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This is a discussion on [GUIDE] FULL INT FIRE SPEAR NUKER within the SRO Guides & Templates forum part of the Silkroad Online category; ...first off all: thanks guys to have the most read guide and one of the best rated threads here on ...

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...first off all: thanks guys to have the most read guide and one of the best rated threads here on epvp.

Thanks to all who use the legen...wait for it...dary " "-Button and rate !<3


Fanning Spear Series

I, III & V = Mag Def. Increase for 15 seconds. [MAX IT!]
II, IV, VI = Blocking Ratio Increase for 15 seconds. [OPTIONAL]

Heuksal Spear Series

IV & V hit Dull and got a high attack power. [MAX IT!]

Soul Depart Spear Series

Most used Heuksal Skill, hit very nice damage and stun your enemy sometimes. [MAX IT!]

Ghost Spear Attack Series

Hit some nice and FAST damage, 35% probability to knock back your enemy. Mostly used as finisher in a PvP. [MAX IT!]

Chain Spear Attack Series

Skills look nice, hit not that much damage. You won't use these skills in a PvP. [OPTIONAL]

Flying Dragon Spear Series

Heuksal's newest strongest skill since 10Degree. Skill hit ur enemy 2 times + Range attack. [MAX IT!]

Cheolsam Force Series (Passive)

Increase 5'065 HP. Important, because you are full int ;p. [MAX IT!]


Fire Force Series

Your main imbue, stronger than light and cold imbue. [MAX IT!]

Fire Shield Series

Important if you want to be freez imun. [MAX IT!]

Flame Body Series

Increase of 11% Physical damage. You are a CHIN-Char, you hit MAG and PHY. [MAX IT]

Fire Protection Series

Increase ur Magical Def, also important for pvp'ing INT Chars. [MAX IT!]

Fire Wall Series

Absorb the FULL magical damage (Mostly 1 hit only). Helpful versus a Sun/Nova Wizard. [MAX IT!]

Flame Wave Series

Our Nukes! Higher Range + stronger than Light Nukes.
I & IV = fast Nukes [OPTIONAL]
II, III, V & VI = strong Nukes [MAX IT!]

Fire Combustion Series

Detect invisible and stealth, we got our bot or media.pk2 edit for. [IGNORE]

Flame Devil Force Series (Passive)

Increase 11% Physical damage. (Total Firebuild 22% Phy. damage Increase) [MAX IT!]


Cold Force Series

Imbue with a cool effect, freeze all your enemy's without Fire Shield or Holy Word. But still only a secondary Imbue. [OPTIONAL]

Frost Guard Series

Increase your Physical Def, important for pvp'ing STR Chars. [MAX IT!]

Cold Wave Attack Series

Also ignore that Skillbook. Doesn't hit damage, freeze ur enemy for some seconds (without Fire Shield). Better Skill Cold Imbue. [IGNORE]

Frost Wall Series

Absorb the FULL physical damage (Mostly 1-2 hits only). Helpful versus all kind of Chars. [MAX IT!]

Frost Nova Series

Ignore that Skillbook again. Doesn't hit damage, freeze ur enemy for some seconds (without Fire Shield). Better Skill Cold Imbue. IGNORE

Snow Storm Series

Cold Nukes. Wtf? Don't skill that, isn't worth. [OPTIONAL]

Snow Shield Series

Important Skill. That's your life assurance.
Max I, II, III, IV

Cold Armor Series

Increase your Physical Def. [MAX IT!]

► Heuksal Lv110 Skill SP: 739,578 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 1,092,786
► Cold Lv110 Skill SP: 494,806 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 848,014
► Fire Lv110 Skill SP: 808,170 + Mastery SP: 353,208 = 1,161,378

Required Level: 110
Required Total SP: 3,102,178
Total Mastery Level: 330

---LEVEL 100---

HP & MP with Premium PLUS and Devil Spirit A Grade.

