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[Guide] Cabal Drop List

Discussion on [Guide] Cabal Drop List within the Cabal Guides & Templates forum part of the Cabal Online category.

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[Guide] Cabal Drop List

Hi all...

I make a guide for drop.
If it's good click the thx buton ^^
But that's not on all pservers...

Desert Scream

Items and Equipments in this map can be bought at the NPC except for some items.

Mummy Warrior (Monster to kill if you are looking for a Ring of Luck +1)
Critical Ring +1, ROL +1

Archionis, Archyterix, Archyterix+, Clay Gargoyle
Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1, Force Regeneration Amulet

Antra Lug/Entra Lug
EOG +3

Lug Queen
EOF/G/S +3, Force Absorb Ring
Green Despair

Items and Equipments in this map can be bought at the NPC except for some items.

Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1, EOG +3

D.T Mummy Grave, Mana Absorb Ring +1

EOG/S/F +3, Force Absorb Ring +1, ROS/F +4, Rapid/Genius/Orge Amulet

Amulet of Guard +3, Life/Mana Regeneration Amulet +1, Genius/Orge Amulet, EOG/F/S +3, ROF/S +3, ROF/S +4, Rapid Amulet

Moscutter Queen
EOG/S/F +3, Force Absorb Ring +1, Amulet of Guard +4
Bloody Ice

Items and Equipments in this map can be bought at the NPC except for some items.

ROL +1

Skeleton Mage
Mana/Life Regeneration Amulet

D.T Card (Yellow) DT Skeleton Mine, Force Regeneration Amulet, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1

Hound Zombie
D.T Card (Yellow) DT Skeleton Mine

Pantherhorn Zombie
ROF/S +3

EOG +3

Ape Zombie
EOF +3, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1, ROF/S +3

Ghost +
EOG +3, Force Absorb Ring +1

Shade Lv 60
EOF/G +3
Port Lux (Required Level 50)

Crag Turtle
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship, EOF+3

Crag Crab
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship

Crag Toad
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship, EOF +3, ROS/F +4

Ogre/Genius/Rapid Amulet

Peryton +
EOS/F/G +4

Soul/Earth Disc Lvl 2, Circuit jewel lvl 1, Ogre/Genius/Rapid Amulet

D.T. Card - Lighthouse Maze (Grade: D; Solo), Shining, EOG +3, EOG +4, Strange Stem, Shining Tooth, Formula Card No.005

D.T card (Yellow) DT LightHouse Maze, EOG +3, Strange Stem, Hard Shell, Life/Mana Regeneration Amulet +1

Stone Gargoyle
EOG/S/F +3, EOG/S/F +4, All Disc Lvl 2, ROC/F/S +4, Force Absorb Ring +1, Formula Card No.30, Quartz Cores, Shape Cartridges Lvl 2, Titan GS of Destruction

EOS/G/F +4, Soul Disc Lvl 2, Formula Card No.30, Sticky Red Liquid, Pherystin Crystal/Orb

Phantom Walker
EOF/G/S +4, Bloody Disc Lvl 2

Phantom Crew+
Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Zombie (Blue), DT Troglo Lair (Blue), EOG+4, D.T Ghost Ship (Solo)

Flame Hound
Circuit Jewel Lvl 1, EOF +4, EOS +3

Dark Soldier
EOG +4, EOF +3, Shape Cartridge Artifact Lvl 2

Stone Golems
Powerful Core, All Disc Lvl 2, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/G/S +4

Dark Blader
Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Material Core (Shadowsteel), EOG/F/S +3, EOS/G/F +4, Powerful Core
Fort Ruina (Required Level 65)

Auto cannon-OP
Elemental Disc Lvl 2, DT Skeleton Mine (Party), Force Amulet +1, D.T Mummy Grave, EOS +4, Force Regeneration Amulet +1

Meca Ape
EoG+4 ,EOF+5

Elemental Disc, EOS+5, EOG+3

Mecha Buffalo
Elemental Disc, EOS+3, EOG/S/F +5, Map Part

Electric Bird
EOG +5, Map Part

Mechazard (Enemy to grind if youíre hunting for ALZ - because of Map Part and Amulet of Guard + 5)
Air/Flame Disc LvL 2, Map Part, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/S/G +4, EOF/S/G +5, Map Part, Amulet Of Guard +5, Extract Potion, Formular Card No. 05, ROS/F +6, Life/Mana Regen Amulet +2, Lvl 79 amulet

Osmium Set, EOG +5, Map Part

Auto Cannon-EX (One of the best enemy to become rich in ALZ - because of Map Part and Muster Card)
Map Part, Muster Card, Amulet of Guard +6, EOS +3
Lake in Dusk (Required Level 75 above)

EoS +6, Osmium Weapon/Armour, Slot Shadow Titanium, Lapis Weapon, Force Core (High) , Upgrade Core (Medium), Titanium slot (any type, clean, amped, etc.), Aqua Orb/Crystal 0/1/2 Slot, Adept/Bless Bracelets +0/1, Extract potion, Shadow EOS/G/F +5, Crafted Shadowtitanium With 0/1/2 Slot, Crafted Osmium, Slot Extender (Medium) drop by Zigrid
Ruina Station (Required Level 85 above)

Boss Drop : OSM Weapon, Slotted OSM Katana, EOF/G/S+6, Plasma Coating Kit

Station Box.

