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Battle of Immortals Bot

This is a discussion on Battle of Immortals Bot within the Battle of the Immortals forum part of the MMORPGs category; Note From Arco: This will not work without modifications! This was intended for patch 527! ** Current version should work ...

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Battle of Immortals Bot

Note From Arco: This will not work without modifications! This was intended for patch 527!

**Current version should work for v527**
Version 3 this is my last planned version. Source code is similar but with some stuff added. I don't plan to update this any further so enjoy it while ya got it because if somebody doesn't update this next patch then it'll stop working. Assuming someone does update this and that they are nice enough to share it with you then you better thank their ass.

-AutoFood: when hp or mana is low
-AutoPot: when hp or mana is low
-AutoDC: when hp is low
-Attack: It attacks and with skills
-Timed Button: Hits button every so often
-Target Filter: only attack what you want it to
-Zone: Stays within a certain zone
-Statistics: simple statistics of predicted time to level
-Works with BOI screen minimized
-Supports multiple accounts, you just need to select a different name on the list and set up the options for that character.
-Crusade Quest ~might be buggy

-The program works by using a Named Pipe Server for IPC between BIOBB3 (a C# program, which acts as the server) and an injected Dll (coded in C++ and acts as the client(s)) which then in-turn calls in-game functions in response from custom made messages sent across the Named Pipe.
The current messages format is as follows; (each being 4 bytes by default)
Unique ID | Message Type | Parameter 1| Parameter 2|...

The size of a message can be up to 64 bytes, although that can be adjusted.

BIOBB3 reads game memory through readprocessmemory and according to the programmed logic it responds by either change memory address values, calling in-game functions or most commonly by using SendMessage to simulate user input.

-Made by a person who plays berserk, it may work for other i just haven't tried
-NOTE: Doesn't Loot... idk if it ever will, never know
-NOTE: almost all of the options can be left blank if you don't need them, just mess around with it and find out what works for you
-NOTE: you probably need to run this with "run as admin"
-Requires: .Net 4.0 Framework and Microsoft visual c++ 2010 runtime

-When using the bot goto a place with non-red named monsters with a decent density.

Options Explained:
Current Character: The Character which you are modifying the bot settings for, also which process the bot will run on.

Character Health and Mana
Hp To DC: The maximum Hp before the bot ends the process, basically a disconnect button.
Hp Threshold: The maximum Hp before the bot hits p Food Key 1
Mp Threshold: The maximum Hp before the bot hits p Food Key 1
Hp Food Key 1: The action bar key that Hp food 1 is on
Hp Food Key 2: The action bar key that Hp food 2 is on
Hp Pot Key: The action bar key that Hp pot is on
Mp Food Key 1: The action bar key that Mp food 1 is on
Mp Food Key 2: The action bar key that Mp food 2 is on
Mp Pot Key: The action bar key that Mp pot is on

Attacking Skills
Normal Attack: The action bar key your normal attack is on
Skill Key 1-4: The action bar key your desired skill is on
Wait (ms): The amount of time (in miliseconds) to wait after engaging in a battle before using this skill
CD (ms): The Cool Down of this skill (in milliseconds), this prevents spamming of buttons, also i would suggest adding some extra time to the actual cool down to compensate for lag

Timed Buttons
Key 1-4: The desired key of timed button 1-4
Miliseconds: The amount of time to wait to hit the timed button

Center X: The X coordinate of where you want to stay around
Center Y: The Y coordinate of where you want to stay around
Range X: If your character's current X is outside of (Center X)+-(Range X) then he'll head back into it. If left blank you roam freely
Range Y: If your character's current Y is outside of (Center Y)+-(Range Y) then he'll head back into it. If left blank you roam freely
Diamond: When the bot goes out of range and heads back it'll start to attack once its back into range
Point: When the bot goes out of range and heads back it'll start to attack once it gets to the exact center of the zone.

Target Filter
Target Names: It won't attack any monster that don't match the inputed text. If nothing is in them then the bot attacks all targets.
Don't Attack Lords: The bot won't attack lords.
Don't Attack Already Tagged: The bot won't attack monsters that are already being attacked by someone else.

Pet Health and Mana
Pet Pot Key: The action bar key that pet pots is located on
Hp Threshold: The bot will hit Pet Pot key when your pet's Hp is below this
Mp Threshhold: The bot will hit Pet Pot key when your pet's mana is below this

Bot Timeout
Close BoI After X Miliseconds: The bot will end the BoI process after this many seconds

Crusade Order Quest
Bag Slot: The Slot Number of the scroll, if your not smart enough to read this then your going to put a number higher than it needs to be, its index based meaning that the first bag slot is 0 the second is 1, third is 2 and so on.
Target Name Exact: The exact target name, Case sensitive... just copy from the target name filter using the "this" button

Originally Posted by Huseby View Post
The program is located at BIOBB2\bin\Release\BIOBB2.Exe, remeber to run as admin if your on vista or win7 0.o
The rest of the files are the source code.
Attached Files
File Type: rar BIOBB2.rar (135.9 KB, 11134 views)
File Type: rar BIOBB3.rar (1.04 MB, 17803 views)
File Type: rar BIOBB3 - test.rar (668.8 KB, 8706 views)


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Sweet thanks!! Anyone else try this out?
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Hey seriously man, thank you a lot!!

Please continue with this bot! Make it more advanced etc..

I will help you with anything i can! You will be sooo famous if you keep working on this bot! Its totalt awesome!

Add my msn/mail:

You are AWESOME !

/ Garry
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abc56755522 (05/23/2010)
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Yo dude, this sounds like a great bot. I downloaded it, set everything up, hit start, and my game instantly closed. how did you you manage to get it working?
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abc56755522 (05/23/2010)
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tested it, doesnt seem to work at all
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abc56755522 (05/23/2010)
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nvm!!! just tested again and is working great thanks!
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abc56755522 (05/23/2010)
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thanks man
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abc56755522 (05/23/2010)
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why does mine automatically close my game client!?! lol
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looks fine so far gonna test it out later, a loot function would be good for the future.
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selma78 (06/03/2010)

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