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Grepolis bot (Now with attack option)

This is a discussion on Grepolis bot (Now with attack option) within the Browsergames forum part of the Other Online Games category; Hey all here's a bot for the browser game Grepolis. (From the makers of tribal wars) About the bot This ...

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Grepolis bot (Now with attack option)

Hey all here's a bot for the browser game Grepolis. (From the makers of tribal wars)

About the bot
This is a freeware bot for the browsergame Grepolis. It helps you build your towns by creating an unlimited building queue. To help you gain more resources it is possible to attack the farmers on your island.
Although I do my best making this bot undetectable there could always be some problems. Use it at your own risk. But there shouldn't be much problems if you don't run it 24/7.

-Unlimited building queue
-Unlimited army queue
-Three modus for attacking farmers
-Works for all languages.
-Automatic reconnect on disconnect.
-Email notifications: Under attack.


Quick start guide
Exit the Grepolis site if you have it open.
Start the bot. Make sure all files are in the same directory or sub directory as the bot. See picture below.
Click View->Settings to configure your bot. (At least your Name, Password and Server info.)
Click Actions->Login. Wait till the statusbar shows "|| Ready".
Click View->Army. Enter the number of units you want to use in battle.
(Repeat previous step for all your towns).
Click Actions->Start
Click on the "Build" buttons to add a building to the queue.
Go to View->"Army queue" to set the barrack queue and harbour queue.

Description of the GUI

Actions->Login Login to the game server
Actions->Start Start the bot
Actions->Stop Stop the bot
View->Army Set your units you want to use for battle
View->Farmers Set the farmers you want to attack
View->Settings Configure the bot
Help->About General information about the bot
Help->Check for updates Shows latest available version
Help->Test E-Mail Test your current E-Mail settings

Prev/Next Switch between towns
Build Add building to queue
Save Save the current queue, army and farmers settings
Load Load the queue, army and farmers information
Clear Clear the queue of your current town
Clear all Clear the queue from all your towns

Note: The first text box under each unit is used for attacks. The second text box is used for support.
Note2: Depending on your settings you can use exact numbers here and percentages.

Max Use all the units that are currently in your town

Note: Enter the number of units you want to train. The bot will automatic decrease the number if it can build a few units.
Note2: The army queue uses the same timer as the building queue.
Note3: Depending on your settings you can use the entered value as your final amount, meaning the bot stops if this number equals the amount ingame. Or as a counter which will decrease towards zero each time you train an unit.

Note: Shows current mood/strength of each farmer and shows if you have any units going to that farmer.

Checkboxes Select the checkboxes of the farmers you want to attack

User name Your Grepolis account name
Password Your account's password
Main server The login server
Server The game server you play on. Same as the main server but with a number
Minimize to tray Show the bot in the taskbar when you minimize

Timer build (Minutes) Select the delay between checking the building queue
Army Queue Choose between “Count down” or “Total”. “Total”, meaning the bot stops if this number equals the amount ingame. Or “Count down”, a counter which will decrease towards zero each time you train an unit.

Email The email address that receives the notification mails
Notify By Mail Whether or not you which to receive email notifications
User Name The email address that sends the email. (gmail recommended)
Password The password for the above mail address to send mails.
Server The email server, default gmail.
Port Port of the mail server. 587 is the default port for secure connections.

Attack farmers Activate the attack modes
Reverse Attack Order This will attack the farmers on the other side of the island first
Auto support Automatic support farmers when there mood/strength is too low
Timer attack (Minutes) Select the delay between attacks
Attack mode Select which attack mode you want to use
Attack Numbers Choose between “exact” and “percentage”. When using “percentage” the values should of course be between 0 and 100
Min. mood The minimum amount of mood a farmer should have before you attack it
Min. Strength The minimum amount of strength a farmer should have before you attack it
Min. mood (support) The minimum amount of mood a farmer should have before you support it
Max. Strength (support) The maximum amount of strength you want a farmer to have before stopping the support

Reconnect timer (Min.) The time in minutes to wait before reconnecting to the server
Debug mode Logs information about the bot in debug.txt

Release notes:
Version: Date: 15-09-2011
-Updated for the new login system.

Version: Date: 31-08-2011
-Fixed crash when skipping towns.

Version: Date: 28-08-2011
-Added option to skip towns.

Version: 1.9.7 Date: 11-12-2010
-Added email notify
-Added variable reconnect timer.
-Added new mode for the army queue.
-Added new mode for attacking.
-Building/army queue is now loaded automatic.
-Building/army queue is now saved automatic.
-Fixed bug when attacking with special units.
-Fixed mistake in translation file.
-Fixed bug in updating building levels.

Version: 1.9.6 Date: 16-10-2010
-Added Norwegian translation (Thanks Paul)
-Fixed reconnect issue for some towns.
-Fixed “Check for updates”, works now for the new site.

Version: 1.9.5 Date: 19-09-2010
-Added Hungarian translation (Thanks akwi42)
-Fixed required resources for navy units.

Version: 1.9.4 Date: 11-09-2010
-Added max str. setting for support.
-Added dropdown menu for town selection.
-Added countdown timer for resources (Thanks Serfer).
-Added Spanish translation (Thanks KaZaC).
-Added confirmation dialogue when pressing save.
-Fixed army queue bug that caused it to reset.

Click spoiler for older release notes

This bot no longer works on the Grepolis servers.
Use the following link to find a working bot for Grepolis 2.0 !


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I´ll test ;-)

Works fine.
Future: Maybe we can see the state of each building, becaus atm i have to write down what i wat to build for the next hours

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Good to hear it works well
Will add that in the next version.
I was thinking to display it like this: Senaat(4+1)
4 is the current lvl and the +1 is from the times the building is in the ingame building queue.

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Sounds good.
Also i think the update time 30sec is to low better i think is to set between 2 an 10 min at the settingspage.

I try to understand the source, it´s not like delphi so i have to try
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it's not work for me (icantlogin) ;( . But its great job!

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Originally Posted by erikpowa View Post
it's not work for me (icantlogin) ;( . But its great job!
lol look this:
It should work fine on the english server.
Could you check your username/password and server settings?
There's probably something wrong there.

Also, there's a new version coming soon.
Variable timer is already done and building levels probably later this day.

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Mine doesn't work. I am using Windows7-64bit. Do you need to run it as administrator or in any compatibility mode?


Windows 7 - x64
IE 8
Google Chrome
Intel Q9550
8GB DDR2 1066
ASUS Rampage Formula
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no it works on win7 64bit, I play at a german server and it works fine.
You have to edit the Config-File for your server.
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This is my settings. I wonder if anyone is able to get this to work on the English Beta server.

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hmm two reports now about problems with the English servers.
Will test that tomorrow.
Someone here that uses it on a English server without any problems?

Status next version:
Variable timer: done
Support for Greek servers: done
Building levels: work in progress
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