Bad Drop : Alz, (Dex Str Int) Potion, ST Weapon With Slot
Normal Drop : OSM Part With Slot, Aqua Crystal/Orb With Slot
Rare Drop : OSM Weapon No Slot, Lapis No Slot, Upgrade Core High

Ruina Station Mob Drop (Any MOB)

Bad Drop : ST Weapon/Body Part Wih No Slot,
Good Drop : OSM Weapon With No Slot, Lapis With No Slot, Formula Card 96
Rare Drop : Lapis Crystal With Slot, OSM Weapon With Slot, Upgrade Core High
Very Rare Drop : OSM Weapon With 1/2 Slot Upgraded With 2nd Lvl, ST Weapon With Upgraded 2nd Lvl Slot, EOS +6

Undead Ground (Required Level 90 above)

Lihorn Zombie
EOS +5, Air Disc Lvl 3, Sword Shapes Lvl3, EOD, Ruina Muster Card

Zombie Fighter
Powerful Core, Ruina Muster Card, EOD, EOG +5, ROS/F +7

Ghost Blader
EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOG/F +5, Extract Potion (DEX), Powerful Core

Zombie Slayer, Zombie Knight, Berserk Ghoul, Vampire Servant
EOD, Ruina Muster card

Death Soldier
EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOS/F/G +5, EOG+6

Death Giant
EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOF +5, EOG/F/S +6, Cartridge lvl 4

Spector, Wraith
EOD, Ruina Muster Card, EOS +5, EOF/S/G +6
Forgotten Ruin Required Level 95 above

This is the map to get all those Plate of Honor you are looking for.

OSM Set, Plate Of Honor, Aqua Crystal/Orb With and Without Slot, ST Weapon, Formula Card No. 008,Force Core (High), Amulet Of Guard +7, ROF/S +7, Life/Mana Absorb Bracelet. Bracelet of Brute +1, Cartriges Lvl 3/4 random, Strange Stem, Blue Feather, Upgrade Core High, OSM Armor/Martial suit (All Double Slotted No Upgrades), Formula Card No. 076

Giant Scorpion
EOG +6, POH, Force Absorb Ring +2, Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B1F

Stone Beetle
EoF+6, Force Absorb Ring +2

Fire Beetle
Force Absorb Ring +2


2 Headed wolf
OSM Armor/Battel/Martial suit With 2 slot +0, OSM Weapon With Slot, Terraceguard/Shineguard/Mystic Part +0 No Slot, (Slot Extender & Red OS Not Confirm), Dex/Int/Str pot, Upgrade Core (High), Force Core (High)

Big Scorpion
Plate Of Honor, EOG +6, EOG +5, Muster Card:Forgotten Temple, Force Core (High), OS Armor/Battel/Martial Suit With 2 Slot +0, OS Weapon With Slot, Terraceguard/Shineguard/Mystic Part +0 No Slot, (Slot Extender & Red OS Not Confirm), Dex/Int/Str pot, Upgrade Core (High), Force Core (High)
Tower of the Dead B1F

Boss List
Flesh Golem
The Mergaheph
Libers Pertz von Zatellerean
General Zombie
Pertz von Zatellerean

Mobs and Boss has same droplist

Bad: Extract Potion , ST Weapon With Slot
Common: OS Body Part With Slot Aqua Crystal/Orb With Slot
Good: OS Body Part With Double Slot, Topaz Orb/Crystal, Red Osm No Slot
Rare: Upgrade Core (High), Lapis With Slot, OS Weapon With Slot, OS Blade 1 Slot, Lvl92-99 Amulet Ring, AOG+7, Force Absorb Ring +2
Very Rare: Lapis With Double Slot (1 slot with 2nd Lvl skill), OS Weapon With 2 slot (1 slot with 2nd Lvl skill), Red OS Katana 1 slot, Red OS Blade No Slot, Terragrace/Shineguard Set, EOS/G+6, Plasma Coating Kit

Legacy Chest Rare Find : Bike Key
Story Dungeon: Patren Patren (Required Level 98 above)

Repetitive as long as you donít finish it.

Normal Drop : EOG/S/F +5
Shadow Titanium Two Handed Sword Slotted
Tower of the Dead B2F

Boss List

Prozaque von Zatellerean
Perzen Bhha
Fellins Leurow
Arban Raikette
Printz Verzen
Killian Grausten
Jumar Carbo
Andreas Schultz

King box

Bad: OS Armor/Battle/Martial +1/2/3 Or +0 With Slot
Common: Upgrade Core (High), Teraceguard/Shineguard/Mystic +1/2/3 No Slot
Rare: Red Weapon With Slot, Topaz With Slot, Teraceguard/Shinguard/Mystic With Slot
Very Good: Formuler Card Lvl 7/8, Braclet And Earing +2/3/4
Very Rare: Crafted OS Armor/Battle/Martial Etc : Destruction and Deathblow, Cape +7, Mithirl Item Crafted, Shineguard/Teraceguard/Mystic

