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Helios Thread

Posted 09/22/2020 at 18:20 by HypnosĄ
Updated 09/23/2020 at 17:24 by HypnosĄ

We've got eyes everywhere, and they're always watching what's going on with the Silkroad scene and what they saw is repetitive servers, boredom, people forced to repeat the same experience regularly because they've got nothing to do but playing due to the fact that they're PSro maniacs. This finally has to come to an end and it ends here... Introducing the most sophisticated and innovatory server, Helios Online! Helios Online is fresh efficiency of both considerable thoughts and initiative by such a clique of knowledgeable people who are employed for years in the Silkroad region, the Idea of Helios was created by enthusiastic silkroad players that absolutely adore silkroad and wants to see a noticeable change occurring in the Psro scene generally and that's why we're here - here and ready to fulfill your desires and achieve the absolute grandeur.

The awaited return:
Crayon eventually returns to create Art after a prolonged absence for more than two years. That's what you want to know for now since I have nothing to add as his accomplishments could speak for him better than I ever would.

What do we provide?
As we're here to give you what you really deserve and fully ready to grant your wishes like a genie in a lamp, we're capable of providing you an integrated server by ensuring five main structures which are; quality, efficiency, activity, dependability, and stability. These five main structures are linked to each other, and they're pretty much the output of the time and effort we spent on developing Helios.

Helios Purpose:
Here at Helios, our main objective is providing a unique service to the real Silkroad players who already got tired of looking for something special and worthy to play, but they end up with fail attempts every time. Nevertheless; we look forward to building a community that's loyal only to us, and this won't ever happen without producing something unique, remarkable, and innovatory. Simply said, this won't happen without bringing Helios into the light.

Integrity and Abilities:
Often providers always include integrity provisions in their article, but we're not going to be sitting here feeding you falsehoods. Yeah, our whole team has previous knowledge, and we are all absolutely excellent at what we do, but that's never enough! There may be a challenge or a tiny mistake that we didn't catch instantly, that is reality! We assume, however, that all of you will still remain respectful and also have confidence and belief in us.

  • Hash |Founder and Investor | You shouldn't have expected more personal information after this vertical line.
    Helios founder, and investor. He has been around for long enough seeing the ups and downs occurring in the scene until he eventually decided to bring an end to this mess and assemble a trustworthy team to create this work of art called Helios.

  • Crayon| 24 Years Old| that's all you want to know | Database and Web Developer of Helios.
    One of the most professional, knowledgeable, and renowned Developers in the silkroad scene. Crayon has collaborated and established a couple of remarkable servers that we all have played and enjoyed it and sometimes copied from it ngl, he was by far the most dependable and reliable choice of a developer according to us, and we're more than happy that we got to cooperate with him, Long Live Crayon!

  • Nietzsche | Karim | 21 Years old | Content Writer and Admin Assistant.
    Despite that you might love or hate me; this won't change the fact that most of you guys know who I am. I've been assisting almost each and every silkroad server that was developed ever since I was 17 years old and still. That's in addition to my decent writing skills that I had to make use of it in order to brighten up. I've written several high-based server threads, Facebook updates, discord announcements, etc ... and that's something you really don't recognize. Thus; that's the reason why Hash brought me here.

  • Saint & Esacnor | General Server & Admin Assistants.
    Saint and Escanor are general server assistants who are capable of providing top-tier assistance to Helios players whether your inquiry was through a direct message, discord ticket, or even a Facebook message, these guys will definitely take care of whatever concerns you.

Closed Beta Phase:
A phase where we'll grant limited access to specific people who are willing to help us improving Helios by testing the server functionality and features just to make sure that we've done everything the right way, your assistance is appreciated in advance. Also, as a gratitude for the participants, the more issues you discover and report - the more silk you're going to get in the grand opening, do your best outta there .

Open Beta (Phase I):
After we have thoroughly reviewed everything during the Closed Beta Phase and ensuring that we have developed our features appropriately, whether it's the brand new ones or just the basics, it falls to you anyway to support us putting the final touches and that's to have a pleasant launch since the first appearance really counts. Even though, users will still enjoy the game-play since everything is independent and accessible, though; your input is very valued since it allows us to improve Helios in order to achieve absolute expertise and perfection.