Simply: 4x Int Increase on Avatar Set
MMO: 150HP Increase on Avatar Set

Defense with +5 Garment:
Mag: 3900-4000~
Phy: 1600-1700~

Defense with +5 Protector:
Mag: 3500~
Phy: 1800-1900~

---LEVEL 110---

110 HP
17'835 + 3x 1'300 + 5'065 * 15% (4'020) = 30'820 HP <- 15% Devil Spirit
17'835 + 3x 1'300 + 5'065 * 20% (5'360) = 32'160 HP <- 20% Devil Spirit

110 MP
46'147 + 3x 1'300 * 15% (7'507) = 57'554 MP <- 15% Devil Spirit
46'147 + 3x 1'300 * 20% (10'009) = 60'065 MP <- 20% Devil Spirit


Some Videos

a little tutorial for insiders:



My Skillbar:

Lowquality i know :o
F1: Fireimbue, Nukes, generelly range attack-bar. Except Gohst Spear.
F2: Main PvP Skillbar. 2 & 4 Stun attacks, 3 for Dull, 5 ghost Spear, 6 can stay empty, 7 again a range attack (press that skill with your Mouse [rightclick -,-]) and 8-0 are Firewalls, spamm that walls in 3vs1 ect.
F3: The same like F2 only with COLD IMBUE. (For Light Nukers or Warlock/Warriors)
F4: Buffs and Pots.

Hold your fingers always on 1-4 and on Space. Should be easy to press F1-F4 too.

The 5th Skillbar. ô.o

1. Spear (Space + 1)
2. Shield (Space + 2)
3. Sword (Space + 3) not on that picture, my sword is destroyed. -.-
4. Fire Wall (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
5. Cold Wall (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
6. Purification Pills (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
7. 25%-Vigors (Bot @ 40% HP or Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
8. 45%-Snow (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
9. 50%-Snow (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
0. Bloody Ghost Storm (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)

If a Blader, Sword Nuker, Rogue, or a Warrior Knock Down your char, press fast Space and 2 to switch to your shield. When your Char stand up Space + 1.
Remember that you CAN'T hit dull on a player with HOLY WORD. So don't even use Windless Spear (Skill 3), just spam Soul Spear (2) and Emperor (4).


I recommend Garment, even as Full Int Spear Nuker. I also tested a protector set, isnt bad for sure, but i better have a High-end mag def and a noob phy def than a noob mag def and a noob phy def^^

If i forgot anything, just leave a message in the comment section below. :p =3
© by Simply1337 :o

My YouTube Account has been deleted. If you have any questions, please contact me on my Facebook Like page, thanks.


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Very nice guide for a pure int [fire-cold] this was always my favorite.
May you add some pvp hints and set type from your experience, I guess members would like to know more about it

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Du hast in deiner Signatur oder deinem vorherigen Beitrag 102 Grafiken verwendet. Erlaubt sind maximal 100 Grafiken. Bitte klicke auf 'Zurück' und entferne einige davon.

Zu den Grafiken zählen Smileys, das BB-Code [img] Tag und das HTML <img> Tag. Die Benutzung dieser drei Grafikarten kann vom Administrator eingeschränkt werden.
That sucks.
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Alhassan_x (03/09/2011)
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sweet tut!!!
I like the Idea about using pic's ^^
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TheOxide (03/06/2010)
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Very nice guide and nice pvp in your videos.
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TheOxide (03/06/2010)
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I just love int chars with fire :P
Dmg is awesome.
But maybe u skill light to it.
Maybe 100heuk 100 fire 60 cold 40 light or something like that
Because @ light the piercing force magical dmg increase so u can make more awesome dmg with ur fire spearnuker.
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TheOxide (03/06/2010), Tukasz (06/23/2010)
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This I don't really understand..

8. 45%-Snow (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
9. 50%-Snow (Use your Mouse, Rightclick)
Only 50% should do in skill bar right? o.O

Also, I'd maxout the whole ****** Snake Spear. Having Block is usefull for pvping Str based builds.

As for pvp hints, I honestly don't think it's needed to give more. Play with your build, it's not like you'll be using more as one weapon, and on the way to level 100 I'm sure you will figure out a good way to use your skills in pvp.

Aside from all that, I recall MMO_Doug from a server.. Leaning towards Greece.. Right? :O


All in all, great guide.
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What's up with that Press space and then 2 fast? I'm not familiar with that 'extra' skill bar.
When u press space u use that one or whut? xD

Been outta the PVP world for a while.

Btw; nice guide, tnx :-)
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Press Space + a number = 'extra' skill bar.^^

how many hits u block in that 15 sec? maybe i skill that too, idk.
and i dont gonna add more hints ;d
and mmo dog..doug:d is from greece, right :O
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Originally Posted by Simply1337 View Post
Press Space + a number = 'extra' skill bar.^^

how many hits u block in that 15 sec? maybe i skill that too, idk.
and i dont gonna add more hints ;d
and mmo dog..doug:d is from greece, right :O
I have no idea, just the basic description says it block, and I'm sure it does, I have no decent level spear nuker what so ever tho

Hehe I used to play on Greece, was my first server (:
Say hi to Dennis for me, he's in your guild =D ( Force_NuK3R )
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