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Auto Buffs and Link Macros~

Discussion on Auto Buffs and Link Macros~ within the RO Bots & Macros forum part of the RO Exploits, Hacks, Bots & Guides category.

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Thumbs up Auto Buffs and Link Macros~

Hello there guys, after a while of reading the open kore boards i found this 2 macros that are totally functional and tested by me, i'm sure that they will be usefull for those of you that doesn't wanna use 3 clients or lose time alt+tabbing clients to buff and/or link yourself.

First of all remember to put this on the macros.txt in the control folder of your open kore, if you don't have this macros.txt just create a new .txt and rename it. Remember that u must have the macro plugin installed to make use of this code, ok lets hit the point, in your macros.txt paste the following code to have an autobuffer priest, the priest or hp will automatically buff you whenever you whisp he/she "buffs", every time u pm buffs to him/her it will cast bless, agi, assumptio and impo on you; you can change the pm "buffs" part to any word that u like, like baps or drugs or whatever. here it is:


automacro BuffMe1 {
pm "buffs"

run-once 1
call BuffMe1


macro BuffMe1 {
do stand
do sp 34 "$.lastpm"
do sp 29 "$.lastpm"
do sp 361 "$.lastpm"
do sp 66 "$.lastpm"
pause 1
pause 1
do sit
release BuffMe1


ok, now lets get the linker code, for this one i actually used two codes to accomplish what i wanted, this two codes will do the following:
whenever u say "kaite", "kaupe" or "kaahi" to te public chat, the linker will cast the skill on you respectively, and for link i wanted it to only link ppl who pm it with an specific word, to prevent other ppl to get free link, the word i used is "spirit", so if i want kaite or another buff i say it in the main chat, but if i want link i pm my linker with "spirit", ok here is the code:


automacro keyword {
console /\[dist=(.*)\] (.*) \((\d+)\): (.*)(kaupe|kaite|kaahi|Flag)(.*)$/
call spiritin
priority 0

macro spiritin {
$di = $.lastMatch1
$n = $.lastMatch2
$b = $.lastMatch3
$skill = $.lastMatch5
$job = @eval ($:layers{$:layersID[$b]}->{jobID})

goto skill

if ($skill == spirit) goto spirit
if ($skill == Flag) goto spirit
if ($di < 8) goto ka
goto far

if ($skill == kaupe) goto kaupe
if ($skill == kaite) goto kaite
if ($skill == kaahi) goto kaahi
goto end


if ($job = 12) goto sin
if ($job = 4013) goto sin

if ($job = 16) goto sage
if ($job = 4017) goto sage

if ($job = 8) goto pris
if ($job = 4009) goto pris

if ($job = 15) goto monk
if ($job = 4016) goto monk

if ($job = 9) goto wiz
if ($job = 4010) goto wiz

if ($job = 17) goto rogue
if ($job = 4018) goto rogue

if ($job = 18) goto alche
if ($job = 4019) goto alche

if ($job = 4020) goto bdc
if ($job = 4021) goto bdc

if ($job = 19) goto bdc
if ($job = 20) goto bdc

if ($job = 14) goto crs
if ($job = 4015) goto crs
if ($job = 21) goto crs
if ($job = 4022) goto crs

if ($job = 23) goto sn

if ($job = 10) goto bs
if ($job = 4011) goto bs

if ($job = 4047) goto tm
if ($job = 4048) goto tm

if ($job = 4049) goto sl

if ($job = 7) goto knit
if ($job = 13) goto knit
if ($job = 174) goto knit
if ($job = 4014) goto knit

goto unspirit

if ($di < 8) goto sin1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto sage1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto pris1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto monk1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto wiz1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto rogue1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto alche1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto bdc1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto crs1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto sn1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto bs1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto tm1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto sl1
goto far
if ($di < 8) goto knit1
goto far

do sp 457 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 449 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 454 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 447 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 453 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 456 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 445 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 455 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 450 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 451 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 458 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 448 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 461 "$n"
goto finish
do sp 452 "$n"
goto finish

release all
do e no1

release all
do @random ("sory i don't have your link","i don't have yours","i didn't get that skill")

do sp 464 "$n"

do sp 465 "$n"

do sp 463 "$n"

do @random ("come closer >:","i won't move ,come","ok, get over here")



