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Kingdom of Souls

Discussion on Kingdom of Souls within the CO2 Guides & Templates forum part of the Conquer Online 2 category.

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Kingdom of Souls: Online (A Conquer Private Server)

The following is copied straight from czzc inc with no edits. For a better view of the guide please visist:

Updated: 06/11/08 10:13am EST
Sonicia added an alternative download location 
Updated: 06/12/08 12:18p.m. EST
Added Table of Contents!
Note, all this info will be organized on a website soon!
Note again, Since this is Open Beta, there are still plenty of bugs, therefore it may come a time that all accounts will be whipped, and rebooted!
================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
Table of Contents!
Download KoD V3.0 :............................[Download]
How to set up Hamachi:.........................[Hamachi]
Making an Account:...............................[Account]
Authority:........................................ .....[Authority]
Commands:......................................... .[commands]
Classes:.......................................... .....[Classes]
Kingdoms, Kings, Queens(ect):...............[K.K.Q.E.Q.T]
Screen Shots:.......................................[Screenies]
Frequently Asked Questions:..................[FAQs]

================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
DOWNLOAD KoS V3.0[Download]
Thanks to Sonicia we'll have a better client download source soon! Please give her time to set up her newly advance (shes just showing off her faster computer =) source lol.

Torrent Download

You need Bitcomet to download this game!
To download bitcomet please go

Torrent Download

Direct Download
Download Manager:
This program speeds up any direct download, and keeps it going if your connection is lost.

Sonicia's Terminal download

Sonicia's 24/7 file host (resumable)

Download Information
[spoil]The Following Download is currently on:
CZZC Download Server: Lead Staff- Sonicia Server: This one will stay up 24/7! Uploaded 06/10/08.
*There may be some cases where as the server will be offline period*
It will be on my dino laptop, which doesn't use much power and don't have much on it. My connection is fast so there shouldn't be much of a problem. ---Sonicia[/spoil]

Once you download the installation, install KoS Online. When you install you'll notice theres another installation called "Hamachi". Install this and make sure you remember where you installed it to.

How to set hamachi up, so you can connect to us, and what does it do?![Hamachi]
Hamachi is a bridge program that'll allow you to connect with us. This is also a good security plan for us, as we'll know who is in our server. Since the 1st people to play the game will be czzc staff... we'll know who to be suspect of if we find bots and hacks in our game =p.
Setting up your Hamachi:
Run hamachi, and turn it on. Click "Join Network".
Network name: czzc inc ---edited by Sonicia
Network password: czzc
Congradulations you're now in our CZZC Network ^^

How to Make an Account![Account]
To make an account simply enter start the Kingdom of Souls Client.
  • Click Enter
  • Click Bypass (always click bypass)
Once the main window up and you see account and password section do this

[b]To MAKE an account type:
Account: NEWaccountname
Password: yourpassword

now click log in, and you'll get a message that says connection problem... thats good lol. Now once thats finished, type

Account: accountname (notice that NEW isnt next to it, just remove new...)
password: samepassword
  • Pick your class and gender
  • Make your Character's Name
  • Click ok... you'll get another "connection problem" message, thats good.
  • click log in once more, and you're forever in
================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
Authority [full-star][Authority]
all GMs and PMS has a ~GM~/~PM~ in their name... if we catch any immitators with a ~Gm~ or ~PM~ in their name, thats an auto 4day ban from the game, and a 50% warning on the forums!

Head Admin:
Name: Zane D. Blalock | Character Name: ~King~Zane~
Name: Snoogy
Name: Darkyii
================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===

Note, these commands will eventually stop working once the server reaches alpha!

To level: /lvl #
Example: /lvl 135

To Change Job: /job #
Example: /job 15
130-135:Water Tao
140-145:Fire Tao

To Travel to cities and Kingdoms: /scroll name
Example: /scroll tc
tc = Kingdom of Souls located in Twin City
am = Kingdom located in ape mountain
ma = Market where we all sell!
pc = Kingdom located in Maple Forest
arena = the arena to fight
jail = Jail...
bi = Kingdom located in Bird Island
birth = GM/PM hang out and where newbies enter!

