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Discussion on ShaiyaX within the Shaiya PServer Advertising forum part of the Shaiya Private Server category.

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Arrow ShaiyaX

From the minds of EarthCrush, Abrasive, Klaries, and the rest of the ShaiyaX team, the ShaiyaX server opens its doors on Friday, May 27th for public beta.
  • Full EP5 - fully functional skills! This is not the workaround; each individual skill level works properly
  • Custom Experience System - Instant Leveling
  • Website: - EPvP link is posted on our "About" page
  • Forum:
  • Chat:
  • Client download is now available!
  • If you join the special 1-15 zone, NO CHARACTERS OR ITEMS MAY LEAVE

    Nearly a year of work has been put into making this server unique and enjoyable, so we hope to see you all there! Continue reading to find out some unique features exclusive to ShaiyaX.

PVP Based Guild Ranking
GRB is now a PVP event which counts kills gained by your guild members. No more boring GRB map!

Automatically Applied Buffs
Continuous res runes are applied automatically for UM characters. Double warehouse, eternal endurance, and prevent item drop are automatically applied for all characters. No more accidental deaths!

Working Episode 5 Skills
All EP5 skills work at all individual levels (1-9). This is not the EP5 skill workaround. Some skills have been modified from their original version for various reasons.

Near Instant 1-15 PVP Readiness
When you create a new character, you are given a choice to designate that character for 1-15 only, or not. ALL gear and lapis are free for characters designated for 1-15. Once you designate a character for 1-15, neither they nor their items may leave the zone. Also no gear may be brought into the 1-15 zone from outside. EVERYONE is on an equal playing field in this zone.

Working Invasion System
Take altars on the Kanos Ilium map and invade Valdemar if you are UoF, or invade Palaion Regnum if you are AoL.

Sensible Item Drops
Weapons and armor sets now drop from mobs based on the item level, mob level, and mob difficulty. Want more slots? Fight harder mobs. Want higher level armor? Fight higher level mobs. You should find plenty of useful items during your quest to level 70, instead of ending up naked with a sack full of garbage.

Searchable Item Drops
Use the drop list search feature to find exactly what you are looking for. Search by item name to find where specific items drop. Search by map name to find items that drop on a specific map. Search by mob name to find items that drop from a specific mob.

Custom PVP Map
Custom high level pvp map as well as the ability to designate characters to play in the specialized level 15 pvp sandbox.

Static Goddess Blessing
Goddess Blessing is now static at 75% at all times for both factions. The relics in D-Water have been replaced with bosses for both factions to compete for.

Accurate Skill Descriptions
Skill descriptions have been updated to better describe what the skills actually do. Also if information was missing from the skills previously, it is now included in the description. For skills that we modified, the descriptions have been updated accordingly as well.

Custom Items and Item Mall
New recolored armor and weapons, as well as a new weapon glow which came to be called Skittleglow™. Convenient and simple item mall packages are provided to get you up and playing quickly. Some items have been scaled to have stats, attack, and defense appropriate for their level. For example, the higher level armors no longer have 90+ base stats.

Bazaar Points™
A custom token system which allows the purchase of Bazaar Points within the game, for in-game gold. This means you can farm for BP. This is the only way to get BP.

Bug Fixes
Characters will receive the proper hp/mp/sp upon attaining levels after level 60.

Anti-Inflation Measures
Universally scaled down linking costs, enchanting costs, and gatekeeper costs. All gear sale prices, and gold drop rates have been scaled to the new economy. Fortune coins do not drop anywhere as well. All of this was done to mitigate inflation.

Anti-Hacking and Exploiting Measures
Stealth glitch and duping vulnerabilities are both patched. SQL injection is not possible here. A custom banning system has been implemented to remove troublemakers from the server, and make their return as painful as possible.

Drop List

ShaiyaX Custom Armor

Teaser Screenshots

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What server is this?
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ok 2 questions , do the altar bosses spawn with the altar and are the ShaiyaX custom items better than 65+ gears?
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Originally Posted by halco_93 View Post
ok 2 questions , why medius and Lucifera are "different" and are the ShaiyaX custom items better than 65+ gears?
Relics are gone because bless is now static at 75%, so they have no use. They've been replaced with bosses named after them.
And yes, slightly so. There isn't a massive difference in gear stats to provide more variety for the players. We want to see many different looking toons in PvP

Originally Posted by abrasive View Post
What server is this?
You cut me deep

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Originally Posted by Klaries View Post
You cut me deep
I give you an enchilada to heal your wounds.
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Gratz guys!

I know of the work you guys have done, its incredible.

This is the single most Stable and Tested EP5 Server EVER to be made.

if you like all the Fancy Mancy Armors Skills and Maps of EP5 =P Come Straight HERE!

dont worry about any others, these guys have got it NAILED!

So Happy for you guys ^_^ i am gonna make an account myself, i have to explore EP5 eventualy rite ^_~ mite aswell do it on a server that has Staff that ROCK!

Best regards
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Well deff gonna try this. Many servs are just pretty much keeping it the same while adding a few armors or different areas here n there. But the ideas promoted on this one are very interesting. Gonna have fun here. ^^
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Registration open already ?
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Originally Posted by flexter93 View Post
Registration open already ?
Registration will be enabled later today
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Good luck!

Hi, there:

I can only say I love all the new ideas you guys had; that is pretty hard to see these days.

Best wishes to your server from both Prince and me.
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