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Glorious Plate Farming - 10k in 2 hours!

Discussion on Glorious Plate Farming - 10k in 2 hours! within the WoW Guides & Templates forum part of the World of Warcraft category.

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Glorious Plate Farming - 10k in 2 hours!

Hello ElitePvPers! I am bringing you another fun method of making some gold! For this method, we will be farming a transmog set call "Glorious Plate". Additionally, we will get the "Vanguard Plate" set, and the "Lofty Plate" set. This is not the main reason we are farming, but these other two sets are not bad either. Why is the Glorious Set so popular? Because it is the most beautiful female plate set! It can sell for over 10k a pop! -- this set is very sought after and can fetch insane numbers if you managed to find someone's missing piece! See below, you can decide for yourself.

Now, this guide will be focusing primarily on the "Glorious Plate" set (the gold one). This is the one which fetches the most gold, and will give us the greatest gold per hour.


The methods I will show you are not widely known, but they can be found. There is currently no thread like this on *********, as a "Glorious Plate" search yielded nothing. Some of my information is taken from the site WOW Bots Gatherbuddy & Honorbuddy, so I give a shoutout to Zuabros from the Buddy community. He has created an Honorbuddy profile, which will endlessly farm the location, greatly reducing the effort needed, and is able to be run over-night. More will be on this later.

I also to apologize to the communities like Kuja's Wow Guide, who have this information in their "Restricted Sections". I believe in information being free.
Although I can't see the thread, it's very obvious what it is.

So I'm sorry to these communities for the release of information.
Now, on with the guide!

How to obtain the pieces!

**Glorious Breastplate**

The is the most popular of all transmog pieces, and is guaranteed to fetch you upwards of 10k.
We will be farming in AQ20, which is located in Silithus.

You need to go to the location shown on the map below, and look for the mob "Qiraji Gladiator". This mob is on an INSTANT respawn timer, meaning that you moment that you slay one, it will be replaced -- endless farming! There are two of them located next to eachother, and it is advised to fight both at the same time.

That is the mob you are looking for, and the location is shown on the map. To give you a proper idea of where they are located, see the below screenshot.

There is a pair of them guarding the gate between Moam's room and General Rajaxx's room. Just remember to NOT kill General Rajaxx, or they will no longer spawn! The chest will drop roughly every 1500 mobs killed, and assuming that the average level 85 can kill around 500-600 of these mobs an hour (ilvl 359), you should net yourself around 10k gold in 2 hours. Of course, better gear = better results.

I will update the remaining pieces tomorrow -- they are farmed from non-instanced mobs, and although not worth as much as the breastplate, they still can net you a hefty 7kish gold!

I love feedback! Happy to hear feedback, and would also love to hear your success stories with this!

*Don't forget, you can also disenchant the random greens you get for illusion dust/greater eternal essence/large brilliant shard, which are the most expensive variety of enchanting mats! (No one farms vanilla mats nowadays).*

Thanks everyone,
Heat. ( Copy from other Forum )

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From wowhead:

By mintdreams (115 – 1) 16 days ago (Patch 5.0.5) Report
I've decided to farm parts of this set and thus I started with the chestpiece. I recommend the tips given earlier to go into AQ20 and keep killing Qiraji Gladiators guarding the gate to Moam's room without engaging the second boss General Rajaxx. Their instant spawning allow effective farming so make sure you got loads of bagspace.

Like with all farming, it's about patience or luck. I got the Glorious Breastplate of the Bear after 40 min killing those Gladiators with my enh shaman.

Now I'm off to keep farming Alcaz Island and Rabid Shardtooth bears in Winterspring for other pieces which is far more tedious...

EDIT: I had another chestpiece Glorious Breastplate of the Monkey drop from one of the Strashaz nagas. It's hard to say how many clears, I've been grinding the island for five days, spending roughly 1-2 hours per day there. Still no sign of other Glorious pieces though.
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after 2 hours of grinding that mobs
i become so much reputation..&' 2 plates
tomorrow i will see if they're sold
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Thanks but can anyone tell me how to get the Legs? i have all the pieces but cant get the legs to drop.

