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[RELEASE]SP hack + GM hack

Discussion on [RELEASE]SP hack + GM hack within the S4 League Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum part of the S4 League category.

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Cool [RELEASE]SP hack + GM hack


EDIT: The old values do not work anymore. When I am not lazy, I will search them lol.

Release date: 1/06/09

SP hack (Skill points hack)

Value type: 4-BYTES
1) First of all, UNEQUIP all the costumes, and DON'T USE HP mastery or SP Mastery skills.
2) Play a match, and while you have 100% of your SP, as first scan, search 1620000000 and 1650000000 (value between).
3) Use the SP bar (using skills, dodging or running)
4) While the SP are regenerating, quickly search "Changed value" until the bar refills, and not after it is refilled (so you will end up scanning like 10 times "Changed value" to get the one you are searching).
5) You should find about 20 values, find the right one. The right value is the one that starts with 163 and has got 10 digits and changes every millisecond (except when the bar is full), example: 1635723871 (the value changes everytime you play so don't try to search for that 1635blabla).
6) Freeze the value! And you will have... illimitate SP ;D
7) Enjoy

NOTE: If you find 0 values or the wrong ones or you have some clothes/wrong skill equipped, try to scan Value between 1600000000 and 1690000000.

GM hack (God mode hack)

Search Type: EXACT VALUE
Value type: 4-BYTES
1) First, you must do the SP hack, once you get the value when the SP bar is FILLED, you copy the number and you search it (for example 1635723871)
2) You will find 4 values. The first value should be the SP value, the second value, is the one that changes the amount of the HP left (I mean the first number... *100*/100). The third value is the total amount of the HP, (the second number: 100/*100*). The fourth one is useless. So, what you need is the third value.
3) What do you do with that value? Just freeze it? No...
-If you just FREEZE IT, you will get killed if somebody does an HEADSHOT with a Rail Gun, and if the enemies use a PS CS or a bat the point counter will give the opponent a point (actually 2, lol) like he killed you (Test it or you won't understand this part).
-Changing it to 1555555555 (10 digits) and freezing it, is the best solution. You WON'T DIE! Except you fall from the map or go trough lasers...
-If you want to surpass the lasers without dying or walk on the map limit without dying (like the Old School bug) you find out what writes from this address, get an hit and replace the value with a code that does nothing, so it's freezed forever. If you don't know what am I talking about (on the laser part...) go to do ze Cheat Engine tutorial u n00bzor xD

Do not even think about not pressing the thank button you lame leecher! xD ( )
If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask! Not with useless posts like "doesnt work". Be specific.

Due to request...
These are the videos showing the hacks... thanks to temao for making the videos

Sorry again for the poor english...

Next release: Motion hack (other people can see the effects ;D)
WAZAAAAA friends!

Screenshoots coming soon...

Alla faccia vostra, Nevar4get, Xorheater, EvilClowns e Syntex! XD


And don't forget to THANK ME, using the thank button on the right.

Do not leech.

© Copyright to WAZAAAAA's productions 2009-2010. All rights reserved.


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This will get fixed soon anyway.
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Nice WAZAAAAA i will have to try that out, pretty sweet xD
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Gonna be patched soon? STFU u noob bad luck bringer XD
Well you are probably true... that's why you have to abuse it 24/24 hours x)


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Everyone is releasing stuff now, maybe I should release some :x But mine aren't as good as your SP Lock and xor's damage modifier.
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i have a better solution for the *** mode, but it requires value editing in a debugger, and no, cant do that unless you have a bypass. Good work, just don't let ppl attack you xD. I dont think they can quickly patch the *** mode we have though, since their fuckshield sucks, i think we can continue hacking games. xD


Come up with chams, wall hack (shoot + walk through walls), Exp, and Pen hack and I'll admit your good, since my translator for the last bit said Alla faccia vostra, Nevar4get, Xorheater, EvilClowns e Syntex! XD meant in your face Nevar4get, Xorheater, EvilClowns e Syntex! XD

but i really dont got time to deal with amature attacks, if you really dont like sharing or us, just dont comment.
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I can't get this to work...
yup I am a noob and I really have no purpose to hack this game other than for the fun of it and the lulz...

but I searched as you instructed and all I end up with is a bunch of memory regions addressed as 00000000 with the value of ?? and I don't know if it is because I have hyper scan or fast search enabled or if any of this has anything to do with anything really... All I know is that I can't figure it out
oh well
thank you for posting the tut anyway


Never use hyper scan when searching for this value...
at least not with kiki's uce you end up with a bunch of null addresses that all return question marks...

Also this value changes drastically in the updates...
I believe right now it sits between 500000000 and 700000000
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Originally Posted by xorheater View Post
but i really dont got time to deal with amature attacks, if you really dont like sharing or us, just dont comment.
LOL! Man, Wazaa is my friend and he just said "in your face" because he released something that we haven't. Why are you so irascible today? xD
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Year works fine The others always think i'm lagger xD Really funny
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Kann mir dies mal bitte einer erklären?
Bzw auf deutsch übersetzen?
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