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[TUT] Various Packet Codes & Explain

Discussion on [TUT] Various Packet Codes & Explain within the Shaiya Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum part of the Shaiya category.

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[TUT] Various Packet Codes & Explain


this is a little Tutorial for People who are new to Shaiya Packet Editor.
I'll show you some Codes and explain you how to use them.

I will NOT teach you how to use the Editor, so please make sure you KNOW already how to use it.

1. Rerolling

Code: 06 08 05 00 00 05

06 08 <-- Command for Rerolling, allways the same
05 00 <-- Location of Recreation Rune (In this Case, last Bag, first Slot)
00 05 <-- Location of the Item (I recommend to equip the Item, so the first one will remain 00, 05 is for Weapon)

So, if you allways have the Rec Runes at the same Spot in the same Bag, all you need to change is the LAST Number, depending on which Item you would like to reroll.

Helmet: 00
Top: 01
Bottom: 02
Gloves: 03
Boots: 04
Weapon: 05
Shield: 06

If you reroll an Item that is NOT equipped, you will have to change the last TWO Numbers, to set it's Location in your Bags.

2. Enchanting

Code: 05 08 01 00 01 01 01 00 05

05 08 <-- Command for Enchanting
01 00 <-- Location of Lapisia (In This Case, First Bag first Slot)
01 01 01 <-- Location and Amount of Enchant Item (In This Case, First bag second Slot, 1 Item for each Enchant)
00 05 <-- Location of Item to be enchanted (Again, 00 because its not in any Bag and 05 for Weapon)

Use the List above for the Gear-Numbers.
You can either move the different Lapisias and Enchant Items in your Bag to the correct Spot, so you don't have to change the entire Code, only the last Number. Or you set the Code to the different Locations of the Items.

3. Linking

Code: 01 08 01 01 00 05 01 00

01 08 <-- Command for Linking
01 01 <-- Location of the Lapis (In this Case, first Bag, second Slot)
00 05 <-- Location of Item (00 as it's not in my Bags and 05 for Weapon)
01 00 <-- Location of the Hammer (In this Case, first Bag, first Slot)

Like written above, just move the Items or change the Code regarding of what you link.

Please note, that the Editor counts the Bags from 01-05, and the Slots of the Bags from 00-24 (from left to right). However, after 09 the Counting gets a bit different, i'm not sure how it counts after 09 as i never bothered with it.

I have done this with the Packet Editor that was released by Metin2Spieler97 on this Forum, which can be found

I hope this Helps, if it did, please don't forget to press the "thanks" Button

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I have seen many people asking for this, so it is, indeed, really usefull

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Is this really a hack? can you do this without rec runes or lapisia? or is this just a tedious method of linking and rereolling..?
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it's not a hack
This Programm takes the Information from the Code you enter (The ones in my first Post) and once you send these Codes to the Server, the Programm tells the Server to enchant Item X with Material X using X of them for each Enchant with Lapisias X, where X stands for the Location and Number of the Items which YOU specifiy in your Code.

So, it's really is not a hack. You do not exploit anything by using this Tool for Enchant/Reroll/Link
BUT it CAN be exploited, i'm not gonna say what.. but it can be exploited to be seen as a Hack.
So whenever you use this Tool, you have to be carefull and you have to expect that Server Owners forbid it due to the Exploiting Possibilities.

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Nice release this will help a lot of people out there that don't know what to do.
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are there packet code combinations for sell or drop more then 1 item at a time from multiple inventory slots as example?
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From what i know, not
A Packet Code actually just presses a Button for you. So you can only do Stuff with it you could usually do aswell.. even if it wouldn't work in usual Cases.

Example: Summoning Mount in Dungeons
When you are in a Dungeon, you can still PRESS on your Mount to get on it, but you get the Error that it can't be used in Dungeons.
Doing that with the Packet Editor is nothing more than pressing the Button but ignoring the Error. How it ignores the Error.. i don't know.

To sell all Items at once, you would have to ask your GM to activate the /iclear Function for Players, which clears your whole Inventory.

Hope this made the Function of the Packet Editor a bit more clear
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Hey =)

-Is is possible to use packet editor to send the codes for getting exp ? or that you have killed a mob?
I've seen many asking for this but, i haven't sen any answears..

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Originally Posted by WrathBringer1 View Post
How it ignores the Error.. i don't know.
Pretty simple. When you press the a Button ( doesnt matter
wich one ) the game will execute the Function
for the Button first and than execute whatever function
is useD ( for example summoning a pet ). Now if you execute
the Function for summoning a pet, it first checks
if you are in the dungeon, and if you are, it will print the error
and not sending the Info to the Server. But if you Send it yourself
you just send the Packet and the usual checkfunction isnt executed.
Therefore the Server gets the Message anyway and you MAY be able
to summon it ( in case there isnt a Serverside check ). This only works
for Clientside checks of course.

Originally Posted by patrick9449 View Post
-Is is possible to use packet editor to send the codes for getting exp ? or that you have killed a mob?
Well you dont send any Packets that you recieve EXP or kill a Monster it works like that:

Client sends a Request to attack Monster X with ID XXXXXXXX.

The Server than checks if a Monster with ID XXXXXXXX is existing
and near you, if so the Server will process the Attack and send you
a Infopacket about it. If you attacked the Monster youll recieve a update
packet with the new HP etc. All attacks are processed by the Server
means when you kill the Monster, the Server sends you the info that you
killed it, and also sends the Client the EXP recieved etc.
You could now fake Server to Client packets like this, but it wont do shit
its like changing the EXP with Cheat Engine. The Server will still know your real
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Okay, Thanks for ur help )
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