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Dungeons and treasures (Earn money while Playing) w/ proof of payments

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Dungeons and treasures (Earn money while Playing) w/ proof of payments

You must register and activate your account in order to view images.

You must register and activate your account in order to view images.

100% Free browser based adventure game online. A very nice game that is free to join and play. Unique in a sense that at the start of each month the gold you accumulate in game is converted into real $$$ that can be paid to your Paypal account without ever investing a single cent.

Takes up 30 minutes to 1hour everyday.
A fantasy adventure game, you control a character that is on a constant quest to find gold by exploring dungeons, fighting mosters as you find them.

Level and upgrade your character, Buy and sell items, compete in contests against other players.for top scores to win gold, money and special items.

The site has several ways to acquire Gold : Dungeons, Contests, Bonus Games, Temple, sponsoring(referring people to the game), weapon/armor sales,and Treasure chests.

The adventures lasts one month. Since the adventure begins the first day of each month at midnight and
finishes the last day of each month at midnight.

At the end of each month, your gold is converted into real cash.
Your character' is then reset to level zero with no items. Except your cash stockpiles until you have enough for cashout.
So the game is reset to a level playing field for all.

Payout and upgrade with Paypal or Alertpay
Upgrade options.
$10 min withdraw.

Reading this article explains everything, will take a few minutes, but will save your time in game of exploring everything and trying to figure out what everything does.

Breakdown of the in game menu

Your Character
Make sure to equip your character, and upgrade after leveling up.
First 9 levels, you will get 3 points per level to spend.
After level 9 you get 6 points to spend on these.
Attack- How much damage you deal, always upgrade it to max
Defense- Your ability to withstand damage, keep it at least 50% of your attack
Ruse- Your Ability to capture monsters, not important until very high level,(75+)
Stamina- How many wounds you can withstand before death, not upgradeable
Magic attack- Extra damage dealt when casting spells of that element, focus on 1 type
Magic defense- Your ability to withstand damage from monsters of that element, focus on 1 type.

You can upgrade while in the dungeons, by click on the "your character" section of the navigation bar on the left hand of the screen, and you will see an option to return to the dungeon on the same screen.

When you click on an area of your equipment, a box will open with all the items you currently have that can be equipped, select a item and it's equipped.
You can have two swords and one dagger equipped at a time.
Your swords can break, so having one really powerful one, and a 2nd one not so powerful.You can leave dungeons anytime you want to go repair it, but not during the battle you are currently in, so a backup is needed.

Armor is not necessary but having one or two is recommended by the time you reach level 50.

Miscellaneous equipment is where your net, a Net is only needed when you want to capture monsters to sell in the Monsters Market. Again not recommended until much higher level.

There is also a spot for a spell (not shown in pic, but it's on the screen in game right below misc equip). You cannot use spells until level 10. But they must be equipped.

You will notice weapons and armor often have a +1 after the items name, this is directly added to your attack or defense (but doesn't appear in your skills section). +1 being really low, and +15 being about the highest you can find on a weapon, and +7 for armor.

When you hover over an item, a box will appear like this.

Some items also give, +1 below the items name to a certain creature and/or element type +1 again being the lowest, and +5 being about max. (but 2 or 3 is really good still)

Weapons also have a resistance rating, this is how often the weapon will break and require repair at the weapons shop, with very fragile being the lowest, and very strong being the highest.The DungeonsThis is where you will spend most of your time each day playingTo the right is a overview map of a completed dungeon, you will notice doors, and dead monsters are marked.
Below is a picture of what the screen looks like when exploring.

The strength of the creatures in the dungeon is based upon your level when you first enter the dungeon.

As you can see, it's simple 2d exploration, choose which way to go by clicking or by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Far left area on the bottom
You can see, how many wounds you already have (6 and you lose a life and return to the start of the dungeon). Along with how many lives you have left (3 each day)
The back to entrance button is for easy leaving when your done with dungeon or when you need to go repair a weapon real quick. Usable any number of times, so don't be afraid to use it.

