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Posted 10/04/2019 at 08:33 by HypnosĄ
Updated 11/13/2019 at 13:54 by HypnosĄ

ERON - trailer 1#


Rates Value
Level Cap 110
Mastery Cap 330/220
Race Chinese / Europe.
Race Balanced Enabled.
Guild/Union Emblem Working.
CTF Enabled.
Battle Arena Enabled.
Fortress War HOTAN Only !.
Fortress War Time Sunday - 20:00 PM .
Fortress War Reward 4800 Silks.
Forgotten World Enabled
Academey Old System Enabled
Advanced Elixirs Enabled
Devil S Enabled
Magic Pop Enabled
Fellow Pets Enabled
New Pets Enabled
New Uniques Enabled
Egy A Gear Enabled
Egy B Gear Weapons Disabled
Solo Exp/Sp rate 300x
Party Exp/Sp rate 350x
Drop rate 150x
Gold Rate 150x
SOX Drop rate 150x
Alchemy Rate 1x.
Max Plus 12 NO ADV
Glow Effect ISRO
Silk / Hour Enabled
Vote4Silk Enabled
DDoS / Exploit Protection Yes
Murder Disabled

You will receive the following items as Starter Items:
  • 11x Instant Return Scrolls
  • 11x Revers Return Scrolls
  • 5x Resurrection Scroll
  • 5x Damage absorption Scroll
  • 1x Devil Spirit B
  • 5x Damage increase Scroll
  • 1000x HP/MP Herbs
  • 100x Vigor Recovery
  • 100x special universal Pill
  • 3 Day Grab Pet
  • Basic Item Set +5 FB
  • 10x Speed Scrolls

  • You can buy SOS +3 Items until DG9 ( for 1000 Gold ) in the NPCs. As the lvling is fast we didn't want to make auto equipment as it would be literally almost useless and a lot of work, when you can just buy everything from NPC. It's one of the best ways to help Beginner to bring them up to high LvL.

  • You will obtain 1 silk every hour once you hit Lv 101.
  • You can vote every 12 hours at our website to obtain free silk.
  • You can obtain free silk by killing uniques.
  • You can obtain free silk by doing quests.

We developed a rare, special and simple Balance Buff for all the Chinese Characters which is totally balanced against European Characters.

We understand how important is the job system to all players, so we decided to make it more entertaining by adding a valuable rewards for all job leagues.

You have to type !Trade in the All Chat, after delivering the goods to NPC to take the trading reward.

  • We have our own Eron-Online Speciality System this system is loved by all the Eron-Online players and to be honest that's why we have a lot of players and we survived for so long:
    The system is very simple. The Alchemy Rate is 1x like Isro.

    Max PLUS
  • After a lot of players have complained about not having max plus we decided to make a max plus now. The max plus will stay at +14, it should be easily achievable as you can get easily +12 with the alchemy system that Eron-Online has to offer.

    Weapons GLOW
  • You can play now with the old glow effects on the weapon just like the old system.
  • You can now change the glow weapons and the font game if you want, please check our website.

Egyptian Equipment can be obtained through Gold and Silver coins. You get gold coins from Job Temple and silver coins from HWT.

The other different experience of our Eron server is Forgotten World. It is a map that you can access it through Dimension Holes which can be obtained by cutting Envy monsters in Dimension Pillars.

You can enter the Forgotten World from the door opened by you in Dimension Holes. In Forgotten World, you can obtain collection items named talismans by cutting Mysterious uniques or opening hidden treasure chests. As soon as you collect all the talismans for a certain book, you can exchange them with 11DG Weapons.

You can get the egy shield "A" by killing Ghost Sereness "Boss"

We invented some helpful Scrolls. With these scrolls, you can Reset Skill, Stats, Job- and Guild Penalty and more.
  • Skill and Stat Reset Scrolls:
    For players who cannot stand still with one build, you can now change your build at any time , Using a skill reset scroll will reset all of your mastery and skills, as well as refund 100% of your used Skill points. Using a Stat Reset scroll will reset all of your STR or INT points and allow you to reallocate them.
  • Silk Scrolls:
    Since silk is one of the main in-game purchases currencies , we thought to add silk scrolls into item mall and make it tradable too, which mean you can buy silk for other players in-game for in-game currencies like gold or trade it for any required materials, in same time silk will remain free to get by other ways.

Magic POP
Everyone loves gambling. Magic pop will still one of the most entertaining systems in SRO. But, in ERON its different, we have added much new items in the magic pop so you can find more interesting items to gamble on.
  • With the Magic Pop Cards, you can win Items, Avatars and so on.
  • Updates 05/09/2019 "11-degree items "+7" added in the magic pop."