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Originally Posted by ovee View Post
Thanks but can anyone tell me how to get the Legs? i have all the pieces but cant get the legs to drop.
. There u see the creeps and the droprate.
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Holy crap, this is great. I got 3 blues, a load of greens including other mog items, and a Glorious Chestplate of the Bear all in about an hour. I have the following to add:

1. Run into the room hugging the right-hand wall, do not aggro any of the mobs in there as these are the "waves" of Rajaxx's encounter, and once you fight them he will attack you. If you aggro, run out of the instance to reset the encounter. I had killed one of Rajaxx's captains (the guys that look like a light gray version of him) and this stopped the gladiators' instant respawn. So, do not touch the Rajaxx encounter in any way and if you start by accident run out.

2. While farming the gladiators you can lose aggro easily if you need to go afk, rest, mount your mammoth for vendors, spawn your guild bank, etc. Facing them, there is a little dead end alley to your left, you can just run down there a little ways and they won't aggro, just kill the two if they are chasing you and their replacements will appear but not aggro.

3. If you want Cenarion Circle rep, drop your guild battle standard next to them, this also serves as a reminder of how long you have been farming. When it despawns you know 15 minutes have passed.

4. The reason I mentioned portable guild bank is because I use mine for temporary storage while out farming. It only works cause I'm guildmaster and I can take out as many items as I put in, but it could work for others if you have an officer you trust who is willing to take your things from the bank and mail them to you. The chest has a cooldown of course but it sits there for 10 minutes and you can just dump stuff in there. Even put the grays in, tell an officer to take the grays and vendor them and put the money in the gbank in return for you using the bank this way. Just some ideas, since a lot of people have not considered using the gbank to farm, this way for 10 minutes you have almost unlimited storage especially if someone is helping you by emptying and mailing to you. Just make sure you work it out ahead of time.

5. If you have a portable mailbox even better, you can mail all the greens to your bank alt, or to another alt to mail them back to yourself.

6. The greys these mobs drop stack to 20, a full stack being worth 3g50s and 6g respectively, so if you don't feel like vendoring you won't miss much gold considering how much more you can make from greens. I am not good with macros, but the following should work, to delete all at once the specific greys these mobs drop:

/run for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do local n=GetContainerItemLink(b,s);if n and string.find(n,"Armored Chitin") then PickupContainerItem(b,s);DeleteCursorItem();end;en d;end

/run for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do local n=GetContainerItemLink(b,s);if n and string.find(n,"Ancient Armor Fragment") then PickupContainerItem(b,s);DeleteCursorItem();end;en d;end

Do both, or combine both items into one macro, I would have done so but I'm not sure how. In any case even 2 macros will help because I had half my bags full of stacks of these to delete.

Anyway I know this was a long post but I hope it will be of some use to you.
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Originally Posted by Nhggr View Post

6. The greys these mobs drop stack to 20, and even a full stack is only worth like 30s, so if you don't feel like vendoring you won't miss more than a few gold.
sells for 3.5g per stack

sells for 6g per stack

You can even make gold with that since they drop a lot.

Also if you don't want gray items at all get an addon that deletes them instantly.
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Originally Posted by khorena5 View Post
sells for 3.5g per stack

sells for 6g per stack

You can even make gold with that since they drop a lot.

Also if you don't want gray items at all get an addon that deletes them instantly.
Whoops, yeah lack of sleep made me write the wrong number. I'll fix that. And still, considering how much more you make from the greens... if you don't have a way to vendor the grays at the farming spot still better to just delete them.

Personally I don't use addons that delete gray items because there is the occasional one you want to keep. The macros are for this specific location.
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Most of the greens sell for less then a stack of armored chitin.

Unfourtunatly my server is pretty dead so there are not many people who transmog their stuff. So i can't really tell how much the go for.

What you should look out for is it's extremly rare and if you have collectors on your server they may buy it for a lot of gold.
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I've read this post 20 minutes ago and gave it a try. Tested it with my 85 Destro with Observer pet. I'm just standing there and watch my pet killing the 2 mobs ^^ Got a Glorious Chest of Fire Resistance after around 3 minutes

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