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~Welcome, One and All, to Shaiya Haven!!~

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Talking ~Welcome, One and All, to Shaiya Haven!!~

Hi guys! It's time for the super-fantastical-fabulous news that Haven has been around for 2 years and is still going strong!! =D

YAY! BIRTHDAY!! 2 years later, much has changed, much is still the same, and Haven still stands! Come celebrate our 2nd birthday with us!!

Server Highlights (for those avoiding walls of text):

Ep5 with custom jumped skills - lvl 80 cap - 100x exp rate - OS style with awesome customs - 2x kills all the time, with kill bonuses all the time - nos, lapisia, debuff & abs lapis DO EXIST - custom gears, mounts, lapis, maps, mobs - crap drops removed - fun!!

Scroll to bottom of post for download and registration links.

Before we even get into what we have to offer, I want to make it very clear what kind of server we are: a completely non-donation oriented, completely fair, completely balanced server. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, doesn't matter what class you play, doesn't matter whether you start on Day 1 of opening, or 2 months later... everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

We have been the players on the servers of dozens of different money-hungry, power-tripping admins who care more about themselves than the players; that is not who we are. We want to provide a safe, fair, friendly, professional atmosphere where players can come to have fun with friends and not worry about getting killed in PVP by a player with a blue name, hitting 100k; where no one has to deal with staff chatting in message to servers or notices; where you aren't forced onto a pvp map to be able to get the best items. We want to be your safe haven in the Shaiya p-server community. That's what our name means, and we stand by it.

As for "donations"- we offer nothing for donation that does not drop readily in game; and we're talking at a good rate, not at a one-in-a-million chance. The only thing donating does is gets laaazy people completed faster. It also happens to serve the purpose of helping us fund the server. =) On another note, our HDP (Haven Donation Points) are cheap, and you can buy an amount as small as $1. If you don't feel like donating, even $1... that's ok, because HDP tickets drop all over the game. NPC them for instant point gratification.

Now, on to the details. Here at Haven, we've labored for years to bring you an OS-like community feel, with slow-paced leveling and incentives to return to all your favorite old haunting grounds:
  • Ep 5 with most maps working, and new Ep 6 maps on the horizon. There are also custom maps coming, for 60 pvp and more. Several maps are now instanced zones.

  • 100x experience, with frequent EXP boost events.

  • Level 80 cap, with end-game monsters raised to accommodate the higher levels.

  • Level 8 lapis are max, with many lapis modified (but no super-uber-ridiculously-overpowered-god lapis). Life lapis have been cut to help avoid HP glitching.

  • 2x PVP kills, with a 1 million kill cap.

  • Capes are enchantable! We were one of the first to have this. ;D

  • We have almost all items included in-game: Nos (except KOs [only ice cream form] and conc-types), Lapisia (90% enchant rate, [1] to [20]), Debuff lapis (only lvl 6- the "worst" ones take 2 slots), and Absorption lapis are all common drops.

  • The Ep 5 skill-jump has been implemented, and customized so you don't have to struggle through 1-15 or 20-30 pvp, or wait until mid-60s to get the good skills.

  • Some skills have been modified for enhanced gameplay, such as Storm (the wind mage skill) once again a distance-cast AOE. Casters also get a 2k-per-tick DOT. Specialty Ep5 skills that normally don't function have been modified to give bonus effects.

  • Shields may be worn with 1h swords by all classes, with the exception of archers/hunters. Sorry guys, but we gave you increased base weapon attack power instead.

  • All pvp zones have at least 3 sets to choose from, all of which have been modified to have the same stats, so you can chose your set based on looks rather than stat advantage. Many sets have been recolored as well, just for fun. =)

  • All crap drops have been removed from game, including all low-level lapis, all Endures, and all NPC food.

  • Fortune bags! Many different types, with level-based drops given. Need I say more?

  • Everything you need to begin playing and play comfortably can be found in the Item Mall free: the last 2 pages are for "donation" items, and of those, everything can be obtained in-game with a little hard work.

  • Enchanting for attack gives double the original effect- a weapon to [20] gives +1000 attack instead of +500. Capes can also be enchanted for attack just like weapons, or for absorption.

There's more, but this list is already getting too long for comfort. So, you'll just have to stop by and check it out.

Our website is located here:

And here's the New Player page where you can find all the info and links you need to learn, download, and get playing:

We are so excited to have been around for a full 2 years now, and to offer a server where everyone can come feel accepted, respected, and welcomed. Don't forget to stop by the forums and take part in some of our events going on there. We can't wait to get to know you all. See you soon! =D

Faithfully yours,
The Haven Team


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Anyway, I have to say, this is a very well thought out server.
Very giving to its own community, and a knowledgeable staff.
Staff that knows and understands that it's not about turning a profit, but about providing the community with a place to call "home."
A place where we can feel like we earned our in-game belongings, our status, our pride.

Give it a shot tonight at the opening and let's make this server ours!

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#Backlink approved

I really like how this server was thought, so, if I get any spare time I will certainly try it out.

Good luck with it!!!
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i will try it out, seems to be pretty nicely setup

But i hope you have DDOS protection

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I love ittt! I love exp rate i love droplist i love everything!
Hope u won't get ddos attack or that u can afford it and dont' give up!
And i hope i'll have a nice time on there
See you all ingame!
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Thanks so much for the positive feedback guys. ^^

Things are going well, we've had about 10 people on constantly since we opened 7 hours ago, and with any luck we'll gain a bunch more! Everyone seems really happy, but remember we can always use feedback if there's anything we can do to improve the experience and make a better Shaiya home.

Hope to see many more smiley faces soon! Everyone is welcome. =)

The Haven Team
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What about DDoS Protection? do you have any?
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lol i will try it it look awesome ... At this time there havent any good servers but now i find 1 thanks!
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I would have to say, join this server. It's actually entertaining, something fun to do. Not the usual dull server that you would find yourself on one day, and leaving the very next
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Downloading it now, seems you are motivated and the server as good planning. Cya ingame.
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farm, grind, mid-rate, pvp, shaiya

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