Open Beta (Phase ll):
The main aim of the Open Beta process is to test most components to ensure that the server in the Grand Opening is stable and free of glitches, however, it just seems ironic to constantly check everything for this objective only, so; we agreed to let you all enjoy it - meanwhile; testing at the same time, hence; we decided to establish horde of events during the second phase of Beta for considerable prizes as an appreciation for your efforts.
A timetable for the beta events will be posted in our discord server in the upcoming few days, five events distributed on five days for silk rewards in the grand opening, It's all about your skills since everybody is equal in this phase of beta, show us your abilities and try to gather as much as possible of silks for a fresh start in Helios.

Grand Opening:
The most important part of the thread arrives here, but it is no longer a mystery since we have quietened down and revealed the dates decades back. We promise that Launching helios would be incredible, efficient, stable, and stable. We will also not ruin your day and give you a miserable experience as well as a terrible impression by having lags and delays at the beginning which will cause the server to remain unplayable until we take care of everything but no, not in Helios. Prepare yourself for everlasting ecstasy, for Helios has almost arrived!

Official Trailer

Helios cap is going to be 100, It makes clear grasp to open a 100 cap server according to our players' opinion due to the fact that we all have stunning memories of this cap level which is the most balanced and enjoyable.

Helios is going to be Chinese only. Oh, wait, that's what you actually expected right? We don't know the reason why everyone finds it impossible to establish an equilibrium between both Chinese & European Races but we're going to change your minds in Helios. Honestly, it makes perfect sense for Helios to have both European and Chinese Races because Chinese only servers became so meta nowadays hence; Helios is going to be a Chinese & European server.

For the European race, the maximum mastery level in Helios is 200. Speaking of the Chinese race, It'll be 330 just to have far more advantages for them and to see a variety of builds which will help to establish an equilibrium between them both.

Skill points:
The old days are gone, nobody has to farm sp anymore in order to max out the skills, instead; we've added enough skill points to max out yourself without having any gap between the skills during the grinding.

The maximum degree accessible in Helios is the 10th degree.


Main Town:
It might be either Donwhang or Donwhang. Well, the most cherished town in between the silkroad players has to be the main town don't you think so?

Auto Equipment:
We assume that the Auto Equipment feature is one of the most valuable features that have been implemented into the silkroad history because it offers players plenty of benefits during the grinding process and even after – so that before they stabilize their selves they won't be so vulnerable, hence, we wanted to add this to Helios.

Permanent buffs:
As a Chinese character, you won't be forced to rebuff whenever you die, get back to town, wear a job suit, etc... Instead, we've made the buffs permanent starting from level 1 until you hit the maximum level. Beautiful isn't it?

Model Switchers:
We've added a variety of model switchers to give the luxury of choice. How so? In Helios, you'll be capable of changing the appearance of your weapon between all of the degrees that were implemented in Silkroad, starting from 8th degree to 16th degree including the Egy A&B looks. Nevertheless; the weapon specification won't change as it only changes the appearance of your weapon or your gears generally as it's useable on set parts too.

Helios Menu:
A custom Helios feature that's really helpful because It will allow you to track literally everything related to the game-play. Below is a picture explaining how could Helios Menu be helpful to you.

Guild & Union Limits:
We want to allow the classic guilds to hop into the competition, hence; we decided to keep it classic so it won't be so hard to establish a full guild and a union so, the Guild limit will be 24 players per guild, Union limit is 3 guilds per union.

HWID Security:
There will be pc restrictions that are definitely hard to bypass and incase someone managed after many attempts to bypass it, he won't make it through the anti-cheat system and will be permanently HWID Banned so, just don't waste your time trying to climb our walls because you will fall down so hard.

HWID & IP Limit:
HWID limit is 2 Characters per pc, It was made to allow you to have a gold bot beside your main character, however; the HWID limit for any kind of server activities is 1. IP Limit is 4 Characters per IP.

Grinding Areas:
The popular known grinding areas are just so generic and you will all struggle whenever you notice the whole server attempting to level up or bot in the same place, hence; we've chosen to add a variety of grinding regions to reduce player density and allow you to pick your favorite grinding area from among those we've included.
  • 1.) Constantinople | 81~ 90 level monsters.
  • 2.) Samarkand | 90~ 99 level monsters.
  • 3.) Alexandria | 100 level monsters.
  • 4.) Arabia Coast | 100 level monsters.

