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Moderation Application Silkroad Section

This is a discussion on Moderation Application Silkroad Section within the Joining e*pvp forum part of the General category; Good day Im here to apply as moderation on Silkroad Private Server Section Contact data : Gmail : , Hotmail ...

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Moderation Application Silkroad Section

Good day
Im here to apply as moderation on Silkroad Private Server Section
Contact data :
  • Gmail:,
  • Hotmail: ,
  • Skype: portaldark1
Age: 21.
Location: Costa Rica, America.
Occupation: Currently studying IT Bachelor.
Languages: English, Spanish.
  • What is the reason you decided to apply?
    I'm mostly here for application due to the high amount of new flame.troll threads on the section i want to apply. Also helping others is part of the reasons. Making this application, I'm willing to help SRO community a bit. Starting the day of some files got leaked, section has started to flood with trolling threads, flame wars everywhere, non respectful threads and even extreme racist posts. Some Mods had already help a lot but most of the team need some more help in order to do their job.
  • Experience with the subject
    I have experience in many aspects , such as moderating, playing the MMO, helping others. Also i must state i have moderate other forums and hosted my own servers.
    After having played this MMO for so much long time, i got used to it, and wanted to try new stuff on the same subject.
  • How long have you been occupying yourself with the subject?)
    I got more than 6-7 years on the game, also 4 years developing and testing stuff to make up a server.
  • Are you mentally prepared and fitting for such a position?
    As i stated i have moderated on other servers/communities, so I'm used to deal with questions, as silly or stupid they may be.
    Other than that, Patience an hard work are the key to success. I got a lot of patience. And I like to help as much as I can.
    I'm an active reporter/poster on that section, or other section i need something and find some breaking rules. I have been pmed because i report people that thinks they don't deserve to be reported. As moderator in other communities, i have always followed orders to warn/ban rule-breakers.
  • Experience as a moderator (If at hand: How long have you been moderator and what was the subject?)
    I have been admin of my own server for 3 years and moderator on other communities while being gm/mod on private servers. Aside, I'm know by most of my friends to act as a good adviser and help others with problems.
    Some times i like to help without getting something in exchange.
    At start of my gaming experience, I have found corrupted mods(none from here I say) and always feel bad because many time got warned for doing nothing but helping others.
    After that i have always like to help dont caring if mod gonan be mad at me for that, and wanted to make clear i meant no harm.

I have played Silkroad online almost since it was release internationally. My old account was abandoned due to many reasons(hacks, bots)
After that i started playing on ECSRO which closed some time ago
While i started private experience, i became member here, and started posting and participating on private Silkroad section.
A have been promoted to Guardian here after some time of being here.
Now I'm asking about Mod application and try my best to help SRO community.


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Your application is too short, but your posts are helpful and you're reporting active (I think so, because you're a guardian). Where do you come from?

Good luck!
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PortalDark (09/11/2011)
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Originally Posted by AlphaZerο View Post
Your application is too short, but your posts are helpful and you're reporting active (I think so, because you're a guardian). Where do you come from?

Good luck!
im am form Costa Rica(Latin America)
and i forgo to add my location thnx
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no, not at all.
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des4xy781wu (12/10/2011), lesderid (09/26/2011)
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Originally Posted by PortalDark View Post
im am form Costa Rica(Latin America)
and i forgo to add my location thnx
No, no, you don't need to add your location. I just asked, because your english is medium.
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are you kidding with me? imo. right after you stop spaming / trolling in those sections then I'm going to say YES until then, No, sorry.
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Nope,you'd do a **** mod,not to mention you were trolling hard with the others.
Wddj is the way to go.
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ive seen you trolling, posting childish stuff, so its a no for now
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I became interested in dreams when I was five years old. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, my dad asked me what I dreamed. He left for work at six thirty in the morning, too early for me to be out of bed, so weekends were the only time he asked about my dreams. Dad would go out into the kitchen, pull open the drawer of the china cupboard, and take out a tablet, pencil and a bright orange book. He wrote down my dream, not the entire contents just key words he wanted to look up the meaning of. Then he would open the book; flip through the pages until he found the one he wanted.
After jotting down a list of numbers he folded the paper, tucked it into his shirt pocket, scoop up his things, and carefully place them in his special spot in the drawer. Then he would go for his morning walk to the friendly neighborhood barber who was also the neighborhood bookie.
One day out of curiosity, I took out the book. That was my first encounter with a dream book, which was really a lucky numbers dream book. It had alphabetically words that gave a brief meaning of what an object meant to the dreamer followed by a number. When my dreams become more detailed and somewhat too complicated Dad stopped asking me about my dreams. I was dreaming about things that seemed to my dad far-fetched fantasies. I did my best to clarify what I was seeing in my dreams but my limited knowledge and vocabulary wasn't adequate. I missed the weekend brief discussions. I couldn't find anyone to share my dream interest. Listening to a ten years old talk about dreams was boring especially when what I had to say seemed to them like utter nonsense. I was labeled "having a great imagination". I began to wonder if most people never dreamed. Why was I so different? If no one else seemed to think dreams matter, then why should I? It did matter to me. What was it about dreams that fascinated me?


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I have to say no. Because of all the spams you do
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