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Discussion on FC GLITCH FOR FAST LVL UP within the PW Hacks, Bots, Cheats, Exploits forum part of the Perfect World category.

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I'd say the first post covers it pretty clearly. I've never been in FC myself, but apparently there is a boss there that spawns dragoons during your fight with him. The goal of this is to get him to spawn dragoons without fighting him at the same time, so you can get the exp from the dragoons.

Therefore you lure him away with a sin, make sure the boss loses aggro and while he walks back to his spot with his yellow glow on, you shoot at him making him spawn dragoons while he walks back. This leaves you with a big mob of dragoons that you can kill.

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thx alot man! now i understand
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Originally Posted by Sh@dowX View Post
Too bad this will generally get your entire squad instantly killed. And the only people that can actually make any use of this have been instantly banned by GM's Over 20 people on Lost City server have already been banned ... Another good exploit bites the dust.

Not worth the time.

Actually i've been doing it with 90-95 and sometimes when we got too many we died all but most of time we could handle alot already you just need the right people
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Originally Posted by waitwut View Post
|||||||| WORKS IN FC WITH 3 DRAGOON BOSS ||||||||
Sin attacks stupid Dragoon boss and after establishing aggro, pulls it out of the room and up the hallway.

Sin then teleports (quickest way to lose aggro I guess) through one of the walls at the side of the hall causing stupid Dragoon boss to reset.

Then as stupid Dragoon boss runs back down hallway heading back into the room it spawns from, another squad member hits boss (at approximate location in this pic where you see the Dragoons clustered ) with a damage over time attack.

The DoT attack somehow glitches the boss to spawn Dragoons like diarrhea before continuing back into its room... filling up the hallway if you do it properly. This can be done over and over ad finitum.
my question here is how are you supposed to kill them before they rape you... its soooooooo many of them

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Originally Posted by superman1985 View Post
my question here is how are you supposed to kill them before they rape you... its soooooooo many of them
Originally Posted by malex8878 View Post
after testing out this glitch my squad and i found that not only can you do the spawn with DoTs but with normal attacks as well DoTs just spawn more faster

my best recommendation is to have an archer use the Poison DoT they have as well as 1-2 normal shots to the boss that should spawn a good manageable number
. derp
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what conditions must be met before successfully spawn that many dragoons ?

I just tried this glitch but could only spawn several mobs, if not only one. I managed to spawn many mobs once though, and everyone in the party ended up dead lol, but still not as many dragoons as in that picture.
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if anyone know the certain way to trigger spawning these dragoons to its fullest pack please post here , it can be an alternative for fast leveling here in pw indo, especially since the publisher here won't allow hyper exp in frostcovered city

is it true allowing hyper exp in frostcovered city is pwi exclusive ? even pw cn doesnt allow that yet.

* sorry for double posting in the same thread, but it's kinda urgent
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Care with this glitch. I heared stories on PWI that they want to roll back the server. Some ppl got banned, but so many ppl leveling like this that they cannot handle the amount to be banned. lol
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Noone has been banned yet and GMs haven't made any statement about this other than they have reported it to the developers.

The key point of the glitch is to attack the boss as it is reseting. You can reset the boss by pulling it down the hall and using 2 holypaths to get away.

The boss spawns mobs continuously if the boss is in close proximity to you and you have attacked it. The position is a huge factor, if you stand in the boss's path as it is reseting then you get alot more mobs.

The best place to stand is at the corner to the boss room as the boss takes a little longer to walk around there.

You can also have an archer use stormrage eagleon to slow the boss down as it is walking by. This will basically double the amount of mobs that are spawned. With an archer doing stormrage and the rest of the squad attacking the boss at the corner you can easily spawn 600 mobs.

If you have 2 archers double stormrage you will likely crash the client. I don't recommend more than 1 stormrage. Best squads can get about 200m XP per hyper session.

Here is what a large pull looks like with stormrage and where you want the squad to stand
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O M G, how do you kill those many dragoons ?? dragoons can stun but they can't be stunned. That's insane, 600 mobs with one mob gives around 1800 exp = 1million exp per spawning

thanks for the info btw, i'll try it again the next time i can gather ppl who's interested
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