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Archer leveling guide

Discussion on Archer leveling guide within the CO2 Guides & Templates forum part of the Conquer Online 2 category.

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Smile Archer leveling guide

Archer Guide
-Good and bad sides of playing an Archer
-Archer XP Skills Description
-Archer promotion
-Archer leveling guide

Mostly the archer is the best class for hunting and making money... He can wear bow and by using scatter you can hit multiple mobs in just one click. The archer is based on average damage, very good magic defense and low-average physical defense.

The reasons why you should play Archer:

-He can attack multiple mobs using the skill "Scatter" (Good for hunting and leveling)
-He can level itself or pk from a great distance
-He has great magic defense (Excellent when pking taoists or being pked my a Iron, Copper, Silver or Gold Guard)
-He can avoid physical damage by using the skill "Fly"
-He has great damage agains Kings (Useful because Kings may drop good items)

The bad sides of using Archer:

-He has average damage (Bad for pking)
-Low physical defense (Bad for leveling and pking while you are on ground)
-The gears (equipment) for archer are usually one of the most expensive gears

Archer Promotion:

By creating your character at level 1 you are seeing yourself as InternArcher, but you can promote yourself on different levels by talking to Archer God in the Promotion Center.
Here are the promotions:

At level 15 you can promote yourself to Archer
-Need: Nothing
-Reward: Level 15 Coat known as Deerskin Coat and XP Skill Fly

At level 40 you can promote to Eagle Archer
-Need: 5 Euxenite Ores (Found in Mine Cave)
-Reward: Level 45 Unique Socket Bow known as Horn Bow

At level 70 you can promote yourself to Tiger Archer
-Need: Emerald
-Reward: Normal skill Fly and XP Skill Arrow Rain

At level 100 you can promote yourself to Dragon Archer
-Need: Meteor
-Reward: Normal Rainbow Gem

At level 110 you can promote yourself to Archer Master
-Need: Moon Box
-Reward: DragonBall (known as DB)

XP Skill description:

Scatter: Hitting multiple targets in just one click and also ranged attack.
Rapid Fire: Skill which launches many arrows to a single target in 2 seconds.
Intensify: A skill which allows you to do 2x to 3.5x normal damage to a single target.
Fly: Avoid physical damage and go to a desired location faster.

Some useful tips:

I suggest you starting by using hat and attack ring, but by leveling you'll realize that you need more and more earrings... That's why you should start hunting at level 70-75 and save money to buy elite necklace, elite ring, super armor, elite 2 socket or super 2 socket bow... On level 110 by promoting yourself you'll get a DB and I suggest you to sell it or trade it for elite earrings. Train your bow proficiency as much as you can! Always put rainbow or dragon gems on your socketed items... When you reach level 120+ all you need to do is make a water taoist and level it till you catch level 110 on him. When you do just reborn him and get the DB and Super Gem... Repeat this many, many times till you get full socket or at least full super...

Leveling Guide:

Once you've decided to play archer you need to level it. Archer is one of the easies classes to level up... Remember: Always use fly when you are leveling!!! Well now lets catch some levels...

Well at first go to Bird Island and join some high level archer's team and stay there until you catch level 60-65 (If you are lazy and don't wanna level yourself stay there till 70. When you haven't catch level 70 yet just scatter at Birdmen... You will gain much experience there. When you'll catch level 70 promote yourself and then you'll have the skill fly... Again go to Bird Island and scatter at Birdmen or HawKings (by using fly of course) till you get to level 73...

-Leveling from 73 to 110-

Now just go to Ape City, make team and invite some low level players... Level them and gain Vps (Virtue Points). After you've gained 2.000 (2k) Vps go to lab and head to archer spawn... Note: Buy 2-3 vanilla packs, 2-3 Vanillas and full inventory arrows: Here is a map that shows you where is the archer spawn:

When you are here just use fly scatter for 40 seconds and go up from the mobs, regain stamina and do the same thing over and over again...

-Leveling from 110 to 112-

This is a very easy step, get some pots and arrows and level from 110-112 at Alien Serpents and if you have the money or if you have exp pots use them they work GREAT!
Note: At this level you should be having these equips:
Elite +2/+3 Earrings
Elite +2/+3 Necklace
Elite +2/+3 Ring
Elite +2/+3 RRG/RRG (or RDG/RDG) Bow
Super +2/+3/+4 Armor
Boots aren't important for leveling (You won't be on ground so to dodge hits)

-Leveling from 112 to 120-

This is an easy step, but leveling is leveling, it takes a while... Go to Bassilisk (EXP Pots will help) and scatter there for a while... If you are a fast leveler this should take about 4-5 Days...

-Leveling from 120 to 130-

Well till now you should have Super SDG/SDG Bow... So you are ready to plvl water taoists... By doing this you'll get some exp and also from the vps you gain, exchange 15.000 (15k) Vps for 1 exp ball. Also don't forget to do the Demon Exterminator Quest which will give you from 30% to 60% exp (According to level)!

That's all for now... Thanks are appreciated!

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Well Since You Make An Awsome guild which took you along time il give you a +k
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Originally Posted by coolkid1 View Post
Well Since You Make An Awsome guild -> guide* which took you along time il give you a +k
Thanks... And lol I was making it like 1 hour
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Cool 8-) I jas wanna ask 120-130 all can do with just quest and plvling? Isnt that too slow?
And if i play around 2-4H per day how long would it take wif super 2soc rdg bow and maybe elite/super attk ring? *Note-ill have blessing for a month(Centaur Server xD)*.

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O.o That's more like it... Everytime you log out put your char in offline tg and you may plvl at basilisk (You'll get way more exp instead of birdman) If you have some money you can try lab 4 too... (I haven't lvled there but it may be good lol...)
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Cool but how long you think it'd take a month???
Judging by that i play around 2-4h a day...?
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Well... When I played an archer it took my one month from lvl 1 to lvl 122 That depends on your motive for leveling and your lvling skills But I think it will be around 15-20 days
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It's basically the point of high level archers... to plv and farm.
They can't really pk... a similar tro can basically one/two hit an archer.
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Well the arch can be very very very useful on GW, can lvl water taos (farm) lol and you can put the ring, boots, ears, and neck on the tro (plvling gears) and lvl your own tro.. And you'll be rich and can pwn all
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I always thought it would be better to plvl a water to 130 then make a wat>war>tro
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