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What you get for using bjx.

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Yes... so my archer was out hunting like usaul using the bjx bot and I think hes been doing it now for more then 400 hours + . He got arrested before but this time was different. I was aresseted and I could not get out of jail becuse I needed to pay 100k which I did not have ... I was stuck. A hour later I try to do this again and to my surprise I see frankchen[PM].

I ask him if he could help me get out (Hoping he didnt know I was botting :P) and he said if a Gm will help you , you have to pay him 3 mil or a db. I was pissed becuse I did not have a db or 3 mill at the time. He said hurry up and ask someone to borrow a db or 3 mil but my pal said he didnt have it. I was realy worried at this point so on my main i check out my warehouse. Only thing of value in there was a +3 one hander -.- just my luck this item is worth more then 3mil. Well I ask him if that will do and he agreed and took me out of jail and told me to stop using the bot. Now heres some proof.

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: hey[23:0]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: i cant get out :/[23:0]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: how much?[23:0]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: there is no ware house here[23:1]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: so im stuck here?[23:3]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: want out?[23:6]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: yes[23:6]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: i dont have a db tho ;_;[23:6]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: let me see what you have[23:6]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:6]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: no, ths is to stop the bots[23:6]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX we have made it so that the botters are punished[23:7]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks toXXXXXXX: your minors[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: what do you have in them[23:7]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXt speaks to frankchen[PM]: in what?[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: give me 3 mil then[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks toXXXXXXX: and i will let u out[23:7]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: from my main?[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: hurry[23:7]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: you have no money in main[23:8]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: how can i get it?[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: login your minor[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX and give me the money[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: or db[23:8]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: this one?[23:8]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: who do i log in?[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks toXXXXXXX: well[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: does;t matter[23:8]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: sorry man i dont understand what your saying[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: ask your friend to give me the 3 mil, if you do not have it[23:8]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: and you pay your friend bak[23:9]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:9]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: one sec[23:9]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: but, if you do not hurry, i willlog of[23:9]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks toXXXXXXX: and u stay here for 1-2 days[23:9]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: before i log in the next time[23:9]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: will a plus 3 1 hander do?[23:11]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: ok[23:11]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: how do i bring it here?[23:11]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: i will let u out first[23:12]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:12]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: then i wil follow u to get it[23:12]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: im in market[23:12]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks XXXXXXX: ok[23:13]

[Whisper]XXXXXXXspeaks to frankchen[PM]: so im free now?[23:13]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks toXXXXXXX: be safe next time[23:13]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: yes[23:13]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:13]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: no more bot[23:13]

[Whisper]frankchen[PM] speaks to XXXXXXX: remember[23:13]

[Whisper]XXXXXXX speaks to frankchen[PM]: ok[23:13]

Long time cencoring my name... well anyway this will teach you to be safe.
Ima get some screens.

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This comes to bad news to me becuse now I am not allowd to use bjx. I suggest you take bjx of the site now before more people get close to banned.

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delete this thread please and do not post on this one made it by accident.

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