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[Private Server] Increase Stats Hack[Damage,Def]

Discussion on [Private Server] Increase Stats Hack[Damage,Def] within the Cabal Guides & Templates forum part of the Cabal Online category.

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[Private Server] Increase Stats Hack[Damage,Def]

Okay dont know if this has been posted but basically with this hack you can become unkillable
aswell as kill anything in 1 hit if your patient

Step 1, have a character under class rank 8 so 7 preferably lower the better
Step 2, make sure you have a few bracelets earrings that add def attack or magic that are requireing a rank above yours in honour

Step 3,
Load Cheat engine and type in scan the ammount of honour you have find the value freeze it and change it to rank 11 honour

step 4,
now equip your Bracelets [Bof +4](make sure you have three of these you will know why in second)

step 5,
okay the stats wont be affective but heres the trick when you relog and come back everytime you right click bracelet it adds stats and stacks and stacks
so get 3 bof+4 keep right clicking and itll keep going up and up and up in attack same for guard earring and Seven coins stuff(the items your using must require higher rank than you actually have)

its best to do a macro right clickin and go afk for 5-6 mins which should give you enoug hattack to solo ft b2f

its pretty simple once you get hang of it but dont go over top or you can crash yoru cabal client
dno if this has been posted and i hope its understandable

exp is capped so if you want exp get it so you can get capped exp then increase your def.. and hit bosses

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Die kimura, **** leacher.
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What do you mean by relogging? Select server and relog, or change char and relog? Cause i tried it with my wiz and it didn't work.
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i think photo shop and your in a pt look pt exp in the schrean no pt sow i dont think this whil work ^^

but i whill post if it works

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Maybe a fake...
But i'll give it a try... can this be detectedon servers which use Auto-Ban?!
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i try with bracelet of brute +1 have 3 i equip 2 , relog
and then right click that third bracelet,not working -_-
It must be bof ?
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wow....sorry TS, but your ... ****....

like i said...sorry..let me re - phrased all

1. hack honor point ( scan honor, add honor, next scan ) till rank 11
2. wear the bracelet that is above your honor rank ,now now...there is a way on this, and i havent got prove that these works
a. hack honor
b. drop the item wanna use
c. pick up and use
is this what you wanted to say ?

3. log out
4. keep on re using the bracelet as that add up stat

well....let me know if sum one tried this, cus.....those bof+3 is soo damm expensive ~,~
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what honor rank is your bracelet of brute +1 ?
and what your current honor ?

and how many right click did you try on ?

will try this tomorrow mornin
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that brute +1 is for 6 honor rank i have 11 <hacked> and i didnt droped that bracelets.
Let me say :
Hack your honor
U need 3 bracelets <same>
wear 2 <dont drop it>
right click on that third bracelet.
But , dont work. I think i need bof
about drop-pick it i know this xD
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okay sorry if hard to understand

this is how i do it

my character is Level 136 Honour rank "5"
i have 3 BoF+3
3 Earring of Guard +3

i log in scan for my honour points

i then change the honour points with the value being frozen to a higher rank

i equip bracelets(the stat points wil not affect)

whilst they are equipped i select character and come back

everytime from now on i right click a bracelet of earring that requires a highe rhonour rank than "5" so bof+3 requires 7
it adds stats(they stack)

if you have 3 you can just keep right clicking one bof+3 in the corner over and over and it will add stats attack amp min damage
keep doing it(its best to use a macro that right clicks for you)
and leave it going for 4-5 min by time its done you will be able to 1 hit kill anything longer you go the more damage you have
i do it for 2-3minutes to get nice exp in FT B2F

afterwards you can close macro and unfreeze honour(i find at times if i dont my Cabalmain.exe crashes)

if you relog you Must redo the hack again

if anyone has any problems send me a PM ill try help you out it is not fake how else do you guys think people solo ft i was in a party in screenshot as a friend was teaching me the quests there was only one other friend and even if 7 man party Leth tyrant is final boss and noones got that far yet specially considering what gear my char has on

please note you dont have go to 11 just high enough to wear the bracelets you wish to equip

and for defence you use Guard earring same method
and for 2 slot items drops and alz(capped at 30k per drop) use 7 Coin bracelet and earring

OH note ( you wont see your stats increase on your client if you have 1 attack itll still say 1 attack) but on server side your stats will increase
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