Weapon Proficiancy: /prof weaponname #
Example: /prof Wand 20
Coming Later

================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
Trojans are the best of the best, what can I say. =3 (zane is a trojan )
Trojans can dual-wield (hold two weapons), and has the most hp, heres the basic run down:

Pwn At: Health, Attack, Weapons
Good at: Some Defence
Bad at: Magic Attack,
Sucks at:Magic Defence
Warriors are right next to Trojans if they are reborn, but right off the back, they're just a bit lower than trojans. See Warriors can weild only One weapon. But they can also weild sheilds, so its pretty hard to get them off guard.
Run Down:

Pwn at: Defence
Good at: Attack
Bad at: Magic Attack
Suck at: Magic Deffence
Archers are the best among the hardest to kill... when flying that is... Archers can power level noobies the fastest as they scatter arrows that can kill over 20 monsters! Archers are basicly the ones to slow down an enemy so someone can kill them... or they kill taoists quite easily!
Run Down:

Pwn at:Aim,
good at: magic defence
bad at: health
suck at: Defebce
Taos are the magic users. They have a trait that no other class has. Theres two types of taos, Fire, and Water. Fire Taos are good at Destructions magic, while water is good at Supportive Magic!
Run Down:

Pwn at:Magic Atk, Magic Defence
good at: (water taos) Health, (fire tao) Amount of Magic
bad at: Defence
suck at: Attack
================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
Kingdoms, Kings :geru1 , Queens [pucca] , Events, Quests, and Tournements [garurun] [K.K.Q.E.Q.T]

Kingdoms are as followed:
Kingdom of Souls: Located in the Twin City Plane, the plane was named Twin City after the great battle of the twins!
Kingdom Owner: ~King~Zane~ and the Soul Guadians (GMs/PMs)

Kingdom of Apes: Located in Ape Mountain, this kingdom is said to be where most newcomers will come.
Kingdom Owner: Kingdom For Sell: 5,000 CZZC Money
Other Kingdoms will be up for sale later.
Once a castle is baught, you can become a resident, of that Kingdom. With that every month the King or Queen of that kingdom may be subjected to a war between a group of people. If a war wishes to be started before that month limit, then there shall be a contract between the kingdom and the parding group for war.
During said war time, a GM/PM will be present to watch the out come of the war... the GM/PM will decide who the battle goes to... NO IFs ANDs OR BUTs!.

Each King/Queen can imput a Tax of any amount of GOLD once every week, just keep in mind, this may cause an uproar in your kingdom! and if an uproar happens you may end up destroying your own economy, or have people pack up and move lol.
-Uproars also allows war to start.
Events are things we may just announce like "Hide and Seek, find GM win a prize!"
so this section is still very undetailed!

Quests with NPCs are limited at the moment. They'll widen up once we get the source updated.
Now Quests from GMs/PMs will vary, and will be random depending on the mood of the GM/PM [wah]


Tournements will be held in random places, things like "Kill the GM", and "Battle to the Death" will come with item rewards!

================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
(Click spoil to see the Screenies)
(to close spoilers, scroll the screen to the far right, and clikc on the text "Hide Spoiler"
[spoil]Loading Screen

Title Screen

In-game screenies

================================================== ===
[hr]================================================== ===
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you saying that the torrent download is better than the direct download, while you said direct download was ok in KoS Version 1.0 and 2.0?

A: This is a huge update, the graphics are over 10x better than version 1.0 and 2.0, ergo the client file is aswell 10x bigger. If you try to download a direct file that is over 500mbs, its going take you over 1hour... BUT, with a torrent file that basicly compacts everything with advance C++, its possible to quickly download, on multiple servers, with multiple people, which will speed up your process.
Q: How will I ever get that much czzc money to buy a kingdom?

A: Find a way to have people make donations to your account. If you sell in game items on the forums you can rack up some money, or you can probly win it in a contest, or win a war between whoever gets king/queen before you =


This Took me forever to type out, please enjoy, please comment the ideas, and features =)

Will be updated over and over and over
[sig]-Zane D. Blalock- -Thanks samehvan!/
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Updated: Added better Links, Download Mangaer Links, bit comet(a torrent download) link. And even a sturder server for the downloadable client and its installation file!
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