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How-To: iBot complete from start to finish. FREE WORKING BOT!

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How-To: iBot complete from start to finish. FREE WORKING BOT!

iBot Guide/Tutorial

Ok guys, so basically many of you know me from my work in the past with agBot, etc. And I have recently come back to the scene because I just cannot seem to stay away from SRO, as many of you can't! So I decided to give you guys another complete guide/tutorial from start to finish on ibot, from installing necessary files, to configuring the bot, to setting up scrips, which are somewhat of a pain if you don't have any guidance. So here goes. All of this will be in steps to keep it simple.

- iBot, is a free to use Silkroad Online Bot. My opinion on this bot is that it beats pay-to-use bots hands down, I know this because I have bought bot cards in the past so I know first hand just how this bot compares to other bots. I have gotten comments in game from other members saying how extremely fast and efficient this bot is. I am sure once you guys try this bot, you will not want to go back to pay to use bots. With a little bit of guidance from myself, and a little understanding on your part, you will be up botting 24/7 with no problems (server permitting). I am not getting paid or anything for making this guide, I am doing this to help others in maximizing their SRO botting experience. Taking in to consideration that SBot no longer is accepting new accounts from anyone, this is a BETTER alternative to botting, cost free. I am a well known member on here, and have helped out on many occasions with AgBot. (BTW this bot is better than AgBot ever was.) Minus the AgDev team which fell off the scene because life has more important things going on for some.

Before I get started on the actual aspect of the bot, lets talk about some measures to avoid being detected or banned. This way your botting experience is maximized.

1. There is a file in your Silkroad folder called SilkErrSender.exe, rename the file to something random or totally delete the file all together. This will stop Silkroad crashes and errors from being reported back to Joymax, do this no questions asked.

2. Buy silk (one time is good) and keep at least 1 silk left on your account, this shows that you spend money on a free to play game, and will most likely cause you to not get banned if someone sees you botting in game and decides to report you. They really have no proof, just assumptions. Buy silk, leave some on your account to play it safe.

3. Always keep your bot up to date. Check for updates after EVERY server inspection/update. If you keep your bot current, you are less likely to get banned.

4. Multiclient botting is asking to be banned and is more detectable than any single client bot, so if possible, stay away from multiclient botting. HardMod is okay to use if you want to plvl, or stall. Keep that up to date as well.

Current iBot status: Working

Current iBot version: 1.0.82

1. Download iBot

Link to download the latest version with v1.0.82:

Download the latest version, do not download from anywhere else. BTW, it is clean and completely safe from harming your PC, so you are welcome to scan it as well. This means, there are NO VIRUSES. If you do a scan you will most likely get what is known as false positives. Google for more information.

2. Extract iBot to desktop

Well, basically it is in .rar format upon downloading, so extract all files to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.

3. Installing the necessary files

Without installing these files, you WILL get errors so don't be surprised if you cut corners and this happens to you. Inside the iBot_Necessities folder you will see a series of files, run the ones I have highlighted here in red and completely install them. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 right click on each file, and Run as Administrator. If you are unable to install them for any reason, restart your computer in SAFE MODE, and then install them following this step.

4. Configure srodir.ini file

This is a definite MUST to getting this bot to work and actually open your SRO client. Double click the srodir.ini file, you may be prompted to choose a file to open the current file, choose "choose a program from list, then click ok" Open the file with notepad or wordpad, notepad is easier since it should be in the list.

You want the file to look like this, basically so it directs the program to open with SRO client, now this screenshot is for Windows 7 users, but if you are on XP or another Windows OS, try deleting the (x86) part out so that its just Program Files. Or to make it completely simple, copy the full path to your SRO_client.exe

Make the necessary changes, then click save.

4 1/2. Setting up Auto relog

Ok so in this part of the guide i am going to show you guys how to setup your bot to autorelog and autostart minimized when you start your computer, first lets start by seting up the autorelog, and that is a hidden option in the iBot, to activate it first you must click the donate button!

