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[Patch Notes] v1.5 Update - Shadow of the Balaur

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[Patch Notes] v1.5 Update - Shadow of the Balaur

read it if you dont know anything about Patch 1.5

Credits goes to Cynic, Hellbound, Lightspeed and YaN
found on aionsource

[Instance Dungeons]
1. 12 various instances have been released
- These new instances all come with different themes
- These instances are aimed to give players better items and Abyss Points.

Dark Poeta
The Dimension Door in Peota had been destroyed in the past, but the Balaur's constant efforts to infiltrate Poeta eventually led them to reopen the Dimension Door and take over Poeta. This is a story about a group of Daevas who stop the Balaur's plans and save Dark Peota which is already in ruins.

- Players must be level 50+ and possess an item obtained through a quest in order to enter this instance.

- Instance can be entered by interacting with the Artifact Device in the Black Tear Swamp of Interdica, and Frostbrow Camp in Beluslan.

- Points can be earned by killing monsters and harvesting rare materials, but destroying nearby objects and killing boss monsters in the areas yield more points.

- The more points that are acquired by the finishing time, the more difficult the final boss will be. (If the group fails to progress through the instance, the group will not be able to face the final boss.)

- The harder the difficulty of the final boss, the better the loot.

- Monsters met while questing in the Elyos world of Peota can be found in Dark Peota. However, those monsters may have taken on a different form.

Battleground - Dreadgion
Elyos and Asmodian forces participate in a battle to bring down the Dreadgion.

The main objective is to infiltrate the Dreadgion from inside, destroy energy sources and eliminate the Dreadgion commander, but you must remain vigilant as you can also run into the enemy faction at any time.

- This is a PvPvE type instance where Elyos and Asmodian players can both enter the same instance.
- The Dreadgion can only be entered at certain times by registering at an NPC.

Available entry registration times

- Registration is available in Individual/Quick/Group modes. If you want to register for a new game, then select the individual register option. If you don't care whether to join a new game or a currently running game, then select the quick register option. To join as a group, select the group register option.

- Elyos players can register at NPCs Aseluse, Parasgos or Hipotades in Teminon Stronghold in Ereshuranta.

- Asmodian players can register at NPCs Buri, Okom or Rukbar at Primum Stronghold in Ereshuranta.

- Players will not be able to zone in the instance until there is enough players that has registered, so there may be some waiting time after registering.

- Points are earned when monsters are killed inside the instance and when the Dreadgion's power source 'Shukana' are destroyed.

- Points are also earning by killing players of the enemy side. When killing an enemy player with 0 points, no points will be gained.

- You will lose some points if killed by enemy players.

- There are many different routes to reach the commander, and a variety of ways to impede the opposing factions progression, all of which requires a strategic plan.

- When the commander is defeated or time runs out, the infiltration mission ends and all individual points acquired is combined to determine the winning side.

- When the infiltration mission is over, AP is awarded based on the total amount of points received, and the winning faction will receive a larger AP bonus.

- In addition to the AP rewards, some special bosses will also drop useful items.

Steelrake Valley
The 'Steelrake Valley' is the name of the pirate ship belonging to the 'Ironbeard Buccaneers'.

- Maximum of 6 players per party can enter.
- Players must be level 40+ to enter.
- Players must complete an attunement quest to enter, and can only enter this instance once every 6 hours.

- Elyos entry quest: Suspicious Calling / Asmodian entry quest: Price of Goodwill

- NPC to start quest
Elyos: Mysterious sugo Roikin (loiters at 'Decaying Tree Field', 'Revolutionaries Research Base' or 'Pwitonen Swamp' in Interdica)
Asmodian: Mysterious Shugo Uikin(loiters at 'Silver Hill', 'Kinunkarp Ice City' or 'Amsnir Harbor' in Beluslan)

- Instance can be entered by interacting with 'Hikarung' at Elysium for Elyos, and 'Midoringring' at Pandemonium for Asmodians.

- There are many different routes to go through in this instance. The difficulty varies depending on which route is taken.

Abyss Fortress Dungeon
The 3 fortress in the lower Abyss(sulfur Tree Fortress, West Sield Fortress, East Siel Fortress) and 5 fortress in the upper abyss(Asteria Fortress, Ancient City of Rhoo, Krotan Fortress, Dikasas Fortress, Ran Miren Fortress) each have their own dungeons, and many new quests involving these dungeons have been prepared. The availability of this content depends on the fortresses being occupied by your faction, and for this reason fortress sieging has become more important.

- Players of the faction currently holding a fortress can enter its dungeon by interacting with the Entry Object inside the fortress.
- Each instance has many Treasure Boxes, and the aim is to collect as many of them in a certain time frame.
- The difficulty levels of the monsters will vary depending on the fortress instance, and if the time runs out, the treasure boxes will disappear one by one or even all at once.
- Only players of the faction holding the fortress can enter.

Nohusana Training Camp
This instance is more of an Abyss Fortress Siege tutorial and is aimed for new players in the Abyss.

- This instance is available from levels 25 to 28 only. The entrance to this instance is near each faction's Abyss stronghold.
- Entrance will be granted after completing an attunement quest, then players can only enter once every 18 hours.
- To check when you are able to enter the instance again use the "/CheckEntry" command.

1. 93 types of "Basic Stigma Stones" and "Advanced Stigma Stones" have been added in this update.
- 6 new Advanced Stigmas have been added for each class, and they can be purchased with Abyss Points.

2. Gladiator's "Block Concentration" skill has been changed so that it no longer mitigates all the damage when parrying physical attacks.

3. A bug with receiving additional damage from standing over lava with the Gladiator's "Combat Preparation" skill being activated has been fixed.