We understand how important and intense the FW for all sro players, so we decided to make it more intense and entertaining for y'll. You will receive big amount of silk for the winner guild.

Since everyone is complaining about buffers at Fortress War, we decided to set rule not to allow bards during the Fortress War

We know how frustrate you can get if you account got hacked or someone stole on of your items, so we thought of adding an extra security layer with is the lock system, many of you guys know it already. And for the players who don't know what is the lock system, here's a explanation of how it work.
To lock your account items you need to type in all chat !lock 123456 (the numbers are your password, and remember it must be atleast 6 numbers and space is not allowed.

To unlock your items, just type in all chat !unlock 123456 and again the numbers are your password that you set earlier.

We have a special room for Arabian uniques, you can teleport from hotan you must be wearing your job suit to be able to teleport. There's a strong uniques appearing every 2 hours, there will be a special notice telling you when the uniques will appear.

  • [Automatic Notice]:The Arabian Unique will appear after 10 minutes,be prepared
  • [Automatic Notice]:The Arabian Unique will appear after 3 minutes,be prepared
  • [Automatic Notice]:The Arabian Unique will appear after 1 minutes,be prepared
  • [Automatic Notice]:The Arabian Unique has appeared in Uniques Room.
  • Each unique drops[Gold coins, Silver Coins & Arena Coins]


Unique Name Spawn Area Drops
Tiger Girl/INT/STR Jangan 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card
Cerberus/INT/STR Constantinople 1-2 Immortal Stone , 1 Magic Pop Card
Captain Ivy/INT/STR Samarkand 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card
Uruchi/INT/STR Donwhang 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card
Isyutaru/INT/STR Karakoram 1-2 Immortal Stone, 1 Magic Pop Card
Lord Yarkan/INT/STR Taklamakan 1-2 Immortal Stone, 2 Magic Pop Card
Demon Shaitan/INT/STR Roc Mountain 1-2 Immortal Stone, 2 Magic Pop Card
Beakyung The Whipe Viper B5 3 Immortal stone 5 Global Chat

    Weekly stop slayers:
    Hunts a Uniques and kill them to gain points to win a "Uniques Slayer" Title name + 300 silk
    Uniques Slayer, System will be reset every week [Sunday].
    Drop Items: Global chatting - Immortal Stone - Magic pop
    Who kills the unique will win 50 silks free & title name "BeakYung The White Viper Slayer"

  • Medusa Schedule

  • Medusa Drops

    ROC will appear in Events [GM]Neon every 7 days.
    Drop Immortal Stone & Arena Coins & 100 Silk Scroll
    Who kills the unique will win 100 silks free & title name "ROC Slayer"
  • Roc Schedule

    We understand how important is the job cave uniques, it brings all job league players together, makes a great experiences, intense and epic battle between thieves, hunters and traders. You can now enter the job cave at certain times to slaughter its uniques.

  • Job Cave Schedule

    -Bone Roc will appear in Bone roc Room every 2 days
    -Drop Immortal Stone & Arena Coins & 100 Silk Scroll
    -Who kills the unique will win 200 silks free & title name "Death Bone Roc Slayer"

  • Deathbone Schedule

  • New Avatars & Pets
    We understand how many players love cosmetics, and without further ado. We have added new avatars, pets with a big collections. You can pick whatever you want.

    Unique Name Silk
    Tiger Girl/STR/INT 1
    Cerberus/STR/INT 1
    Captain ivy/STR/INT 1
    Uruchi/STR/INT 1
    Isyutaru/STR/INT 1
    Lord Yarkan/STR/INT 2
    Demon Shaitan/STR/INT 2
    Tiger Girl Titan 2
    Cerberus Titan 2
    Captain ivy Titan 2
    Uruchi Titan 2
    Isyutaru Titan 2
    Lord Yarkan Titan 5
    Demon Shaitan Titan 5
    Soso The White Viper 20
    Beakyung The Whiper Viper 50
    Event Name Reward Available
    Unique Event Immortal Yes
    Unique Death Match 50 Silks Yes
    Unique 1 VS 1 50 Silks Yes
    Hide & Seek 25 Silks Yes
    Search & Destroy 25 Silks Yes
    PVP 1 VS 1 100 Silk Yes
    PVP 2 VS 2 100 Silk Yes
    Survival 50 Silks Yes
    Lucky Party Number 100 Silks Yes
    Arrange The Words 25 Silks Yes
    Weekly Events Titles&Silks [GM]Neon
    Daily Events Silks&Etc.. [GM]Neon


    By participating in our offline event and using our signature you will receive 200 silk.



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