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[BOT] Stealthlite - the free and easy way to bot

Discussion on [BOT] Stealthlite - the free and easy way to bot within the SRO Exploits/Hacks/Bots/Guides forum part of the Silkroad Online category.

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agbot works perfect no bugs but not multiclient -_- it wont patch sro after theres a client on so it wont work.
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dont worry sethi i will keep an eye on this thread if any members need help

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hmmmmmmmmm I will now download and try it... ty>3
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the bot is not safe after the 1.230 Update , wait for new client and new bot version

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Isn't there a pro version yet?

Sorry for asking but I don't check the stealthbot forum but I did in the beginning, a long time ago and there were plans for a pro version?

Is that still not out yet? I'm just curious that's all.
I respect ur work nonetheless.
Anyone who can build a bot from scratch deserves respect!
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no pro version yet , idk wats the delay for hope one of the mods will be able to answer that question
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Originally Posted by sethi View Post
Seen that the old thread was closed I release from scratch updated links and installation guide.

Before all, I think that might be important give to who don't know us some info about stealthlite and stealthex team, if you're not interested simply jump after this block.

What's Stealthex team?
Stealthex is a web community born with the intention to give common users a secure place where discuss and learn about free mmorpg and for coders a place where release and develop tools and more around mmo.
The idea of a paid version of some of the software released on stealthex community must be intended only as a way to let the founders have enough founds to maintain/upgrade and improve the services and the spaces for their users, so stealthex can't and must not be intended like a bot company.

Our first project stealthlite:
Stealthlite is the free version of a Silkroad Bot (under development), known with the codename "SRO_Stealthbot pro".
Long time ago we released stealthlite to let our community member to bot freely, without higher informatics knowledges and without any ideas to compete with other paid bots, we do it for our leisure not for money.
The bot interface is easy and the startup steps to are few and easy, this merged to the fast hunting loop and other options make stealthlite the best companion during the long farming/griding phases.
It's a packed bot so users can easly chat, see a movie or do any other activities during the playtime.
Also just to try to give our piece to avoid the death of sro we decided to don't leave (in stealthlite version only) the loop option (when char die, come to the city, fix the equipments, buy all he need to hunt, and come back to his hunting area) in this way users might have more time to socialize be active in game/guild/union and just in case a GM come be ready to replay (are years that don't appear a GM on international version but who can say?).

Stealthlite and viruses:
A rumor that I've seen several times is that stealthlite contain viruses, this might scare some users but the truth is that viruses like any software are programs, and their author to limit the possibilities to analyze what their virus do (also known as reversing) protect their programs and use the same kind of protection used by other.
Just to make an example:
Almost all SRO players know and use Testosterone one of the best loader around, rumata's testosterone is clean but is protected, so if you try to scan for viruses some old version of it you'll surely gain a virus alert, why? The protection system no more no less.
Stealthlite support/development VS SRO_Stealthbot pro first release delay:
Our main target is give an help to sro players during grinding and farming phases that all know as the most annoying one so we gave more attention to the quality of the internal functions and the updating of the bot referred to the sro client evolution than the clear possibility to gain money from the pro version.
So we focused the most of our resources to stealthlite, slowing down the pro development and tests.

I've eared a lot of rumors about our delays on pro release, the truth is that don't exists a real reason to be so in hurry to stop to play to your favorite mmoprg due a software that take all the fun, simply use it as what it is, a tool to help you when you play.

After this introduction that might have explained you who we are and what we do, here to you all you need and a brief guide to install and use stealthlite bot (this info are a cut and paste from the official release thread on stealthex community):

Stealthlite BOT Release and Notes:

Enjoy StealthLite Bot and all it's available features. Remember, StealthLite is a free bot and can be used by anyone.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Start the NuConnector, selection of the NuConnector is your own preference [whatever works best on your computer!].
  2. Start StealthexLite.exe [You don't need to patch the media.pk2 file!].
  3. Search for sro_client.exe, then put your login and password of this forum [] and press the start button.
  4. If you are able to test the bot, Silkroad will be started.
  5. When Silkroad has launched, put in your Silkroad account information and login into Silkroad. You can use the login help for the login with you wish.
  6. When you are logged in, press F8, setup the functions available, refer to:

  7. for a more detailed description and functionality help. Once you have completed the setup phase, press F9 to initiate the bot's autotraining.

Due to this being StealthLite, we have limited the functions, here is a list of the available functions.

Functions list:
  • 5 Skills, 4 Buffs and Imbue.
  • Go to training area with load and save scripts. No options available.
  • Character and Pet auto-potting.
  • Character and Pet pick-up control.
  • Autotraining with all options.
  • Party match.
  • Items merge. [Not from/to pet/char].
  • F8 - Show/hide the bot.
  • F9 - Start and Stop autotraining.
Top Status Bar:
  • Mobkills [right click], start/stop autotraining.
  • Minimize [left click], minimize and maximize the client [Setup the size of the minimized client under the 'General Tab'.
  • Hide [left click], show/hide the client.
  • Hide [right click], show/hide the bot.
  • Script [left click], record new script for start and stop.
  • Script [right click], run/stop the script.
  • Quit - [left click], Quits out of the bot and Silkroad Online.

Official Download links
StealthLite v1.6.6 11.11.09 15:45 [Full version, it contain all nuconnectors (only patched + new log in server) versions from v5.0 to v8.1]

- Minor bugs fixes

-new sromux.dll
-new bot exe for the new opcodes
-updated item data for Christmas event

Stealthlite [official mirrors]

[Full version, it contain all nuconnectors (only patched + new log in server) versions from v5.0 to v8.1]

MD5 bot rar: 284833cead8535cad342e4819669a86d
MD5 bot exe: aff523cf05a97c3d3ce7d47761186b22

SRO_client v1.222 [Unpacked] (Use ONLY THIS unpacked sro_client version!!!)

(Archive Password: stealthex )
(Archive Password: stealthex )
(Archive Password: stealthex )

MD5 client rar: 0008e188be880120b017cdf4e3ec7f2f
MD5 client exe: d182ba62afe9fc6c7074b575df47daa5

Other useful download links
nuConnector collection (v5.0~v8.1) [This archive contain all nuConnector versions that can be indentified as FALSE POSITIVE]
  • (Archive Password: nuconnector )
MD5 .rar: 33D5B10E57344B8B7D441BA673BB6437

If you get any disconnections please send us the last packet file available (you need the debug mode online) and look at the 'alerts' tab and report the last 5-10 alerts in the bug report thread. Don't forget to PM Sly2 with any information contained in the 'test' subfolder.

If something doesn't work (except nuconnector problems) please switch the debug mode online.
Then try to use/utlise StealthLite as best as you can. As soon as the problem appears, close SRO and submit a bug report with the information contained in the 'test' subfolder (on stealthex forum).

Have a nice play
Ahm is this for Conquer online or othe because this a co forum...thought..but anways Ty for it
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Why quote? Sigh..
It's for Silkroad online. Not 'Conquer' online.
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Anybot used patch, u will got bannd ~_~
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been using it for 3 months nothin happend so dont bs in here
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bot, free, silkroad, sro, stealthex

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