Then go to the second tab you'll notice that a new Option has appeared, now set your account information and and check the options that I checked in this picture:

Now its time for the second part, I want you guys to go and make a shortcut of Ibot.exe , once you have made it i want you to right click it then properties and then add this to your target line in front of ibot.exe: SN:9 SU:YOURID SP:YOURPASS AS:CHARNAME AB:1 AC:20000 HI
as shown in the picture below:

SN SilkroadServer : Server # (SN:1)
SU Silkroad User : User**** (SU:MyUser****)
SP Silkroad Pass : Password (SP:MyPassword)
AS Auto Select Char : **** (AS:Char****)
AB Auto Select Opt : Option (AB:2)
AC Auto Connect : Delay (AC:20000)
HI Hide iBot : (HI)

Server List No

# Silkroad Server ****
1 Xian
2 Aege
3 Troy
4 Athens
5 Oasis
6 Venice
7 Greece
8 Alps
9 Olympus
10 Tibet
11 Babel
12 RedSea
13 Rome
14 Sparta
15 Eldorado
16 Pacific
17 Alexander
18 Persia
19 Zeus
20 Poseidon
21 Hercules
22 Odin
23 Mercury
24 Mars
25 Saturn
26 Venus
27 Uranus
28 Pluto
29 Neptune
30 Hera
31 Gaia
32 Eos
33 Phoenix
34 Ares
35 Iris
36 Titan
37 Apollo
38 Helios
39 Malazgirt(TR)
40 Petra
41 Tigris

after that click Apply then OK.

5. Opening up SRO with iBot

Ok, you made it this far, the hard parts are somewhat over. Now double click on the ibot.exe file, it will ask you if you would like to donate (I always click no) then the actual bot will open. Do NOT click on start bot yet, most people get this confused with starting the client.

Here is the button you need to click on the bot to get the game started with the bot (highlighted in red):

6. Setting up the party match

This is pretty self explanatory. Notice the 3 tabs at the top, you have taxi tool built in, and it works great!

There is a bug with this part of the bot, do NOT form party through the game otherwise client will close. Operate everything through this, it will make things alot easier. It also allows you to set member lvl to 250 which is cSRO cap.

This is where you can set the bot to auto res members of your party, again, another extremely useful function to the bot, sometimes does take a few seconds for it to do this, but it does do it nonetheless. You must set your secondary weapon, as well as res skill in other parts of the bot which I will outline.

Here is the taxi tool function of the bot, it is not bad at all, the only real downside is you have to type the names exactly as they are if you want it to kick when time ends. I personally like this, but taxi tool 2.5 by prodigy is still better.

7. Setting your Primary and Secondary weapons

Just as it says, Your primary weapon is your attack weapon, secondary weapon is secondary. You need to set this up if you wanna use buffs, so do it! Highlight the weapon then click the tab. You will not see any changes on this page.

8. Setting up area, and mob filter

You hopefully understand how this works, upon setting up the script you will need to also set this, basically so the bot stays within the designated hunting area. You will need to set this up for every new hunting area/script you make. When you get to the hunting area that you wish to hunt at, click set to set the hunting area.

This is where you get to set when beserker mode goes on, keep in mind, it WILL attack PT mobs if beserker is in effect and PT mobs is unchecked, this basically is a setting for when beserk starts. So as you see in my setting, it will start being used when Giant mob is targeted. There are other settings, so set yours accordingly to your hunting habitat.

This is a pretty important part of the bot, try it out, set it the way you like it.

9. Setting up skills and buffs

On the left you will see your skills, every time you add skill points to a mastery you MUST click refresh skill list to keep the bot in good working order. For good habit, do this every time you go to your skills page.

To set your main attack skill, simply highlight the attack skill on the left, then click on Add under the 1st Use skill and you will see the attack skill in the box.