Stats box
Pretty self explanatory, the keys you find, unlock doors in the dungeon. Don't worry the game never "blocks" you from completing a dungeon with these, and keys are auto used, so there is no guessing involved. Also when you have a potion activate, a message will be in this box, showing you how much longer the potion is still active.

Equipment box
Showing you what potions you have available to use. Remember to use a Learning Potion at the start of each dungeon, they last for 60mins, and each dungeon only takes 10-20mins to complete. Simple clicking of any potion activates it, although rarely a potion will be a "dud" and will have no effect. But there is a message that appears either way, so no guessing involved.

Far right bottom, Mini Map
You can see the immediate area around you on this map, click it to bring up the overview map.

While exploring
All this auto triggers.
You will run into monsters, come across chests of gold, find dungeon keys to unlock doors, and Keys to unlock chests in "The Chests Room" (explained already).

On the ground, sometimes you will see little piles of gold, or potion bottles, click on them add them to your inventory.FightingRound by round, no fast clicking needed.When you encounter a monster a screen will appear like the one below.

Top left is the creatures name (element type if any), how tough it is, and it's health.

Top right is your action options.
Always just attack with your strongest weapon at lower levels. (below 50)
But for the sake of you learning, I've explained what they all do.

Attack- Will give you option(s) of the weapons(s) you have equipped as well as always having the option to use your fists. Casting a Spell is also in this box if you have one equipped.
Run- Try to flee from the battle,
Dodge - Try to just dodge the next attack
Capture- Try to capture a monster,requires you have a net equipped. you gain no XP when this is done, and low level creatures are not worth much at all. So wait until very high level before you start worrying about this.
After selecting an option, a box on the left hand side of the screen will show, your action, and the monsters action. When the creature dies, this box will change to show you how much XP you gained.

Progression of health to creatures
Shown next to the creatures name in the top left.
After each successful attack this will usually change in this order. Although depending on your damage, and it's strength it will skip some steps.
Slightly injured
Seriously injured

After the battle
Upon killing each monster you will sometimes auto receive items, like gold and keys.
As well as occasionally find a weapon,armor or potion laying on the ground, click it to pick it up. Always make sure to check.The Shops and MarketsRegular shop and the Players Market.The computer run shop is rarely used, except for the Monsters Market and the occasional times the Players Market is out of Potion of Learning +2 (XP potion)

The Monsters Market is where you sell captured Monsters, Every day the "wanted" monster type changes and during that time you can sell that type for a little extra. But you can sell any monster at any time, but obv it's better to wait if you can and sell it for more.

The Players Market has an area for weapons,armors,potions and spells. You can find the best of everything here, usually on the 2nd to last page (the drop down bar to select a page is at bottom of screen) The last page is often nothing but basic items trying to be sold by greedy people for the max amount possible.

The Dungeon Market is not useful until above level 50, but once you reach that level, you can sometimes find people who have upgraded to a premium membership willing to sell a dungeon or two.

The neat thing about the Markets is, when listing objects for sale, you can sell them for as little as 1 gold, but make it so only one character can buy it, with a name of your choosing, so you can give items to friends and referrals if you want.The TavernThis is where you go to enter dungeonsClicking on the tavern will lead you into your dungeon for the day.

If you have upgraded, you will get an option to what dungeon to enter, otherwise you'll be taken into your free one.The Chests roomUnlock Trasure chests for goldAs you travel throughout each dungeon, you will occasionally at random find one of four keys.
Wooden,Iron,Silver or gold key.

They are used in the Chests room to unlock a chest, where you will find gold, how much varies, but the better the key, the more gold you will find in the chest.

Click a key, and you will be shown 4 chests, click a chest to open it, and you will get your gold and be given an option to open another chest using that same type of key, or use a different kind of key to open chests.