Enlarge Race:
Strange as it may seem, the chase to the level cap is indeed one of the quite exciting and competitive stages in the game-play of Silkroad - beginning with the plans before the grand opening to the strategy that you adhere to reaching the top level faster than the others, and as we respect the devotion and loyalty to the site, we have chosen to give you a little immediate benefit.
The Top 300 Players to reach Level 100 will be Rewarded as following:
  • 1st Player to meet the highest level will be awarded 1000 Silk.
  • 2nd ~ 8th Player to reach the maximum level is going to be rewarded with 750 Silk each.
  • 8~100 Players to reach the maximum level are going to be rewarded with 500 Silk each.
  • 101~200 Players to reach the maximum level are going to be rewarded with 300 Silk each.
  • 201~300 Player to reach the maximum level is going to be rewarded with 150 Silk each.

Discord Application:
It's not as known as it may seem, though; we agree that's one of the most fascinating features that improved the consistency of the silkroad display in the Discord Application, however; it will display the name and the logo of the server you're playing in, your In-game name, and your character level when you enable the Display currently running game as a status message discord feature.

DPS Meter:
An advanced translucent monitor that appears in the right corner of your screen when you attack a unique, however, it will show the damage you dealt to a particular Unique; it will constantly update the amount of damage you or other players dealt just so that you can track the damage you deal in each and every hit and also track your rank among the competitors to know your chances of killing the Unique, it will not be left to the fate anymore as you can immediately leave if you figured out that your chances are low of taking the kill and that's in order to save time and to give your self the opportunity to try your luck in another Unique.

Plus Glows:
In Helios, for a more futuristic and interesting game-play, we've changed the regular plus glows. Below is an album where you can see each plus glow. If they don't fit you, make sure to give us your opinion, then we might consider altering the glows.

Beginners and Advanced Packages:
We've added everything you might need to have a fresh start at Helios for a lower price instead of purchasing the products you need separately! Since if you bought the same components separately that are included in the package, it will cost you more silk than the package will, so it's a winning win. Just buy the package that best matches your need, right-click on it and you'll find the contents of the package in your character chest however, below is a picture showing the contents of each package. Choose wisely!

In-game Currencies:

Gold is the main currency in the Silkroad gameplay since they invented it, however; we feel like that a lot of servers buried it under the ground and it became so useless, hence; we added a Gold Minor NPC where to can purchase a variety of worthy items for Gold only.

Arena Coin:
Besides Gold, Arena coins will help you purchase items from the Gold Minor but only the items that require a combination of Gold and Arena coins in order to purchase it.
You can simply get Arena Coins by:
  • 1.) Participating in Battle Arena matches as you will get a specific amount depends on whether you lost or won the match.
  • 2.) Participating in Survival Arena matches as you will get 1 Arena Coin on each Kill you make and a specific amount of Arena Coins if you were one of the top #5 survival winners.

Gold Coin:
One of the main currencies in Helios as it will be a requirement for purchasing Seal of Vega and Seal of Helios gears. You can purchase Gold Coins from the Gold Minor NPC for 1 Billion gold.

Silver Coin:
Silver Coin is also involved in purchasing Seal of Vega and Seal of Helios Equipments, though, there is only one way to obtain them which is Killing uniques as they're droppable from the Arabian, Job, and Regular Uniques.

Copper Coin:
Copper Coin is a component of the requirements for purchasing Seal of Vega and Seal of Helios types of equipment, though; you can get copper coins by:
  • 1.) Killing Uniques, since that every unique in Helios will drop a considerable amount of copper coins.
  • 2.) Doing your daily quests as since you'll recieve Copper Coins as a reward by delivering specific quests.

Iron Coin:
Iron Coin is a component of the requirements for purchasing Seal of Vega and Seal of Helios types of equipment, though; you can get Iron Coins same ways you can get copper.
  • 1.) Killing Uniques, since that every unique in Helios will drop a considerable amount of copper coins.
  • 2.) Doing your daily quests as since you'll recieve Copper Coins as a reward by delivering specific quests.

Helios Points:
Helios Points is the official and the main currency of Helios as you will be able to get Helios points by doing literally anything. Needlessly to say; they're the main component of purchasing Seal of Vega and Seal of Helios Equipments. (For further information, read the Helios point system below)

Helios Special Skills:
A brand new skills that we've added to the game-play, it requires a considerable number of skill points in order to unlock one of these skills, however; you cannot unlock all of 'em at once as we've adjusted the system to a time-plan added by us. It might take you some time to unlock all of them but it worth the effort as they'll make absolutely invincible!

