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[DOWNLOAD] GRX-ijji NA GunZ Public HackPack

Discussion on [DOWNLOAD] GRX-ijji NA GunZ Public HackPack within the GunZ forum part of the Shooter category.

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[DOWNLOAD] GRX-ijji NA GunZ Public HackPack

Public HackPack 2.
Give thanks to miafacoders ^^


3 Soft's that you can use with GunZ

Power Level

Paradox(dll hack)

Public GENKI(dll hack)

GunZ Login(Emolation launcher)

[How to use]
(Also added in HackPack)

[Power Level]

Alt + U UID Retrieve
Alt + S Stage Change
Alt + P PowerLevel ON
Alt + O PowerLevel OFF

-Inject with anything, anywhere.

How To Use (Read Carefully)
1. Both you and your partner inject.
2. Use the UID retrieval function ( ALT + U ).
3. Give each other your UID's.
4. Open uidWriter.exe.
5. Type in your partners UID and hit 'ENTER'.
6. Create a room.
7. Press ALT + S (Stage Change).
8. This will now change the room to infinite time, 999999999 objective kills.
9. The map will be FFFFFFF, you can freely change the map to something. Dont start the game until you have changed the map after you pressed ALT + S.
10. It will automatically set the room to TDM, this way, you dont have to be there to click fire, since its TDM, a new round will start automatically, so you can go afk.
11. Press ALT + P to start the REGULAR powerlevel.
12. Press ALT + O to stop the REGULAR powerlevel.

-Dont change anything besides the map and game type after you press ALT + S. It is wise to keep the game type set to TDM though.
-This is regular powerlevel.
-This was not tested with another person, so report any bugs to me, I will get them fixed as soon as possible.



Inject with injec-TOR as usual.


Numpad 1-6: Emotes
Alt+S: Instant Suicide
Alt+N: No Exp Loss Suicide
Alt+U: Retrieve MUID and Stage ID
Alt+J: lawl
Alt+X: Map Hack
Alt+Z: Stage Start
Alt+R: Retard Button

Here is a breakdown of the new features of GENKI 1.3 (public):

Create Character - Alt+C
Must be made on empty account. Gender, hair, face, and weapon-setup are all predefined. To set the character's name, create a file, charName.txt, in your GunZ folder, open the file, type in desired character name, and save.

Map Hack - Alt+X
Allows for any map to be played in any channel. To set the desired map, create a file, mapname.txt, in your GunZ folder, open the file, type in the desired map name, and save.

Customized Game Type, Kills, and Time
Activates along with map hack. Allows user to define the Game Type, amount of Kills, and length of Time. To set Game Type, Kills, and Time, create files, gametype.txt, mapkill.txt, and maptime.txt, open the files, type in settings accordingly, and save all files. Game Type starts at 0 being Death Match and increases to 1, 2, 3, etc. for remaining other Game Types. Possible values for Kills has not been tested. Estimated range is 1-9999. Possible Values for Time has not been tested. Estimated values for Time is 1-11999. The increased kills and time will not show up in the normal settings. It will still display 50 kills and such. Start the game anyways and you will see the hacked settings in play.

Stage Start - Alt+Z
Starts the game without having to press start. Rather useless at this time.

No Experience Loss Suicide - Alt+N
Allows you to commit suicide without losing any experience.

Retard Button - Alt+R
Creates the required .txt files in your GunZ folder for Map Hack, Customized Game Type, Kills, and Time. Also fills out the .txt files with default settings. The following defaults will be created with the Retard Button:

Map Hack - Castle
Game Type - 0 (Death Match)
Kills - 9999
Time - 11999

lawl - Alt+J
I'm not sure what this does. Try it yourself. ^_^


Alt + I Insane Massive Toggle On/Off
Alt + L Lawnmower Toggle On/Off
Alt + N NameHack Toggle On/Off
Alt + H God Mode ( Read Warning )
Alt + G Ghost Mode Toggle On/Off

-Inject with anything, anywhere.

Warning (Read This First)
-This version of the dll will CRASH.
-Do NOT hold the hotkeys, just press them quickly, or you may crash.
-If you leave a hack on for over 3 minutes, you will crash.
-Make sure to turn off hacks after a little bit.
-God Mode does NOT turn off. So you will crash after 3 minutes of using it.
-Do NOT activate a whole bunch of hacks at once. Give it time.
-Do NOT deactivate one hack, activate another right away.
-Do NOT Turn it on/off hacks super fast, or pretty quick.
-Do NOT leave hacks on when switching

[GunZ Login]

Put GunZ Login.exe in your ijji GunZ folder and open it, then enter your username and password.
It will open Gunz with no ie.
If you think this is scam, do not use it.
But i (CHiLL) will prove that this is not scam GRX- Team~

(Also added in HackPack)

OWS:Power Level,Paradox and GENKI
noobz0rs777: GENKI
CrimsonFire:GunZ Login

GENKI Special Thanks:
(In order of help being received):
Waryas - the partial dll source that got me started
Aesma Daeva - help w/ first dll
PWN - help w/ first dll and accidentally helping me w/ emotes later on
Espause - help w/ first dll, pointing out release build
Waryas and Phun - Morphine (this DLL is HEAVILY built off Morphine)
Phailz - accidentally getting the Morphine source stolen by pwnsome, ZGetGame,
MyChar, and Respawn (coming soon)
pwnsome - stealing the Morphine source from Phailz and leaking it to the public
locus7s - pwning pwnsome and thus making the Morphine source "private" once again
QRLF - oodles of random help here and there (hints, offsets, etc.)
OneWhoSighs - help finding ZGetMyUID offset

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Hey Thank u for posting this and thanks to mafiacoders :-) i will give u a karma because u help the community and you are involved for the community :-)
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isisnt post the file cause its detected srr =(
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umm did i miss somehting or did you not include a download?

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will your computer crash or the game cause if my computer crash IM DIED FROM MY UNCLE!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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ok I got it (I only want map hack lmao) found it online, but the only thing I don't understand is if we use GENKI what do we inject? (sorry if this seems like a retarded question.) The how to use thingy doesn't say where to inject or anything. +k to whoever helps me.
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umm.. no download linke there ^^?
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Where can i download that hack... i cant see anylinks
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