swited from fire to thunder trying to save on mana, then I looked and saw my XP at 100.... I could use my XP skills&#33;

So as fast as I could, I stigged myself, then accuracied myself and jumped into Ondraous, switched to water elf, clicked him as many times as I could.... he died in 2 hits.....

but this time, I sat down and started healing myself the rest of the way... but then an archer came flying in with rapid fire and killed me...

...I revived in Stone City, there were members from the empire and their allies everywhere.... as soon as I revived three archers, had to be atleast 120, rapid fired at me, killed me

Archer_Top: We can keep this up all day man, you revive, we kill you, you loose EXP, we laugh.... Once the guild war is over, we will be sure to let you go&#33;

Oh, I forgot to mention, I&#39;m the only water tao in my guild....


*Now someone else picks up where I left off... it be about their char, then I go again, then someone else.....

Right now I&#39;m stuck, I can&#39;t even talk to my guild because I&#39;m dead....*

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nice if i get some (lot) free time ill write smth too

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You need something very complicated to occupy yourself, go do your brother/sister&#39;s AP STAT homework lol.
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rather pathetic.

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*Lvl 83 RB TRO>FIRE*
*My name will be -Steve- to keep my identity hidden:P*

As the dust cleared, -Steve- saw a victoriously posed archer standing in front of a ghost. -Steve- wondered to himself, "What happened here? Why did that archer kill that person?", such questions could have easily been answered had he arrived just a few minutes earlier.
What -Steve- didn&#39;t know is that he has walked into the scene of a Guild War, and in this particular time, the biggest Guild War.
"Excuse me, who was that man you just killed?", asked -Steve-.
"Eh? What&#39;s it to ya?", calmly replied the archer. The archer was of slim build, wearing red leathered armor and a glowing red bow. -Steve- could tell just from the colors that this archer belonged to the Empire Guild. -Steve- began to respond, "...well I was just--"
"You were just what? Getting in my business?"
"...ehh. no sir, I&#39;m sorry. I&#39;ll be on my way."
"Wait, you may be of use," the tone that the man had was so evil that it made -Steve-&#39;s spine chill, "What level are ya, tao?"
"I&#39;m, level 120>83 TRO>TAO, why?"
"Ahaha, join the Empire and we can forget about this little chat. We have a Guild War at hand, and we could use your skills." the archer is quite blunt with his speech, not intimidated by -Steve- the very least. Although, this archer is not RB nor will he ever be. For this archer was bred by a family of Water Reborners, a group that will level up waters in exchange for money or a Super Gem.
"I&#39;m sorry, but I don&#39;t think I could be of help to you. Besides, my wife is expecting me soon. I should return home." -Steve- mutters nervously.
"Oh, now I don&#39;t think that is such a great idea, noob. I think you should join us before I pay your wife a little...visit." his tone was of greed and anger.

(I have to go so I can&#39;t finish it up now, lol, but I will later. So if you are extrmemely enthralled (lol) then you have to wait a bit:P)
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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Summary of ending-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-Steve- joins The Empire and goes into the GW.
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Lol nice stories.

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