It doesn't matter what level you are, you won't get more or less because of that. Just the type of key you use.JoustingFun game inside the game to play on occasion, or become a master and earn with.During the joust, you must take down your adversary by aiming at him. For a novice, you must aim at the center of the shield, but if you fight a knight of higher level than you, you must aim at the head or at the chest.Before you fight another player you must be training a lot if you can!

Each player has 3 sets to take down the adversary. The one who wins the most sets wins the challenge and the total of the bet -10% of cost. If they are no winner each gains their bet.

If a challenge is not finished in 7 days, this challenge automatically ends and the winner is the one who played all the sets. If each don't play all the sets the results are equal.
If someone takes your challenge, an email is sent to inform you.
And when a challenge is finished you are informed by an email too.
Each set that you win you gain experience since you can reach a higher level.

The level allows you to touch more easily the knight of a lower level, and they have more difficulty to touch you ! Be careful if you win against an adversary that has more than 2 levels lower than you, you don't gain experience.Monthly Contests for June, 09Bow & Balloons and The Peace StonesEach month the game has month long contests, where you can gain gold and star points.
At the end of each month the total score you achieve in game contest is compare to others, and prizes are given based on your rank.

Bow and balloons
With your bow, you must shoot the balloons flying in the sky. Each ballon worth a certain number of estimate points that allow you to progress in the position. But a 2nd shot will destroy the balloon and cargo crash and you will lose double the point value.
You have 2 games each day.

Bonus games
You can opt to play, or not. Some are free, some are not.

Treasure Hunt - This one is free, once a day to play.

The treasure hunt allows you to find gold and cash ! There will be 2 treasure maps, the one you can play free each day and win gold, and the other who allow to win more with your star points !
But be careful, all players play on the same map, since you cannot see a box that an other player already saw.
There is a jackpot that fall randomly on each box.1,000 to 20,000 gold per box.

Go to the Treasure hunt page, click on "have my free box" and then click the box below that "play the free treasure hunt" and you will be brought to the page (see picture) to select a spot to click and open a box.
Do NOT click on the dark boxes, as they those boxs have already been unlocked.

The Treasure of the Zurgs - Not free
You buy one game for 1,000 gold. You win 3 in 5 times. Win gold from 100 up to 10,000 with a small chance at the ever growing jackpot.
The game is fully automated, nothing to do, but buy a game play and click play.

The Jackpot - Not free
Think scratch off ticket, buy a card and scratch if off, reveal the right symbols, win corresponding amount.
The Jackpot allows you to win a minimum of 100 gold and a maximum of 200,000 gold! You can win real money too with the gold jackpot : 362000 gold, the jackpot are 3.248 $ and the super jackpot are 11.088 $ !
Simple exchange one star point against 3 jackpot tickets.
All tickets are winners, Breakdown of the in game menu Found on left hand side of the screen once in game. You

My Account - Where you view all your info, and where you request payment.
Payment - Where you can upgrade membership.
Sponsoring - Get referral link and banners to use to promote the site.
My Referrals- See character names of all your referrals and how much gold they've made you..
My Rank- See your current rank, and your gold to real cash conversion bonus rate for end of month.
Fidelity Points- If you upgrade membership, you will get some of these. Spend them here.
Bonus- Spend Star points here, on things like extra dungeons, levels and teleport ability.
Buy DT codes- Each one code gives you, 4 star points, 1 fidelity point, and affects your rank.

Shops - Explained already
Markets - Explained already
Tavern - Explained already
Temple - Pray once every 4 days for some extra gold
Chests room - Explained already
The Jousts- Explained already

Sponsorship - Occasionally has referral contest, this is where it will be explained.
Bow & Balloons- Explained already
Bow & Castles

Treasures of the Zurgs- Explained already
Treasure Hunt- Explained already
Jackpot- Explained already

Tips to help from day 1 to end of month

Day 1:
Go to Tavern and enter your first dungeon and kill some monsters, collect some gold and start having fun.
Compete in the free contests.
Maybe explore the forums, and familiarize yourself with the game a bit.
Don't forget to spend your skill points on attack asap.