Monster Drop : Red OS & Topaz No Slot, Braclet Of figther +1/2, OS Armor/BattLe/Martial With Or No Slot, Earring Of Guard +1/2
Lakeside (Required Level 110 above)

Iron Gargoyle, Iron Golem, Bloody Orc & Bloody Orc Mage

Common: OS Amor/Battle/Martial Part With Or No Slot, Lvl 3 Disc, Lvl 3 Cartridge
Good: OS Weapon With Or No Slot, SOD & Temple Card, Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1f, Force Regen/Protection Earring
Rare: Braclet Of Fighter +1/2/3, Braclet of Sernity +1/2/3, Vita Earing +1/2, Mana Steal Braclet +1/2, Shineguard/Teraceguard/Mystic With No Slot, Red OS Weapon With No Slot

Godly Drop : Bike Key RW3 ( Bloody orc drop)

Dark Knoll & Dark Knoll Mage

Common: OS Amor/Battle/Martial Part With Or No Slot, Lvl 3 Disc, Lvl 3 Cart
Good: OS Weapon With Or No Slot, SOD
Rare: Braclet Of Fighter +1/2/3, Braclet of Sernity +1/2/3, Vita Earing +1/2, Mana Steal Braclet +1/2, Shineguard/Teraceguard/Mystic With No Slot, Red OS Weapon With No Slot

Bloody Harpy Slave, Bloody Harpy Warrior

Common: Dex/Int/Str Pot, OS Armor/Battle/Martial Part With Or No Slot
Good: Frogetten Temple Card, Formuler Card Lvl 4/5, Red OS Weapon No Slot, Topaz With No Slot
Rare: Slotted Amp Dmg OS part, Red OS & Topaz With Slot
Super Rare: Slot Extender (Highest)

Dark Troll, Bloody Ogre

Common: Mana Condense Pot Lvl 2, Dex Pot, OS Amor/Battle/Marital Part With Or No Slot
Good: Forgetten Temple Card : Fomuler Card Lvl 4, Red OS Weapon & Topaz No Slot, Vampiric Earring +1
Rare: Shinguard/Mystic/Terraceguard With Slot, Red OS & Topaz With Slot
Lucky Rare: Bracelet Or Earing Of Seven Coin +3, Bracelet of Fighter +3
Mutant Forest Required Leve 125 above


Common: Powerless Core, Disc Lvl 4, Cart Lvl 4
Good: Red OS Weapon +1/2/3, Topaz +1/2/3 No Slot, SOD (World Entry)
Rare: Shinguard/TeraceGuard/Mystic Part With Slot, Red Weapon & Topaz With Slot

Baranny ( Horse)

Common: Disc Lvl 4, Cart Lvl 4
Good: Red OS Weapon +1/2/3, Topaz +1/2/3 No Slot
Rare: EOF/G/S +7/8 (really rare), Red OS Weapon With Slot, Topaz With Slot, Forgotten Temple (world Entry)
Uber rare (rumors): Crafted Mithirl Possiblity Of Drop 0.2%


Red OS Weapon +0 No Slot, Topaz +0 No Slot, ROF +7, Force Absorb +2, Force Regen Earring +2, BOS +2, ROL +2
Volcanic Citadel Required Level 105 above

King box drop

Bad: OS Armor/Battle/Martial With 1 Slot
Common: Upgrade Core (High), Mystic/Shineguard/Terraceguard +1/2/3 No Slot
Good: Red OS Weapon No Slot, Topaz No Slot
Rare Drop : Crafted OS Armor/Battle/Martial With Slot, Mystic/Shineguard/Terraceguard With Slot, Red OS Weapon With Slot, Topaz With Slot
Exellcent: Slot Extender (Low)

Monster Drop : OS Weapon +1/2/3, OS Weapon With Slot, OS Armor/Battle/Martial +1/2/3, Red Osm, Topaz Slot, Braclet (ANY) +0/1/2, Earring +0/1/2

Legacy box : Cape +7

Relic Chest: Infernal Ruby, EOX+6

Legacy Chest: Illusion Coral
Forgotten Temple Required Level 115 above

Mob Drop :

Energy Ball ( u need this to enter blackmarket it not 100% drop)
Key for Treasure room ( Once u obtain this key go backward to a room open it u get 4 box free)
Lot of Osium crap

This is the Treasue room with 4 box

Box Drops

Bad Drops : Force Core High (very common) even when it legacy chest lolz.
Normal Drops : Upgradecore(high)
Good Drops: AstralCore(mithirl) Topaz & Red Os With slot
Rare Drops : Braclet &earing+4 ( Fighter Sernity guard// 7 coin exmaple)
Exellent rare: AstralCore (BlueMithirl) Lv99 weapons with double slot & Crafted OS weapon

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You should make it more clear, add the missing items and remove/edit the wrong items.
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May i know where all the lobatum, lumberjack and entrita in MF go? :P
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Any idea where Critical Ring +2 drops ? Anyone ?

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crit ring +2 sa dt po
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omg another old thread bumper,stop bumping old threads X_X
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