Skill Balance
It's not as hard as it seems to strike a balance between both races as we've recently mentioned in a part of our thread, thus; we are glad to introduce to you our modifications in order to balance both races for good.

European Skills

Chinese Skills

Normal Uniques

Job Uniques

Arabian Uniques

Togui Elder (Boss Unique)
Spawns: All over a specific map depends on the notice.

12 Silver Coin / 8 Cooper Coin / 10x 100 Silk Scroll / 25 Helios Points / 30 Honor Points / 3x Mega Box / 5x Helios Box

One of the most common, easy, and simple systems for obtaining the end-game gears, It also helps keep the server active and it also stabilizing the server economy, hence; we've decided to make Helios Points one of the main currencies in Helios and you can obtain it as follows:
  • 1.) Jobbing:
    Doing your daily limits of Trading, Theifing, or Hunting depends on the job union you're registered to.

  • 2.) Job Kills:
    Killing opposite jobbers will grant you 1 Helios point as per each kill.

  • 3.) Capture The Flag:
    Participating in CTF Matches will grant you 10 Helios points if you won the match, 2 Helios Points if you lost the match

  • 4.) Battle Arena:
    Participating in Battle Arena matches will grant you 12 Helios points if you won the match, 5 Helios points if you lost the match.

  • 5.) Survival Arena Kills:
    Killing other players in the Survival Arena matches will grant you 2 Helios points as per each kill.

  • 6.) Unique Kills:
    You can also earn Helios Points by killing Uniques but the reward may vary depends on the unique you've killed, though; the earnings will be as follows:

    • Tiger Girl gives you 2 Helios Points upon killing her.
    • Cerberus gives you 2 Helios Points upon killing him.
    • Captain Ivy gives you 3 Helios Points upon killing her.
    • Uruich gives you 3 Helios Points upon killing him.
    • Isyutaru gives you 4 Helios Points upon killing her.
    • Lord Yarkan gives you 5 Helios Points upon killing him.
    • Demon Shitan gives you 6 Helios Points upon killing him.
    • Arabian Uniques gives 8 you Helios points upon Killing them (Khulood, Karkadann, Launatune, Baal).
    • Job Uniques gives you 10 Helios Points upon Killing them ( Neith, Selket, Anubis, Isis).
    • Beakyung the white Viper gives you 15 Helios Points upon killing her.
    • Roc gives you 15 Helios Points upon killing it.

  • 7.) Fortress War:
    You will earn 3 Helios points on each player you kill in the fortress war, though, you cannot earn Helios points from a player you've recently killed just to avoid cheating.

  • 8.) Job Madness Event:
    You will earn 20 Helios points if you participate in the event and somehow your union won. Note, you have to be a participant in order to earn the rewards.
    Daily Limit
    Upon jobbing, you'll be restricted by specific daily earnings of Helios points, a total of 100 Helios points a day. Meanwhile; you can still do your job duty for gold earning but you won't get more Helios points if you exceeded the Daily Limit.

    Weekly Limit
    There is also a weekly limit restriction for Helios Points earnings and you cannot exceed it, which means that if you reached your weekly limit already and attempted to do any kind of activities that grants you Helios points, you won't get it. Yes, you can still participate but you won't earn any Helios points until the week is over already. The limit restriction will be as following:

    • As a Trader, Hunter, or Thief. You'll be able to earn up to 600 Helios points a week.
    • As per participating in the Survival Arena matches, you will be eligible to earn only 300 Helios points a week and it is unexceedable.
    • As per participating in the Battle Arena matches, you will be eligible to earn 200 Helios points a week and it is unexceedable.
    • As per participating in Capture the flag matches, you will be eligible of earning 100 Helios points a week and it is unexceedable.
    • The amount of Helios points you can earn from Killing people under Job mode is 200 Helios points a week.
    • The amount of Helios points you can earn upon slaying Uniques is 200 Helios Points a week.
    • The amount of Helios points you can earn from Killing people inside of the fortress war is 50 Helios points which means that if you somehow made more than 50 kills, your Helios Points earnings will stop at 50 Points and that's every week.

Helios Job System
The idea of silkroad is mainly based on jobbing and delivering goods from town to town in order to earn a living, however; we've reworked the jobbing system just so it fits everyone's mindset.

You will be able to wear a job suit on only 1 character per pc and that's to avoid cheating in several ways.