4. Gladiator/Templar's "Gate Crush" skill is now more effective.

5. The effects of the Sorcerer's "Enhanced Magic Attack Power I & II" passive skills have been increased, and "Enhanced Magic Attack Power III" passive has been added.

6. The debuff effect of the Sorcerer's "Curse of Weakness I & II" has been increased from 8 seconds to 1 minute, and "Curse of Weakness II" is now more effective.

7. The cooldown times for the Sorcerer's "Lumiel's Wisdom", "Zikel's Wisdom" & "Baizel's Wisdom" has been reduced from 1 minute to 30 seconds.

8. Spirit Master's "Summon: Fire/Wind/Water/Earth Servant", "Dispel" & "Burst Enhancement" skills now use less mana.

9. The hit rating on the Chanter's "Wish of Sword Binding" & "Wish of Absorption" skills have been increased.

10. Problems with Chanters not being able to use "Tremor" while silenced has been fixed.

11. Cleric's "Greater Heal I, II & III" now recover more HP.

12. Fixed a problem with counter attack type skills(active on dodge, parry, shield block) where the skill is already available becomes unavailable upon a dodge/parry/block.

13. --
14. --
15. --
16. --

1. With the addition of Advanced Stigma Stones, the Advanced Stigma slots have been added.
- By completing the necessary quests, up to 3 Advanced Stigma slots can be acquired.

- Either basic or advanced Stigma stones can be equipped in the Advanced Stigma slots, but Advanced Stigma Stones cannot be equipped in regular Stigma slots.

- Advanced Stigma Stones can only be equipped when prerequisite Stigmas are equipped.

Prerequisite Stigma

Advanced Stigma

- Advanced Stigmas can be purchased with Abyss Points can NPCs in each faction's major cities.

NPCs selling Advanced Stigma stones

2. In the effort of class balancing, some of the Divine Stone debuffing effects have been adjusted.
- When dual wielding, the off hand(left hand) weapon's Divine Stone debuff proc rate has been lowered.

- Bleed and poison Divine Stone effects remain unchanged.

3. In order to prevent inappropriate play, changes have been made to the exp/AP distribution in parties.
- Previous when a party member died or logged out before a group had killed a monster, the total exp/AP/DP was distributed to the remaining party members. This has now changed so that in this same case, the exp/AP/DP of the players who had died/logged out are already deducted before distributing them throughout the group.

4. The damage done in PvP combat has been reduced.

5. Jumping during a skill animation no longer allows that skill's combo chain to activate. (no more jump shot for rangers?)

6. The amount of time required to fill the Rested Energy bar has been reduced from 3 days to 2 days.

7. New emotes added. "Moment of Silence" & "Pray".
- These new emotes can be obtained from the Performing Arts Daeva NPC in each faction major city.

1. New 'Heroic' item grade level added.
- 'Heroic' grade item name color is orange

- The new 'Heroic' items consist of weapons and armors. They can be obtained from the new instance dungeons.

2. Some weapons have had their critical rate adjusted.
- 1 handed swords and daggers have had their critical rate values lowered. 2 handed swords, poleaxes, staves and bows have had their critical rates increased.

3. New set items added.
- New set items can be obtained through a variety of methods including the new instance dungeons, new crafting recipes and quests.

4. New crafting recipes/plans added.
- Elyos/Asmodian factions each have 54 Special-Grade(level 50 item level) new recipes.

- Of these new crafting recipes, some Unique grade recipes were included.

5. New conversion recipes added.
- The newly added refining stone conversion recipes are of Unique grade, and allow 'Master's ~~ Refining Stone' to convert into 'Expert's ~~ Refining Stone'.

- New conversion recipes can be obtained from the 'Divine Fortress' NPC.

6. New costumes added.
- The kimono, Chinese Imperial uniform & Taiwanese Imperial uniforms can be purchased from the Elyos/Asmodian Divine Costume NPCs.

Kimono, Chinese Imperial uniform & Taiwanese Imperial uniform - Male

Kimono, Chinese Imperial uniform & Taiwanese Imperial uniform - Female

Set items obtainable from the new instance dungeons.

Plate set

Chain set

Leather set

Cloth set

7. Unique grade material added.
- Unique grade materials can be harvested from the previously existing nodes at a very low rate.

- Unique grade nodes available in the new instance dungeons.

8. --

9. --

10. New item attributed added, 'Cast speed increase', 'Increase threat' & 'Reduce threat'.

11. Changed made to the Ode gathering hat. Ode nodes which are distant to you in altitude will be indicated as a gray dot on the mini map.

12. Added new Abyss items purchasable with AP.
-Set bonuses exist on newly added Abyss items.

13. Added new Divine Stones purchasable with AP.

14. Added new Stigmas purchasable with AP.

15. Added Lv50 Daevanion items.
- Lv50 Daevanion items can be acquired upon completing the Daevanion quests.

16. When your powershards become depleted, any powershards of the same grade in your inventory will automatically become equipped and active.

17. --

18. System messages will notify you when your registered Kisk has 30 minutes, 10 minutes & 1 minute duration left.

19. --

20. Misplaced material nodes around maps have been repositioned.

1. New feature added to fill up party and force slots up faster.
- In the chat window, type '/partycreate message'(/파티모집 할 말) or '/forcecreate message'(/포스모집 할 말); or press the Party/Force create button in the Find a Friend or force group window, to create a party gathering link.

- Left clicking on a party/force creation link will send a private message the organizer indicating your level and class.

- Right clicking on the party/force creation link will open a window with information about that party/force.

- Level and class of the members is displayed on the party member information window, and the force leader, force assistant and number of force members will be displayed in the force member information window.

Party member information window

Force member information window

2. New character customizing options added.

- Added more customized character face presets.

New character face presets

3. Mini map zoom in/out feature added.

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