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what is the best build in sro

Discussion on what is the best build in sro within the SRO Ask the Experts forum part of the SRO Main - Discussions / Questions category.

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wow ok. here it is.... when you are a level 72 wizzard like me on sparta, what you do is you just go around INVISIBLE no one can see you with life control on. and then you walk up to some random pure str garm glaive and use meteor on them there you are a 20k hit so dont tell me wizzys dont own everything..

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I wouldnt say there is a "best class", you always have to know what u want.
If u wanna kill som1 fast and make high dmg ur good if u take a nuker/full int char.
If u wanna be on the save site, so lots of hp, lots of def etc. ur good to take a full str char.

But u have to know ur char wont be better than urself
When u dont know how to skill a char etc. ur char cant own but i think thats clear for everybody.

( I wont name any euro chars cause i never played one of em and had a break for some month so i will just explain the chinese chars )

Lets star with the nukers:

First there is the S/S nuker (=Shield and Sowrd)

The good thing of such a char is that u have a chance to block attacks with ur shield.
But much better are the knowck down combos.
That allows u to pot if ur hp is less than 30 % or lower.
Ok now u guy can say but glaive/spear has stun, too.
Thats true but the know down combo is much more effective =)

The bad sites of such a nuker is that he has so low hp =/.
I played this char, too and when u dont block attacks at the right time it can be that ur dead really fast cause if he hits u with a crit or another hard skill u dont have enaugh hp do stay alive.

So we can say, the S/S nuker has a good chance to block and more def thourgh the shield. Also he has his knock down combo to throw the enemy down and pot hisself full.

Ok the Spear nuker:

Hmm, u have much more hp than a S/S nuker, u do more dmg and have a stun, too. (but like i said, the s/s stun is a lot better =P )
When ur lucky u really can 1 hit ppl who arent best equipped.
The problem here is that u have no block.
Yeah, sure u have more hp and u can say they will save me from death. And yes they can =) but they wont do it every time. Kill the enemy before he can give u really
hard dmg thats the rule. (Btw. Spear nuker do the highest dmg from all chinese chars).

Thats it for the int chars. There are some ppl who tell me that int blade or int bow is good, too but if u ask me thats crap.
Wtf should a blader do with int ? Right nothing =D

Here we go with Full str classes.

First of all we have to say that u are on the save side when u take a full str char. U wont have any one hit problems cause u have anaugh hp or def/ block to stay alive. I would say for all ppl who start silkroad str chars are the best option.

Full Str Glaive:

U have lots of hp, the highest dmg from the full str side, and new ppl in sro will always be scared of ur 4 m glaive =D.
In pvp its nearly the same like spar, the only difference u have more hp and dont need to kill ur owner with 1 or 2 hits. Every full str char could and here i can say COULD work as a tank. Some more and some not so much =P
Ok what else u have with spear, ah yes u can stun ur enemy likei said in the spear section.
The bad sites from glaive are that u have no real block and a lower defence than Blader. Anyway with Glaive u have a strong char and im sure u will always have fun with him if u are the kind of ppl who dont wanna die fast =P

Next my favourite Char, the blader:

U have lots of hp like every str char, u have the highst def and u have a good block. Ah i just forgot i have the knock down combos like the S/S nuker.
In pvp u can work as a tank like we know the palas or the warriors from wow etc.
The blader is no realy dmg dealer, he has the lowest dmg of all star chars, so u wont own soo much ppl and ur not the kind of player who says "hahaha, im the best and i can kill averybody ......" !
But hey, u can live without killing 10000s of ppl.
Why ? cause u can say "hahaha nobody of u can kill me ..." !
And thats true, when ur a good skilled blader with good equippement (I dont talk about SOX, just no npc armor and som blues, maybe +3,4,5) nobody can kill u.
U all know what i mean, sure there are players who can kill u but not much at all. Last but not least u can save ur life with ur knock down combos.

The last charakter, the full str Bow:

Ok what to say about bow. Some ppl already said it in this thread, u have the highes critical, stun and the knock back skills. But u always have to buy arrows which take room from ur inventory (but thats just my own opinion).
in pvp a good "bower" owns when u are in one on one.
He will stun u, knock u back, hit u with his damn criticals and tada ur dead if u dont be carefull =)
But when there are more players attacking u (thats normal when u have job wars etc.) a bower will die faster than a glaiver or a blader( who can take more than 2 ppl).
And a rule wich u should know is, keep distance, always fight and USE ur range attacks. When u stun sb. then damn go away from him and dont just stand there, let him come to u and hit u with all he got. When u start to play a range attacker, dude then use his range power cause a bower is a really good class if u know how to play him .

Ok thats it for the chinese classes.
The question was "what is the best build or the best char".
Here is ur answer, ther is no best char. It all depends on what u want to be like i said at the beginning.

Here u go guys, try it out and tell me what u think about it. If i wrote sth wrong pls tell me, im just a human like u and we all do mistakes

Btw. ( What I wrote is based on non SOX or imba equippement. Think its clear that the best char with npc armor cant own any char with sox etc. armor.)

Also it could be nice if anybody could post sth. for the euro chars cause i think the toppic of this thread is the right place for such a hmm dont let me call it guide. Search word for urself =P

I hope i could help some of u, over and out Skre1th
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Dudes... Any build is great (except full int glavier or full str nuker) if u have it hi lvl ... Any build has his advantages and disadvantages ... The glavier might have a **** load of hp but when he buffs with snow shield he doesnt have enough mp even for imbue... They are all good and all can pwn anyother build ..

Just my opinion... If its 80 full farmed... i dont give a **** what build i can pwn anyone
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Originally Posted by johanson75 View Post
wow ok. here it is.... when you are a level 72 wizzard like me on sparta, what you do is you just go around INVISIBLE no one can see you with life control on. and then you walk up to some random pure str garm glaive and use meteor on them there you are a 20k hit so dont tell me wizzys dont own everything..
oh rly?

detecting invisible chars is so easy you wont even need any pk2 edit

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Originally Posted by kingsvN View Post
i think from CH Character ( PURE STR GLAVIE )

how you make the picture?
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i think it depends on u.
i mean if.... u like to be a tanker then i think blade is the best for u but the bladers prob is there low damamge then u have not to be full STR u got to have in the first 5 lvls 5 int points and if u're full STR then u won't be killed but u won't kill any person :P.
then i think glaviers are good too they have good damage and high HP but low defence against phy attack if u play garment and if u play protector or armor then ur defence against the nukers will be low.
hmmmm..... bow is good but it must be HYBRID cuz STR bower damage is low so u won't kill any one also u have low defence so u will be kicked.
My Char is Blader 5 points int at the 1st 5lvls on venice his name is Nuker_Mat i already can **** any one with it
so i think my advice for u to play a blader but u got to have 5points INT and the 1st 5lvls or play glavier Full STR they are good too but i don't like them cuz most of players in this game are glaviers so u have to be different
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These 5 INT Points are useless o0
I am playing full str fire blader atm
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5 lvl with 5 Int Points he said.
But you can only do 4 Int per lvl, cause 1 goes to str and 1 to Int automatic and then you have 3 over ^^
So that makes 20 additional INT Points
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I should say.. Glavie or Bow, but for sure, i would not choose blade..
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At 90 cap, I think Bladers will be a force to be reckoned with. The blocks, knockdowns, L90 stab (+5 crit), lightning chain, and the new shield power-down (trades sheild defense for phys attack (almost as much as a glaiver - but doesn't affect the blocking ratio) will definitely allow str bladers to deal far more damage than they do now.
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