Trade Routes:
We've decided to keep the commonly known trade routes as it is, which means that the only available trade routes in Helios are town to town routes.

Wanted System:
One of the most popular Silkroad game-play schemes, like who doesn't want his name to turn up as a particularly solid assassin to the entire server? People would be scared and flee instantly after seeing this wanted guy cruising around the globe with his job suit on, therefore, we decided to implement it for a more efficient and groundbreaking job experience at Helios. Nevertheless; there will be a lot of advantages when you hit various required levels and these advantages will be as follows:
  • #1 - You'll reach the first level of being wanted when you put 10 opposite jobbers to death, thus, you will receive an Lv1 Wanted buff that includes:
    • 1% Magical and Physical Damage increase.
    • 1 Str.
    • 1 Int.
    • 1% Moving speed

  • #2 - Reaching the second level of being Wanted requires you to put 20 opposite jobbers to death, thus, you will receive an Lv2 Wanted buff that includes:
    • 2% Magical and Physical Damage increase.
    • 2 Str.
    • 2 Int.
    • 2% Moving speed

  • #3 - Reaching the third level of being Wanted requires you to put 30 opposite jobbers to death, thus, you will receive an Lv3 Wanted buff that includes:
    • 3% Magical and Physical Damage increase.
    • 3 Str.
    • 3 Int.
    • 3% Moving speed

  • #4 - Reaching the fourth level of being Wanted requires you to put 40 opposite jobbers to death, thus, you will receive an Lv4 Wanted buff that includes:
    • 4% Magical and Physical Damage increase.
    • 4 Str.
    • 4 Int.
    • 4% Moving speed

  • #5 - Reaching the fifth level of being Wanted requires you to put 50 opposite jobbers to death, thus, you will receive an Lv5 Wanted buff that includes:
    • 5% Magical and Physical Damage increase.
    • 5 Str.
    • 5 Int.
      5% Moving speed

Job Temple:
A spot where the Job Uniques spawn on a daily basis, but that's not the interesting part. The fascinating thing about the Job Temple is that all Thieves, Traders & Hunters are willing to battle each other for the Unique Kill since these Job Unique have more than enough loot that is indeed worth battling for.

It's not what you're looking for, yes, I'm actually talking to you. It's not the madness event we all got used to and already got bored of, it's something that'll turn the server to real material warfare, introducing for the first time, Helios Job Madness Event. The area is Devil's Garden because simply, we all loved it and had a great time and memories surrounding it.

Event Description
Inside the garden of Devils, Thieves assembled their unions and so did Traders and Hunters. They all went on a trip they thought it was going to be a piece of cake and each union had in mind that they were the only ones who knew this mysterious destination, but when everyone got there they found themselves staring at each other unexpectedly and they asked each other the same question, How did you get here? Therefore, they found out that battle is the only way out, armed their own selves to combat, however ... All of out a sudden... they heard a Unique screaming out furiously, saying... WHO DISTURBED MY SLUMBER? The Unique turned on both sides to find thieves surrounding the left side of the circle at which he sits, and Traders/Hunters covering the right side. He screamed violently again but this time it was ways more louder, and then, both unions figured that the only way out is slaying both, the Unique and the enemy. War trumpets were sounded, and they started to attack the unique and the opposite enemy at the same time.

You're now wondering what's next? Who survived? Who died and turned into ashes already?
Ok, that was the end of the manuscript, but if you intend to continue finishing the manuscript in your own manner, the area still remains in Helios! Assemble your unions, sharpen your weapons because the Job Madness event is something that nobody ever witnessed, there, you either fight like a real warrior or surrender, and your fate will be Death.
How to participate.
The event will be hosted every day at the same time (To be announced later), you can teleport to the area from two custom teleports we added in Donwhang for both Unions. Needlessly to say; you have to be wearing a job suit so you can teleport there.

How to win
The Highest union to deal damage to the Unique will be the winner and each participant of the winner union will receive 20 Honor points and 20 Helios points.

Job Proceeds:
  • Traders:
    If you're a trader, it costs you 30m you purchase a full inventory of goods (5*), and upon selling, the amount you paid will be tripled which means that you'll earn 90m including the amount you paid to buy the goods (60m clear profit) in addition to 13 Helios points.
    Note that if you have a hunter in your party the amount of gold will get increased by 10m.