automacro link {
pm "spirit"
call {
$id = @player ($.lastpm)
if ($id < 0) stop
$jobID = @eval ($:layers{$:layersID[$id]}->{jobID})
if ($jobID = 7) goto knight
if ($jobID = 8) goto priest
if ($jobID = 9) goto wizard
if ($jobID = 10) goto smith
if ($jobID = 11) goto sniper
if ($jobID = 12) goto assassin
if ($jobID = 13) goto knight
if ($jobID = 14) goto paladin
if ($jobID = 15) goto champion
if ($jobID = 16) goto professor
if ($jobID = 17) goto stalker
if ($jobID = 18) goto creator
if ($jobID = 19) goto clown
if ($jobID = 20) goto clown
if ($jobID = 21) goto paladin
if ($jobID = 23) goto supernovice
if ($jobID = 4008) goto knight
if ($jobID = 4009) goto priest
if ($jobID = 4010) goto wizard
if ($jobID = 4011) goto smith
if ($jobID = 4012) goto sniper
if ($jobID = 4013) goto assassin
if ($jobID = 4014) goto knight
if ($jobID = 4015) goto paladin
if ($jobID = 4016) goto champion
if ($jobID = 4017) goto professor
if ($jobID = 4018) goto stalker
if ($jobID = 4019) goto creator
if ($jobID = 4020) goto clown
if ($jobID = 4021) goto clown
if ($jobID = 4022) goto paladin
if ($jobID = 4047) goto star
if ($jobID = 4049) goto soul
do sp 445 $id
release link
do sp 447 $id
release link
do sp 448 $id
release link
do sp 449 $id
release link
do sp 450 $id
release link
do sp 451 $id
release link
do sp 452 $id
release link
do sp 453 $id
release link
do sp 454 $id
release link
do sp 455 $id
release link
do sp 456 $id
release link
do sp 457 $id
release link
do sp 458 $id
release link
do sp 460 $id
release link
do sp 461 $id
release link

well thats all, sry for my bad english, im from argentina =3, and i hope u find this as usefull as i do~


as i said above i "found" this macros i did'n write them, so the credit goes fot the authors i just found them and post them here for you~

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i'm gettin error
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plz, give me more info cuz i'm still using it w/o problem
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bro Kaiser can you help me out... i keep on getting this error after i pm my bot priest
*Error In function 'sp' <Use Skill on Player>
Player 'Griffin' does not exist* Even though im just beside my bot...

it won't buff me and i think it can't recognize my character because when i used a skill it showed like "Unknown 234234 Used Body Relocation"

Is it because of the Version im using?

BTW im using the latest version...

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hmm that's odd, im using the last version too, but now that you mention it sometimes in the bot console you can see those lines (Unknown xxxxx Used xxxxx) i think this happens because you have somekind of character in your name that the bot cannot read or doesn't understand, it happened to me once with a linker macro, the name of mi char had a space between so the bot couldn't read the whole name making it unable to buff me, try to use it with a char with a simple name like one word without characters like ~ or ^, if stills doesn't work then i will repost the macros code, till now i don't know how to make it read complex names and the linker bot is a bit slow but im working on how to speed it up, thanks for the advice i will try to fix this

c ya~
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Thanks for the reply bro..

Still my Macro Priest won't buff me ... i tried using other characters which have simplier names.. but still it wont work.. i just dont know why

And its wierd cause even the Priest Config.. the one with PartySkill won't work too... My character cant be recognize...

if its not too much to ask bro can you post your whole openkore w/ macro in it?

Cause i think the problem is somehow on my Openkore files?

Thanks in advance bro
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To solve the problem cannot find target or what so ever...

on all servers using @warps or what so ever

if ur priest is on one map and u warped to lvl and u warped back again to ur priest the priest wont recognize u anymore so u need to warp ur priest to that map again where ur player which needs the buffs is.. and then pm buffs to the priest again and it will buff u now...
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Sry for keep you waiting, i was buried in exams so i didn't check the replies, ok i've just uploaded it to file front so you can download the rar containing both, the priest macros.txt and the linker's one, remember to put it where it belongs and to remove the (linker) in the file name, also check them out so you can change the keyword to anything you like

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Hi there! can some1 send the autolink and buffs w/ config already.. Im not good in computer..^_^ plz reply if sum1 have..
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What can I do with this error msg, pls help.

OpenKore version
SVN revision: unknown
Loaded plugins:
plugins/ (macro)

Error message:
Cannot load control file macros.txt

Stack trace:
Trace begun at D:\Bot\openkore-\src\ line 390
Settings::loadByHandle(47) called at D:\Bot\openkore-\plugins\ line 58
macro:nstart3('start3', undef, undef) called at src\ line 415
Plugins::callHook('start3') called at src\ line 218
main::loadDataFiles at src\ line 81
main::mainLoop at src\ line 75
Interface::mainLoop('Interface::Console::Win32=HAS H(0x2c907ec)') called at line 96
main::__start at line 125

Died at this line:
$filename = $object->{name} if (!defined $filename);
* if ($object->{type} == CONTROL_FILE_TYPE) {
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