Setting up imbue is mainly focused towards chinese chars, pretty easy to understand, same method as adding the 1st attack skill.

Attack skills are basically your next attacks when fighting mobs. You can add as many of these as you wish, I usually stick to 3-5 to keep it simple.

Primary buff skills are used mainly for the chinese based chars. Simple to understand.

Also, this is the page where you setup your res skill to bring back dead pt members automatically. Highlight the res skill, then click the tab as highlighted.

This is where you setup your Giant/PT attack and imbue skills, as well as secondary buffs (mainly used on euro characters, easy enough to understand.

10. Setting up your scripts (part1)

As outlined below, and is explanatory. Speed drugs will not be purchased if untouched. Mine says that but it is never purchased. Current script is a script that you created, starting at the stable in town. Upon creating a new script, you will need to click on Load New Train script to execute the script. (this script is done AFTER you buy everything in town, create it once you are done purchasing in town items.) You basically click on the ground up to the hunting area that you choose, then choose script name, then save it.

10. Setting up your scripts (part2)

This is where you get to create the new script, click on create script tab, then record. Again, this is started usually from the stable after you have already purchased everything in town. You will basically record the script by clicking on the ground, avoid clicking too far away as this will usually result in the script to be poorly recorded and get stuck somewhere, click on the ground every 30 steps or so to be safe. You will see the steps recorded if you go back to ibot after clicking on ground in game it will say go, etc etc coordinate. This is how you know it's recording properly. Once at hunting area, make a script name (i usually make it the mobs name and lvl). Then click save. In order to make the bot loop you MUST go back to the current script tab, and click on load new train script, and choose the script you just made for that mob.

11. Autopotions/Pet/Horse

This part is self explanatory, set up the pots according to what applies to you. Easy to set up, I usually set up a vigor potion in game if my HP goes too low while HP pot is still in use. I usually set vigor to 35% HP and auto HP pot to about 50-55%. Vigors are VERY important if you are euro, they will in most cases save your life, especially if you are Wiz.

12. Item Picking/Selling/Storage filter

Before you guys ask what happens to SOS/SOM/SOSUN/SONOVA drops, wheres the tab for that? It automatically stores ANY special drop in your storage! IT WILL NOT SELL ANY SPECIAL DROPS! Which is very important to me, and to you guys I'm sure. You can set your bot to sell your dropped weapons/accessories, etc, but the bot cannot be set to sell any special drops like SOS+, this is an awesome feature and good safety practice. Also has Tablet filter, and pet options

P.S. Before you guys complain about your pet picking up arrows/bolts after specifying it to not pick, you have to set the pet IN GAME as well. Example of my settings below.

This should get you guys going.


Make sure after doing all this work in setting up your bot, you click SAVE SETTINGS TAB!! When you wish to stop the bot from running or training, click STOP BOT tab, when done configuring settings, click the START BOT tab. ALL THESE SETTINGS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BOT INTERFACE.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell




auto relog credit goes to baracoudaking
credit goes to ibotforfun and possibly InvincibleNoob

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hey can i use ibot with 2 characters at the same time or just one?
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hey can i use ibot with 2 characters at the same time or just one?

Btw Nice Guide i love it.
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Only 1 at a time right now. If you wanna multiclient you need HardMod, but downside is you cannot multiclient bot. Only 1 bot as a time with ibot, HardMod will allow you to open new SRO with no bot.

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Ok.. sad but you did a great toturial i love it
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I get a error after i click run client.iBot is closing himself and sro crash.

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How could i fix it? I dont want to use agbot more...
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Are you going to add that Warlock function to the Rsro version of the bot?

2 DoT's then move on? :-P

Its a VERY nice function!
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Nice Work . No Any loader Work ?
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Originally Posted by _STIFF_ View Post
Nice Work . No Any loader Work ?
You dont need loader for ibot.It have a own loader in his directory..please someone help me with my problem ty
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