  • Hunters:
    Protecting a party full of traders is really dangerous and it requires a lot of hard work to create a safe path for them and to protect them from the thieves who desire to steal your flock's goods, therefore; the rewards must worth the effort you spent protecting them. As a hunter, you'll get 50m and 15 Helios points upon selling for protecting a 7/8 traders party.

  • Thieves:
    As per Thieves, You'll get 30m upon selling a 5* trade in the Thief Town.

Honor System
We can't disagree that a server without Honor system is unplayeable, hence; we've added a very Unique Honor system to Helios, it will not be based on players individually - it'll be based on Job Unions because it just adds a perfect tense of war to the game-play every union will be forced to fight for their honor and the finest fighters among these unions will be in a middle of a different war where their priority is fighting for both, them selves and the honor of their union.

Honor Buffs:
The Honor ranking resets every Sunday 12:00 Server time, however; the honor buffs scheme will be as follows:

  • Top (1~3) Players in Honor Ranking will earn the King, Gold, Silver, and Bronze buffs which will grant him the following advantages:
    • 1. Physical & Magical damage 4% increase.
    • 2. Physical & Magical damage 4% absorption.
    • 3. Attack rate 10% increase.
    • 4. Moving speed 20% increase.
    • 5. Chance of obtaining berserk gage 120% increase.

  • Top (4~15) Players in Honor Ranking will earn the Gold, Silver, and Bronze buffs which will grant him the following advantages:
    • 1. Physical & Magical damage 4% increase.
    • 2. Physical & Magical damage 4% absorption.
    • 3. Attack rate 10% increase.
    • 4. Moving speed 20% increase.

  • Top (16~25) Players in Honor Ranking will earn the Silver, and Bronze buffs which will grant him the following advantages:
    • 1. Attack rate 10% increase.
    • 2. Moving speed 20% increase.

  • Top (26~40) Players in Honor Ranking will earn the Bronze buff which will grant him the following advantage:
    • 1. Attack rate 10% increase.

There are several ways to earn Honor points and each way is more entertaining than the other way, lets go through them.
  • 1.) Unique Kills:
    You will be rewarded with Honor points upon killing any of the uniques, the points will be distributed as follows:
    • (STR&INT) Tiger Girl = 3 Honor Points.
    • (STR&INT) Cerberus = 3 Honor Points.
    • (STR&INT) Captain Ivy = 4 Honor Points.
    • (STR&INT) Uruchi = 4 Honor Points.
    • (STR&INT) Isyutaru = 5 Honor Points.
    • (STR&INT) Lord Yarkan = 6 Honor Points.
    • (STR & INT)Demon Shaitan = 8 Honor Points.
    • Selket (STR) = 12 Honor Points.
    • Neith (INT) = 12 Honor Points.
    • Isis (INT) = 12 Honor Points.
    • Anubis (STR) = 12 Honor Points.
    • Boss Uniques
    • Medusa (INT) = 35 Honor Points.
    • Roc (STR) = 35 Honor Points.
    • Helos Boss = 35 Honor Points.

  • 2.) Survival Arena Kills
    • 1 Kill = 3 Honor Points
    • 1 Death = -1 Honor Point.

  • 3.) Job Kills
    • 1 Kill = 3 Honor Points
    • 1 Death = -2 Honor Points.

  • 4.) Battle Arena
    You won't get honor points on each kill you make but you will get Honor Points upon winning the BA Match.
    • Battle Arena (Random) = 12 Honor Point
    • Battle Arena (Party) = 15 Honor Point
    • Battle Arena (Job) = 18 Honor Point

  • 5.) Capture The Flag
    You won't get honor points on each kill you make but you will get Honor Points upon winning the CTF Match.
    • CTF Winner team will recieve 15 Honor point for each player.

  • 6.) Fortresswar Kills:
    That's a brand new feature that's only exists in Helios, however; you will earn/lose honors points depends on kill/death ratio.
    • 1 Kill = 4 Honor Points
    • 1 Death = -2 Honor Points.

Helios Boxes

The harsh reality for many players is that boxes systems can be very distracting. However, by providing a free market where non-donors can consistently manufacture silks, we appreciate the impact they can have on the server economy as we also boosted their accuracy on Helios so it won't be all based on luck, nevertheless; It's fair enough because it maintains a fair game-play with less gold botters. Sorry for taking too long to head straight to the point but just wanted you to feel where we're coming from. Now, let us introduce to you Helios Boxes.

Mega Box:
Upon usage, the Mega Box has a 10% chance to grant you a Seal of Star equipment, it may vary between Weapons, Accessories, and Set parts.