Day 2:
Go to Tavern and explore the dungeon
Compete in the free contests
Play the free Treasure hunt bonus (can''t play it on your first day)

Days 3 and 4
Same as day two except make sure to check the players market for free XP potion(s) from me
Make sure to use it at the start of the dungeon.
If you haven't already found another weapon, check the players market for a back up weapon in case yours breaks during a fight.

Every day after that
Buy a Learning Potion +2 in the Players Market (or the shop if none in players market)
Explore your dungeon and compete in the free contests.

Once you reach 20,000+ gold
Begin checking the Players market for a really good weapon, you want something that has at least +10 attack, and a few bonus points to certain element/creature types.
After acquiring your main weapon and a solid backup weapon, you can consider buying armor.

Once you reach level 10
Buy a few copies of a spell and begin putting skill points into that spell type attack.
Use the spell on creates of the opposite element type (fire spell for ice creatures etc) for max damage.
Don't forget you have to equip the spell in your character screen to be able to use it.

2nd to last day of every month
Sell everything except, your main weapon, your shield (if u have one) and a Learning potion +2. You'll have to sell them in the regular shops and not the players market because no one will be buying anything anymore.

Last day of month
After completing your last dungeon, sell your weapon and shield.
You sold the rest of your stuff because the shop pays less on the last day of the month.

Remember, your items will not be converted to gold for you, so make sure to sell everything on the last two days.

All your gold will be converted into cash with-in the first week of each month, as the rate varies based upon how much gold is in the game, the advertiser revenue and memberships for the month. So it can take a couple days for the site to figure out the appropriate rate.

You gain more gold in the dungeons as you level up, so if you buy a premium membership, it's wise to use your extra dungeons on the first day to gain maximum from your free dungeons throughout the month.

Level 100 is the max, once you reach that point, you should start always capturing creatures to sell in the monsters shop for gold.

First Things First
1 - Buy your equipment

After you register your character he owns 500 gold pieces, at level 1 it's advised to buy health potion +1
to cure your wound, after at level 2 go buy a weapon at shop to give more damge at your assault.
Please note that you can sell your weapon at a lower cost if it breaks, you can also go repair it at the weapon shop.
Be careful with the potions, some one are faulty and don't work.

2 - To equip

After your purchases go to the page your equipment and arm your character with the weapon. To do this, click on the empty box weapon 1 and select your weapon. The 3rd weapon box can only contain a dagger. The potions and spells are automatically equip. Be careful when you visit a dungeon you can't modify your equipment.

3 - Find a Dungeon

After this, you can visit your first dungeon. For this go to the Tavern and enter the dungeon you find. Please

note that you have only one dungeon per day to visit.

4 - To cure

In the dungeon you meet some monsters, if they hurt you, you can cure yourself by clicking on a health potion.
If you don't have anymore, you can always exit the dungeon to go buy some and come back after. Once you have recieved
six wounds you lose one life ! You have only 3 lives per day.

5 - Raise the skill of your character

After each monsters you kill, you gain some experience, this allow you to raise your characters level. Each level allow you to distribute some point on the page My Character. Please note that magic skill are available only once you reach the level ten. So don't buy spells before this level because you cannot use them. Skill ruse allow you to dodge
more easily your opponents, and to catch them you have a net,so you can sell them.
At your inscription you already have one point to distribute.

6 - Exit a dungeon

When you found all the treasures in the dungeon, you must go to the entrance to exit. If you want to visit another dungeon or buy another more things you must exit of the dungeon before. Please note all the dungeons you exit can be revisited at all the times during the adventure on the page My Character.

7 - End of the adventure

On the last day of each month, the adventure willfinish, and your gold pieces are converted in US dollars.
Ot the first day of the following month, a new adventure begins. All the priviledges, levels, objects, and
dungeons left are reset to zero. Just the star points you have left are preserved.

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