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Discussion on BEST Full Str Bow GUIDE within the SRO Guides & Templates forum part of the Silkroad Online category.

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Thumbs up BEST Full Str Bow GUIDE


Lots of people talk about 70:70 bow build, or pure int bow build....but pure str is the way to go if you're going to be a bower. So here is my own guide and hope you like it.

First of all, all stat points go to str.

Advantages: More hp=more physical defense, higher criticals, better in pvp
Disadvantages: Less MP (who cares..we have pots), Less damage with Magical attks (not a problem)

First Build: 100 pacheon/100fire/100cold. [SP=1,321,709]
The reason: Pacheon is needed for bow skills (must get to 100 no matter what), fire is necessary because it is the physical damage buff skill tree, strongest imbue, and magic def buff. If you don't really care for the speed buff and the magic buff doesn't matter much...get 100 cold. Advantage is the huge physical defense buffs that give you very high tanking ability but at the loss of speed (no worry, you can always buy drug of typhoons).

Alternative Build: 100 pacheon/100 fire/60light/40cold [SP=1,046,275]
The reason: Same pacheon and fire reason as above. Light is needed for a little magic buff(15%) and also speed, and finally cold for snow shield (a little additional phy defense).

Sadly, you will need to farm like crazy in the beginning for this build....but its worth it in the end because the bow is one of the strongest in PvP and best for unique hunting.

So lets look at the first build skills now:100 pacheon/100 fire/100cold [this is my favorite]
Red=Must get and max
White=Don't get




The skills [glow=red,2,300]ADVANTAGES :P[/glow]:
FIRE: Magic Def +277, Physical Attk %19 increase
COLD: Physical Def +336, Snow Shield 60% physical def absorption

For SP Farming I suggest 9 gap from 18-28 at ongs. Keep dlvling (very annoying but have to do) and do this 20 times. Then you will have enough sp as you 0 gap from 28-100.

If this helped you Please leave a thanks, or if you have any suggestions or questions about the two builds I showed feel free to reply.

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nice guide, rly good one
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nice but change fireshield cause archer with lvl 100 fire but no immunity to ice/light/fire etc.. is kinda sad imo. Just carry a shield to put fire-shield, then switch to bow. Archers should always carry a shield anyway
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60% snow on a pure str, thats like putting a hockey puck in a reindeers ****!

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Originally Posted by chrismac511 View Post
60% snow on a pure str, thats like putting a hockey puck in a reindeers ****!
I love that answer.
No real reason to max snow past adept.

But yea I do have some thoughts...

First of all for the fire/ice bower, getting ice imbue is a very good idea. Hell, even for level 40 ice. Cuz basically, you'll still hit decent damage since you don't rely on magical damage (tho still get fire imbue for when you're fighting immune people), but the freeze helps GREATLY vs people who aren't immune, as in any euro that's not sub cleric, and any chinese that doesn't have fire (you'll still get the 19% phy boost from fire stuff). You can also just use it strategially, like using ice imbue + arrow combo to cancel attacks (if the freeze doesn't cancel it, knockback might too)

Also, get fire shield so you aren't stuck into that category above. Maxing it costs under 7k sp and it enables you to become 100% immune with only 22% stats TOTAL on your accessories. Ignoring this skill is just dumb since it doesn't even cost much and without it even with 20% of every stat on every accessory, you're not immune.

And lightning hawk should optional. It's decent for training, but in pvp it hits like 300 damage at best, not nearly as good as attack rate effect.

And ice wall is VERY good for versus int warlocks. It makes them so they can't debuff you, and since your attacks are all long-ranged that makes them very easy to kill. Don't have to max it tho, if you don't want to spend much sp just max it to like 37 or 57 and it'll do just fine.

Lastly, fire wall should definitely be a must-get. It makes you SO much better in pvp vs warriors and STR warlocks. Not bad for vs bladers either tho it's often not worth the cast time cuz they can break it easily.
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Best build for archer's full str fire\force\pacheon all 100lvl
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There isnt a BEST build lol. All builds have their advantages and dis-advantages, so you cant call this the BEST bow build.
I used to have a hybrid bower at 90 cap that kicked alot of ***, but it had its weaknesses as does every build....
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why in the world would u go for 100 ice when u have the 2 knocbacks skills and not choose light ho is realy useful for escape tight sittuations
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Originally Posted by darklord696 View Post
why in the world would u go for 100 ice when u have the 2 knocbacks skills and not choose light ho is realy useful for escape tight sittuations
Um for more physical defense? Knockback is effective but it's weak as ****, it's best to have additional forms of defense, especially vs STRs.

And different stuff in there is good for vs different chars.

Like snow is good for vs wizards, ice wall is good for vs warlocks, and ice imbue is good for vs anyone who doesn't have fire shield/holy spell.

Whereas ghostwalk is fine but you can use your own logic on that, why in the world would you need ghostwalk when you have knockback.
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