Vega Box:
Upon usage, Vega Boxes has a 5% chance of granting you a Seal of Vega Accessory or Set Part.

Immortal Box:
Upon usage, Immortal Boxes has a 100% chance to give you from 1 to 3 immortal stones.

Helios Box:
Upon usage, Helios Box has a 50% chance of giving you one of the following items:
  • 3x Reverse Scrolls
  • 3x Global Chatting
  • 1x D1 Lucky Powder
  • 1x Golden Dragon Flag
  • 1x 2% Lucky Scroll
  • 1x 3% Lucky Scroll
  • 1x 5% Lucky Scroll
  • 1x D10 Lucky Magic Powder which increases the alchemy success rate.
  • 1x Random Visual Scroll
  • 1x Helios Hideout pillar
  • 1x Special Transpet, its speed is slightly different than the regular trans pets as It's 7m instead of 5m.

Sox System
Ya'll like your weapons to be mighty and shiny, don't you? I bet you've been waiting for this part since you first read the thread. Well, Helios sox system is really simple to the point and it will allow you to obtain sox gears without being lifeless playing for ages in order to get it.
Available Types of Sox items in Helios.
  • 1.) Seal of Star
  • 2.) Seal of Vega
  • 3.) Seal of Darkness
  • 4.) Seal of Helios

  • 1.) Seal of Star equals Normal Last Tier +1 item.
  • 2.) Seal of Vega equals Normal Last Tier +2 item.
  • 3.) Seal of Darkness equals Normal Last Tier +3.5 item.
  • 4.) Seal of Helios, it is the end-game weapon and it equals Normal Last Tier +5 item.

Obtaining Sox Gears:
  • Seal of Star:
    Only Obtainable from Mega Boxes.

  • Seal of Vega:
    Seal of Vega Equipments won't be available for the first two weeks, though; you will be able to obtain them by the following ways:

  • Seal of Vega Weapons
    You will be able to purchase Seal of Vega weapons for a combination of:
    • Helios Point
    • Silver Coin
    • Copper Coin
    • Gold Coin

  • Seal of Vega Set & Accessories
    Obtainable from Vega Boxes.

  • Seal of Darkness:
    Seal of Darkness weapons is obtainable by collecting a combination of Talisman cards (8) which you can get them by participating in Helios Hideout's.

  • Seal of Helios:
    Seal of Helios weapons won't be available before the 5th week of Helios launch, though;
    it'll be obtainable by upgrade system through a scroll called SoH Upgrade Scroll which will be added later on, however; you can purchase this scroll for a combination of:
    • Helios Point
    • Silver Coin
    • Copper Coin
    • Gold Coin

Helios Graden Dungeon:
Garden Dungeon is the most familiar dungeon nowadays because simply, every one of us has indeed got there somehow to get a quest done and we all loved and enjoyed it, accordingly; we decided that the only dungeon available in Helios should be the Garden Dungeon.

We are conscious that nowadays the forgotten world has become so mainstream, nothing is new or unique about it but, not anymore! As we're here today to turn the silk-road scene upside down. Introducing the most sophisticated and unique Forgotten World ever made ... Helios Hideout!
An abandoned place where God decided to banish all the zealout damned creatures with their corrupted rulers who've lied and corrupted the earth and stole its treasures... Treasures that are indeed worth risking your life for an opportunity to get some of them. Cautiously, the only way out there is eliminating all of these creatures to create yourself a safe path, but, if you failed, death - and only death is your destiny.

How to get inside:
Just the common known way but, the only difference is that the pillar won't be dropping, you will be able to obtain it for gold in the gold mino NPC.
Boss Unique Drops:
  • 1* Boss Unique drops 2 Copper coin / 1x Helios Box / 1x Hermes Crate / 40% Chance to drop Mega box.
  • 2* Boss Unique drops 6 Copper coin / 2x Helios Box / 1x Mega Box.
  • 3* Boss Unique drops 12x Copper / 8x Iron Coin / 3x Helios Box / 3x Mega Box.

Helios Quests:
The rewards might not be worthy enough as it may seem, but you will need tons of skill points in order to unlock our special skills, though; the drop rates are duplicated inside Helios Garden also the uniques are dropping a lot of worthy items (Refer to the Unique Drops section for further information)
The rewards might change during the beta phase according to our players' opinions and we might also increase the quantity of the quest depending on the players' suggestions during the open beta phase.
  • 1.) Hunt Darkness Witch [Helios Garden]
    Kill 100 Darkness Witches
    Reward: 5m Skill Points.

  • 2.) Hunt Kidemonas [Helios Garden]
    Slay the Kidemonas unique once.
    Reward: 5m Skill Point.

  • 3.) Hunt Giant Demon [Helios Garden]
    Slay the Giant Demon once.
    Reward: 10 Helios Points

  • 4.) Hunt Shaba The Gennie From the Lamp [Helios Garden]
    Slay Shaba The Gennie From the Lamp once.
    Reward: 10 Helios Points

  • 5.) Job Cave massacre
    Kill 1000 Job cave Monsters
    Rewards: 1 Immortal Box & 1x Magic POP Card.
    Note: All of the quests above are shared between your party.

Survival Arena:
One of the most intense silkroad events, everyone loves it, because it simply depends on your personal skills of killing and chasing at the same time, nevertheless; we've added a variety of rewards which will boost your energy to play tougher.
The player that comes at the first place will be rewarded with: 1x Helios Box, Mega Box & 15 Arena Coins)
The player that comes at the second place will be rewarded with Mega Box & 10 Arena Coins
The player that comes at the third place will be rewarded with: Helios Box & 10 Arena Coins
The player that comes at the fourth place will be rewarded with: 10 Arena Coins
The player that comes at the fifth place will be rewarded with 10 Arena Coins
That's in addition to 1 Arena coin on each player you kill with a maximum earning of 15 Arena coins and also honor points per each kill/death.

Battle Arena:
One of the most basic silkroad events that existed since iSro and it still goes on, however; we've adjusted the rewards to be more interesting and intense
Rewards: Each player if the winning party will receive a specific amount of Honor points depending on the match type.
  • Battle Arena (Random) = 12 Honor Point
  • Battle Arena (Party) = 15 Honor Point
  • Battle Arena (Job) = 18 Honor Point
  • That's beside a specific arena coin earnings whether you won or lost.

Capture The Flag:
One of the most basic silkroad events that existed since iSro and it still goes on, however; we've adjusted the rewards to be more interesting and intense.
Reward: Each player of the winning team will receive 2 Magic Pop Cards and 15 Honor Points.
Automatic Events

Silk Lottery:
A daily silk lottery will be hosted once a day, you can participate by purchasing a ticket from the Gold Minor npc and it'll obviously be sold there for gold. We will be giving away free silks to 10 lucky players, the silk is distributing as following:
  • 1st Winner will earn 1000silk
  • 2nd Winner will earn 900silk
  • 3rd Winner will earn 800 silk
  • 4th Winner will earn 700 silk
  • 5th Winner will earn 600 silk
  • 6th Winner will earn 500 silk
  • 7th Winner will earn 400 silk
  • 8th Winner will earn 300 silk
  • 9th Winner will earn 200 silk
  • 10th Winner will earn 100 silk.

Last Man Standing:
You will be able to register in the LMS event from our special Helios menu, once you register you will simply get teleported to a specialized area where you have to fight until you become the last man standing so It's all about surviving.
Reward: x2 Mega Box.

Search & Destroy:
When this event begins, special spawns on random different spawns all over the globe. Some clues will also be released about each particular position. Everything you need to do to succeed is locate special individuals and destroy them!
Reward: 100 silk.

Kill the GM:
A BOT will spawn at dw south gate wearing a yellow cap, everyone have to wear the same cap color in order to attack it, whoever kills the KTG Bot wins.
Reward: 100silk.

Lucky Party Number:
In order to win on this occasion, you will be proposed to create a certain party number. The event will stop after the party number required has been generated and the winner will be revealed. Be alert, though, that having a job party won't count!

There are a lot of on-going giveaways in our discord server and there will be couple of share events on Facebook though so, make sure to join the discord server to stay updated!

Using our signature if you feel as though we have done a good job and would like to help the server. You will get 100 silks as a gift at the grand opening, as a token of gratitude. We are so happy to bring you something special, equal and entertaining that is designed with enthusiasm. For the whole of you, we are super happy to join us in the open beta to try and look at the great functionality and framework we have developed!
#Helios Online - Ready for All, Yielding to None.
Join Helios server to stay updated

Last but not least, let us know about your opinion in the server by typing a comment on the thread, also let us know if you like the system by thanking the thread.
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